SUNY Learning Network meets EdTechTalk

EdTechTalk’s ‘first date’
with the SUNY Learning
January 8, 2008
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Ustream Recording Below

We will be streaming a conference call with members of the SLN
Professional Development Community to discuss collaboration
possibilities. Below are some questions we will be addressing during
our conversation. We welcome comments and participation from all,
inside and outside of the SLN community.

  • How can you make faculty development webinars more
  • Which informal communication tools have been most effective
    for facilitating conversation/professional development?
  • How do we facilitate more interaction with those outside
    the SLN community?
  • What have been the most engaging parts of past MID summits
    for you?
  • What suggestions do you have for engagement for the
    upcoming Summit?
  • What other ideas, suggestions, comments do you have for
    improving our collaboration and communications in our community?
Please add your thoughts to these questions within the Voice Thread
below in either written or audio comments:



2 thoughts on “SUNY Learning Network meets EdTechTalk”

  1. Meeting is today!!! January 8 at 2pm EST

    For those outside the local calling area : 1.866.216.1520

    For those in the local calling area (518 area code) call: 518.320.1200

    Conference ID: 2008

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