Seedlings Show 88-2010-05-13 with Jim Burke

A little bit of Maine Trivia starts out the show. Alice and Cheryl quiz Jim about his success as a classroom teacher, a retiree, and how he transformed himself into a 21st Century Facilitator. Jim has so many great experiences and idea we need to have him back next fall. Jim describes his job as an eMint trainer, his new ipad and his thoughts on the future of technology and education. You won’t want to miss this.


The links: coming soon!

The Chat: 

 19:18:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting ready with the audio.

 19:28:49  cheryloakes~seedlings  sounds good from here!

 19:29:14  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello phm3127.

 19:29:25  phm3147  hi cheryl

 19:29:56  Jim Burke

 19:35:56  cheryloakes~seedlings  welcome phm3147

 19:39:35  alicebarr  If you have any questions for Jim, feel free to ask them here.

 20:15:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  If you want to present at the MLTI Castine workshop go here

 20:19:50  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hey Deb, welcome. Jim Burke is with us.

 20:21:41  Deborah.barrowsb12  Hi guys

 20:21:43  cheryloakes~seedlings  evening deb, Jim burke is with us. Learning in Maine

 20:21:50  Deborah.barrowsb12  And gals….

 20:22:02  Deborah.barrowsb12  I’m so glad to catch this

 20:22:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks, it has been fun! Jim is so knowledgeable!

 20:22:43  Deborah.barrowsb12  I know!

 20:23:39  Deborah.barrowsb12  So Jim, I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, Bootcamp – please convince me to buy an iPad – which I so want… to carry along too 

 20:24:02  alicebarr  HI Deb!

 20:24:18  Deborah.barrowsb12  Beach?? 

 20:24:47  Deborah.barrowsb12  yep

 20:24:58  Deborah.barrowsb12  but between that time… things have changed

 20:25:19  Deborah.barrowsb12  I’ll work on that Alice….

 20:25:48  Deborah.barrowsb12  You’ve done a great job.

 20:26:30  Deborah.barrowsb12  Thanks Jim, I forgot about installing that.

 20:26:33  alicebarr

 20:26:43  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Deb! get dragon

 20:27:29  alicebarr

 20:27:35  Deborah.barrowsb12  Do three …

 20:27:43  Jim Burke  K, Deb.  :)_

 20:28:06  Deborah.barrowsb12  Cool – thanks

 20:28:07  alicebarr[email protected]

 20:28:53  alicebarr

 20:29:29  Deborah.barrowsb12  Oh wow —- you are talking about me…

 20:29:38  Jim Burke  lol

 20:29:39  Deborah.barrowsb12  I love and support PP

 20:29:55  Jim Burke  How are you tonight, Deborah?

 20:30:01  alicebarr  🙂

 20:30:13  Deborah.barrowsb12  The UK does amazing things.

 20:30:34  Deborah.barrowsb12  Great Jim. Sorry to turn in late – I’ll listen to this tomorrow.

 20:30:49  Deborah.barrowsb12  Yeah!!

 20:30:52  Deborah.barrowsb12  cool

 20:30:52  Jim Burke  Sounds very interesting!

 20:31:10  Jim Burke  Love it.

 20:32:09  Deborah.barrowsb12  They’ve been getting really good feedbac! Good for you guys to get them!!

 20:32:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  Night all.

 20:32:29  Deborah.barrowsb12  Thanks everyone!

 20:32:33  Deborah.barrowsb12  bye

 20:32:34  alicebarr  Thanks!

 20:32:46  Deborah.barrowsb12  You guys are great.


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