Parents as Partners #10 w/ Dennis Richards June 16, 2008

Parents as Partners is joined by Superintendent of Falmouth Schools in Falmouth, MA, to discuss issues of parental inclusion and engagement. The PAP webcasting team would like to thank Dennis for taking time away from his busy schedule to join us for our final webcast of the 2007-2008 school year. Look for Parents as Partners to resume at the end of August or early September. Have a wonderful and restful next few months everyone!

Notes: Dennis referred to a few podcasts that he wanted to play during the show. Unfortunately we were not prepared to play these audio files during our webcast. However, both files are included in the audio file/podcast that is posted with this post. The files are at the end of the broadcast.

Chat Log: Dennis dropped in many useful links during the webcast. The entire chat log is inserted below. Feel free to peruse the chat log for the links that Dennis references.

2008-06-16 20:57:37 [Message] PeggyG -EdTechTalk: Hi all-audio coming through great!
2008-06-16 20:57:51 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: Hey Peggy
2008-06-16 20:58:09 [Message] PeggyG -EdTechTalk: Hi Matt
2008-06-16 20:58:56 [Message] PeggyG -EdTechTalk: Absolutely!
2008-06-16 20:59:18 [Message] PeggyG -EdTechTalk: What link should I start with?
2008-06-16 21:00:07 [Message] PeggyG -EdTechTalk: 4 very important people though 🙂
2008-06-16 21:00:32 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: My dog Duke is listening also..that makes 5
2008-06-16 21:00:48 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: LOL 🙂 Welcome Duke!
2008-06-16 21:02:50 [Message] dennisar -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone – nice to have you hear now.
2008-06-16 21:02:59 [Message] dennisar -EdTechTalk: "here"
2008-06-16 21:03:06 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Lorna’s audio is much louder than Matt’s
2008-06-16 21:03:26 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Can you introduce yourself?
2008-06-16 21:03:34 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I like the term parental engagement 🙂
2008-06-16 21:04:00 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Engagement is good.
2008-06-16 21:04:26 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: @dennisar Who? Me?
2008-06-16 21:05:03 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: @sheila did you finish correcting?
2008-06-16 21:05:15 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: Noooo! Not yet!
2008-06-16 21:05:19 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’m a retired elementary principal and university instructor in hot Phoenix AZ–still 111 degrees right now. 🙂
2008-06-16 21:05:25 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: Procrastinating again
2008-06-16 21:05:34 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Everyone introduce.
2008-06-16 21:05:42 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I love homegrown webcasters 🙂
2008-06-16 21:05:54 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: 7th grade science teacher in NH
2008-06-16 21:06:00 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: oh well Sheila all work and no play.. .
2008-06-16 21:06:07 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: @peggyg Рnice to met you.
2008-06-16 21:06:20 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: @sheila Рhello.
2008-06-16 21:06:42 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Did you all learn to webcast through the Webcast Academy?
2008-06-16 21:06:52 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: hi alice
2008-06-16 21:06:52 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: 40ish career changer. Parental engagement led me to pursue a career in education.
2008-06-16 21:06:53 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: @dennisar Рhi there!
2008-06-16 21:07:03 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: tweet the next time. Worldbridges page is wonky
2008-06-16 21:07:21 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: hi Lisap
2008-06-16 21:07:21 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: @shelhart Рwelcome to education.
2008-06-16 21:07:44 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Thanks…I should be teaching in a few more years.
2008-06-16 21:08:05 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Hi Derrall
2008-06-16 21:08:21 [Message] matt montagne -¬ª -EdTechTalk: welcome everyone…thanks for joining us in PAP 2nite..
2008-06-16 21:08:27 [Message] jeannine -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone…feel better soon Lorna
2008-06-16 21:08:48 [Message] lorna -» -EdTechTalk: TY Jeannine
2008-06-16 21:08:53 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Hi Dennis!
