Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #4 March17, 2008

Parents as Partners continues to support parent involvement and effective strategies to connect parents and teachers in supporting student achievement. Jacqui Strachan, parent inclusion manager for People for Education shared her insights and experiences helping parents to be involved in their childrens’ education. Lorna Costantini, Derrall Garrison, show hosts and Cindy Zautcke, resident parent echoed Jacqui’s advice and added their own experiences to the conversation, 


 Chat logs


2008-03-1720:50:18 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: lorna turn it up a bit

2008-03-1720:50:35 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: lorna not as loud as the others

2008-03-1720:51:44 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: sounds good?

2008-03-1720:51:48 [Message] lorna -> -EdTechTalk: how am Pam

2008-03-1720:52:08 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: still need a bit more volume tobe equal with the others

2008-03-1720:52:33 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: remember about the 30 sec delay

2008-03-1720:53:01 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk: I’m just testing my chatting.

2008-03-1720:53:18 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: you are a very good chatter

2008-03-1720:53:28 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk: I get an A from the teacher!

2008-03-1720:53:30 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: Sounds good now!

2008-03-1720:54:03 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: Derrall are you a special gueston the show?

2008-03-1720:54:17 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: no I’m just covering for Matt

2008-03-1720:57:32 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cindy

2008-03-1720:57:58 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: Hi – glad to be here at thebeginning for a change

2008-03-1720:58:16 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Tom

2008-03-1720:59:18 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Jeannine

2008-03-1720:59:41 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Starting in about 1 minute

2008-03-1720:59:49 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

2008-03-1721:04:31 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk:  Matt’s blog for the parent study group is

2008-03-1721:09:19 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Jacqui’s organization

2008-03-1721:10:36 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: I like the name it seems allinclusive

2008-03-1721:11:15 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Katinsl

2008-03-1721:11:26 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: has it started?

2008-03-1721:11:30 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: yes

2008-03-1721:11:32 [Message] katinsl -> -EdTechTalk: hi!

2008-03-1721:11:45 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: The website looksinviting/interesting

2008-03-1721:11:57 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: yes there are a lot of resources

2008-03-1721:12:04 [Message] katinsl -> -EdTechTalk: I don’t hear it … but maybe itis still loading?

2008-03-1721:12:36 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @katinsl did you click on theicon under edtectalk a?

2008-03-1721:12:42 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Carol

2008-03-1721:13:10 [Message] carol -> -EdTechTalk: hi

2008-03-1721:13:20 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: I am listening with iTunes (blackbuttton)

2008-03-1721:14:25 [Message] katinsl -> -EdTechTalk: @derrallg I have it now. Thanks!

2008-03-1721:14:33 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: the disparity of differentschools funding by parents is an issue in my district

2008-03-1721:17:06 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi syl9

2008-03-1721:17:43 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: I agree through all the fundingproblems and issues it’s making the child successful

2008-03-1721:20:52 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: parent inclusion = participationor voice or engagement or all of the above? 

2008-03-1721:21:16 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: communication is the key!

2008-03-1721:23:03 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: solving problems tip sheet

2008-03-1721:24:34 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: Is the organization for theentire province of Ontario? 

2008-03-1721:24:49 [Message] lorna -> -EdTechTalk: all ontario

2008-03-1721:25:03 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: what are issues for communitybuilding when parent community is very diverse?

2008-03-1721:27:14 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk: I used to be on a board of asimilar group in Wisconsin–

2008-03-1721:27:20 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: what are the programs thepeopleforeducation has for teachers and principals?  anything published?

2008-03-1721:27:22 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi PeggyG

2008-03-1721:27:39 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi sorry I’m late!

2008-03-1721:28:03 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: no problem glad you could joinus

2008-03-1721:30:18 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk:

2008-03-1721:30:56 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Schwablearning is an incrediblesite for parents AND teachers 🙂

2008-03-1721:31:11 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk: Yes–I’ve looked at it bothways!

2008-03-1721:32:38 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: As a previous universityinstructor for student teachers I frequently used the site to provide them withlinks for understanding how to teach diverse students–fantastic resource!

