Women of Web 2.0 Show 61

Join Women of Web 2.0 as we interview Peggy Petrilli, the turn around principal. Welcome Kathy Shields as she holds down the seat for Jen. Jen is on sabbatical for the month. This is a fascinating conversation about assessment driving instruction, small group focused instruction. As always the chat room was rocking.


 20:48:29  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : trying stream

 20:49:15  sendkathy : relaunching the stream

 20:49:22  JohnS : You’re streaming, good job

 20:49:34  sendkathy : almost streaming

 20:49:38  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : okay here wego again

 20:49:40  Cathyjo : talk

 20:49:44  Cathyjo : urah

 20:49:51  Cathyjo : solo Cheryl

 20:50:05  Cathyjo : hurrah

 20:50:31  sendkathy : we’re here!

 20:50:37  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : sound check all?

 20:51:16  JohnS : cheryl sounds good.

 20:51:27  JohnS : Sharon sounds okay.

 20:51:28  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : can you hear sharon

 20:51:33  Cathyjo : yes

 20:51:37  alicebarr : YOu sound great!

 20:51:45  CheriT : Sharon – I don’t want it either, so get well quick!!

 20:52:20  CheriT : very quiet

 20:52:26  CheriT : right

 20:52:53  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : just lost all on skype, calling them again

 20:53:05  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : setting up again

 20:53:06  Cathyjo : Intenet is dodgy this evenin’

 20:53:09  Vicki Davis : Hello everyone — just say hello and where you are from.

 20:53:21  Vicki Davis : Going to twitter it.

 20:53:24  sendkathy : I think Skype is being unreliable

 20:53:30  alicebarr : Internet is terrible tonight

 20:53:37  Cathyjo : Cathyjo is sitting here in Myrtle beach, SC

 20:53:40  CheriT : Hi Alice!!

 20:53:49  alicebarr : Hi Cheri!

 20:53:57  CheriT : Cheri in Normal, IL … where the weather is anything but normal

 20:53:58  Cathyjo : Skype, try flickr too

 20:54:05  Cathyjo : dodgy!!

 20:54:21  CheriT : the wonky internet

 20:54:25  alicebarr : Crazy here too! 1.5 hours to get to work today. Normal 45 mins

 20:54:40  alicebarr : Cheri What’s your weather?

 20:54:45  Barbara : Hi cathy jo

 20:54:47  Cathyjo : its the primary

 20:54:54  Cathyjo : Hi Barbra

 20:55:02  Cathyjo : Barbara

 20:55:03  alicebarr : Snitter in and out for me

 20:55:08  sharonp : Hi folks!

 20:55:11  alicebarr : Using twhirl now

 20:55:31  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : hello, I hope we are in for the evening!!!

 20:55:36  CheriT : Alice – is twhirl for pc or mac?

 20:56:20  Cathyjo : Vicki my pastor was in Camilla recently

 20:56:25  alicebarr : Um I think both but not sure. Uses Adobe Air technology?

 20:56:26  Vicki Davis : Really — what for?

 20:56:31  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo — what for?

 20:56:33  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Small world right cathyjo

 20:56:38  Vicki Davis : Oh, Kathy Shields has such a great voice!

 20:56:38  Cathyjo : a revival somewhere

 20:56:49  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Hello to all in the chat room!

 20:56:57  Cathyjo : name = Pastor Mike Lowery

 20:57:21  Cathyjo : he talked about the pecans and the chicken nugget farms

 20:57:24  CheriT : radio personality

 20:57:35  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : chicken nugget farms, how quaint

 20:57:37  khokanson : gah….you sucked me in 🙂

 20:57:49  Cathyjo : [email protected]

 20:57:53  sendkathy : How’s everyone tonight?

 20:57:59  khokanson : they Cathyjo

 20:58:06  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : we will all help Kristin

 20:58:09  barbara : I can’t get the audio stream

 20:58:10  sendkathy : I would like to know how many different windows are open on your desktop?

 20:58:12  Cathyjo : waving @ khokanson

 20:58:13  alicebarr : Hey @Khokanson

 20:58:23  sendkathy : twitter?  gmail?  what else?

 20:58:36  khokanson : as usual

 20:58:41  Cathyjo : @sendkathy 5, and one has six tabs

 20:58:42  khokanson : actually 🙂

 20:58:42  sharonp : Kathy, I have 7 windows open on two monitors

 20:58:52  sendkathy : !!!!  I know!

 20:58:58  sendkathy : It’s like juggling!

 20:59:00  sharonp : 17 tabs in FF

 20:59:05  khokanson : I do have some folks coming in to my session to share best practices in connecting classrooms 🙂

 20:59:08  sendkathy : two monitors!

 20:59:10  sharonp : two keyboards

 20:59:13  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : sharon, no way

 20:59:17  sendkathy : anyone have three monitors?

 20:59:18  sharonp : it is my workplace

 20:59:24  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : 17 tabs would crash my

 20:59:24  Cathyjo : @sharon super multitasker

 20:59:34  JohnS : I had to write out the show intros at first, so I remembered what to say

 21:00:06  sharonp : if I don’t respond after a few minutes,…. send a search party…. i am lost in space

 21:01:03  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : http://allanahk.edublogs.org

 21:01:16  Cathyjo : W00T allanah is a favorite!

 21:01:57  Cathyjo : ive met her thru twitter and VT, as well as visiting my blog vice versa

 21:02:38  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : www.historyforkids.org

 21:03:13  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Allanah is just wonderful! and a great person to introduce to the blogosphere and webcast world

 21:03:43  sendkathy : www.idodogtricks.com and www.wearemulticolored.com

 21:04:25  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : hello melinda

 21:04:48  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : hello Melinda!