2008-06-16 21:09:26 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Great to meet another educator from Massachusetts! I got my Master’s and Ed.D. from UMass-Amherst 🙂
2008-06-16 21:11:12 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Merrimack College РMiddlebury College РHarvard
2008-06-16 21:11:15 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: brb
2008-06-16 21:11:22 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Oh, that was a great network
2008-06-16 21:11:30 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: …missed the URL….link please.
2008-06-16 21:11:41 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Hi Alice
2008-06-16 21:12:01 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: The K12online conference has gotten a lot of educators on the road to web 2.0! I love that conference!
2008-06-16 21:12:14 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:12:17 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: ty
2008-06-16 21:12:18 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:13:38 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: But if you don’t bring outsiders (district, curriculum, community) along, you run the risk of being "cut-off" and told no?
2008-06-16 21:14:07 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Yes, Alice 🙂
2008-06-16 21:14:37 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: What was the "aha moment?" (for Dennis)
2008-06-16 21:14:58 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’m sorta peeved how curriclum based folks don’t get this, and seem to be uninterested in this stuff and see it as soemthing seperate.
2008-06-16 21:15:40 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’d love to hear Dennis talk about how he manages to keep up with Twitter as a very busy Supt.!
2008-06-16 21:15:59 [Message] matt montagne -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Dennis’ blog
2008-06-16 21:16:18 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Do any of us "keep up" with every post from all followers?
2008-06-16 21:16:47 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I definitely don’t, and I’m "retired"-I couldn’t live without it though!
2008-06-16 21:17:13 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Are things like Twitter and Voicethread unblocked in his district?
2008-06-16 21:17:23 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Alice, can’t you keep up with all the blogs. 😉
2008-06-16 21:17:54 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Smallish district by standards in my state
2008-06-16 21:18:40 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @Lisa Parisi-you’re the ultimate multi-tasker! Have you figured out how to say "no" ? 🙂
2008-06-16 21:19:07 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Not yet…you don’t want to hear my to-do list for my last two weeks of school.
2008-06-16 21:19:15 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Still working on it
2008-06-16 21:19:16 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: LOL!
2008-06-16 21:19:33 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: In my next life, I’ll figure it out.
2008-06-16 21:19:39 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: 🙂
2008-06-16 21:19:47 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: That’s my goal too!
2008-06-16 21:20:21 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: What a fantastic role model for ongoing learning!
2008-06-16 21:20:43 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Hi all. Thanks for the Twtitter heads-up Lisa
2008-06-16 21:20:54 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Glad you saw it Adina
2008-06-16 21:20:55 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: But do you think folks hear that as, OHoh, super is using it we’d "better use it"
2008-06-16 21:21:02 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: So are all of these sites open and unblocked for his teachers?
2008-06-16 21:22:50 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: "better use it" means "really don’t want to, dont get it, don’t see the point, but…"
2008-06-16 21:25:01 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Well, they use it to "learn" but not what we would like them to
2008-06-16 21:25:21 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Does Dennis have a plan for introducing these web 2.0 tools to parents? Would love to hear
2008-06-16 21:25:56 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Modeling use is a fantastic starting place both for teachers and parents
2008-06-16 21:26:00 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’m doing parent meeetings, and inviting them into lab
2008-06-16 21:26:03 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:26:13 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: It’s hard for parents to make the leap from playing games at home to learning with the same tools in school.
2008-06-16 21:26:35 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Great point Lisa
2008-06-16 21:26:41 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Alice, I love that idea. Kim Cofino says she runs monthly (maybe weekly) parent teas.
2008-06-16 21:26:43 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: There still an issue that students want to use tools for their own use Рsometimes an ED use is seen as intruding on their territory.
2008-06-16 21:26:54 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: It seems that ‘selling the sizzle instead of the steak’ doesn’t work with web 2.0. You really have to show what tech has to offer with real examples.
