WOW2 Show #95 Jen Wagner with Rushton Hurley of NextVista

Our guest tonight, Rushton Hurley, share his NextVista video-sharing initiative for educators.


Chat Log

10:56:43 [Message] Susan -> -EdTechTalk: hello

20:46:20 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Jen!

20:47:41 [Message] jenwagner -> -EdTechTalk: hey

20:47:51 [Message] jenwagner -> -EdTechTalk: what is your skype??  I guess I am typing it wrong

20:49:15 [Message] jenwagner -> -EdTechTalk: ahhhh just sent you an skype info thing

20:49:26 [Message] jenwagner -> -EdTechTalk: copy pasted this time from the email — hmmm are you ehre??

20:51:10 [Message] jenwagner -> -EdTechTalk: seems I am talking to myself   🙂

20:57:11 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: hi all

20:57:24 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: hi everyone

20:57:45 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Hello from sunny Southern California.

20:58:14 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Hey from Santa Clara, San Francisco Bay Area!

20:58:54 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Rushton!

20:59:05 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: greetings from sunny, slightly warm Phoenix Az–94 degrees today

20:59:50 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Howdy – we’re getting setup!

21:00:10 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: no problem–the wait is always worth it!

21:00:14 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: I couldn’t miss your guest appearance tonight (Dennis from Orange, CA)

21:00:33 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: I bow humbly towards the south.

21:00:33 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: I’m so jealous Peggy – it was 40-something here with wind chill in the 30’s

21:01:06 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: I’ve been here 6+ years and still long to be back home in California

21:01:11 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: sigh

21:01:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Brrr!!! it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that kind of weather!

21:01:57 [Message] JudiWolf -> -EdTechTalk: Am I supposed to be hearing anything yet? New computer and Vista problems!

21:02:05 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: hey there y’all!

21:02:09 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: just heard some audio 🙂

21:02:15 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: @judi try to refresh yr page

21:02:29 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: someone is thinking out loud–"good to go"

21:02:41 [Message] srosema -> -EdTechTalk: where is the audio again

21:02:54 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: I hear Jen.

21:02:59 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: is that better @judi?

21:03:05 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: ETT-A

21:03:38 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome Jen!

21:03:47 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: hi Jen

21:04:03 [Message] srosema -> -EdTechTalk: been away for awhile ..where is the audio

21:04:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Last week’s show was 93

21:04:33 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Jen really loud, Cheri kinda soft.  Rushton is just right.

21:04:40 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: i can’t believe all the snow out there

21:04:57 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome

21:05:03 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: sounds like baby bear, mama bear, papa bear 🙂

21:05:08 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: I don’t have the links for the audio

21:05:09 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: LOL

21:05:13 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: funny

21:05:31 [Message] srosema -> -EdTechTalk: ditto links for the audio

21:05:32 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: egranary

21:05:47 [Message] JudiWolf -> -EdTechTalk: Oh so it is not just me?

21:06:04 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: here is our delicious for tonight

21:06:06 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk:

21:06:07 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @srosema–you don’t see any audio links?

21:06:17 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Donna — look to the right — do you see a window that looks like a TV

21:06:22 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: that is the audio link

21:06:26 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: it has a gray arrow on it

21:06:28 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: no it’s not there

21:06:37 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmm

21:06:40 [Message] srosema -> -EdTechTalk: not there

21:06:45 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: can you refresh your page and let me know if it shows up??

21:06:49 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: never had this problem before

21:06:51 [Message] JudiWolf -> -EdTechTalk: Mine is there but it says Off Air

21:06:53 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: I can see it

21:06:56 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: hmmm

21:07:12 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Off air is perhaps incorrect

21:07:17 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: can you click no the arrow?

21:07:29 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: still no audio

21:07:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon you’re just a little soft-can you get close to mic?

21:07:35 [Message] JudiWolf -> -EdTechTalk: Idid now it has disappeared.

21:07:38 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: okay

21:07:46 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: what about the ETT A channel

21:07:48 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: is that there??

21:07:58 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: not for me

21:08:03 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: swallowing the mic again

21:08:03 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: anyone fine the audio links

21:08:06 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Matt!

21:08:06 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: what browser are you using??

21:08:15 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: ff

21:08:17 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk:

21:08:24 [Message] matt montagne -> -EdTechTalk: Hey y’all!

21:08:25 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: always used it before

21:08:36 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: It says notcurrently not streaming, but I clicked on the speaker and it came up.

21:08:49 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: hi Dennis

21:08:59 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: great to hear about the new XO

21:09:12 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: so strange… all kinds of people have been complaining about streaming today

21:09:23 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: can anyone give me the link to the audio

21:09:28 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: yay!!

