Teachers Teaching Teachers #47 – Telling Stories with Technology

The concept of digital storytelling has been around for some time as people began to envision the impact that the visual and aural elements could have on the traditional writing process. Video documentaries, radio reflections and other experiments have blossomed with the Web 2.0 world. There are many publishing sources and many means of expression. But what does it all mean? How can the interactive web be tapped into to bring storytelling and composition to an even deeper level of meaning for the writer and for the audience?

Join guest host Kevin Hodgson, who is the technology liaison of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, this week on Teachers Teaching Teachers as he seeks to explore some of these questions. Kevin is a sixth grade teacher who has students create digital picture books (last year’s theme β€” math, and this year’s theme β€” science) and stop-motion claymation projects (in which his sixth graders collaborate with second graders). He has been exploring the intersection of the world of digital storytelling and the Web 2.0 frontier in recent months with NWP Colleague Bonnie Kaplan through a community Weblog and a new collaborative ABC movie project that features more than a dozen teachers throughout the country who are contributing video segments to a larger collaborative project that uses online tools to plan, produce and distribute a digital story.

The program will try to showcase some different aspects of storytelling and technology, brainstorm some ways that people can get started, and consider what the future holds for telling stories in a digital environment.

Our guests will include Gail Desler,
who is part of the ABC Movie Project and a deep thinker on the pedagogy underlying the use of technology in the classroom; and others.

Google Notebook for this episode

Chat Log Below

 20:19:23  PaulAllison ->  hi.
 20:19:29  Lee Ann ->  hello
 20:19:47  Kevin H ->  I am talking to Bonnie on Skype right now
 20:20:13  PaulAllison ->  don’t get talked out… is it bonnie_k
 20:20:17  PaulAllison ->  or bonniek
 20:20:42  jeff ->  stream is free if anyone wants to grab it
 20:20:45  Kevin H ->  bonnie k
 20:20:59  PaulAllison ->  Susan will be streaming, I think.
 20:22:07  Kevin H ->  HI bonnie
 20:22:45  bonnie ->  Hi Kevin
 20:23:02  PaulAllison ->  Welcome Bonnie!
 20:23:08  bonnie ->  Hi Paul
 20:23:29  Lee Ann ->  Hello Bonnie
 20:23:39  bonnie ->  So far, so good
 20:23:45  Kevin H ->  Hi Lee
 20:23:47  bonnie ->  Hi Lee Ann
 20:24:02  Kevin H ->  Paul, I just tried to paste a web address and had no luck
 20:24:31  Kevin H ->  Bonnie is going try it
 20:25:09  bonnie ->  I couldn’t get it in either
 20:26:28  Lee Ann ->  hi kevin
 20:26:40  Kevin H ->  Paul, should we hang up and wait for Susan to call us?
 20:27:58  jeff ->  if you’re on windows, try ctrl-c and ctrl-v to copy and paste
 20:28:31  Lee Ann ->  also.. i just copy and drag an address into the window…that works well
 20:28:39  Lee Ann ->  but i am mac
 20:28:40  Kevin H ->  Nope — it didn’t work, Jeff
 20:29:48  Kevin H ->  http://techstories.edublogs.org/
 20:29:53  Kevin H ->  OK
 20:30:02  jeff ->  how did you get it to work?
 20:30:13  Kevin H ->  I went to bookmarks and dragged it down
 20:30:28  jeff ->  good to know
 20:30:41  Lee Ann ->  ah ha .. thats how I do it! πŸ™‚
 20:32:20  PaulAllison ->  me too.
 20:33:18  Lee Ann ->  hi susan
 20:33:25  PaulAllison ->  All together now:
 20:33:33  bonnie ->  Susan what do Kevin and I need to do
 20:33:44  bonnie ->  Should we hang up and have you call us?
 20:33:55  SusanEttenheim ->  hi everyone- just getting set up
 20:34:06  SusanEttenheim ->  yes, I will call you in about 5 min
 20:34:18  SusanEttenheim ->  you don’t need to hang anything up now..