2008-03-1721:33:34 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That 2-year limitation in ourmiddle school caused them to move to a 6-8 configuration just to get parentsmore involved.

2008-03-1721:33:41 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: parent teacher tip sheet

2008-03-1721:33:59 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: it’s not just about middleschool – research shows parent involvement generally declines as childprogresses through

2008-03-1721:35:09 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cindyseibel-I definitely agreeand in some of our local school communities it’s becoming more of a problemeven in elementary

2008-03-1721:36:06 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: can I re-ask my questionabout building parent community in very diverse communities?

2008-03-1721:36:45 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: Jacqui, how has the nature ofyour involvement changed from elementary to high school?

2008-03-1721:36:48 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: hi kyle

2008-03-1721:37:24 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: hi Kyle

2008-03-1721:37:35 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Very funny comment, but true. Ihad university students bring their parents to conferences and often theparents did the talking.

2008-03-1721:37:47 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Derrall.  Have you folks been on for long?

2008-03-1721:37:50 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: less funding in high school?

2008-03-1721:37:55 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: great!

2008-03-1721:38:04 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @Kyle 30 minuts

2008-03-1721:38:09 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: hey Cindy

2008-03-1721:38:36 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: thanks. also watching austream out of a small town SK presentation to parents

2008-03-1721:40:01 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: @kyle is the ustream beingrecorded

2008-03-1721:40:03 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: What a creative alternative! Aschool I have been involved with started something similar with cultural socialevents 4 times a year–food, kids performing, special guests, and it is alwayshighly attended!

2008-03-1721:40:36 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: @cindy not too sure, it isactually password protected. Alec tweeted it

2008-03-1721:41:21 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: thanks jacqui.  that’s a helpful explanation

2008-03-1721:42:40 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: student led conferences good too(rather than just P/T interview) – allow’s child to direct your attention andyou can all ask questions of the teacher

2008-03-1721:43:25 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Brief description of themulticultural events at local school-

2008-03-1721:43:27 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jeannine I agree students takeownership for their learning

2008-03-1721:44:39 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That advocacy point is so true!!

2008-03-1721:45:55 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: one of the hardest things toadvocate for in our resource poor schools are enrichmentresources/activities…differentiated instruction doesn’t extend"upward" enough

2008-03-1721:46:31 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Do you think parents shy away fromgetting involved as their kids get older because their kids don’t want them tocome to school?

2008-03-1721:46:46 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: @peggy – YES

2008-03-1721:47:00 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That’s such a challenge!

2008-03-1721:47:07 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: @peggy

2008-03-1721:47:19 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: they don’t want us to comebut they still want us to care

2008-03-1721:48:11 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cindyseibel–You’re so right! 🙂

2008-03-1721:48:28 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: @peggy – I think email/blogs canhelp with that – you don’t have to be there to communicate

2008-03-1721:49:06 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: does someone have anyexamples of school/parent blogs?

2008-03-1721:49:39 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Excellent point! I just heard apreso by a teacher who started blogging w/her kids-4th grade. Only 1 studenthad internet at home. They begged parents to let them go to public library towrite on their blogs! 🙂

2008-03-1721:50:09 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hi gay_step

2008-03-1721:50:22 [Message] gay_step -> -EdTechTalk: hello

2008-03-1721:50:29 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG That’s a great story!

2008-03-1721:51:21 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: hi doug

2008-03-1721:51:22 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Doug

2008-03-1721:51:28 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: It was powerful! Every teacher inthe workshop wanted to create a blog after they heard her talk–and they didthat in the workshop.

2008-03-1721:51:36 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: hey Cindy Derrall and all

2008-03-1721:51:59 [Message] lorna -> -EdTechTalk: HI Doug

2008-03-1721:52:01 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Doug

2008-03-1721:52:09 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: exactly re thwartingcollaboration

2008-03-1721:52:22 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: punishing students for whatwill lead to success in "real" world

2008-03-1721:52:32 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: A 1st grade and 4th grade teacherin my school district in Michigan have had similar results with their studentsblogging. 

