WoW 2.0 Show # 28, with Brian Crosby from Learning is Messy

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Agenda for May 22, 2007



Cheryl Oakes


Cheryl (do your wow?WIAOC webcast a thon!)
Sharon (want to mention your job? Your research paper for NECC?)
Jen (NECC; WOW2 stuff – like # of members!?)
Vicki (Pennsylvania discussing the banning of all cell phones at school
from the state legislature, a note on horizon peer review and

Talk with Brian

  1. Vicki Introduce Brian
  2. Brian tell a bit
    about yourself. (Ages & subjects you teach, a bit about your
    district, a bit about yourself, your background)
  3. Using
    Skype to connect your students — Give us an update on Celeste. Tell us
    about it, how it came about, how you did it, how you got approval and
    how effective is this?

    • Do you think that schools should use Skype in this way?
    • How does Celeste and her family feel about it?
    • How did you give technical support to make this happen?
  4. Wiki Project with Fourth Graders

      • "My fourth graders are currently working on aproject – we are making over 20 wiki pages about the animals at a local
    • animal sanctuary called Animal Ark. They have tigers, cheetahs, black
    • bears, lynx, bobcat, owls, falcons, and much more – most of the animals
    • were illegal pets or injured animals that cannot be returned to the
    • wild.
    • Our class wiki page is:
      http://crosbyclass.wikispaces .com/
    • Our Animal Ark Wiki Page is linked there along with our class blog and
    • Flickr page and links to video projects we’ve done this year including
    • "Inclusion" and vidcasts of Grace Coriigan’s visit (Christa
    • McAulliffe’s mom) and everything we use in class regularly."
  5. 1:1 Laptop Program — "We are also doing a 1:1 laptop program with 7 year old iBook laptops."
  6. What do you think are the most important Web 2 tools for an elementary classroom to use?

NECC Schedule/ Plans

Chat from May 22, 2007 with Brian Crosby, Learning is Messy!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Here and setting up in the background.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi Sharon.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk HI Cheryl and Simon

   Simon -> EdTechTalk Hi Sharon

   Simon -> EdTechTalk Hi Cheryl

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk Posted my judging results this morning

   Simon -> EdTechTalk I saw that, thanks very much!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk HELLO ROOM

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi Simon

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hey Doug, how is the stream?

   DS -> EdTechTalk stream sounds good on EdTechTalk Channel A

   DS -> EdTechTalk all audio levels are good from all

   DS -> EdTechTalk no echo, all good

   DS -> EdTechTalk forget about Google, but Dancing w/ the Stars, now that’s another story 😉

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk back againBack again

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hello all, we have agreat show for tonight

   sendkathy -> EdTechTalk Looking forward to it!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Hello everyone!

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk Helloooooo

   DS -> EdTechTalk Hi Vicki, and all

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Hi!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We’re getting excited.

   sendkathy -> EdTechTalk I was in there too! Finally realized the party was here!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Ok, someone fill me in on American idol tonight.  Twitter is down.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I am dying.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I’ve been grading and I missed it.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Guess everyone is grading and ignoring the chat, huh?

   vincej -> EdTechTalk no grading for me..just editing!

sharonp -> EdTechTalk I see you have been editing my paper, Vince…
thanks – am publishing it on the web right now –

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk I just started grading summer school stuff )

   mmiller -> WiAOC  Hello  Janetta

   jgarton -> WiAOC  Hi Melinda

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk great ideas, Cheryl!

   mmiller -> WiAOC  I think we are in the wrong room again

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Links from Cheryl wows,  on the fly webdesign

   vincej -> EdTechTalk can u add the link

   vincej -> EdTechTalk tks

   jgarton -> WiAOC  yes I think so.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Link  konine   http//

   jgarton -> WiAOC  meet you at edtech talk

   CathyE -> WiAOC  Scroll up and double click the edtechtalk door

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk K Informaiotn http//–online–call-for-proposals/

cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk newsweek article Meet the Next
Billionaires, about the Weebly guys, graduates from Penn State

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk My WOW of the week is embedding a google calendar in my blog for my teachers!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hello Alice, CathyE, Durff, Vincej,mmiller

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Hello Cheryl!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Hello Cheryl

   Durff -> EdTechTalk hi cheryl

   vincej -> EdTechTalk hi cheryl

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk So cool!  I use airset, did you blog about how to do it mmiller?