2008-06-16 21:27:54 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: @alicemercer Do you have students showing parents what they are learning through technology when they come to visit the lab?
2008-06-16 21:28:17 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: not yet
2008-06-16 21:28:38 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: adina, big issue
2008-06-16 21:28:40 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Peggy, I did that this year for American Education Week
2008-06-16 21:29:01 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Kids sat with their parents at a computer and showed what we had accomplished at that point in the year.
2008-06-16 21:29:04 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: I want to give them music, to use while doing writing, but so many sites have non-appropriate material
2008-06-16 21:29:14 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: @Lisa Рgood idead during Education week!
2008-06-16 21:29:19 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @adinasullivan-that’s a big challenge. Do you have any ideas about how to change that so students are willing to use those tools (like cell phones) for learning?
2008-06-16 21:29:29 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Easy for me and parents were very impressed
2008-06-16 21:29:41 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Alice, try aolradio…some good stations
2008-06-16 21:29:50 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @Lisa Parisi-that is such a great idea! I’ll bet the parents loved it!
2008-06-16 21:30:20 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: thank you!
2008-06-16 21:30:38 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: I teach elementary, but I think some tools have to be used in an ED setting before they get to the High School level and develop the attitude that they know they tools better than we do.
2008-06-16 21:30:48 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Who wrote that blog about cell phone costs going up in a class using cell phones?
2008-06-16 21:30:48 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Sometimes parents are interested and willing to get engaged if they can do it from home, online, without coming in to school.
2008-06-16 21:31:36 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Probably Liz Davis??? she’s done some awesome writing and thinking about cell phone use for education
2008-06-16 21:32:18 [Message] Lisa Parisi -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’m thinking Dean Shareski or Alec Couros. It was an interesting problem with using cell phones.
2008-06-16 21:32:41 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’ll have to look for that. Would love to read it!
2008-06-16 21:34:14 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Great idea though. Can use Soundflower app on a Mac to route iTunes sound
2008-06-16 21:34:27 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: Liz wrote a great post on administrative leadership yesterday:
2008-06-16 21:34:35 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: not enought of my parents are comfotable in English
2008-06-16 21:35:03 [Message] adinasullivan -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Same here…big issue.
2008-06-16 21:35:05 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Liz is another awesome educator from Massachusetts 🙂
2008-06-16 21:35:45 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Adina, you’re in Vista, or Temecula, right?
2008-06-16 21:35:58 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: That’s such a great example how things like blogging can start with one teacher
2008-06-16 21:36:07 [Message] adinasullivan -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Many are willing to do some of their own learning on the computer though, so that’s positive
2008-06-16 21:36:12 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Oh yeah
2008-06-16 21:36:24 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: I just wish the curriculum folks "got it".
2008-06-16 21:36:26 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Alice, I teach in San Marcos, near Vista
2008-06-16 21:36:32 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: They still see it as seperate
2008-06-16 21:36:42 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: could you use translation software to get the parents interested?
2008-06-16 21:36:56 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Grandparents lived in Vista back in the day. Lots of immigrants now, right?
2008-06-16 21:36:58 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: why administrators should blog:
2008-06-16 21:37:03 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: gr8 blog post
2008-06-16 21:37:04 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Spending a lot of time right now trying to help curriculum dept to see they are an integral part of this
2008-06-16 21:37:32 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Alice Рyep in some areas
2008-06-16 21:37:38 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: No
2008-06-16 21:37:46 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: adina, you in classroom or admin?
2008-06-16 21:38:10 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Classroom, but have had the ear of a few key people in admin lately
2008-06-16 21:38:18 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: excellent!