 20:34:24  SusanEttenheim ->  enjoy visiting…
 20:34:40  PaulAllison ->  Hi Susan.
 20:34:44  bonnie ->  Kevin and I did hang up but we are still enjoying this
 20:34:48  Kevin H ->  Ok dokie πŸ˜€
 20:34:50  SusanEttenheim ->  hi
 20:35:03  SusanEttenheim ->  πŸ™‚
 20:35:19  PaulAllison ->  I think you’ll have Kevin11, bonnie k, tonya.witherspoon, gaild
 20:35:35  PaulAllison ->  I can go to the skypecast if that makes sense?
 20:37:09  PaulAllison ->  I could do a quick introduction of Kevin, then jump into the skypecast.
 20:38:06  SusanEttenheim ->  ok
 20:39:47  Lee Ann ->  That sounds good Paul
 20:40:07  Lee Ann ->  Susan, will you be able to putme into the conference ?
 20:40:44  SusanEttenheim ->  probably best in the skypecast
 20:40:50  SusanEttenheim ->  what is bonnie’s name?
 20:41:04  PaulAllison ->  bonnie k
 20:41:08  SusanEttenheim ->  wow everyone is early this week
 20:41:15  PaulAllison ->  yes, eager
 20:41:18  SusanEttenheim ->  right – what is bonnie’s real name
 20:41:21  SusanEttenheim ->  ?
 20:41:27  Kevin H ->  Kaplan
 20:41:36  SusanEttenheim ->  tnx
 20:41:47  Kevin H ->  πŸ™‚
 20:42:08  bonnie ->  bnx
 20:42:36  SusanEttenheim ->  what is bnx?
 20:42:59  Kevin H ->  secret teacher code?
 20:43:18  Kevin H ->  between new xylophones
 20:43:21  Kevin H ->  ?
 20:43:22  bonnie ->  my alphabet letters
 20:43:29  Kevin H ->  oh
 20:43:47  Kevin H ->  forgot
 20:45:39  PaulAllison ->  Note for tonight’s show: http://www.google.com/notebook/?nbid=COwOWqzaTqGg%2FBDQWgSwoQhILdupoi#b=COwOWqzaTqGg%2FBDQWgSwoQhILdupoi
 20:46:51  Kevin H ->  just testing — http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=441851401&size=o The ABC Movie Concept Map
 20:47:13  PaulAllison ->  Let’s try that again… the web adress for Notes for tonight’s show: http://www.google.com/notebook/public/08623557280778658940/BDQWgSwoQhILdupoi
 20:48:11  Bonnie ->  Whoops I’m back
 20:49:26  Kevin H ->  HI gail
 20:49:27  PaulAllison ->  Kevin, I’m going to welcome you, Bonnie, (and Tonya and Gail if they are around), and mainly introduce you… then go to the skypecast.
 20:49:47  Kevin H ->  Ok Paul. Sounds good to me.
 20:49:49  PaulAllison ->  …where I can participate if I raise my hand.
 20:50:05  gail desler ->  I’m here Paul
 20:50:07  SusanEttenheim ->  funny
 20:50:12  PaulAllison ->  Hi Gail.
 20:50:47  PaulAllison ->  We should be doing sound test soon?
 20:50:54  Bonnie ->  Great
 20:50:57  gail desler ->  Are you on skype yet, or just in the chat room?
 20:51:09  Bonnie ->  Chat room
 20:51:09  Kevin H ->  just chat
 20:53:35  PaulAllison ->  Teachers Teaching Teacher will be starting soon.
 20:54:09  PaulAllison ->  Tonight Kevin Hodgson will be leading a discussion about Using Technology to Tell Stories.
 20:54:39  PaulAllison ->  Notes for this show can be found here: http://www.google.com/notebook/public/08623557280778658940/BDQWgSwoQhILdupoi
 20:57:00  PaulAllison ->  Welcom Carmela and Jose… and all… We’ll be starting in just a sec.