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Cool mmiller!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Please share your wow of the week in the chat room.  It is archived.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Just type it in!  We all have them.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I didn’t  think of blogging how to do it but that is a great idea

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Good idea vicki

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Please share — I had trouble with Google Calendar.

sharonp -> EdTechTalk OH! Forgot to mention SigTEL award from ISTE
for Vicki/Julie’s wiki project (first) and Sharon/Reuven’s wiki project
(second place)

   DS -> EdTechTalk my wow is http// — also from Webheads Convergence this past wkend

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk I have embedded google calendar into my blog too – very handy

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk It was in the directions under the help section of google calendar. I’ll try to find it as I listen

cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi Doug, you are back. Operator didn’t
let my mac intel do the video, although I did just download the latest
Adobe Flash!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I have tried all
different ways of putting calendars on the web, links to ppt.
calendars, list of dates but this seems to my best try so far

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk big oops

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk DS I have been getting weird e-mails rom people wanting to me fried at operator

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk My wow make flip books

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk me too alice, i’ve not responded.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Excellent JGarton

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk we need you guys to WOW TOO

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk thanks jgarton

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Hi Jen & Cheryl

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk hi elena

DS -> EdTechTalk Hey Alice–I’ve had a couple of friendship requests
too — haven’t accepted ‘cept from those I already know

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk http//

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk you guys need to check out jgartons blog she would never brag but I will brag for her

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk do we have a LINK???

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk thanks mmiller, we all need to brag about others!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi rblanken, welcome

   Durff -> EdTechTalk I think we are in the company of greatness!

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk okay, since you ask

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I was trying to copy and past it but can’t get that to work

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Thanks Janetta

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk I learned that I could drag the link in

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Thank you, Melinda

   vincej -> EdTechTalk Congratulations sharon and Vicki..great role models

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Just became a subscriber —

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk thans JGarton!!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk you are right about that vincej

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk thanks VJ

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk wow

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk that’s great

   DS -> EdTechTalk Sharon’s audio was low that last comment

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk thanks doug

   Durff -> EdTechTalk but then watch Tyler’s video, Vicki

alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Vicki But take a look at how far you’ve come
and how many school sare n’t getting this opportunity!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi susan,

   Durff -> EdTechTalk clap, clap

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Lisa, you are here!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Are you OK?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk You were on my mind today!

cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Vicki, just think your middle school
students were commenting on an international report about post
secondary ed, that is amazing

   Durff -> EdTechTalk i am

   Durff -> EdTechTalk thank you, vicki

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk That  is where my embedded calendar is located

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Hello Sue!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk hi sue!

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk Hi Vicki

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Isn’t Brian just a regular guy?, just like many of us teachers.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk I missed the WOWS

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Brian is amazing.  He is one of the many heroes in the trenches.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk You can be a wow!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk sue — they will come in the transcript

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk ok

   Durff -> EdTechTalk so cheryl, are you saying you are really a guy?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk so -=- no worries

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Susan, it will be posted on Thur. at edtechtalk

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk saw your room in

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk good point Durff, just one of the gang

   Durff -> EdTechTalk )

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Alice is working on the room in SL, I’ll do some in summer.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Brian is a hero for using Web  to meet real needs.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk absolutely

sharonp -> EdTechTalk I got a guided tour of Jen’s room the other
night – and she showed me around – even saw Will R’s and Alan
NOvember’s roooms in SL

   Durff -> EdTechTalk I’m visiting when school is out

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It brings tears to my eyes.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk when it happens………….well, you know what happened fast

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk I wish I was there

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Durff you are welcome to join us in the house in SL

   Durff -> EdTechTalk thank you – Friday?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I will have to get back in SL after school is out.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Okay — time for COLORS — everyone — bottom LEFT of your toolbar

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk choose a COLOR — lets have fun

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Durff sure I will be there Friday at  EST

   Durff -> EdTechTalk isn’t there a conference on Fri?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Lisa — YES — in SL

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Yes Best Practices

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk Best Practices

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Yes, there is an SL live conference, wohoo

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Jenn has inspired me to try SL this summer. I enjoyed the image she recently shared.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Yes, my students are supposed to present, I’ve got to get my act together.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk We get out of school at  noon

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOL — shhhhh JGarton — I am not supposed to like SL  )

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk there is a best practices confrence in SL on Friday night at  PM??

