Teachers Teaching Teachers #68 – Information for All!

Here, finally is Teachers Teaching Teachers from August 22, 2007. My most sincere apologies for the delay. As you might know, the echo has long been fixed but the editing job of that evening remained for a long time! Thanks for your patience – enjoy the show. It was a good one!

Some notes:
You are invited to Teachers Teaching Teachers tonight and join in the conversation about using State Online Virtual Library Databases in k12 education- especially as a source for information in blogging conversations.

Joining us tonight, will be Nancy Keane, who taught the online class this past summer for YALSA about teens and database use and Michael Gorrell, the Chief Information Officer for EBSCO (thank you Karen
Minton of GALILEO, Georgia for making the connection!) As a Dad of 5 boys, Michael understands our cries for support and greater understanding about using these resources. Join us to learn new info from the inside!

We also welcome back Kate Storms of NOVEL, New York, Sylvia Nortonof MARVEL, Maine, Karen Minton and Courtney McGough of GALILEO, Georgia.

Did you do your homework for tonight? Please make sure that you have tried a search in your state virtual library and have noted your results and experiences.
Add to the Google Notebook:
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Read Paul’s experiences:
Be sure to check back later today at the blog and the notebook for Michael’s notes.
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