 21:00:00  PaulAllison ->  Welcome all! Teachers Teaching Teachers will be up and on the air soon.
 21:00:07  guest478 ->  yay!
 21:01:17  Kevin H ->  Just to kill time … it is snowing in Massachusetts tonight. It’s spring, for goodness sake.:?
 21:01:33  PaulAllison ->  Tonight’s skypecast is at +99001110008003305
 21:01:36  guest478 ->  seems kinda unfair doesn’t it
 21:01:45  Kevin H ->  yep
 21:02:00  CarmelaT ->  It was sunny and 80 on the Outer Banks of NC
 21:02:05  Bonnie ->  You just need a sense of humor
 21:02:09  gail desler ->  Beautiful here in sunny Calif.
 21:02:09  Kevin H ->  NOw come on … don’
 21:02:24  Kevin H ->  don’t tell me that! (can I visit?)
 21:02:30  PaulAllison ->  Talk to me in July, Gail.
 21:02:56  Kevin H ->  Hi Troy and hi Tom
 21:03:02  gail desler ->  Oh, you mean Chico…I live up in the foothills – it’s cooler there
 21:03:07  Bonnie ->  HI Troy
 21:03:13  hickstro ->  Hi Kevin
 21:03:19  gail desler ->  Hi Troy
 21:04:15  hickstro ->  Hi Gail
 21:04:19  Kevin H ->  Hi Donna
 21:04:28  Bonnie ->  HI Donna
 21:04:33  DBragg ->  Hi all
 21:05:25  Kevin H ->  Susan/Paul, should I be doing anything here? (other than making snowballs)
 21:05:46  PaulAllison ->  We’re experiencing some difficulties… going to plan B.
 21:05:47  guest478 ->  ouch! watch where you’re throwing those!
 21:06:05  Kevin H ->  OK — and I did NOT put that rock in the snowball
 21:06:17  guest478 ->  I’m telling mom
 21:06:21  SusanEttenheim ->  hi everyone
 21:06:25  PaulAllison ->  Jeff…are you available?
 21:06:26  SusanEttenheim ->  sorry I have a problem
 21:06:33  SusanEttenheim ->  jeff will be broadcasting
 21:06:35  Kevin H ->  Ok — no worries
 21:06:44  SusanEttenheim ->  he and I have spoken and he’s all set to got
 21:06:46  SusanEttenheim ->  go
 21:06:48  CarmelaT ->  I would love some snow. How about if we trade places for a week Kevin?
 21:07:09  Kevin H ->  πŸ˜€
 21:07:13  jeff ->  main guests, please skype ‘worldbridges’
 21:08:24  guest478 ->  Gotta love that JL
 21:09:43  CarmelaT ->  somebody help me here – I can’t skype yet. CathyE is getting me a mic soon. Do I click on the WMP under EdTeckTalk A???
 21:09:57  guest478 ->  that will work if you just want to listen
 21:10:01  CarmelaT ->  or just sit back and chat
 21:10:07  CarmelaT ->  okay
 21:10:07  guest478 ->  and textchat
 21:10:13  CarmelaT ->  gotcha
 21:10:16  guest478 ->  that’s what I"m doing
 21:15:06  gail desler ->  I’ve lost audio
 21:15:28  DBragg ->  I still have audio
 21:15:52  guest478 ->  audio is still here…
 21:15:56  guest478 ->  at least on the stream
 21:16:33  PaulAllison ->   Notes for tonight’s show are here: http://www.google.com/notebook/public/08623557280778658940/BDQWgSwoQhILdupoi
 21:16:36  Kevin H ->  Gail, we’re still here
 21:16:48  gail desler ->  I’m back on
 21:17:04  guest478 ->  holy show notes batman!
 21:18:21  Kevin H ->  http://techstories.edublogs.org/ Using Technology to Tell Stories (our blog)
 21:18:27  Lee Ann ->  The wonder of google docs!