2008-03-1721:52:40 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Will Richardson has an excellentcompilation of blogs-schools, teachers, students -

2008-03-1721:53:21 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: hi lorna and kyle

2008-03-1721:53:31 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Kyle, had that beverage onyour behalf

2008-03-1721:53:38 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: Matt tweeted hi when he gotoff the plane in Florida

2008-03-1721:53:50 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: just when we were starting

2008-03-1721:54:02 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @cindy he’s rubbing it in

2008-03-1721:54:22 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: the "education"wants to be free

2008-03-1721:55:01 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I’m so happy when teachers provideparents and students information via blogs that go far beyond just checkinggrades on a website.

2008-03-1721:55:19 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: @peggyG – what do you like tohear the most?

2008-03-1721:55:54 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I like hearing that parents knowwhat their kids are learning about in school so they can continue theconversations at home.

2008-03-1721:56:18 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Just the kind of things she istalking about now. 🙂

2008-03-1721:56:29 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: that’s exactly it. Whyprohibition won’t work–the kids "get it" and will use theweb–notwithstanding what "old people" do or think

2008-03-1721:57:34 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: right on Doug. I may out tocelebrate with some buds in a bit

2008-03-1721:58:16 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG Thx for sharing that listof blogs. 

2008-03-1721:58:21 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: exactly Derrall. Reallyneed to talk to youth about what it means to be a responsible digital citizens

2008-03-1721:58:35 [Message] katinsl -> -EdTechTalk: through the use of classblogs/sites, teachers (and parents) can help funnel their students’ online timetoward educational activities. I know my son likes being online, and if he isdoing school work that is "sort-of" ok too

2008-03-1721:58:35 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: I love some of the class blogs onthe link I shared from Will where student products and experience are sharedregularly. Kathy Cassidy, 1st gr. has an outstanding student blog.

2008-03-1721:59:37 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Kathy Cassidy’s blog -

2008-03-1721:59:46 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: so much can be done byengaging youth, get the 10-year olds as tech mentors for parents and teachers

2008-03-1722:00:13 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Outstanding conversation! The timejust flew by! Thanks!

2008-03-1722:00:15 [Message] carol -> -EdTechTalk: nice listening in,jacqui…thanks….

2008-03-1722:00:24 [Message] thekyleguy -> -EdTechTalk: see ya folks

2008-03-1722:00:29 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: sorry I was solate–wonderful discussion. Thanks

2008-03-1722:00:33 [Message] shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: Great show.  NIce job!

2008-03-1722:01:02 [Message] cindyzautcke -> -EdTechTalk: Sorry to have lost you!

2008-03-1722:01:20 [Message] jeannine -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Jacqui – People forEducation is a good model for all.

2008-03-1722:01:25 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @doug 10 year old Geek Squads 🙂

2008-03-1722:01:35 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone

2008-03-1722:01:37 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: The tip sheets are fantastic!

2008-03-1722:02:04 [Message] dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: @derrall you got it — Kidz2.0 🙂

2008-03-1722:02:24 [Message] lorna -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone great show!

2008-03-1722:02:30 [Message] katinsl -> -EdTechTalk: great discussion. Thanks!

2008-03-1722:02:38 [Message] lorna -> -EdTechTalk: good night all

2008-03-1722:02:44 [Message] cindyzautcke -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you.  Good night. 

2008-03-1722:02:47 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: nite

2008-03-1722:03:03 [Message] cindyseibel -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone!  Great show once again!

2008-03-1722:03:05 [Message] cindyzautcke -> -EdTechTalk: Nice to have "met"you Jackquie.

2008-03-1722:03:12 [Message] PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Come back again!

2008-03-1722:44:57 [Message] coltsfan178 -> Room 4: hi

2008-03-1722:45:17 [Message] coltsfan178 -> -Cribcast: hi

2008-03-1722:45:29 [Message] coltsfan178 -> -EdTechTalk: hi


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