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk you wouldn’t know — from my aprtment — huh

   DS -> EdTechTalk Jen, glad to hear you’re back "in world"

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Jen — you’ve been holding out on us!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Sharon — it is pretty much  hours

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk I know, I’m still there; That’s why your comments caught my attention -Jen

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk JGarton — I am still skeptic

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk but having FUN

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk hi elena and janice

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk I even changed my clothes this weekend — so I now am building a wardrobe  )

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk HiD

   DS -> EdTechTalk JDub, have you been hang-gliding lately?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I wish I had time to SL — just HP (horizon project)

   DS -> EdTechTalk in SL that is…

jgarton -> EdTechTalk I know it will be a while before it is ready
for k and I have plenty of other k ready tools to learn. -Jen

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk DS — I went flying through a Hurricane

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk and rode a sub

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk and survived a Tsunami

   DS -> EdTechTalk I look forward to a tour one day soon!

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk when is the confernce then?

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk you are amazing JenW

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk but hanngliding is still my favorite

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk I saw all your screen captures, amazing.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk I am still acquiring clothes and refining the image of my avatar

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk http//

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Alice — THANK YOU

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi vinnie,

   vinnie -> EdTechTalk hey there cheryl

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Hi vinnie!

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk welcome

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk thanks Alice

   vinnie -> EdTechTalk hey there vicki.

   Monica -> EdTechTalk Brian’s story is so great! He definitely has gone above and beyond!!!

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk This is a cool story. His blog is great.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Isn’t it a wonderful story!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Isn’t this so engaging and motivating!

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Inspiring.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk It has been a great week for his class

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk to have Celeste back

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk yes, totally amazing and inspiring story – what a model for other kids who are ill!

   Monica -> EdTechTalk very exciting!

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk or handicapped

   Monica -> EdTechTalk do you think teachers would mind having skype on during their entire class sessions?

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk The class learned empathy, belonging and inclusion in addition to technology.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Monica, let’s ask if teachers mind if their kids are listening during an entire class?

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk that is so cool – amazing

   DS -> EdTechTalk http//

   Monica -> EdTechTalk I just see this in the future, but it could present problems, too.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Brian is just wonderful…this is moving.

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk what type of problems?

   Monica -> EdTechTalk helicopter parents watching the teacher all day…. )

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk ahh

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOL — those are the parents you WOULDn’t call

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk via skype

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk )

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk it isn’t a LIVE video for anyone — right

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk you have to allow them in — which I think is a plus

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Just the two people on the call.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk or the ones who threaten you

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk this kind of instruction and learning is seamless

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Yes Lisa — unless you set it up ONLY for those you invite

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk which is what I have

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk You can only do video skype between two computers at this time from what I understand.

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk http// Google calendar directions

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thanks jgarton!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk I was trying to provide some comic relief

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Vicki — really??  I thought you could do more

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk we shall have to see

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I had Janetta copy and paste the calendar directions

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk On video I think it is just two but I could be wrong.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOL — Lisa– I was teasing back

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We tried it a couple of months back but haven’t since Jan/Feb

   Durff -> EdTechTalk Did you see Operator ?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk I shall check

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk so far only  people on video, but now Operator  , right durff

   DS -> EdTechTalk two for video via skype, but something like operator would facilitate more

   Durff -> EdTechTalk Robin Good used that

jgarton -> EdTechTalk when I do my skype workshop this summer I plan
to share a portion of this podcast for inspiration. Thanks Brian!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Hmmm never heard of that.

JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Video calls are only possible with two
participants. Unfortunately, video conferences are not possible at the

   Durff -> EdTechTalk look it up vicki

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk from SKYPE

   Durff -> EdTechTalk it’s cool

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Elluminate can have more than  — right??

mmiller -> EdTechTalk Janetta did Skype "teaser" workshop with our
th grade teachers and they really liked it. She called me on Skype into
my office.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk But you could do it a little differently in something like elluminate.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk The video in elluminate is like a walkie talkie — one at a time but everyone sees it.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk but could you use SKYPE & ELLUMINATE??

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Why would you?

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Now my teachers probably think I just sit in my office and skype people;)

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk to allow overtalk

   Durff -> EdTechTalk at the same time?

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk like tonight

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk WE use skype in our whole school — it is the best technology we’ve implemented in years.

   janices -> EdTechTalk It’s a great video!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We use IM and the phone feature like an intercom.

   janices -> EdTechTalk I showed it to my tech cadre during a Skype workshop. Very moving.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk did someone drop the LINK to the video yet???