 21:18:33  Lee Ann ->  and notebooks
 21:18:44  Lee Ann ->  (show notes that is)
 21:19:39  hickstro ->  Do we have a Skypecast address?
 21:20:41  Madeline_Here ->  Hello, is there a Skypecast tonight? I’m in iTunes, but Skypecast is more reliable for me.
 21:21:17  jlcgarton ->  Yes, there is a skypecast.
 21:21:20  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:21:29  SusanEttenheim ->  001110008003305
 21:21:33  PaulAllison ->  Thanks Susan
 21:21:41  SusanEttenheim ->  hi everyone – here’s the skypecast for tonight
 21:24:26  hickstro ->  One question that I have about digital storytelling is about genre…
 21:24:50  hickstro ->  … it seems like the Center for Digital Storytelling is very focused on personal narrative…
 21:25:13  Bonnie ->  Yes Troy
 21:25:17  DBragg ->  I would agree, Troy
 21:25:24  hickstro ->  … what about other genres like a historical reenactment or a report on coral reefs?
 21:25:29  PaulAllison ->  Hi Sharon.
 21:25:46  Bonnie ->  I want to move beyond that strict definition
 21:25:47  sharonp ->  Hi Paul and all – sorry to jump in so late….
 21:25:49  hickstro ->  Are these still digital stories? Or, are they other projects that are using a movie making tool?
 21:25:59  PaulAllison ->  Troy Hicks (hickstro) has been asking about genre…
 21:26:06  DBragg ->  I have my (Parenting) student write a children’s digital story
 21:26:42  PaulAllison ->  Does multimedia project = digital story?
 21:26:42  sharonp ->  yes, I too have wondered about genre and using the term digital stories – some define it quite narrowly
 21:26:48  sharonp ->  channel or skype?
 21:27:02  SusanEttenheim ->  001110008003305
 21:27:12  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:27:41  SusanEttenheim ->  hi everyone here’s the skypecast for tonight
 21:27:48  SusanEttenheim ->  anyone ready with questions?
 21:28:51  DBragg ->  my students were very creative in getting their work done with a variety of technologies
 21:29:17  hickstro ->  Yeah, I am concerned that the mode (narrative) and medium (made in movie maker/iMovie) is constricting the genre of digital storytelling, too.
 21:29:29  DBragg ->  camera phones, digital video cameras, etc
 21:29:58  Lee Ann ->  how so
 21:30:05  Lee Ann ->  troy
 21:30:11  hickstro ->  For instance, I think that Bud’s recent podcast about his daughter learning a new song was as good a story with just the audio as compated to what it could have been with video and pictures, too.
 21:30:33  Madeline_Here ->  how is it constricting?
 21:30:46  DBragg ->  I agree, Troy
 21:30:50  sharonp ->  shouldn’t digital story-telling encompass a wide range? Any digital medium or media that is being used
 21:31:02  hickstro ->  Lee — I think that the idea of "digital storytelling" could include just an audio composing process that involves layers of tracks, background sounds, multiple voices, etc…
 21:31:06  SusanEttenheim ->  nope not yet
 21:31:15  DBragg ->  The visual medium won’t have added to the story
 21:31:21  SusanEttenheim ->  most are listening to improve their English!
 21:31:26  hickstro ->  … it is still just as powerful, if taught well, as also including images and video.
 21:32:06  guest478 ->  i wonder if we really need the ‘digital’
 21:32:15  guest478 ->  in a sense… we’re going back to first principles here
 21:32:23  sharonp ->  I don’t think *just* personal narrative too! historical narrative, yes, myth-sharing
 21:32:31  guest478 ->  storytelling is and has always been a huge part of our cultures
 21:32:36  Kevin H ->  We purposely did not use Digital for our blog site
 21:32:43  Lee Ann ->  yes, I see what your saying
 21:33:15  guest478 ->  ‘research’ and ‘best-practice’ i think have clouded one of the key ways that we pass on cultural knowledge
 21:33:30  sharonp ->  oh I see guest 478 is back visiting us
 21:33:35  guest478 ->  πŸ™‚
 21:34:30  Lee Ann ->  Guest… explaing a little further..