 21:04:53  mmiller : Hello Cheryl sorry I couldn’t  make last week but thanks for mentioning my wiki

 21:05:03  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : you bet, did you get some good hits?

 21:05:06  sroseman : speaking of history ….kids would love this http://www.adgame-wonderland.de/type/bayeux.php

 21:05:21  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Hi Sue, and thanks for the link!! what age kids?

 21:05:29  mmiller : yes I did but everyone can keep adding at maespinternetcafe.wikispaces.com

 21:05:33  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Hi ARthus, how is Super Tuesday going for you?

 21:05:39  Vicki Davis : http://hurricanemaine.blogspot.com/2008/01/is-science-math-and-technology-truly.html — A new blogger that I’m watching.

 21:05:48  arthus : not bad, wishing Obama was having a better showing

 21:05:48  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : thanks Melinda, when is your workshop

 21:06:01  arthus : I hope you all will join me on ustream after WOW2

 21:06:05  khokanson : PLESASE DO

 21:06:11  mmiller : Monday March 9th at Lake of the Ozarks MO

 21:06:20  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : So nice of you to all be with us

 21:06:37  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Okay, Melinda we will mention it again at somepoint.

 21:06:39  Vicki Davis : http://www.nmc.org/pdf/2008-Horizon-Report.pdf

 21:06:43  sharonp : http://connect.educause.edu/blog/gbayne/eliinconversationgeorgesi/46065?time=1202087978

 21:06:56  khokanson : Louise Maine

 21:06:57  sendkathy : @sroseman adgame looks cool

 21:07:09  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : anyone from NZ or AU tonight?

 21:07:17  sendkathy : I read the Horizon report and it mentions lots of great examples

 21:07:20  arthus : soo many people, tough to remember them all at educon 🙂

 21:07:20  mmiller : Oh you don’t have to do that I appreciate all you have done for me

 21:07:37  khokanson : actually a PA Classrooms for the Future teacher

 21:07:38  judi epcke : 1

 21:07:38  judi epcke : Read it Vicki. Good Call for mentioning it

 21:08:41  mmiller : I will present 3 workshops live on blogging and other internet tools for school administrators

 21:08:51  khokanson : OK here is what I am looking for…folks to add their CLASSROOM examples of authentic learning to their own blogs 🙂

 21:09:10  khokanson : blogging is great, but they need to see KIDS work in ACTION

 21:09:27  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : maesprinternetcafe.wikispaces.com    please go and add your blog URL

 21:09:37  khokanson : so much for me keeping my mouth shut (and fingers quiet) and doing workd today 😛

 21:09:53  mmiller : if your principal or a principal you know is blogging please add their blog too

 21:09:58  sendkathy : @khokanson, can you give a blog example that does this?

 21:10:11  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : oh, good point Melinda, didn’t realize that

 21:10:17  khokanson : @cheryloakes taht didn’t work

 21:10:29  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Help Melinda, can you put your link in????

 21:11:22  mmiller : http://maespinternetcafe.wikispaces.com/

 21:11:26  arthus : tests aren

 21:11:38  arthus : tests aren’t the answer unless the content supports it

 21:11:39  dougsymington : thanks all, must run, look forward to archive

 21:11:46  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : try again Kristin

 21:12:01  Cathyjo : does Peggy have a link?

 21:12:06  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : remember all that this will be a podcast by Thurs. and the chat included

 21:12:34  mmiller : @cathyjo OK I am hooked on twitter

 21:12:39  Cathyjo : my husband’s distr ict is looking for a speaker who will attest to how to close ach gap-she sounds like she wld fit the bill

 21:12:55  khokanson : @sendkathy chrisharbeck’s blog has his student work on it http://makeitinteresting.blogspot.com

 21:12:56  Cathyjo : @mmiller didnt i tell u?

 21:13:04  Cathyjo : @mmiler right up your alley

 21:13:18  khokanson : @cheryloaks yep that worked

 21:13:21  Cathyjo : new kitten laying on my neck

 21:13:31  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : sweet kristin

 21:13:36  Vicki Davis : That is what Cheryl does — collaborative content coach.

 21:13:45  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : yahoo!

 21:14:00  khokanson : that is the KEY

 21:14:03  CheriT : Milken Family professional development model

 21:14:21  Cathyjo : authentic conversations b/w educators and stakeholders

 21:15:05  khokanson : changing teaching practices

 21:15:13  Cathyjo : pedagogy = content and tools mixed with learners

 21:15:31  khokanson : not about teaching teachers how to make an imovie but how kids can better "present’ information

 21:15:59  judi epcke : @khokanson You said it!

 21:16:20  khokanson : DI for both kids AND teachers 🙂

 21:16:25  cfoote : guest tonite?

 21:16:31  Cathyjo : in this owrl of NCLB, only way to raise scores is diff instruction

 21:16:33  sharonp : good point, Kristin!

 21:16:40  sharonp : our guest is Peggy Petrilli

 21:16:42  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Peggy Petrilli

 21:17:03  Cathyjo : dyslexia strong 2nite

 21:17:10  arthus : gotta remember, you need to differentiate on both ends

 21:17:15  Cathyjo : world –see i can spell

 21:17:21  sharonp : yes, Arthus agreed

 21:17:35  cfoote : true arthus–too often we only differentiate on the remediation end

 21:18:29  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : ARthus absolultely, differentiate for all students

 21:18:33  LindaNitsche : I fight for the top end every day in my position

 21:18:40  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Yeah Linda

 21:18:54  khokanson : @arthus and not just by dumping kids on the high end on Compass Odyssey for enrichment

 21:19:24  sharonp : I have request to throw out to the elementary teachers in particular – I am looking for models of students who have used voicethread or wikis to show off at a couple of presentations in the next week – does anyone have something to share from their classes?

 21:19:28  arthus : yea, they need individual attention too

 21:19:33  arthus : (should I say we? :P)

 21:19:36  alicebarr : HI LindaNitsche

 21:19:47  khokanson : that is a key too…building a strong team with common vision

 21:19:57  Barbara : Is grade 6 to old

 21:20:26  LindaNitsche : @sharonp  http://booksgoglobal.wikispaces.com

 21:21:14  LindaNitsche : Hi Alice:)

 21:21:22  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : @sharonp, check out my tech learning blog there are 4 examples there.

 21:21:26  Vicki Davis : So many teachers feel like pd is a waste.

 21:21:44  Cathyjo : pd is usually spray and pray

 21:21:59  khokanson : Cathyjo you STOLE MY LINE 🙂

 21:22:00  Cathyjo : i like my self directed pd best

 21:22:01  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : oh, cathyjo, spray and pray, very good

 21:22:07  sharonp : oh thanks Cheryl!

 21:22:14  sharonp : and thanks Linda!

 21:22:15  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : sure thing sharon

 21:22:16  cfoote : have to go for a bit….bye all.

 21:22:35  khokanson : ppd= personal professional development too

 21:22:39  LindaNitsche : Had school driven pd yesterday and today- data analysis, Response to Intervention implementation

 21:22:43  judi epcke : @sharonp I made a PageFlake of VTs I collected: www.student.pageflakes.com/jepcke

 21:22:46  khokanson : why not have teachers set goals for their own PD

 21:22:48  LindaNitsche : Not very inspiring

 21:22:58  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Judi, very good idea! thanks for sharing

 21:23:01  Cathyjo : SC does this Kristin

 21:23:02  sendkathy : Yes self directed ppd

 21:23:10  Cathyjo : its part of teacher eval

 21:23:11  judi epcke : Working on one for wikis too

 21:23:17  Cathyjo : one component is setting goals

 21:23:21  sendkathy : I’m back, so easy to get caught up listening and thinking of questions

 21:23:32  hockeymom-Nedra : here’s another pageflake of VT from Techieteacher: http://www.pageflakes.com/techieteacher/20554289

 21:23:41  sharonp : Wonderful thaks!!

 21:23:45  sharonp : thanks, I mean

 21:23:54  arthus : the test isn’t any use if you don’t teach

 21:24:18  sharonp : wow, you guys rock – so many great resources

 21:24:32  arthus : stream keeps breaking….

 21:24:40  judi epcke : @hockeymom techieteacher and I are collaborating on that PageFlake. Lots of fun1

 21:24:44  Vicki Davis : We call it a ticket to leave.

 21:24:45  LindaNitsche : YES- formative, natural, authentic assessment

 21:24:47  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : oh, no arthus, not again

 21:24:51  Cathyjo : test success at some schools can be attributed to 2 college educated successful parents–kis wil succeed DESPITE teaching

 21:25:02  judi epcke : sounds fine to me

 21:25:10  Vicki Davis : I’m so amazined I had just typed in purposeful assessment in the skype chat behind the scenes.

 21:25:18  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : arthus what are you listening in itunes? realplayer?

 21:25:23  arthus : itunes

 21:25:41  judi epcke : Exit slips are great for kids and teachers to fill out

 21:25:46  Cathyjo : my itunes stream is solid

 21:25:49  LindaNitsche : I’m listening through itunes- working well

 21:25:52  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : hm, i don’t show any breaking

 21:25:56  arthus : ok

 21:25:59  judi epcke : realplayer is good too

 21:26:01  arthus : maybe just my connection

 21:26:10  Cathyjo : get a wire arthus

 21:26:14  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : oky, i was a little nervous about this tonight

 21:26:28  arthus : lol, I fear wires

 21:26:40  arthus : besides, i’m exercising

 21:26:41  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : arthus, step away from the wires 🙂

 21:26:45  Cathyjo : wireless not always best for streams, tho i rely on it

 21:26:52  judi epcke : It just becomes part of class routine

 21:27:01  sendkathy : everything sounds good and no more skype issues knock on wood!

 21:27:05  Cathyjo : exercising the fingers?

 21:27:11  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : absolutely! judi that is just what the collaboration needs to be

 21:27:15  arthus : lol

 21:27:27  hockeymom-Nedra : @epcke they are a great resouce thanks so much and looking forward to the one on wikis

 21:27:31  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : did you hear me type cathyjo?

 21:27:33  Cathyjo : whatever works @rthus

 21:27:35  LindaNitsche : Changing the question, having a variety of types of questions is important to make exit slips engaging for students

 21:27:43  Cathyjo : no @cheryl

 21:27:55  arthus : Assessment works if it is constant

 21:28:05  Cathyjo : consistent

 21:28:11  judi epcke : @hockeymom Wow, the pressure’s on me now to get on that wiki-flake. LOL 😉

 21:28:19  Vicki Davis : We use a ticket to leave which is like an exit slip — there is actually research that shows that this works.

 21:28:25  Vicki Davis : I also now heavily use reflection.

 21:28:36  Cathyjo : fac meetings always use exit slip

 21:28:50  Vicki Davis : Exit slips or "Ticket to Leave" is a GREAT teaching strategy.

 21:28:51  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : what a concept, exit slip at fac meeting

 21:28:52  sendkathy : I need to hear more about the exit slip

 21:28:54  Cathyjo : so admin is modeling

 21:28:59  sendkathy : how do you use it?

 21:28:59  LindaNitsche : How do High school teachers assess consistently with a class load of 150 students?

 21:29:15  judi epcke : faculty meetings we use +, -, delta

 21:29:19  mmiller : we are doing a book study on assessments for learning I posted to my blog about it today http://weprincipal.blogspot.com/

 21:29:24  Cathyjo : what was good, what could be improed, how? can u use this? = Exit slip

 21:29:26  judi epcke : pos, neg, ideas

 21:29:31  sendkathy : oh yes, +, delta!

