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 Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Newsletter. Two big events recently were reported over the community airwaves. WiAOC, a sister site of the ETT community, held their annual Webheads in Action Online Convergence. The quality sessions took place over 72some hours of live webcasting, most of it done by ETT webcaster Jeff Lebow, as well as other ETT regulars. Two of the many highlights included a keynote by David Warlick, archived at http://webheadsinaction.org/node/357 and a closing keynote by Kim Cofino and Jeff Utecht, archived at http://webheadsinaction.org/node/364
The other newsworthy event was covered by ETT’s man on the field, Jose Rodriguez. In response to teacher jobcuts as a result of the California buget crisis, local LAUSD, Los Angeles Unified School District, teachers and some parents are hunger striking. Today, Saturday June 6th, marks day ten of the hunger strike. More information on the California budget woes are available at http://media.sacbee.com/smedia/2009/04/29/13/G082008_3W20BUDGETSPEND.source.prod_affiliate.4.pdf as well as at the archived video of EdTechBrainstorm this past week. Watch ETT’s man in the field at work!

 The Week in Review

2009-06-05 00:11


2009-06-04 21:35

21st Century Learning #106
Bill Campbell on Tablet PCs
May 21, 2009

Bill Campbell, Associate Director of Technology at the Dwight Englewood School joined us to share his experieces at a Tablet PC School.

Do you use Tablet PCs?  Are you considering them?  Let us know in the comments below.  

Click here for the chat transcript


2009-06-01 21:10

This is the second of two shows we’ve done recently that featured young high school women. On TTT#152 we enjoyed learning from the young women at Matt Montagne’s school who are involved with tthe Gator Radio Experience.

On this podcast, we feature three amazing teenagers, three glib feminists who have begun to make their voices be heard on a group blog, "Womens Glib."

2009-05-31 22:46

John, Sharon, Dave, and Jeff covered the news and hot resources in educational technology while Jen took the night off. She will be back next week with bells on … what on earth does that mean?

File this one under student self-initiated work that gives you hope for the future — and the present too!

The young women who started a feminist blog recently to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers. We learned so much from them that we can’t wait until we play this for our students in this fall when we introduce them to blogging.

This week was open mic week.  Maria Knee, Sheila Adams, and Lisa Parisi were joined by Lucy Gray and Sue Roseman to discuss many topics such as: twitter issues, NECC 2009, and making changes top down vs. bottom up.


 Matt Montagne has been working this school year with his students on the Gator Radio Experience

Broadcasting live on the Castilleja Gator Radio Network! Broadcast dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

This is the first of two shows we’ve done recently that featured young high school women. On this podcast, we feature the students who have been doing a webcast, Gator Radio Network. TTT#153 features three glib teenage feminists who have begun to make their voices be heard on a group blog, "Womens Glib."

Matt has invited a couple of his students from the Castilleja School involved with this this broadcasting project to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers this week.

Paul Allison invited a couple of his students from the East-West School of International Studies and who publish on Youth Voices to meet Matt’s broadcasters.

Gator Radio Experience was also featured on Classroom2.0 LIVE recently. That archived audio is available at http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html

Over a period of nearly seven weeks this summer, Sharon Peters of WOW2.0 will be returning to South Africa and Kenya as a team leader of ICT teachers who will facilitate workshops for educators ranging from newly appointed elearning specialists to teachers who have never touched a computer before. Her team of Americans and Canadians will be joined by in-country South African and Kenyan facilitators this year.  Many of these educators have not yet had the opportunity to facilitate professional growth for their colleagues. They will ask increased participation by in-country educator facilitators every year, so that by the fourth year of their presence in any community all PD is handed over to in-country educators.
Teachers Without Borders is a relatively young organization. They are working on a model to build capacity and sustainability.The organisation and teachers involved need you!

  • Consider making a tax-deductible donation. TWB raises money through grants and donations to cover our on the ground expenses. We teachers also raise money toward travel costs to the host country. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us cover our travel expenses. If you are in Canada, you can give donations here. If you are in the U.S., please go to this link and be sure to specify that the donation is directed toward the TWB-Canada team members (see list below).
  • Consider making donations of used digital cameras, laptops or flash drives. I will be at NECC in Washington D.C. (probably hanging out at the Bloggers Cafe) in late June and will be happy to connect with anyone who would like to pass resources along to me. John Schinker, another team member who is also in our ETT community, and I will be leaving from NECC to travel to Africa.
  • Consider making a donation of a Flip camera (or similar camera) to kick off a classroom exchange between your students and students in South Africa. We are partnering with Edunova in the townships of Cape Town to establish classroom-to-classroom partnerships. If you pass along a camera, perhaps with some embedded content on it from your own students, we will give it to a committed teacher in South Africa who will establish and maintain contact with your class.
  • Consider joining our TWB community to communicate with other global educators and to develop resources for teachers in other parts of the world.
    For more information or for an American or Canadian address to which you can send equipment, you can contact Sharon at [email protected] and you can follow Sharon’s blog throughout July and August at http://wearejustlearning.ca

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