 21:34:51  Lee Ann ->  it is not intuitive anymore?
 21:35:26  CathyE ->  Here is our kindergarten ABC story  http://www.dare.k12.nc.us/nhes/sanders/abcmarch.wmv
 21:35:52  guest478 ->  for many years it’s not been ‘valued’
 21:35:59  sharonp ->  When I initially heard the term digital story-telling, I thought of it as any exchange of … more than just narrative, …. language, information, personal ideas that takes advantage of a multimedia approach…. then I realized that some had a very narrow definition of what it is….
 21:36:04  guest478 ->  i would say that many of the skills have atrophied
 21:36:09  hickstro ->  So, do we all kind of agree that "telling stories with technology" is slightly different from the CDS’s definition for "digital storytelling?" How is this useful (or not useful) for us to have a new term and definition?
 21:36:11  Kevin H ->  http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=441851401&size=o The ABC Movie Concept Map
 21:36:29  guest478 ->  CDS?
 21:36:46  hickstro ->  Center for Digital Storytelling… Sorry…
 21:36:51  guest478 ->  ah.
 21:37:04  sharonp ->  ah yes, I may have been influenced by that site
 21:37:06  DBragg ->  Kevin doesn’t sleep, I’m convinced
 21:37:11  guest478 ->  I might have picked that one out :p
 21:37:29  guest478 ->  sleep?
 21:37:33  Kevin H ->  (letter a) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5526288093296786506&hl=en A is for Airplane – Google Video
 21:37:40  guest478 ->  that’s a good idea…. getting late on the east coast.
 21:37:46  guest478 ->  thanks for chatting folks
 21:37:48  guest478 ->  much enjoyed
 21:37:53  Kevin H ->  (letter m) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1825373098791704137&hl=en Letter M – Google Video
 21:37:59  sharonp ->  I think I had actually had my students do what I *thought* what a digital story-telling exercise, only to find later that it didn’t fit the typical "accepted" definition
 21:38:40  Lee Ann ->  Hi Joyce
 21:38:40  gail desler ->  Hi joyce
 21:38:52  joycevalenza ->  hi
 21:38:53  SusanEttenheim ->  hi joyce
 21:38:55  Lee Ann ->  You owe me a coke Gail
 21:38:57  Skipper ->  ??? besides the collaboration and entertainment value of digital storytelling, can you talk about the educational value
 21:39:08  sharonp ->  HI Joyce!
 21:39:18  hickstro ->  Question for the guests tonight: How would you structure the ideal "telling stories with technology" workshop/institute for teachers? Imagine that you have 4-5 days for PD and a full set of wireless laptops. What would you do?
 21:39:23  DBragg ->  I have a bike path behind my house and I have the letter W, a walk is coming up I feel it
 21:39:24  gail desler ->  a coke, Lee Ann?
 21:39:33  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:39:47  SusanEttenheim ->  here’s the skypecast for tonight – please join in!
 21:40:05  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:40:14  sharonp ->  brad, I would show photostory, flickr and audacity and let them go at it
 21:40:17  PaulAllison ->  http://www.animalamina.com/
 21:40:30  sharonp ->  are the laptops pc or mac? πŸ˜‰
 21:41:00  gail desler ->  Ben the pirate?
 21:41:08  PaulAllison ->  Troy, can you skype worldbridges?
 21:41:21  Ben Davis ->  what is the skype number?
 21:41:33  sharonp ->  after they have made their imovie or wmv file, I would have them upload it to youtube, teachertube or google video, then show them the power of a wiki and have them embed their movie into the wiki and describe/embellish what they have done
 21:41:42  hickstro ->  Paul – I think that I am in.
