New Media 2006 Year in Review – Worldbridges Webcastathon Hour#42

New Media 2006 Year in Review

with Shelly Brisbin, Scott Fletcher, & Rob Walch

Worldbridges Webcastathon Hour#42

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Chat Log Below

12:44:58 ScottFletcher -> Wow, that was an interesting conversation. Unfortunately, we set the bar kind of high.

12:45:16 ScottFletcher -> Will we live up to expectations? Tune in and find out!

12:46:05 ScottFletcher -> I need to test my mic and Skype connection. Do you have a minute?

13:56:27 podcast411 ->

13:58:50 John in Atlanta -> Hi good people, and happy new year, world travellers

14:03:23 Durff -> I wish I were a world traveller!

14:04:11 John in Atlanta -> Going to Scotland in March for 15 days, thats ’bout it for me

14:04:51 Durff -> Lucky!

14:05:08 John in Atlanta -> Are you listening to the podcast of this room too right now?

14:05:38 John in Atlanta -> .<< listening on Skype right now

14:06:06 Durff -> I’m listening to the stream on RealPlayer

14:06:32 Durff -> and stuffing the Christmas letters to family

14:07:37 John in Atlanta -> I think that most of the Senators and Representatives are way way out of touch with the younger wired generation, and thus, there is a disconnect on reaching the 20 + set

14:08:15 John in Atlanta -> politicians need to get ” unafraid ” to reach their base

14:08:19 Ron -> Most of the voting public do not know what a podcast is.

14:08:28 JohnSchinker -> It’s not necessarily bad that politicians reuse content for podcasts.

14:08:59 JohnSchinker -> It does provide a single place where people can get an audio platform for each candidate.

14:09:12 JohnSchinker -> It’s more valuable, perhaps, for a third party to watch the races and aggregate

14:09:18 Ron -> Although I listen to several daily most of my friends my age (48) do not know what a podcast is.

14:09:20 John in Atlanta -> well, listening to the point the speaker right now is making, is quite valid

14:09:22 JohnSchinker -> right — whoever’s speaking — exactly

14:09:42 JohnSchinker -> I found the Cleveland city club podcast very useful this fall

14:09:49 John in Atlanta -> a podcast of politicians would have extreme value for insomniacs

14:09:54 JohnSchinker -> They had all of the major candidates speak, and podcasted all of them

14:11:39 JohnSchinker -> Politicans can’t do that, though, Rob.

14:11:50 JohnSchinker -> They have to be too concerned with their public image to speak off the cuff like that

14:12:15 JohnSchinker -> They can’t get past the pre-prepared, vetted speech

14:12:17 John in Atlanta -> Yep, and when they do speak off the cuff, its usually a PR nightmare for the handlers… hahhaha

14:12:26 JohnSchinker -> yep

14:13:34 John in Atlanta -> I would have an ice princess than a soft warm, I will stay home and bake cookies Laura somebody

14:13:41 JohnSchinker -> Would podcasting change the demographic of those partipating in the political process? i.e. would it get out the vote among the 18-24 demographic?

14:14:13 JohnSchinker -> Laura wasn’t running for senator — she was running for first lady == national hostess

14:14:21 John in Atlanta -> Maybe what we need is a tough woman, ala Margaret Thatcher

14:14:42 John in Atlanta -> I kind of like Hillary’s non nonsense fiscal sense

14:14:48 JohnSchinker -> Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher in a skypecast?

14:14:52 Durff -> ala Eleanor Rooselt

14:15:18 John in Atlanta -> LOL, mannn now THAT I would subscribe to…

14:25:58 JohnSchinker -> There’s SO MUCH excellent content available for free that I don’t think anyone would be able to sell a feed.

14:26:34 JohnSchinker -> Advertising is probably the only way to get money out of it, unless you have really special content that people HAVE to have

14:27:30 JohnSchinker -> Right, Rob. It looks like the conventional advertisers are treading very lightly.

14:28:03 JohnSchinker -> Look at Twit. It’s possibly the most successful podcast, and they have a hard time keeping Dell and Visa, who have huge advertising budgets and can afford the risk.

14:28:16 podcast411 -> yup

14:28:58 JohnSchinker -> Part of that could be what Leo’s charging — I have a feeling he’s pretty shrewd, but still….