2008-06-16 21:38:18 [Message] adinasullivan -¬ª -EdTechTalk: We’ll see how far it gets me
2008-06-16 21:38:57 [Message] jeannine -» -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG @Lisa Parisi РDean Shareski is ustreaming his students talking about using cell phones for learning, tomorrow
2008-06-16 21:39:19 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: It helps that the Dir of Curriculum hired me and the Tech Dir was one of my former middle school teachers
2008-06-16 21:39:36 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: Now that I have a smartish phone, I see a LOT of possibilities
2008-06-16 21:39:42 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Thanks jeannine-I plan to join in!!
2008-06-16 21:40:09 [Message] alicemercer -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Dennis, do you give teacher’s laptops?
2008-06-16 21:40:15 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Has Dennis tried using a wiki or online app to get parents involved in the conversations about school improvement?
2008-06-16 21:40:27 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Mr. Shelhart Рtranslation software is VERY limited
2008-06-16 21:40:56 [Message] randyn -» -EdTechTalk: I would like to see my school actually update its website, in addition to using technology!
2008-06-16 21:41:19 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: ok..just an idea.
2008-06-16 21:41:34 [Message] adinasullivan -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Keep ’em coming 🙂
2008-06-16 21:42:27 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: There are so many ways parents could learn about web 2.0 but it can be so overwhelming-Dennis is suggesting great ways to get them started with one thing at a time. The K12online conference is a great way to begin because you can select what you’re interested in and listen in when it’s convenient.
2008-06-16 21:42:29 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: Gotta head off to bed. Field trip to DNA lab tomorrow. 9 days left.
2008-06-16 21:42:37 [Message] Lisa Parisi -» -EdTechTalk: See you all at NECC?
2008-06-16 21:42:47 [Message] alicemercer -» -EdTechTalk: CYA
2008-06-16 21:42:51 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Have a great field trip! Sounds awesome!
2008-06-16 21:42:54 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: bye Lisa
2008-06-16 21:42:58 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Yes, I’ll see you at NECC!
2008-06-16 21:43:13 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:43:23 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: One thing at a time is important, with the option for more as they are ready
2008-06-16 21:43:37 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: How many of the parents actually joined the Facebook group?
2008-06-16 21:43:50 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:43:56 [Message] lorna -» -EdTechTalk: I think that we have 40 folks
2008-06-16 21:44:21 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:44:25 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Cool site for Social Studies. Who answers when you click on yackpack?
2008-06-16 21:44:55 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:45:11 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: @lorna-40 parents is excellent! How did you spread the word?
2008-06-16 21:45:24 [Message] matt montagne -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @peggyyG…we probably have 5 parents from my school in the Facelbook group…we have a total of 45 or so in the group
2008-06-16 21:45:31 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Great to be able to get parents able to make that switch.
2008-06-16 21:45:44 [Message] matt montagne -¬ª -EdTechTalk: oops…lorna beat me to the punch
2008-06-16 21:46:35 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Great point! start with parents of younger kids!
2008-06-16 21:47:08 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:48:14 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: schoolwide vs. exclusive enrichment Рyeah!
2008-06-16 21:48:18 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Do the parents have to come to school to participate in the school improvement planning?
2008-06-16 21:48:58 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:49:44 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Lorna, that is such a great point! People can join the network but if they don’t get any response or interaction they forget about it.
2008-06-16 21:49:59 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:50:35 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: "not worthy" feeling can be a BIG problem
2008-06-16 21:50:43 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Dennis-I can’t wait to explore all of those wikis! You have a lot going on!
2008-06-16 21:51:12 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: PLEASE speak to other supers!
2008-06-16 21:52:06 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Alice mentioned the challenges of trying to involve parents who don’t speak English-is that an issue for Dennis?
2008-06-16 21:52:20 [Message] jeannine -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I know some Supers who believe in web tech etc, but they aren’t the living examples of it that Dennis seems to be…walking the talk makes the difference in getting staff on board.
2008-06-16 21:52:40 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Jeannine Рgreat point
2008-06-16 21:52:40 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: I hope I find a super like Dennis when I start teaching. It would be heartbreaking to be handcuffed when trying to use technology.