 21:42:22  sharonp ->  jumpcut..? I think I missed it
 21:42:24  PaulAllison ->  We should ask some questions from the skype cast
 21:42:33  Kevin H ->  http://www.jumpcut.com/ Jumpcut – Be good to your video
 21:42:37  gail desler ->  Great suggestion Sharon
 21:43:09  gail desler ->  taking the project to a wiki
 21:43:10  hickstro ->  That is sweet Kevin!
 21:43:36  DBragg ->  MeI’m jumping into jumpcut too
 21:43:37  sharonp ->  and I have done most of that myself – so I know the steps and the power of it – taking the project to the wiki adds so much!
 21:43:50  Ben Davis ->  does anyone have the skype number?
 21:44:00  joycevalenza ->  once kids get used to the commercial stuff, jumpcut seems a little limited
 21:44:18  sharonp ->  what does jumpcut do compared to youtube? I see that it is a mashup – I love mashups!
 21:44:29  PaulAllison ->  I’ve loved using http://animalamina.com with students.
 21:44:30  hickstro ->  Yes – Jumpcut is limited. But it is free and web-based, two great features for teachers.
 21:45:03  joycevalenza ->  yes
 21:45:17  joycevalenza ->  we should try to ask permission when we can
 21:45:25  joycevalenza ->  or use creative commons options
 21:45:26  hickstro ->  I think that you have figured out part of what this all means, haven’t you?
 21:46:08  hickstro ->  This is a great exploration of genre and collaboration, focused in a multimodal composing environment. Wow… layer upon layer of ideas for what this means, I think…
 21:46:09  sharonp ->  good idea – writing out reflections – so important
 21:46:24  Angela ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:47:43  hickstro ->  Great point, Lee!
 21:48:17  hickstro ->  Also, what is left out of a digital story is almost as important as what is put in.
 21:48:32  sharonp ->  yes, kinesthetic, etc. – I agree with Lee, but that is part of the learning process for the student to experiment with design, layout, composition – those are critical thinking skills that are importatn
 21:48:36  Madeline_Here ->  tried this link, but it’s PRIVATE πŸ™ http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=441851401&size=o
 21:48:46  sharonp ->  and we need to let students experiment with all of that
 21:49:15  sharonp ->  It is not about the tools
 21:49:21  sharonp ->  the tools will change
 21:49:26  Lee Ann ->  How can the interactive web be tapped into to bring storytelling and composition to an even deeper level of meaning for the writer and for the audience?
 21:49:28  sharonp ->  the software will chante
 21:49:31  sharonp ->  change
 21:50:15  sharonp ->  but design, layout, composition, colour choices, language choices for the chosen medium etc…. those are the skills that will not change
 21:50:32  sharonp ->  or perhaps not change as fast….
 21:50:43  sharonp ->  πŸ™‚
 21:50:59  Ben Davis ->  Here is a site I found on http://go2web20.net     http://www.cuts.com
 21:51:01  sharonp ->  Lee that is a good question
 21:51:12  Bonnie ->  Great point Sharon.  I hope I quoted you right.
 21:51:17  Madeline_Here ->  Sharon, those elements do change, and they change quickly in kid aesthetics
 21:51:21  hickstro ->  "A story should be remembered for its soul, not the bells and whistles."  Bernajean Porter – http://www.digitales.us/evaluating/index.php
 21:51:36  Bonnie ->  YES
 21:51:43  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:51:53  SusanEttenheim ->  skypecast tonight
 21:51:54  sharonp ->  the interactive web has made the audience real to the composers
 21:52:02  SusanEttenheim ->  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=646316
 21:52:03  gail desler ->  Ah, Troy, I love the digitales site.  Great examples!