14:30:57 JohnSchinker -> It’s too bad that they won’t build a community for free, and let everyone contribute

14:31:22 JohnSchinker -> Okay — I see — you’re talking advertising, not subscriptions

14:36:03 Durff -> Twelve people in this Chatroom!

14:36:22 Ron -> The reward for podcasting is giving the author a platform for their message.

14:37:14 ScottFletcher -> Ron, I can’t feed my family with that. 🙂

14:37:58 Ron -> that is why you can’t quit your day job. sorry 🙁

14:38:04 JohnSchinker -> But Jeff, at what point does the podcast/webcast/etc become just an advertisement for the company?

14:38:35 JohnSchinker -> If Drupal were a company, you’d lose value as an organization, because that sponsored product is the solution to lots of different problems, possibly to the exclusion of others.

14:39:07 JohnSchinker -> Jeff, I’m happy in the text chat 🙂

14:39:40 JohnSchinker -> Good point, that’s kind of how Google ranks results, right? By the number of links to it?

14:43:26 JohnSchinker -> I’m still burning podcasts on to CDRWs.

14:43:45 JohnSchinker -> I get really upset when they’re longer than 80 minutes

14:44:24 Ron -> NO! God FORBID!

14:44:51 JohnSchinker -> Multi-function devices don’t do any of the things very well.

14:45:02 JohnSchinker -> I want an mp3 player that will store all of my audio.

14:45:11 JohnSchinker -> right, rob

14:46:42 DOliver -> Success!

14:47:59 JohnSchinker -> Amen. Audio is more portable, and for me, more useful

14:48:35 sroseman -> I agree, John

14:48:44 JohnSchinker -> So the barrier to producing professional-quality video is much higher than it is with audio

14:50:35 Ron -> for audio files I just send the link

14:51:04 Dennis in Phoenix -> That makes sense, Ron.

14:51:05 JohnSchinker -> It’s become easier for the average person to put that audio or video file online in the first place.

14:51:12 Ron -> Pando may change the ability to send audio files.

14:51:25 JohnSchinker -> I don’t have to have a compsci degree to post content anymore

14:51:49 lee -> I use my video 60 G iPod

14:52:15 lee -> I also use an M-Audio Microtrack with a G card

14:52:19 Dennis in Phoenix -> The quality of video I’ve seen on UTube is pretty bad.

14:52:31 lee -> I put it on a 500 G external hard drive

14:52:40 lee -> to store off the computer

14:53:33 Durff -> why save?

14:53:38 Ron -> I don’t store video other than personal video I have made. Anything else is easy to download.

14:53:44 JohnSchinker -> My kids don’t understand that broadcast TV can’t show what they want when they want it.

14:53:57 JohnSchinker -> Everything should be available online on demand in their eyes

14:54:23 Dennis in Phoenix -> Teresa Almeida d’Eça in Portugal has done some outstanding things with middle school students—blogging, audio, a little bit of video.

14:54:25 Durff -> I agree with your kids

14:54:37 sroseman -> me too

14:54:55 JohnSchinker -> They don’t get it. They want to watch Go Diego Go. Right now. They don’t care if it’s not on now.

14:55:35 JohnSchinker -> They also really get the telephone paradigm shift. Phones connect to people, not places.

14:55:46 Ron -> I have about 500 books in my personal library and don’t use them because the information is easier to access on my PC and internet.

14:56:44 JohnSchinker -> There are lots of things in your library that aren’t online.

14:56:58 sroseman -> Teachers/Students use podcasts to be reflective … releated to their curriculum..definitely enhances the curriculum

14:57:07 JohnSchinker -> Bob Sprankle is a good example, but not a typical one. Note that the third grade class isn’t doing a podcast this year, since he’s not teaching it

14:57:09 sroseman -> related

14:58:03 JohnSchinker -> The podcast is a good deliverable for a student project

14:58:19 JohnSchinker -> But to sustain an ongoing audience may be counterproductive

14:58:30 JohnSchinker -> The podcast may become more important than the curricular content

14:58:59 JohnSchinker -> Good point. It has to work all the time.

14:59:42 Dennis in Phoenix -> I’ll be back in a few minutes . . . .

15:00:02 sroseman -> Still not easy to use for the average busy classrom teacher with standards to meet etc.

15:00:16 JohnSchinker -> Is podcasting web 2.0?

15:00:21 sroseman -> but for the technically savvy I have seen some great results

15:00:36 charbeck1 -> it definately is 2.0

15:00:55 Dennis in Phoenix -> Definitely not—unless the teacher uses podcasting (or other technology) to [i]meet[/i] those standards.

