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12, 2009

(streamed in place of

Cathy Evanoff, Jennifer
Wagner,  Peggy George, Jamie, Lisa Parisi, Gary McFarlane,
& Jeff Lebow

Topics: Role of
librarians, NECC reflections,  Next week’s
EdTechScienceSomething, the ETT newsletter, ‘Big Names’ in EdTech,
Compentence of the latest generation of student teachers, and a few
student teacher horror stories.

EdTechBrainstorm, 2008.01.17 No ratings yet.

This week we’re joined by Brad Hicks and 15 pre-service teachers from Western Australia in a discussion about the educational use of the technology. Cathy Evanoff, Jo McLeay, Cheryl Oakes, Art Gelwicks, Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, and Vance Stevens all check in to say hello and contribute to the conversation.

Here are the links contributed during the show:

EdTechBrainstorm: July 19, 2007 No ratings yet.

Thanks to Cheryl Oakes, Cathy Evanoff, and Alice Barr for joining me for last week’s show. Thanks too to Mrs. Durff and Jason Hando for their contributions from the chat room.

Here are some of the links mentioned during the show: