Teachers Teaching Teachers #277 Hacking Classrooms and Congress with Chad Sansing, Brian Ingram, Pam Moran, Adam Mackie 12.21.11

After hearing about a teacher from Ft. Worth, Texas, Brian Ingram at the end of a couple of recent “Best of the Left” episodes http://www.bestoftheleftpodcast.com we decided to invite him to join us on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers http://teachersteachingteachers.org/?feed=rss2 . Brian is a teacher who recently made a decision to Walk Out and to Walk On into an electoral campaign. The Occupy movement has inspired him to consider a run for Congress. Talk about Inspiring!

Brian joins the teachers listed here in an ongoing a conversation about Margaret WheatlTeachers277ey and Deborah Frieze’s book, Walk Out Walk On http://walkoutwalkon.net :

Pam Moran, and

Like on earlier episodes in December, we talk about our work in classrooms, schools and beyond through some of the the lenses provided in Walk Out Walk On. (See https://edtechtalk.net/node/5057 and https://edtechtalk.net/node/5053 )

We also look to learn from the Occupy movements. Recently we have been having discussions around the book http://walkoutwalkon.net which was published earlier this year by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze of The Berkana Institute. We’ve been noticing the convergence between the school change movements that many of us connected to Teachers Teaching Teachers are involved with and this book. We have also taken note of the convergence between the Occupation movements and Walk Out Walk On.

As it says in the book:

Walk Outs are people who bravely choose to leave behind a world of unsolvable problems, scarce resources, limiting beliefs and destructive individualism. They walk on to the ideas, beliefs and practices that enable them to give birth to new systems that serve community. This is the story of an emerging movement of pioneering leaders and communities around the world who are self-organizing to create healthy and resilient communities.

On Teachers Teaching Teachers, we have been talking to teachers involved with their local Occupy Wall Street movements, and we are looking for what we can learn from both that movement andWalk Out Walk On to further our commitments and understanding of change in education.

Enjoy! And join us in upcoming shows when we plan to continue this conversation.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #241 – Why we love the National Writing Project and why Federal funding is important – 3.30.11

Several leaders in the National Writing Project–Paul Oh, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Troy Hicks–joined us from Washington DC where
they were working to lobby members of Congress today, Thursday, March 31.

Also Chad Sansing, Zac Chase, and Andrea Zellner joined us on the Skype conversation–as well as many friends in the chat. Chad has been organizing a
blogging effort going on around the country.  Here’s what he is asking
supporters of the NWP to do:

Please add your voice to the chorus of educators from around the country who are blogging in support of the NWP.
We’re trying to accumulate 1,000 blog posts by April 8, when the next
Continuing Resolution for the federal budget expires. There are already
nearly 150 posts – moving stories of the impact of the NWP on the lives
of teachers and students – at the archive: http://coopcatalyst.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/the-blog4nwp-archive/ You can tweet or email your blog post URL to Chad Sansing (twitter: @chadsansing; email: [email protected])
who has been organizing this effort, or post it to this discussion and
we’ll make sure it gets added to the archive. Remember to try to tag
your posts with: #blog4nwp. FYI, we’ve gotten a few responses on
twitter to this effort from the press office of the Department of
Education (see: http://www.andrea-zellner.com/archives/629 and http://aetweets.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/blog4nwp-and-being-bossy/), so let’s keep it up!
Check out what folks have written to get an idea of what you might add
but more importantly take a few minutes to add your story (stories).

Listen to find out what we can do to help restore funding to the National Writing
Project. Then find your own ways to add your voice the the the chorus singing praises to the
National Writing Project!

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EdTechTalk#49, part2 – with guests Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

EdTechTalk#49, Part 2

June 11, 2006

Guests: Miguel Guhlin & Wesley Fryer

Download mp3 (26.6MB 58:15)

Chat Transcript

In part#2 of our discussion with Miguel Guhlin and Wesley Fryer we get our guests thoughts on webcasting itself as well as practical steps edtech practitioners can take to effect positive change. In a record setting post-show, the EdTeechTalk gang gives rapid birth to yet another member of the family – NewMediaTeaching.Net

EdTechTalk#20 – Disccussion with Stephen Downes & Will Richardson

EdTechTalk #20 – part 1

October 16, 2005

Guests: Stephen Downes & Will Richardson

Part 1 (11.4MB, 50:03)

Download mp3

 The first part of our conversation with these two leaders in the field of educational technology. The discussion includes life before web2.0 and the paths each took to get where they are, copyright issues of digital content, politics of edtech, the use of tablet pc’s, professional development, differences between U.S. & Canadian educational systems, & lots more