 21:52:08  sharonp ->  we now have access to an authentic audience
 21:53:19  sharonp ->  aesthetics is influenced by cultural – a study in culture
 21:53:41  Lee Ann ->  Exactly and .. additionally as Sharon said, just developing the skills to be able to use media IS important…but the story is just words…until the creator brings it to life.. truly living.. absorbing..to the point where one does not ..for just a moment ..remember themselves..but have become part of that story
 21:54:40  Lee Ann ->  engaged as we often become with a really good book..
 21:55:05  Madeline_Here ->  creating images through the writing . . .
 21:55:15  Madeline_Here ->  creating images through the reading . . . .
 21:55:16  sharonp ->  I find it interesting that my province’s educational plan defines text as not jsut letters on a page, but ANY medium that relates information (i.e. text = video, audio, visual arts, etc.)
 21:55:42  PaulAllison ->  http://www.animalamina.com/
 21:55:46  joycevalenza ->  this american life?
 21:56:10  PaulAllison ->  Yes… thanks Joyce.
 21:56:16  Ben Davis ->  I use This American Life in my class ALLLLLLL the time!
 21:56:18  Ben Davis ->  I love it!
 21:56:25  Madeline_Here ->  yes, such a good show for creating images…yes this american life
 21:56:51  Lee Ann ->  link?
 21:56:56  sharonp ->  yes, even web 2.0 is a highly controversial term
 21:57:05  CathyE ->  I agree- it can be what you need it to be
 21:57:45  Ben Davis ->  I am planning to have my students make short documentaries out of the research papers they are writing.
 21:57:53  sharonp ->  yes, branding names…. it is hard to create new accepted terms
 21:58:17  SusanEttenheim ->  troy is ready to jump in
 21:58:21  gail desler ->  Will they go public with their documentaries, Ben?
 21:58:24  SusanEttenheim ->  with a question
 21:58:34  DBragg ->  and what you think will catch on doesn’t
 21:58:37  CathyE ->  Lee, it is important, and I think it looks very different from grade to grade
 21:58:42  sharonp ->  I even think about the term webquest and how I see it misused or rendered differently from what Bernie Dodge originally coined – but language does evolve
 21:59:02  SusanEttenheim ->  ben did you get into the skypecast?
 21:59:10  SusanEttenheim ->  would you like to join in the conversation?
 21:59:11  sharonp ->  Troy, that is my workplace!
 21:59:47  sharonp ->  it would depend on what they teach
 22:00:22  Lee Ann ->  Hey Bill!
 22:00:28  hickstro ->  Just taking notes here…
 22:00:45  hickstro ->  Kevin says — something that they can collaborate on and that will last past the four days.
 22:00:46  SusanEttenheim ->  ben has a question too
 22:00:50  CarmelaT ->  Cathy, would that Digitales work well with the Demonstration’s project?
 22:00:57  sharonp ->  show them the tools, (i.e. photostory, imovie, audacity, garageband, flickr, a camera, a videocamera) and give them a competition – they can set their own goals – yes, maybe start a social network to share their products
 22:01:01  Madeline_Here ->  www.thisamericanlife.org/podcast.xml?client=itunes 
 22:01:16  hickstro ->  Kevin says — I am concerned about the workshops where people never see each other again and they need to learn to lean on each other.
 22:01:18  joycevalenza ->  ira glass just did a post on storytelling
 22:01:30  CathyE ->  Yes, Carmella, I think it might be the ticket
 22:01:39  hickstro ->  Bonnie says — what I have done in the past is more on the model of CDS…
 22:02:05  hickstro ->  … the write meaningful stories, bond, learn tech step-by-step, by the end they have something that they share…
 22:02:16  hickstro ->  … the project is over, though, and there is no sense of collaboration…
 22:02:18  CarmelaT ->  Okay Cathy, good thing I didn’t send home the info about the posters yet. Will you help me check this out?
 22:02:30  CathyE ->  yep
 22:02:31  hickstro ->  … they might take it to their classrooms, but they are not collaborating any further.