 21:29:37  sendkathy : we do it too

 21:29:43  sendkathy : on many things

 21:29:45  lizbdavis : In my previous school we ended all meetings and all pd with a plus delta

 21:29:46  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : thanks melinda for sharing your ideas you are so great with your faculty

 21:29:50  LindaNitsche : I call it your ticket out

 21:29:56  judi epcke : I’ve used 3, 2,1 with kids

 21:29:57  Cathyjo : i see tchrs start there exit slip @ beginning LOL

 21:30:04  judi epcke : 3 things I learned

 21:30:20  judi epcke : 2 questions I have

 21:30:23  sendkathy : but do you use the exit slip in the classroom too or just in PD?

 21:30:29  Cathyjo : sometimes our princ does an engagement assessment for a fac meeting too

 21:30:32  judi epcke : 1 thing I want to know more about

 21:30:35  Vicki Davis : I use the exit slip in my classroom A LOT!

 21:30:42  sendkathy : I think it would get tiring on a daily basis

 21:30:54  Vicki Davis : Well, I use it about twice a week.

 21:30:59  sendkathy : ok

 21:31:01  Vicki Davis : But I don’t know about Peggy’s situation.

 21:31:02  mmiller : oh I’m sure my faculty differs in their opinion of me at times:):):)

 21:31:06  judi epcke : @sendkathy it depends on what you use

 21:31:09  LindaNitsche : Can be a math problem to solve- demonstrates abiity to solve a problem based on the concept of the day- elem level

 21:31:11  hockeymom-Nedra : we do ticket out the door and some are doing a ticket in the door for me only having a class for 40 min max for tech class I have not utilized the strategy

 21:31:12  Cathyjo : middle school kids would be brutally honest

 21:31:19  arthus : I think you need to make sure exit slips are streamlined, fast and efficient

 21:31:21  judi epcke : I use them with elementary students

 21:31:27  arthus : (aka. Mr. Meyer style)

 21:31:28  Vicki Davis : In a tech class you are assessing continually as you watch.

 21:31:30  sendkathy : in Kindergarten I am always taking the pulse of the class in a wrap up so I guess this is similar

 21:31:48  hockeymom-Nedra : @ viki davis very true!

 21:32:02  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : i like when students have to create their own math problem, it demonstrates what they know

 21:32:06  mmiller : @cathyjo give me an  example of your princ engage assess

 21:32:09  LindaNitsche : Sometimes it is verbal- great time to have a conversation- sometimes they go back to the end of the line and think more to add something to their response

 21:32:26  judi epcke : @linda godd ideas to switch it up

 21:32:30  lizbdavis : Doesn’t Vermont use portfolios for their State assessments?

 21:32:45  kolmstead : We use reflections on each artifact added to the student’s eportfolios

 21:32:54  Vicki Davis : I like long term improvement groups with the students.

 21:33:00  sendkathy : digital portfolios?

 21:33:16  kolmstead : digital portfolios – now required by NH ICT standards

 21:33:26  arthus : thank god, yes

 21:33:26  Cathyjo : example–chart with smiley faces sad, ho-hum, happy. Tchrs put a sticky by how they feel abt topic at meeting. Names do not have to go on sticky. tchrs wwelcome to add comments. place on chart as leaving. provides immediate feedback to princ

 21:33:28  Vicki Davis : Arthus, still having trouble?

 21:33:29  sendkathy : do you use a service?

 21:33:31  arthus : yea

 21:33:32  sharonp : The Qu?©bec Education Program skirts the word "portfolio" by calling it "integrated profile"

 21:33:40  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo – what a great idea.

 21:33:49  Cathyjo : it works

 21:33:53  sharonp : Hi Lucie!

 21:33:54  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : like that cathyjo

 21:34:00  arthus : Example of "constant" assessment: in CLay’s PLN class, students do all plnning and thought process in Skype chats

 21:34:02  Vicki Davis : @sharonp – lol — "don’t call it a portfolio!"

 21:34:04  Cathyjo : she does variations

 21:34:07  LindaNitsche : Idea – what’s one thing you will share with your parents about today’s concept

 21:34:11  Cathyjo : once it was poker chips

 21:34:17  arthus : Clay and I can constantly keep up to date with what students are doing AND thinking

 21:34:31  sharonp : @vickidavis – I think the term was too English – had to be translatable from French

 21:35:44  Cathyjo : ldr MUST have vision

 21:36:02  LindaNitsche : it needs to be about collaborative leadership

 21:36:39  LindaNitsche : with a strong collaboratively defined vision

 21:36:55  lizbdavis : I’m feeling very alone with my passion at my school…

 21:36:57  kolmstead : New leaders often come in with their own ideas and make significant changes

 21:37:07  lizbdavis : Especially after Educon.

 21:37:17  LindaNitsche : @lizdavis- same here

 21:37:18  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Oh, Lizbdavis, we are here for you!!! don’t be alone, you are not an island

 21:37:19  Cathyjo : Chris Lehmann ROCKS first round draft pick

 21:37:24  techsavvygirl : that is one of the things I took away from Educon

 21:37:25  Vicki Davis : @kolmstead – Yes, they do.  It is difficult when people change things.

 21:37:28  LindaNitsche : That’s why we are here

 21:37:48  techsavvygirl : that many of us feel like we are working "alone"

 21:37:49  Vicki Davis : I don’t know but I don’t think SLA would be SLA without Chris Lehman.  I just don’t.

 21:38:01  Vicki Davis : Leadership is so important!!!

 21:38:02  lizbdavis : Maybe we need to get together and start our own school.