21:09:38 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: can,t wait to see your preso Jen!!

21:09:42 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Jen.  Hello Jen’s cat.

21:09:45 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk:

21:09:47 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: sounds great!

21:09:52 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Very cool.

21:09:55 [Message] misst2 -> -EdTechTalk: the right side only has links to discussions etc.

21:10:01 [Message] matt montagne -> -EdTechTalk: kinda like sliderocket I believe…

21:10:19 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone – great to see you here – special hi to Sue Roseman

21:10:21 [Message] Cathy e -> -EdTechTalk: What was the name of that site

21:10:26 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk:

21:10:47 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk:

21:10:50 [Message] JUDIWOLF -> -EdTechTalk: Is everyone else getting audio?

21:11:04 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: audio coming through fine for me on iTunes

21:11:14 [Message] JUDIWOLF -> -EdTechTalk: OK – I will try that

21:11:24 [Message] matt montagne -> -EdTechTalk: hey , it always tomorrow somewhere, right!

21:11:27 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: On mine it says currently not streaming, but it is

21:11:32 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: got it

21:11:35 [Message] Cathy e -> -EdTechTalk: I am using Real Player for audio

21:11:35 [Message] misst -> -EdTechTalk: ok that link worked

21:11:50 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: hey matt – any webcasting advice would be be appreciated!

21:12:06 [Message] matt montagne -> -EdTechTalk: Hey SharonP…sounds gr8 here!  

21:12:11 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Jen-always enjoy hearing about the new blogs you discover

21:12:12 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: sounds fine to me

21:12:15 [Message] JUDIWOLF -> -EdTechTalk: Got It! Thanks!

21:12:20 [Message] JUDIWOLF -> -EdTechTalk: Using real Audio

21:12:24 [Message] Fifer1863 -> -EdTechTalk: Sounds fine to me on iTunes

21:12:33 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: fabulous

21:12:41 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: thank for the welcome back speters ..spent 5 weeks in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Japan

21:12:50 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: thanks

21:12:59 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @sue lucky lucky you!

21:13:06 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: The .pls link for EdTechTalk A works.

21:13:16 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: audio stream now showing

21:13:29 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: wonder if egranary might be something for some places you just mentioned

21:14:00 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: several thousand at the aquarium!

21:14:03 [Message] kcaise -> -EdTechTalk: thousands

21:14:22 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I got there ahead of the masses and was one of the few who got food, I think

21:14:26 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy – were you one of the ones who got in?

21:14:35 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: no I didn’t get in

21:14:39 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Totally agree.

21:14:40 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: us either

21:14:49 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: as you heard

21:15:04 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: somebody said "free food!" and I was there…. early….

21:15:06 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: never got it   soooo sad

21:15:23 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I remember Rushton in Atlanta… not sure if he remembers me

21:15:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: welcome Rushton!!

21:16:05 [Message] matt montagne -> -EdTechTalk: If u can’t hear the stream, try to reload the page and click the little icon in the EdTechTalk-A channel box…the audio should load in iTunes or some other media player

21:16:52 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: food and friends–a winning combination!!! 🙂

21:17:28 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: checking your virtual office at TI your cats

21:17:33 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I love teaching grades 7 and 8 – I like the upper years too – but the middle schoolers are special, it,s true

21:18:11 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: We refer to Middle Schoolers as "Pre-People"

21:18:15 [Message] misst -> -EdTechTalk: i finallt got sound the audio stream box wasn’t on my page

21:18:56 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: such great points! relationships are so important!

21:19:45 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk:

21:20:32 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Mac is in very rare form tonight

21:21:09 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: WOW, nextvista looks awesome for the global selection

21:21:45 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Just saw two videos made by South African teens in the townships – wonder how I can get them here on nextvista…

21:22:01 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: 5 minutes or less in a requirement for the videos

21:22:14 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: rushton is telling us the requirements

21:22:14 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: yes, they are digital story-telling vids

21:22:25 [Message] misst -> -EdTechTalk: Mac just wants some attention

21:22:38 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: very powerful issues that they are facing – TB and poverty

21:22:38 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: he does — you are right Donna.  How is your sound by the way

21:22:56 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: he has decided to lay on my feet — lets see how long that lasts before he bites

21:22:58 [Message] misst -> -EdTechTalk: good now  

21:23:17 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: my cat has been very needy today too…

21:23:49 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: welcome to tonight’s chat

21:23:55 [Message] misst -> -EdTechTalk: my cat never wants anything to do with me  she is snooty

21:23:57 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Rushton Hurley of is our guest tonight

21:25:43 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk:

21:30:06 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: any questions for Rushton??