 22:02:39  sharonp ->  building a supportive social network where they can continue their work and post their work online
 22:02:53  hickstro ->  Bonnie says: I have invited the CDS people to the website, but they are not on there yet…
 22:02:56  Kevin H ->  http://techstories.edublogs.org/ Using Technology to Tell Stories
 22:03:09  Kevin H ->  Please visit and join our blog conversation at any time
 22:03:17  hickstro ->  … comparing this to NWP and Tech Matters, there is a richer experience with the collaboration and that has get us to the place that we are now.
 22:03:25  joycevalenza ->  in some ways storytelling might be more personal than collaborative
 22:03:39  Lee Ann ->  Yes, Joyce
 22:03:44  joycevalenza ->  the individual voice is sometimes critical
 22:03:47  Lee Ann ->  working alone , , , together
 22:03:48  hickstro ->  Troy’s comment — so, there has to be an explicit focus on composing a collabortive project, right?
 22:03:49  Kevin H ->  But can’t we merge the two somehow?
 22:04:27  Lee Ann ->  sharing each other as resources but pursuing our own vision
 22:05:02  hickstro ->  Question for Kevin and Bonnie — I agree with you, so don’t hear this as a critical question, but a curious one…
 22:05:41  hickstro ->  … to what extent do we forgo explicit teaching of the storytelling process and/or technologies in order to allow time for collaboration to occur (noting, of course, that some of these skills will be learned in the collaborative process)?
 22:06:17  Kevin H ->  Good question, Troy.
 22:06:51  Bonnie ->  I think that there needs to be some basic instruction as well.
 22:06:52  sharonp ->  Troy, great question – how do you strike that balance? Collaborative skills are so important, but so are those other skills – deadlines can be useful
 22:06:52  Kevin H ->  I guess I think collaboration is important on many levels and there must be a way to mix writing and collaboration with technology, in a meaningful way for our students.
 22:07:07  joycevalenza ->  we’re having lots of issues with their incorporation of copyrighted material
 22:07:12  CathyE ->  That is why I’m moving toward a drupal
 22:07:30  hickstro ->  Thanks, Kevin. This stems from some of my conversations with people who have been to CDS workshops, noting that they do use a model of direct instruction.
 22:07:31  sharonp ->  Several of my students have created these ski videos – taught themselves the skills of video-taping, editing and then have uploaded to youtube
 22:07:38  sharonp ->  and they are awesome videos!
 22:07:51  sharonp ->  (they call me their biggest supporter)
 22:07:53  gail desler ->  Joyce, that’s a major issue once a story leaves the 4 walls of the classroom
 22:08:25  joycevalenza ->  yup.  i blew the fun from the gettysburg tour telling them they couldn’t use the music
 22:08:26  sharonp ->  and NOW they are begging me to do an assignment where they can show off their video skills
 22:08:47  Madeline_Here ->  as for copyrighted materials, stick with creative commons share and share alike materials
 22:09:42  hickstro ->  Educause has a new 7 things doc on Creative Commons: http://www.educause.edu/LibraryDetailPage/666?ID=ELI7023
 22:10:12  sharonp ->  great show – some interesting ideas expressed here
 22:10:13  CathyE ->  Lee, you are so right- sharing examples is the best way to get teachers excited
 22:10:30  SusanEttenheim ->  thanks
 22:10:34  Kevin H ->  Thanks to everyone!
 22:10:54  Madeline_Here ->  thank you for a mid week boost πŸ™‚
 22:11:01  hickstro ->  Thanks everyone. I still want to hear more abou this hypothetical workshop…
 22:11:07  CathyE ->  This was great- some wonderful links to take back to my teachers πŸ™‚
 22:11:14  Lee Ann ->  I love to hear everyone else’s participation
 22:11:30  CarmelaT ->  I’ve already got some of them Cathy
 22:11:50  joycevalenza ->  thanks!
 22:12:04  Linda J ->  thanks!
 22:12:09  Kevin H ->  Good night everyone. Please come to our blog and add your comments when you get some time. http://techstories.edublogs.org/ Using Technology to Tell Stories

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