Teachers Teaching Teachers #189 – Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana: Paul Hankins and student talk about their Ning – 02.24.10

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, you will learn more about RAW INcK: Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana. Our guests were one site’s student managers, Tyler, along with their teacher, Paul W. Hankins, an English Teacher and Creator of RAW INcK. (Another student-manager of the Ning, Jin joined us in the chat room.) Paul is also a teacher-consultant with the Indiana University Southeast Writing Project and a State Representative to ALAN from Indiana. Listen to find out why we are excited to connect up with RAW INcK, “A Reading and Writing Community Hosted by the Juniors of Silver Creek High School [Indiana]. Now hosting members from all across America! Go INcK!”

Learn about how they set up chat sessions with authors like these:

  • Ellen Hopkins, author of Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, and Identical.
  • Chris Crutcher. Crutcher’s works include Athletic Shorts, Chinese Handcuffs, Deadline, The Sledding Hill, and King of the Mild Frontier.
  • Kimberly Willis Holt, author of When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, My Louisiana Sky, and a host of other YA titles.


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Teachers Teaching Teachers #138 – Using Role Play to Nurture Activist Rhetors – 02.04.09

Richard Beach, Liz Boesler, and Candance Doerr-Stevens were our guests on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers:

  • Richard Beach is a professor of English education at the University of Minnesota, where he teaches and conducts research on media literacy methods, digital writing and identity construction. Richard recently published a new book, Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis, and other Digital Tools
  • Elizabeth (“Liz”) Boeser is an English/language arts teacher, Jefferson High School, Bloomington, MN, a teacher featured in Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis, and other Digital Tools who conducted the online role-play activities.
  • Candance Doerr-Stevens is a former English teacher, and current graduate student at the University of Minnesota. Candance is also a staff member at the Minnesota Writing Project, and she is studying online role-play with Richard.

Want more? Here are several more links about our guests:

Please enjoy the podcast.

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21st Century Learning #67: Chris Bigenho on the Classroom of the Future Exhibit

Chris Bigenho21st Century Learning #67
Chris Bigenho on the NAIS Classrooms of the Future Exhibit
March 12, 2008



Special Guest Chris Bigenho, Director of Academic Technology at the Greenhill School in Addison, Texas describes the process of planning and the results of the NAIS Classrooms of the Future Exhibit at their recent Annual Conference.

EdTechTalk#76 – Community Forum @ Edublogosphere Issues, Options, & Norms

Community Forum @ Edublogosphere Issues, Options, & Norms
April 27, 2007

There have been some heated Edublog postings recently (links below) concerning the virtues and pitfalls of different methods for facilitating community development and discussion within the Edublogospere.  This is a ‘community forum’ discussion that addressed some of these questions:

– How can the edublogging community best help educators keep up with the
steady torrent of new educational tools, methods, and resources?
– What are the relative merits of blogging independently vs. being affiliated with a particular social network?
– How do we balance self-promotion and commercial interests with our participation in projects for the common good?  
– What, if any, expectations are there for ‘professional decorum’ in edublogging? 

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