21:30:09 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: is his site new to you??

21:30:37 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Flooding in Canutillo

21:30:39 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: it’s new to me

21:30:44 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: I have let Mac play with my usb cable — so now he is content

21:31:56 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: does the site tell how teachers/students go about posting videos?

21:32:06 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: good question we will ask

21:32:37 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Lonnyhiker — he is answering that right now  🙂

21:32:47 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected]

21:33:00 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: yup, he read my mind

21:34:29 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk:

21:34:31 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk:

21:34:47 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk:

21:36:17 [Message] jan smith -> -EdTechTalk: It is really difficult to find really free music–great.

21:36:32 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: did your students do the art elements video  ..excellent

21:38:08 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: Considering Communism

21:39:36 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Okay, I still plan to get some videos submitted hopefully in time for next year’s awards.

21:40:36 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Are all videos posted in English?  That a requirement?

21:40:52 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: dennis — he will answer that in just a moment

21:47:42 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Rushton’s 2008 World Tour…

21:50:08 [Message] Gary -> -EdTechTalk: Live video from an iPhone:

21:50:52 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: [email protected]

21:51:08 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: My chat room is running about 60 seconds ahead of the audio.

21:51:25 [Message] trhodesoneill -> -EdTechTalk: I missed the speakers name

21:51:36 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Rushton

21:51:36 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Rushton Hurley

21:52:43 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: @dgrice me too

21:52:53 [Message] Cathy e -> -EdTechTalk: We love PhotoStory3

21:53:13 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: David Jakes has some great PhotoStory tutorials.

21:53:44 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: any other questions?

21:53:51 [Message] jan smith -> -EdTechTalk: Three of my grade 6 students just won a competition for their PSAs don in Photostory 3

21:54:06 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk:   am wondering if there is an easy way to get PS 3 without downloading from Windows site – it proved ver difficult for  us when we were in computer labs in South Africa

21:54:40 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: yes – write me and we’ll get it sent to you

21:54:58 [Message] jan smith -> -EdTechTalk: I am grateful for the new music links as the site Jakes mentions are copyright

21:55:26 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: would love to get my hands on it

21:55:31 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Millard Fillmore – a sample project to inspire students to create something similar.

21:58:28 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Jakes Photostory3 Tutorials –

22:00:31 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonP If you can’t get photostory3 you could do something similar online with Voicethread.

22:00:57 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: you are assuming that bandwidth is available and cheap 🙂

22:01:19 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Africa certainly made me rethink web apps

22:01:24 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: the question might not be is it available and cheap, but will it be in the future

22:01:38 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @rushton I really truly hope so!!

22:02:03 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: sorry to be a party pooper but i have to go now. thx rushton for this great info!

22:02:14 [Message] loonyhiker -> -EdTechTalk: thx to y’all!

22:02:15 [Message] sroseman -> -EdTechTalk: I like the way you give the studets time to explore

22:02:15 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Patt for stopping by

22:02:22 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: bye loony

22:02:38 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: got eaten up by my rambling – humble bow

22:03:03 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: thanks Rushton

22:03:09 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: more humble bowing

22:03:13 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: in the US

22:03:23 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: vote early vote often!!

22:03:26 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: election night – so no show

22:03:30 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: because I can’t!

22:03:35 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: hahahaha Sharon

22:03:37 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Great show everyone.

22:03:41 [Message] Gary -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks – came in late but it was worth it.

22:03:50 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone for listening!

22:04:03 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: night all

22:04:04 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: See you at CUE!

22:04:16 [Message] sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: we will even accept men WOWsers guest hosts

22:04:27 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: My honor!

22:04:35 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: YEA! Rushton

22:04:46 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: happy California day

22:04:51 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: bye

22:05:50 [Message] Rushton -> -EdTechTalk: You are seriously kind people.  8^)

22:06:13 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone for dropping intonight

22:06:15 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: bye everyone

22:06:17 [Message] cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: have a good evening

22:06:19 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: night cheri

22:06:21 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: you too

22:06:31 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Goodnight all!  See you in two weeks.

22:06:42 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: at???

22:06:45 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: LOL

22:06:48 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: oh you mean virtual

22:06:54 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: 🙂

22:07:00 [Message] JenW -> -EdTechTalk: I need to go to Disneyland!!!

22:07:16 [Message] dgrice -> -EdTechTalk: Yes.  It’s great at Christmas time.

22:07:26 [Message] trhodesoneill -> -EdTechTalk: goodnight


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