2008-06-16 21:52:54 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:53:03 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @Mr. Shelhart-I hope you do too, but the odds are against you. 🙁
2008-06-16 21:53:25 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Sad to say Peggy is right
2008-06-16 21:53:55 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Dennis you are doing an awesome job of talking, dropping links and answering questions! 🙂
2008-06-16 21:54:07 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Most must see that connection to scores
2008-06-16 21:54:17 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I tend to try changing my little corner of the world. Maybe I can create some converts 😉
2008-06-16 21:54:31 [Message] matt montagne -¬ª -EdTechTalk: @peggyG…agreed…dennis is doing a great job of triple tasking…!!
2008-06-16 21:54:59 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Maybe Dennis could post that iTunes audio on his blog?
2008-06-16 21:55:21 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Good idea Peggy
2008-06-16 21:55:50 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: we started with 4 people and a dog….
2008-06-16 21:56:18 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Yes that is definitely the way to go! one person at a time! I know you’ll be successful!
2008-06-16 21:56:19 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk:
2008-06-16 21:56:22 [Message] jeannine -» -EdTechTalk: The hour has flown Рexcellent to learn from a learner!
2008-06-16 21:56:32 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Thanks for you ideas, work and links Dennis!
2008-06-16 21:56:56 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: been listening but cooking, great to hear a superintendent sharing
2008-06-16 21:57:11 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: There is a growing web 2.0 network of administrators on and that can provide support for people like Dennis until he gets his local administrators on board. 🙂
2008-06-16 21:58:12 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I definitely support the wholechild initiative by ASCD. It’s really important!
2008-06-16 21:58:46 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Wow, derrallg–cooking and listening! You’re my hero!
2008-06-16 21:59:25 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: This has been a very energizing and inspirational conversation with Dennis! I’m so glad he joined us!
2008-06-16 21:59:32 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: @peggy love listening to different perspectiveswhich this show always has
2008-06-16 21:59:40 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Me too!
2008-06-16 21:59:47 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: Thanks to all in the chat room!
2008-06-16 21:59:54 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Joyce Epstein was fantastic!
2008-06-16 22:00:00 [Message] jeannine -¬ª -EdTechTalk: I’ve really enjoyed the whole series Lorna and Matt – thanks for all of the shows and your dedication to parents as partners!
2008-06-16 22:00:06 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: @peggyg Thank you.
2008-06-16 22:00:35 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Penny and Joann provided some great perspective from the trenches!
2008-06-16 22:00:37 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -» -EdTechTalk: Great show! Thanks
2008-06-16 22:00:41 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: I remember way back when Lorna proposed the idea for this show, sniffle sniffle
2008-06-16 22:00:56 [Message] PeggyG -» -EdTechTalk: Thank you all! Great learning experience.
2008-06-16 22:01:41 [Message] derrallg -» -EdTechTalk: night, great show
2008-06-16 22:01:41 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: Thank you!
2008-06-16 22:01:43 [Message] PeggyG -¬ª -EdTechTalk: Good night everyone. See you in the fall. I’ll miss you.
2008-06-16 22:01:48 [Message] adinasullivan -» -EdTechTalk: Good night all. See those of you going to NECC
2008-06-16 22:02:35 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: Great job Lorna and Matt!
2008-06-16 22:03:05 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: Dennis РDo you go to MassCue conferences?
2008-06-16 22:03:29 [Message] dennisar -» -EdTechTalk: @sheila Рpresenting 2 sessions in November
2008-06-16 22:03:53 [Message] sheila -» -EdTechTalk: How about NH? Ever been to McAuliffe?
2008-06-16 22:05:13 [Message] Mr. Shelhart -¬ª -EdTechTalk: g’night all
2008-06-16 22:07:13 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: bye yall
2008-06-16 22:07:22 [Message] matt montagne -» -EdTechTalk: gotta go pick up wife from airport

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