 21:38:04  Cathyjo : my motto if its good for kids do it first, then explain later aand solict support

 21:38:06  alicebarr : I wish Chris Lehamann taught leadership courses for admins

 21:38:09  khokanson : grr flock crash

 21:38:20  Cathyjo : he does right through his blog practical theory

 21:38:22  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : NH has money for charter schools, 7.000 per student who attends the charter.

 21:38:27  khokanson : I think it is not just having a strong leader…but building a strong TEAM

 21:38:30  Vicki Davis : @alice – Chris is a natural leader and he does great things. he IS a leader.  The importance of leadership cannot be understated.

 21:38:37  Vicki Davis : Yes, strong leaders build strong teams.

 21:38:41  khokanson : A great leader who has the wrong folks….cant be effective

 21:39:15  khokanson : @vicki Chris also had the luxury of building his team

 21:39:16  mmiller : Good to Great – you have to get the right people on the bus:):):)

 21:39:17  LindaNitsche : @khokanson Agreed- selecting and having a strong team makes it continue and begina to have its own life

 21:39:34  techsavvygirl : Chris’s criteria for highering teachers will hopefully keep SLA running w/o him

 21:39:47  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Hi Colleen!

 21:39:49  khokanson : @mmiller and get rid of the folks slowing the bus down

 21:39:56  techsavvygirl : and PASSION  is one of the top criteria

 21:39:56  sharonp : I hope so to for Chris

 21:40:08  LindaNitsche : It doesn’t preclude that outside forces could change the school if Chris wasn’t there

 21:40:16  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Passion is so powerful, and it is what can get us through the hard times.

 21:40:20  Cathyjo : amen vicki

 21:40:52  lizbdavis : @Cheryl It can be hard to be alone with your passion.

 21:41:05  Cathyjo : SC says every student deseves a minimally adequate education == why our student funding is the way it is

 21:41:06  Vicki Davis : @linda – that is true too — a principal though, can often hold the outside forces at bay.

 21:41:13  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : that is why we twitter so we have a network to fall upon

 21:41:23  sharonp : Chris also was able to build the school ground up – most admins inherit a staff

 21:41:30  kolmstead : NH is very similar

 21:41:33  judi epcke : @lizbdavis I agree which is why I’ve changed districts twice in the last 4 years. finally landed in the right place!

 21:41:34  Cathyjo : TRUE @sharon

 21:41:46  Vicki Davis : Students deserve a good education. We have a second world any place we have students who cannot read and add.

 21:42:00  lizbdavis : The network is what sustains me, but I also need it f2f.

 21:42:01  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Judi, but don’t you think the challenges prepare you for your next placemetn?

 21:42:03  khokanson : yes, yes

 21:42:04  sharonp : exciting opportunity for Chris – and I do like the idea of his training leaders

 21:42:05  mmiller : our district saw a teaching coach cheaper than some huge PD initiatives

 21:42:13  Cathyjo : confession-we have had four tchrs QUIT this yr–they can’t live up to our admin expectations–nd she is GOOD

 21:42:16  sharonp : in all Chris’s spare time! 🙂

 21:42:28  mmiller : train the coach in the initiative then that  person coaches/trains the teachers

 21:42:29  judi epcke : @cheryl YES! it also helps you discern when you are in the right place

 21:42:34  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo – Were they good teachers?

 21:42:37  lizbdavis : @Judi I just moved to a new school this year. I worry that it is me. And I worry that I can’t find the school I want.

 21:42:38  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : coaches provide weekly and daily contact rather than the 1 day seat in PD

 21:42:39  sharonp : @mmiller – that sounds sensible

 21:42:40  Cathyjo : NOOOOO

 21:42:52  Cathyjo : they desperately needed to go

 21:43:07  mmiller : on the downside ONE teaching coach for 5 schools is about to run her dead

 21:43:12  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo – And that is a tough part for new leaders.

 21:43:20  judi epcke : @lizbdavis Is it the administration? the teachers? the philosphy of the district?

 21:43:22  Cathyjo : i can say w/out a doubt one position was filled with a dynamo

 21:43:24  Vicki Davis : @mmiller — ONE teaching coach for 5 schools isn’t enough.

 21:43:31  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : mmiller, we have 2 coaches at a school of 500 students one math one literacy for elementary

 21:43:42  sharonp : @mmiller – I agree she is stretched too much

 21:43:43  mmiller : you’re telling me

 21:43:44  lizbdavis : @Judi Yes

 21:43:58  Vicki Davis : It is not good to have good people in positions that are unrealistic.

 21:44:03  sharonp : btw, folks, we do have Chris Lehmann with us in a couple of weeks….

 21:44:08  lizbdavis : But I have to give it a chance. February is a tough time of year.

 21:44:12  mmiller : at least we started and we added one for MS and next year one for HS then hopefully keep adding coaches

 21:44:20  sharonp : Hang in there, Liz….

 21:44:23  Vicki Davis : I have a little bit of an unrealistic position myself. It is tough.

 21:44:28  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : that will help to get a k-12 continuum for coaching

 21:44:29  judi epcke : @liz clearly it is not you, you’ve figured that out at educon, on twitter, etc

 21:44:31  Cathyjo : @sharonp which is why ive turned down 2 tech integration jobs in te last yr

 21:44:32  sharonp : it is always difficult to judge the first year

 21:44:33  Vicki Davis : @lizbdavis – I echo that Feb is a tough month.

 21:44:42  khokanson : and with unions…It probably never will 🙁

 21:44:48  alicebarr : @lizbdavis Interesting about February. I am finding staff and myself down.

 21:45:02  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : @ liz, I am begining to plan my summer courses, that gets me through.

 21:45:11  Vicki Davis : Remember Funday Mondays — find your video for next week — every Monday is Funday Monday!

