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to the EdTechTalk newsletter for September 11 – 25, 2010. The new
season of EdTechTalk webcasts is off to a rousing start! Welcome back to
Seedlings, ETT21-21st Century Learning, EdTech Weekly, Parents as Partners and
Conversations! Teachers Teaching Teachers have maintained a very exciting series of webcasts throughout the summer with projects, information and discussions about the Gulf Oil Spill that you will want to check out and get your students/teachers involved


. There have already been some inspiring, stimulating
conversations on these shows, so if you missed any of them be sure to
listen to the recordings. This is some of the very best professional
development “on demand” you will find anywhere! Remember to check the
calendar for upcoming shows regularly on the EdTechTalk home page so you
can join in the conversation in the chat: https://edtechtalk.net

our #92nd show, we are joined by Karen Janowski, Assistive Technology
consultant, Mom, School Committee member, blogger, presenter and a few I
have already forgotten! Alice and Cheryl start off the conversation
with Karen and Bob breezes in from his favorite school night, Open
House! Our show ends up spilling over the one hour mark, but you will
love our links, Geeks, and conversations.Thanks to John Schinker who at
the last minute got the Edtechtalk server communicating with the
Seedlings Crew! Our conversation was about “Assistive Technology is the
great equalizer” and Universal Design for Learning. Enjoy the podcast! 

GTD, NYASIS Think Tank 2010, NEIT2010, Switch, Professional
Development, (TPACK Technology Content and Pedagogy) and more…

season’s opener got off to a wonderful start with a fantastic
presentation by Aviva Dunsiger a Grade 1 teacher at Ancaster Meadow
school in Ancaster/Hamilton Region Ontario Canada. Aviva has a wealth of
ideas for connecting with parents and making them an integral part of
their child’s learning. Please listen to Aviva’s presentation and follow
along with the Slideshare posted below. 

We have compiled this 


to provide you with all the links ( and more) that Aviva mentions
during the show. How about replacing the agenda book with Twitter? No
more lost in the back pack excuses and no more “did nothing today”
answers.  Kid blogs, Today’s Meet, audio recordings on Evernote,
Twitter, Wallwisher are just a few of the many free applications which
she has integrated into classroom instruction. Aviva and her colleagues at Ancaster Meadow School are leading the way.

week we continued a conversation that began on Twitter when Alec Couros
went to his daughter’s Back to School Night.  Along with Will
Richardson, Lee Kolbert, and Angela Maiers, we discussed the issues we
face as parents when walking into our own children’s classrooms.  Alec
could not join us but was with us in spirit….we hope.

John, and Jen welcome guest host Diana Laufenberg to continue the new
format for EdTechWeekly that offers a deeper look into a smaller number
of topics each week. This week, the discussion focuses on the following

  • On this

    episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers,
    Laura Beth Fay, and Tim Baker join Susan Ettenheim and Chris Sloan to
    talk about Scratch and its uses in junior high.  Susan met Laura and Tim
    at the 2010 [email protected] conference.  Tim’s interests in environmental educ

    ation align with our ongoing Voices on the Gulf
    project; like Susan and Chris, Laura works with her local writing
    project – in Susan’s words “lots of overlapping pieces.”  Laura Fay is
    an 8th grade reading teacher at Fish

    er Middle School
    in Ewing, New Jersey; her students use Scratch to compose multimedia as
    part of her journalism curriculum.  Tim is a graduate student in
    interaction design at the University of Maine, and he’s helped create an
    environmental simulator for middle school students aid their
    understandings of ecosystems called Sim Stream.

  • Ending
    their summer hiatus, Dave, John, and Jen kick off a new format for
    EdTechWeekly that offers a deeper look into a smaller number of topics
    each week. This week, the focus is on learning environments. Dave shares
    links and insight into the new PLENK2010 MOOC (beginning this week) considering personal learning environments and networks. As a postmortem to the demise of most free Ning accounts,
    Jen asks the group to consider the implications of teachers using free
    vs controlled online environments. John shares his perspective on using Google Apps in a school setting. Join as next Sunday to meet our first (of several) new guest hosts!

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