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I can find it, just a moment.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk no

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk thank you

   janices -> EdTechTalk I love the webcam taped to a tripod.

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Chris Lehman

   Durff -> EdTechTalk mother of invention Chris Lehman

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk thanks ALice and Lisa

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk http//

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk thanks Vicki

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Talks about it and you can see the video.

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk what grade levels,Vicki

mmiller -> EdTechTalk I orginally started  skyping so my family
could see my daughter. We  live  hours away from our closest family

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk He is in th grade.

CathyE -> EdTechTalk I used Skype video today with kindergarten-the
kids stood in front of the camera and met their buddy "face to face" 
miles away

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Cathye was that Maria?

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk awesome -cathye

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Now I skype jgarton who works next door )

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hi Mark

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk We used SKYPE for the Charlotte’s Web BREAK THE RECORD

   Monica -> EdTechTalk i haven’t skyped with video….

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk yes – it was Maria

   Monica -> EdTechTalk can the video on skype just be one way? or do both parties need a camera?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Just hook in your webcam and enable it.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk oh, I can’t wait to read the blogs

   Durff -> EdTechTalk http//

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Video can be ONE WAY

   DS -> EdTechTalk one-way video works

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk the video is very easy with skype, the logitech webcams work well

   Durff -> EdTechTalk found it

   Monica -> EdTechTalk thanks!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk you don’t have to have it

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk Is WOW skyping with video

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOL — LOL

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk No.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk really LOL

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Would slow things down a bit.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk you really want to see us??

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I’m in my jammies.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk sorry– I am snorting here —-

   Durff -> EdTechTalk we do!

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk yes

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk No video for me!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOL — its in the small print

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk NO VIDEO

   Durff -> EdTechTalk aw!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk That’s not small print!

sharonp -> EdTechTalk although I do admit I did brush my teeth and
put on lipgloss for our conversation with George Siemens…

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk I will take off my baseball cap

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk LOLOL — I am stilllaughing

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk sharon!  You naughty girl!  hee hee!

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk lol

   Durff -> EdTechTalk you have to take a shower too

   vincej -> EdTechTalk too much info sharon

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk  http//crosbyclass.wikispaces .com/

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk oh, no space in that

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk  http//

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk You’re killing me!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk )

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk My students say TMIF

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Yes, I was thinking TMI

   Durff -> EdTechTalk my say OMG

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I think that was a ROFL

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk lol

   Durff -> EdTechTalk LOL

mark -> WiAOC  for brian did you ecounter any obstacles from your
school district in using skype? it’s prohibited where I teach – mark in

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk You can tell it is near the end of the school year.  A little slap happy.

   Monica -> EdTechTalk my kids say only newbies use txt-speak….newbies and old people….what’s with that?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk indeed

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk very slap happy time

   Durff -> EdTechTalk now howe can you tell?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Text speak orally that is.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk  / more days for us!!!

   Monica -> EdTechTalk with their role-playing friends….and seeing me im them….(Id be classified as the old people)

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Me

   Durff -> EdTechTalk soo what am I? neo or oldie?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I’m an old newbie?  NOT!

CheriT -> EdTechTalk Monica, if only  person has a webcam, that’s
who you’ll see. So it’s not necessary for both to have a webcam.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk  more of classes here

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I like the  way idea.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk  more days for me

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Student sees the class, class sees the student.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I have actually seen a HS student text without even looking at his phone.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Really you’re talking about a virtual representation of a real student.

   Monica -> EdTechTalk CheriT, my new mac has the integrated camera…i want to take it to england.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk The predecessor to a hologram?

   Monica -> EdTechTalk Will try out the webcam with my kiddos…

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk They put in their laps in class. It takes me  min to text short question tosomeone

   Durff -> EdTechTalk but think what those cells can do

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I’ve taught class when I was home sick through elluminate AND skype.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk And when I was gone to a conference.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk vicki, did they call it a sick day?

   Monica -> EdTechTalk shouldn’t you rest when you’re sick….hmmm….

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk When I taught.

Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I have a hard time resting, Monica but it
was the last day of the student summit for horizon and I made a promise
to the students.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk on Fri, the entire th
grtade received txts from Maegan that her mom ….so we had to tell
everyone else fast

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk That if we finished last Wednesday that we would build robots.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk that’s poweer

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk They called me at home to make sure we were still on for the summit.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk  minutes to text!! It takes me AGES to use txt msging

   Durff -> EdTechTalk that’s potential

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I like to keep my promises.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Durff, was that part of an emergency plan  you had at your school?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It was hard though, I did not feel well.