 21:45:17  Cathyjo : @liz think BLC

 21:45:30  Vicki Davis : I posted this past monday about it.  We have to work to keep "up" this time of year.

 21:45:31  judi epcke : BLC?

 21:45:35  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : explain funday mondays, I saw a blog post about it

 21:45:35  lizbdavis : BLC is sustaining me.

 21:45:40  arthus : Question: What does she think of student leadership?

 21:45:50  lizbdavis : Building Learning Communities Conference

 21:45:53  Cathyjo : Alan November’s Conference this summer Building Learning Communities

 21:45:58  Vicki Davis : Funday monday is sharing funny things on your blog on Monday.

 21:46:02  Vicki Davis : @arthus I will ask this question.

 21:46:07  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : oh, I can do that !

 21:46:09  judi epcke : right. read about BLC on twitter from all of you. 🙂

 21:46:14  sharonp : @lizbdavis – meaning you are still inspired from last year, or looking fwd to this year

 21:46:15  Vicki Davis : Arthus — why don’t you call yourself @rthus

 21:46:20  Vicki Davis : That is really cool.

 21:46:31  lizbdavis : Looking forward to this year. I couldn’t go last year

 21:46:38  Cathyjo : i did it [email protected]

 21:46:44  judi epcke : @vicki Love that @rthus

 21:46:47  arthus : lol @rthus

 21:46:54  khokanson : YES need models of best practices

 21:47:00  judi epcke : wish I had an ‘a’ in my name

 21:47:02  Vicki Davis : It is a great name — @rthus

 21:47:09  Vicki Davis : Maybe I should be [email protected]

 21:47:16  Cathyjo : [email protected]

 21:47:17  Vicki Davis : lol

 21:47:19  lizbdavis : [email protected]

 21:47:20  judi epcke : [email protected]@cher

 21:47:23  alicebarr : And me @lice

 21:47:25  Vicki Davis : lol juid

 21:47:25  Cathyjo : hmm may change my twitter name too

 21:47:29  Vicki Davis : Hi @lice

 21:47:40  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : this is fun tuesday!

 21:47:41  Vicki Davis : @[email protected]

 21:47:41  alicebarr : Love it!

 21:47:44  arthus : Hi @alice, @rthus here

 21:47:46  sharonp : [email protected]

 21:47:48  judi epcke : can I buy a vowel? and ‘a’?

 21:47:50  arthus : @lice*

 21:47:59  judi epcke : 🙁

 21:48:03  Vicki Davis : I’m [email protected] to mute my mike.

 21:48:08  alicebarr : Hi @rthus @liceh here

 21:48:13  Cathyjo : why laughng?

 21:48:21  Vicki Davis : @[email protected] – yes.

 21:48:26  alicebarr : I’m [email protected]!

 21:48:30  Cathyjo : LOL

 21:48:38  Vicki Davis : We need something for judi epcke — Judi is @wesome

 21:48:40  Cathyjo : u [email protected] it

 21:48:47  Vicki Davis : I’m [email protected]

 21:48:51  lizbdavis : LOL:D

 21:48:53  judi epcke : [email protected] Vicki

 21:48:57  arthus : Question: What about identifying gifted students early?

 21:49:10  lizbdavis : @rthus is keeping us on task

 21:49:16  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : @rthus this is for you

 21:49:17  Cathyjo : gifted can be in many areas especially arts

 21:49:29  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Durff, hard to get a cab tonight?

 21:49:29  Vicki Davis : @rthus rocks.

 21:49:36  Cathyjo : freshamn

 21:49:46  Cathyjo : [email protected]

 21:49:52  Durff late to the party : yes cheryl

 21:49:54  Vicki Davis : @rthus — You are going to be famous.  I alreadysee this about you.  I wish you could be in my classroom.

 21:50:13  Durff late to the party : arthus is famous now

 21:50:20  judi epcke : I think @rthus already is famous

 21:50:24  Vicki Davis : @Durff you are famous too.

 21:50:25  Cathyjo : @rthus u can be in Vickie class via ustream blogs, wikis, skype u name it

 21:50:30  Vicki Davis : Oh I mean REALLY famous.

 21:50:32  Durff late to the party : i am not

 21:50:36  khokanson : Seriously Durff you ARE late tonight…what’s a matta…you miss your cab 😛

 21:50:59  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo – I wish I could figure out a way to make @rthus part of the horizon project — @rthus — why don’t we add you to the project — lets talk privately.

 21:51:02  judi epcke : Hi [email protected]@[email protected]

 21:51:08  Durff late to the party : i was correcting tests and chatting with learners

 21:51:23  Cathyjo : gifted and accelrated r different

 21:51:24  Durff late to the party : progress reports due on Fri

 21:51:26  Vicki Davis : [email protected] we missed you @wfully.  @re you OK?

 21:51:33  Cathyjo : LOL

 21:51:35  arthus : Hear hear

 21:51:39  Vicki Davis : Mine were due this past Monday — I was up till 2 am.

 21:51:45  Durff late to the party : i’m fine – just overextended

 21:51:48  arthus : that was my primary school program: normal classes + extran homework

 21:51:50  lizbdavis : I work in a town where everyone is "gifted"

 21:51:51  arthus : extra*

 21:52:07  arthus : learned absolutely nothing extra in the "gifted" classroom

 21:52:13  lizbdavis : I personally have a problem with the term. All children are gifted in some way.

 21:52:14  Cathyjo : @liz r most from 2 parent college educated homes?

 21:52:18  barbara : We skipped a student this year ..was scheduled for 7 put in 8

 21:52:25  Durff late to the party : i learned how to hatch eggs

 21:52:32  Durff late to the party : so very useful

 21:52:40  lizbdavis : @Cathy 2 parent super educated, high earning homes.

