Week of November 7 – November 13, 2009

Welcome to this week’s EdTechTalk (ETT) newsletter! This has been another great week of stimulating, thought-provoking, informative webcasts on EdTechTalk. If you missed a live webcast and want to go back and listen to the archived recording, you can always find them with links from the home page on https://edtechtalk.net . Remember that the recordings are not always posted immediately following the show because our show hosts are very busy people and it may take awhile to get them edited and uploaded. Each week in our newsletters we list the shows that have been posted the previous week but they may not be the latest show for each series. We hope the newsletter makes it easier for you to find shows of interest that you may want to listen or re-listen to as time permits. It’s always a treat to participate in shows that bring together ETT friends from different shows, such as the recent Parents As Partners webcast where Lisa Parisi and Ginger Lewman shared their tips and experiences related to student-led parent/teacher conferences. If you haven’t had an opportunity to tune into the Sunday morning weekly show "Conversations" with Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee and Sheila Adams, be sure to check it out. The conversations in this virtual Teacher’s Lounge are always lively, and sometimes wandering in the same way it might happen in a f2f Teacher’s Lounge. Our recent conversations are a great example when we explored the purpose of education and took a trip down memory lane as we reminisced about our early school experiences and how technology has changed education. What do you remember most about your early educational experiences? Listen to the "Conversations" recording and compare your experiences with the participants in that session.

The K12 Online Conference is fast approaching and it is going to be an incredible learning experience, kicking off with the Pre-Conference Keynote on November 30 with Kim Cofino from Bangkok, Thailand. Remember to join us on November 18, for the Third K12Online Conference LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST here at EdTechTalk.com/live. Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez will discuss their "Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds – Panel" presentation followed by Chris Harbeck who will be on hand to discuss his "Release the Hounds" presentation.

The Week in Review

2009-11-12 Seedlings with Maria Knee
Hear about a Kindergarten teacher preparing her classroom of five year olds for learning and life. Then to top off our conversation, hear how Maria Knee finds time to orchestrate a part of the K12onlineconference. Oh, there are some really great Geek of the Week items and even Monarchs in Space!

Teachers Teaching Teachers #173 – EBSCO, BrainyFlix, Online Research, and More! – 10.21.09

Ron Burns from EBSCO joined us on this podcast as we continued the conversation about using databases for research, how to share research using Diigo and how to incorporate the EBSCO resources into these goals! Being big EBSCO fans, we always welcome any chance to learn more about upcoming changes and how to better use EBSCO. We are happy that Joyce Valenza joined us in the chat room, since she started us on this question of how to use a social bookmarking site like Diigo with a library database like EBSCO. Also joining us on this podcast was Jack Yu who creates his own brand of meaningful fun at BrainyFlix

It’s Elementary #41: Getting Ready for k12onlineconference 2009
The It’s Elementary crew discusses the k12onlineconference with it’s very own Jose Rodriguez and Maria Knee, Co-Conveners. Make sure to join us for the k12online LAN Party On November 18, the K12Online Conference is hosting a LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST. We invite everyone to gather at the LAN party site with colleagues in order to view two past conference presentations and then engage in lively discussions in the EdTechTalk chatroom.

Women of the Web 3: Sunday November 1, 8:30pm Eastern
Teachers Without Borders Canada – Report After 6 weeks in Africa
It was so exciting to hear first-hand stories, reports and update from the team as a follow-up to their experiences in Africa. We heard from Sharon Peters, John Schinker, Noble Kelly, Jody Meacher and Lois McGill-Horn and learned about the excitement, incredible learning experiences, and many of the challenges they faced (both with technology and otherwise). It was especially interesting to hear about their visit with President Obama’s Step-Grandmother, "Mama Sarah"!


EdTechWeekly #142

Without Jeff … again … John, Dave, Alvin, and Jen do their best with this week’s edtech news and resources. Everyone misses Jeff (boo hoo).

Conversations Episode 55

  Fall leaves – raking and playing in them – have made us nostalgic. So this week we focused on positive memories we have from our school days and asked ourselves what memories we are creating for our own students.

Conversations #54 Nov. 1, 2009

This week, Lisa and Maria responding to a topic posted in Plurk by Beth Knittle – the purpose of education. Beth also posted a blog entry as well. As always, we had a good conversation in the stream and the chat room.

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