Week of January 9-15, 2010

Welcome to this week’s EdTechTalk (ETT) newsletter! With the start of the new year, activity is really picking up on EdTechTalk! We are excited to welcome our newest webcasters: Robert Squires and his co-hosts on "Instructional Design Live" airing weekly on Fridays at 12:00noon EST, and Susan van Gelder who will be hosting the "K12 Online Echo" webcasts. The Echo webcasts will be in the style of the Fireside Chats ind incorporates video along with the audio and chat. The format of the show includes an introduction, streaming of the presentation and then time for discussion afterwards. Each webcast, held at EdtechTalk Studio will feature one presentation from the conference which will be streamed with the presenter available to answer questions. Participants can ask questions in the chat; a moderator will interview the presenter. Each show will last one hour and will be held two Tuesdays a month at 8:00pm EST. Watch for specific dates in the EdTechTalk calendar and join us for the kick-off webcast on Tuesday, January 26.

"Instructional Design Live" is based around Instructional Design related topics and is an opportunity for Instructional Designers and professionals engaged in similar work to discuss effective online teaching and learning practices. Be sure to listen to the previous webcasts to hear some very interesting conversation about online learning experiences with participation by both instructors and students and come and lend your voice and ideas.

There are some very interesting, engaging conversations taking place on all of the EdTechTalk webcasts so we hope you will take some time to listen to the recordings each week on topics of interest to you that are included in these newsletters. We especially invite you to join us live to participate actively in the conversations, but when that isn’t possible in your very busy lives, tune in to the recordings posted on EdTechTalk.

The Week in Review

Richard’s Site: Free Technology for Teachers

“Geek of the Week” Links           (http://delicious.com/seedlingsgeekoftheweek/2010-01-14Seedlings)

Teachers Teaching Teachers #180 – What was new for you in 2009 that you’re bringing into 2010 – 12.23.09
At the end of 2009, we invited teachers to skype in to Teachers Teaching Teachers to tell us about something they did with their students that year.. something that was new and something that they want to keep exploring in the coming year.

We asked them to to paint a picture for us of what it looks like when you are using this new (to you) tool, approach, or idea in your classroom. We did not invited any specific guests on to this show that was moderated by Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, and Chris Sloan.

Conversations Episode 60
This week, Sheila and Lisa were joined by Amanda Marrinan to discuss the topic of dealing with adults who say or do inept things in front of children. Who is responsible for saying something: the teacher who overhears, the children, or the administration? Maria Knee was missed this week but was well represented by Amanda, who graciously stayed up very late in Australia to join us.

It’s Elementary #42: New Years Wishes
Have a listen to the It’s Elementary Team as we talk about our New Years Wishes…. from conferences to what’s happening in our classroom. For a tech use in the elementary classroom perspective, join us the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month.

Instructional-Design-Live#1 2010-01-15

This week we spoke with Mary Engstrom, Associate Director of Extended Learning Services, about plans for a revised program for supporting faculty developing online courses at The University of Montana. The proposed plan is available at: http://instructionaldesigning.org/content/draft-faculty-development-process. Please feel free to comment.

Due to a few technical difficulties, we didn’t get too far into the Bridget Arend article, http://www.thejeo.com/Archives/Volume6Number1/Arendpaper.pdf. However, Mary gives a nice overview of the key points, and we have tabled the ‘discussion on discussions’ for an upcoming session. Some good notes included in the chat transcript a little later on.

K12 Online Fireside Chat: Rachel Boyd
Rachel Boyd shared her Week Two keynote: A Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom. She fielded questions and elaborated on her presentation. We left with a deeper understanding of how her class runs, how technology is infused in what she does and how her students become such independent learners.

K12 Online Fireside Chat: Diego Leal
Fireside Chat with Week 2 Keynote: Diego Leal
View Diego Leal’s presentation, Kicking it Out a Notch from the K12 Online Conference 2009. Listen to the lively discussion which followed (in both English and Spanish). How will we bridge the divide?

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