 21:52:49  LindaNitsche : Being identified gifted is not a promise of anything

 21:52:56  Cathyjo : they r not gifted just advantaged

 21:52:58  arthus : lizbdavis: I agree, I don’t like it either; just can’t think of a different word

 21:53:06  judi epcke : to me it is just about differentiation gifted and low ability and everything in between

 21:53:27  Durff late to the party : or just disadvantaged

 21:53:31  Cathyjo : dont forget the ARTS

 21:53:39  judi epcke : athletically gifted

 21:53:50  judi epcke : musically gifted

 21:53:53  lizbdavis : I feel like one of the most important qualities in a child is Curiosity.

 21:53:54  Cathyjo : what abt Marco Torres’ kids? they are truly gifted

 21:53:55  sendkathy : Fashionably late Durff!

 21:54:00  Durff late to the party : labels are determined by one of the intelligences

 21:54:01  arthus : socially gifted!

 21:54:03  LindaNitsche : the child that never does their homework may need different instruction

 21:54:07  arthus : really important in 21st century

 21:54:08  sendkathy : Now we can get the party started

 21:54:20  LindaNitsche : I dislike labels so much

 21:54:22  sendkathy : Linda, so true

 21:54:26  judi epcke : DI

 21:54:28  Durff late to the party : i’m coffee-gifted

 21:54:31  sharonp : we need to really rethink what we mean by the words "literacy" and "education"

 21:54:32  Cathyjo : OUCH @vivki

 21:54:37  sendkathy : i like to find out what really turn the child on intellectually

 21:54:37  Cathyjo : vicki

 21:54:38  khokanson : @linda so tre and sometimes early testing of highly verbal kids…

 21:54:47  khokanson : YES VICKI…

 21:54:47  Durff late to the party : i agree

 21:54:50  sendkathy : if you can tap into their interest you have it made

 21:54:51  Vicki Davis : @Linda – The student needs a nice little kick in the fanny as my mom would say.

 21:54:58  arthus : I’ve never been allowed to take the SAT

 21:54:59  sendkathy : they will respond enthusiastically

 21:55:00  khokanson : push kids to their limit identified or no

 21:55:00  lizbdavis : Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are both College drop outs.

 21:55:05  khokanson : NO

 21:55:08  Durff late to the party : literacy in which dimension is what we need to define

 21:55:11  sharonp : in Qu?©bec we develop competencies and we measure their growth over time

 21:55:16  khokanson : IMRPROVE LEARNING….

 21:55:23  alicebarr : BOTH

 21:55:28  Cathyjo : @sharon sounds differentiated

 21:55:34  khokanson : exactly…

 21:55:35  Durff late to the party : arthus – no sats?

 21:55:36  barbara : Quote from educational leadership "Even the most valid and reliable assessment cannot be regarded ar high quality if it causes students to give up"

 21:55:45  Durff late to the party : you’re not missing anyting

 21:55:49  lizbdavis : @lice good answer 😉

 21:55:51  barbara : Learned or mastered

 21:55:51  Vicki Davis : Some of my bright kids get mad at me becase if they don’t put forth 100%, I call them on it and put a comment on their progress report — They say "Mrsl Vicki you messed up my report card" and I say — "You are not doing your best — you’re not bringing your notebook to class or aren’t doing your homework"  – etc.

 21:55:53  sharonp : @cathyjo – we are BIG into differentiation here in QC

 21:56:07  Cathyjo : and MANY r giving up due to lack of 21st century tools being used

 21:56:13  sendkathy : In kindergarten we have a lot of flexibility to assess in may forms

 21:56:24  sendkathy : in fact we really have to do a variety of assessment

 21:56:30  barbara : yes …also the stlye of our assessments

 21:56:35  Durff late to the party : assessment is continual

 21:56:39  judi epcke : There’s a concept, have teachers’ adjust their teaching

 21:56:42  sendkathy :  we can’t just rely on one form to be the determining assessment

 21:56:46  judi epcke : Some don’t get that

 21:56:48  barbara : they are one time opportunities… not reflective of learning over time

 21:56:58  alicebarr : @cathyjo Right! Taking a look at instruction and changing practice improves student learning

 21:57:04  Durff late to the party : NLCB relies on one form of assessment

 21:57:09  lizbdavis : Getting an A doesn’t mean you are learning. Kids need to challenge themselves to be constantly learning.

 21:57:26  sharonp : yes, assessment should be mostly formative (over long time) rather than summative

 21:57:28  Cathyjo : MAP TESTING-BAD WORD

 21:57:34  Cathyjo : now ill have nightmares

 21:57:36  Durff late to the party : the tests are geared towards one intelligence

 21:57:39  lizbdavis : Stepping on the scale doesn’t make you lose weight. There has to be something in between stepping on and stepping back on.

 21:57:40  barbara : The article is Assessment Through Student’s Eyes   it is a must read

 21:57:44  alicebarr : @lizbdavis Right. Many A’s are based on regurgiated info

 21:57:46  Cathyjo : lexiles

 21:57:55  Cathyjo : RIT

 21:57:56  Vicki Davis : @lizb — the question is "What is the student’s best" — if a studnet is a 98 percentand makes 90’s I have a problem w/ that.

 21:58:08  sendkathy : Despite my philosohpy of ‘everyone can do it’, I still struggle when students have special needs and I can’t figure out how to reach them

 21:58:09  Vicki Davis : I’m more proud of the 75 ability student with the 90 grde.

 21:58:09  Durff late to the party : barbar – url?

 21:58:13  judi epcke : Ever administered MAP tests to a beginning of the year 2nd grader? painful to watch

 21:58:21  lizbdavis : @Vicki – Yes – if the student is learning then the nubmer doesn’t really matter.