   Monica -> EdTechTalk that’s neat that the students called you….

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk wow, Vicki

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We’re all very tired now, though.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk can imagine – quite an ambitious pace

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Some did very well, some didn’t quite get to where I hoped they would.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk no sshe told people her mom went home moments after her death

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk welcome dean, how are you

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk Hi Dean

   Monica -> EdTechTalk great talk with Brian! I love how he is using skype!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It is wonderful.

   Monica -> EdTechTalk And now I must go–bye all!

   DS -> WiAOC  click on EdTechTalk to join the WOW discussion

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk He’s using wikis with th graders too.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thanks for coming

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk bye Monica

   Durff -> EdTechTalk bye Monica

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk bye monica, skype us from england

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We’re going to hit wikis in a moment.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk send us postcards

   Durff -> EdTechTalk virtually

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk virtual postcars

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk txt us)

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk just kidding

   Durff -> EdTechTalk virtual doubledeckers

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk oh sure

   Durff -> EdTechTalk it takes  minutes to get my laptip goinig

   Durff -> EdTechTalk our server is sooooooooo slow

   Durff -> EdTechTalk why does it cost to txt me but uit us free to call my cell? that is nonsensical

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk  http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk His wiki is at http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk He used it to run the class AND have celeste on Skype.

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Vicki always the storyteller, good stories always )

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk wikis are just so amazing! it just can’t get any easier to use them

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk What an incredible connection — Skype with wikis.  WOW!

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Authentic use of technology, real life.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thanks jgarton.

Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk My quote of the day is this — "Most of us
are living our lives  miles wide and / an inch deep" — we need to live
deeper, more focused lives and be less spread out.

-> EdTechTalk and so many schools pay big bucks for expensive
software that don’t take students nearly as far as Brian does with his
students on  year old laptops

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Yes!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It is not about spending a lot of money, it is about having a willingness!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk my teachers are loving the  year old ibooks and having  in their classrooms.

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I read about his  year old laptops and that was amazing

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk and good teaching/pedagogy

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk jgarton is an expert at finding ‘free’ stuff for us )

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Absolutely, sharon — valid practices.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk no replacement for excellent teachers!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk and methodolgies

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk but with a heart.

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Awesome using the older iBooks… Theya re still great!

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Yes, it takes a teacher/leader to pull this off. I am glad that he shared this success.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Isn’t it great.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk he must have an amazingly open administator

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We need stories from heroes like this.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Teacher stories are authentic learning for all.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk I gave an assignment to read it

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk What ever happened about Brian and the Today show? I  think it was mentioned in the chat last week

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk we should ask him about the admin support

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk great idea durff

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk MMiller — he has not heard back yet

   Durff -> EdTechTalk i assigned jesse’s blog too

   Durff -> EdTechTalk a kid with leukemia

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk I hope he does because it is such a unique story

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk He deserves to be on.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk I think that tonight was truly a great night — makes me think of possibiities– YOU TOO???

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk It would be good to have some positive news coverage for tech ed

Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We need more real teachers using real
tools with good stories.  Look at what Celeste is LEARNING and her self

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Let’s all email the Today show

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk We learned to use diigo tonight- you don’t have to cut and paste anymore

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk AND SKYPE

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Ok, what is the e-mail for the today show, somebody find it.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We’ll all e-mail them.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk just a sec

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk cathye  please remind us when your show is on live?

   Durff -> EdTechTalk tic toc tic

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk YES we need positive tech ed info, good point jgarton

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk Tuesday @  EST

   sroseman -> EdTechTalk yes, he should be on Good Morning America, CNN

   Durff -> EdTechTalk NBC

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk This is the fast night yet! Great  show! My favorite so far and there is  so much more to come

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk [email protected]

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk We can do that. What is the name/state of his school?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk That is the e-mail address.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Excelelnt Vicki

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Reno NV

   Durff -> EdTechTalk ok you win the door prize

Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Ask them to have Brian Crosby on the Today
show to talk about how he brought a student with leukemia into his
classroom via Skype.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk good uses for web . tools needs all the hype it can get!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Let’s be activists.

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk OK

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Yes, and if it is real, its not hype it is fact.

Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk The problem si that many people have hyped
things that aren’t real.  This is valid, real, and great — and he is
a  year veteran.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk I think the TODAY show would run with this —

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk or CBS too

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Ok, I’m in to e-mail.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk yes, it is real – has heart

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk lets get him on Dr. Phil and Oprah!!!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Well find cbs e-mail?