 21:58:30  barbara : yes learning over time…is critical.. not just one time memorization

 21:58:34  arthus : @rthus for President, 2030

 21:58:37  arthus : who’s with me? 😛

 21:58:43  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : Yes, judi very painful to see a student struggle

 21:58:44  judi epcke : ME

 21:58:44  Cathyjo : LOL

 21:58:54  Durff late to the party : arthus – i want dinner at the White House then

 21:59:20  arthus : it’ll be tough picking my Secretary of Education 🙂

 21:59:29  Durff late to the party : hmmmm

 21:59:36  judi epcke : Chris Lehman?

 21:59:41  Durff late to the party : no

 21:59:48  Durff late to the party : too old by then

 22:00:04  khokanson : will be at PETE & C next Tuesda

 22:00:04  Cathyjo : ouch

 22:00:06  Durff late to the party : miguel!

 22:00:08  judi epcke : Chris Lehman’s offspring?

 22:00:13  mguhlin : Howdy!

 22:00:15  arthus : lol

 22:00:21  Cathyjo : change it up

 22:00:26  Durff late to the party : that is better – jakob

 22:00:34  CheriT : 150 holy moley

 22:00:35  Cathyjo : cool

 22:00:41  Cathyjo : can we come vivki?

 22:00:49  Cathyjo : vicki?

 22:00:53  Vicki Davis : @Cheri – actually there is capacity for 150 — there is room for another 10 I think.

 22:00:58  Cathyjo : that c and v are too close together

 22:01:02  judi epcke : Can’t wait to see you at IL-TCE at the end of the month Vicki

 22:01:03  sroseman : Will it be ustreamed, Vicki

 22:01:05  CheriT : very cool

 22:01:08  Vicki Davis : @cathyjo – I mayustream a little but not a lot.

 22:01:10  CheriT : pack the house vicki

 22:01:12  Vicki Davis : I’ve got to skype out.

 22:01:15  sendkathy : Woohooo chatroom!

 22:01:27  Vicki Davis : Great chat tonight — Hi miguel.

 22:01:35  LindaNitsche : Huge thankyou to everyone!

 22:01:38  sharonp : Thanks Miguel for that special preso mention of WOW2!!

 22:01:39  Cathyjo : get a student to steer a backchannel==show it on a diff projector screen

 22:01:43  mguhlin : WOW2 ladies, be aware i mentioned you today!

 22:01:45  alicebarr : Great chat @ll!

 22:01:46  lizbdavis : Thanks everyone great show and great chat.

 22:01:58  sharonp : I saw the photo Miguel

 22:01:59  mguhlin : that’s it. i just wanted to share that. take care and keep up the awesome work!

 22:02:03  alicebarr : @miguel On your blog?

 22:02:05  judi epcke : see you on twtter liz, et al

 22:02:13  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : yes miguel we saw that

 22:02:14  mguhlin : it’s on http://snipurl.com/ota2008

 22:02:14  CheriT : excellent Peggy

 22:02:15  hockeymom-Nedra : Great job, thanks

 22:02:21  Durff late to the party : clap,clap

 22:02:23  alicebarr : Hang in Lizbdavis!

 22:02:25  mguhlin : thanks to wes fryer for snapping the photo

 22:02:27  LindaNitsche : Great to "see" all of you on chat!

 22:02:28  lizbdavis : Thanks Alice

 22:02:30  arthus : bye, thank you

 22:02:30  judi epcke : @rthus what’s your ustream URL for tonight?

 22:02:33  mguhlin : type at ya later!!

 22:02:34  lizbdavis : I’m trying

 22:02:50  mguhlin : 700 folks

 22:02:54  mguhlin : saw you

 22:03:04  mguhlin : naughty? I’m feeling uncomfortable

 22:03:08  mguhlin : you’re transparent

 22:03:11  mguhlin : learners

 22:03:15  Durff late to the party : you are

 22:03:25  sharonp : transparent learners …. I like that!

 22:03:37  Durff late to the party : are we calling your bluff?

 22:03:38  lizbdavis : Good night everyone.

 22:04:07  arthus : http://snipr.com/1wxy1

 22:04:25  arthus : talking about super tuesday results in a couple of minutes

 22:04:27  Vicki Davis : http://www.flickr.com/photos/wfryer/2243834977/

 22:04:34  arthus : I’d love to have some of ya’all Skype in

 22:05:45  Durff late to the party : that is miguel

 22:05:46  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : @rthus leave information for us.

 22:05:53  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : thanks Durff

 22:06:00  Durff late to the party : $5

 22:06:14  arthus : http://snipr.com/1wxy1

 22:06:23  arthus : there’s the ustream

 22:06:26  Vicki Davis : @durff – OK, I haven’t met him in person. I thought he woears glasses.

 22:06:28  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : night, thanks artus

 22:06:33  alicebarr : NOte title of Flicker pic WE have to be Willing to make mistakes

 22:06:36  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : maybe he had contacts on vicki

 22:06:43  CheriT : bye all

 22:06:47  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : we are willing and able to make mistakes

 22:06:48  sroseman : GRREAT show

 22:06:50  Durff late to the party : that person is wearing glasses

 22:06:59  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : thanks @lice, that makes me feel like a pioneer

 22:07:14  Durff late to the party : oh back to the grind so i can be free for PETE-C

 22:07:17  Durff late to the party : nite

 22:07:25  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : later, all, go listen to arthus

 22:07:30  alicebarr : You Are a Pioneer!!!

 22:07:39  cheryloakes wow2 show61 : thanks, later,

 22:07:43  alicebarr : C YA

 22:16:35  MGuhlin : Any WOW2 ladies here?

 22:16:55  MGuhlin : ah well. take care folks!


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