CheriT -> EdTechTalk I was able to download it on one of the
classroom computers – no special administrative rights needed )

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk OH — e-mail Oprah.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Oprah would LOVE this

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Opra’s "people"

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Send Oprah this chat and links to this

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I’m not a big Oprah fan but Oprah would like it.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Dr. Phil would love it tooo—– and LOL, lets get him on Rachel Ray too  (  )

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Where did the time go????

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk I know it.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk almost over — any last ?????

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It is so exciting to hear this.

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk From WOW to TV

   DS -> EdTechTalk have to run, thanks for a wonderful show — Brian you are truly an inspirational educator, thanks

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk Thanks for another great Tuesday evening, ladies.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Hey Doug

mmiller -> EdTechTalk I noticed on learning is messy a comment that
one of Brian’s students who moved away, posted on his blog to keep in

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk What a great thing.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk you got it thanks it was a great show

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk That is a true connection with kids

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk He obviously has a great connection.

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk thanks jen!

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk thats our quote for tonight

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thank you for coming jgarton.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk It is so much fun in the chat.

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk Okay kids you have to put away your computers to go to computer class

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk http//

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We had WAY too much fun tonight!

   jgarton -> EdTechTalk I look forward to the next time.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk the button make

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk maker

   JenniferW -> EdTechTalk That was priceless

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Even though Sharon didn’t wear her lip gloss this week.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk ?

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Time flies here at WOW!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Scroll up!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk or do i want to know>?

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk WOW time flies.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk If you want to laugh read it!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thank you Brian for being on.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Let’s thank Brian, guys!

   mmiller -> EdTechTalk Over and out! See you next week!

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Thanks Brian! Keep up the great work.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk didn”t see the lip gloss

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Thanks Brian et all Great show!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk Bye to our great audience.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk thank you Brian!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk She said she put on lip gloss for George Siemens.

   ElenaW -> EdTechTalk Good night all.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Goodnight elena.

cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk This has been a great show, and you
are all great for chatting and giving us more to think of.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk you’re kidding

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Thank you for joining us.

   Durff -> EdTechTalk that is funny

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk WOW lipgloss!

   janices -> EdTechTalk Jen, see you tomorrow morning!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk what color?

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk great marketing tool!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk We need WOW lip gloss — PINK!

   Durff -> EdTechTalk hot pink or pale pink?

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk WOW Empowerment pink

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk hot, baby!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Always hot!

   janices -> EdTechTalk It was great that you were able to share it with a large audience

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk depends on our guest of the show!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk the podccast will be up Thurs.

   janices -> EdTechTalk Yikes. )

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Awesome show… I have to go to Sleeeeeeep….

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk me toooooo

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk bye alice

   alicebarr -> EdTechTalk Bye bye

   Durff -> EdTechTalk night

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk Brian- you are an inspiration

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk take care durff

   Durff -> EdTechTalk seeya

   Durff -> EdTechTalk and thank you

   janices -> EdTechTalk We’ll be looking for it!

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk you bet janice

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk thanks vicki

   janices -> EdTechTalk Those look like great tools!

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Well, Brian has good motivations, that is obvious.

   janices -> EdTechTalk Looks like skribl is down right now, however

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk / speak second languages.

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk What a great classroom to study!

   janices -> EdTechTalk How wonderful it is that you can still make connections to those students

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Cheri – you’ve hung in there.

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk amazing

   CathyE -> EdTechTalk I would love for him to address the haves and have nots

   sharonp -> EdTechTalk yes, for sure

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk thanks Vicki – I’m listening intently, but not looking too much at the chat

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk doing other stuff – getting class tasks done

   cheryloakes wow -> EdTechTalk that is just like me all weekend

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk Vicki – what are you focusing your Future of Ed talk on?

sharonp -> EdTechTalk oops, just lost skype again – so am thinking
tis time to bow out…. good night all – what a wonderful show – so
glad to have Brian on before he becomes REALLY famous!

   janices -> EdTechTalk [email protected]

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk "My Seatmate lives in China  The Imperative for Global Collaborative Projects"

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Cheri — WHY we need Global Collaborative Projects NOW!

   janices -> EdTechTalk Bye all. Thanks for a great show.

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk great

   CheriT -> EdTechTalk night

   Vicki Davis -> EdTechTalk Goodnight!



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