15:01:00 JohnSchinker -> But 2.0 is user-generated, interactive content.

15:01:12 JohnSchinker -> Podcasting is a broadcast technology, even if it’s on-demand

15:01:18 charbeck1 -> It is quick and easy stuents can and do create

15:01:59 JohnSchinker -> Rob made the point that they’re already bigger than traditional media

15:02:28 sroseman -> AmberMac ???

15:02:31 JohnSchinker -> Didn’t you have an episode/soapbox about satellite radio?

15:02:49 sroseman -> Canadian content?

15:04:35 Ron -> Cool, I missed it. 🙁

15:05:47 JohnSchinker -> rob did

15:08:42 podcast411 ->

15:12:02 Dennis in Phoenix -> The Portuguese teacher that I mentioned has students reporting on what they did in their CALL lessons: very effective.

15:13:26 CathyN -> I say its NOT a podcast unless it has a feed.

15:13:43 Durff -> Educational Impact in K-12?

15:13:57 Dennis in Phoenix -> Maybe so, Cathy, but there are many interpretations of what a podcast is.

15:14:51 Dennis in Phoenix -> I’m glad to hear someone mention the inappropriacy of “Mychingo” for some users.

15:14:52 CathyN -> 1981? Showing your age!

15:15:14 JohnSchinker -> who said ’81?

15:15:37 CathyN -> From the stream

15:19:07 Durff -> I was alive in ’81

15:19:28 CathyN -> high school grad

15:19:56 Durff -> it was earlier than that

15:21:23 CathyN -> I agree with Scott—it should be we, but we is still not everybody, just those interacting.

15:21:40 Dennis in Phoenix -> Hear, hear, Cathy.

15:21:54 CathyN -> I hope that suddenly everone who see’s that co ver starts to wonder exactly what they re missin.

15:22:15 CathyN -> My 73 YO Mom is part of “You.”

15:22:20 ScottFletcher -> 🙂

15:23:09 JL -> would anyone esle in the skypecast like to chime in?

15:23:12 JL -> Dennis?

15:23:13 JL -> Ron?

15:23:21 Dennis in Phoenix -> Nothing yet.

15:24:21 Ron -> I have something?

15:24:39 JL -> jump in after shelly

15:28:39 CathyN -> And with the Time Magazine, I think there will be some more interest in knowing….

15:30:44 Dennis in Phoenix -> “Things that meet our needs at the time”: good point. Many of the people who don’t know what podcasting and blogs are [i]do[/i] use the Net and, given time and familiarity, would access podcasts and blogs more. It’s just a matter of time.

15:31:14 CathyN -> Many teachers at my school know that I walk around from 6:30-7:30 in the morning listening to podcasts…so they know, thye just haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. I do share too, things I think are of interest to them. Go figure–I’m a school media spec.

15:31:29 Dennis in Phoenix -> And even though more and more folks have broadband connections, there are still plenty, believe it or not, who don’t.

15:32:09 Durff -> and some who don’t have computers!

15:32:30 CathyN -> And many areas working to provide their areas with broadband. I’ve seen it mentioned by our Governor (SC) only this week–a goal to provide a fast connection statewide.

15:32:32 JohnSchinker -> I’ve had some teachers telling me that fewer of their students have good access than they would expect

15:32:49 Dennis in Phoenix -> Many teachers are afraid of technology—afraid because it’s something new and because they like to feel in control and with newer technology don’t.

15:32:55 JohnSchinker -> Parents buy computers for their MS students, but don’t fix/upgrade them. Then, the students are in HS with equipment that doesn’t work.

15:33:28 Dennis in Phoenix -> Good points, John.

15:33:43 CathyN -> Now that open source material is becoming more prevalent, those old computers are looking better and better for the have nots…

15:33:49 Durff -> so what skills do we teachers need to teach kids?

15:34:05 podcast411 -> A sense of humor

15:34:08 JohnSchinker -> Uh oh. Durff opened Pandora’s box

15:34:32 Durff -> I did?

15:34:37 Dennis in Phoenix -> To be curious, to view online material critically, to realize that everything that’s online isn’t bona fide.

15:34:55 JohnSchinker -> Are we back to this?

15:35:02 Durff -> how about online etiquette?

15:35:03 CathyN -> podcasting in k-12 classroom is just another way to demonstrate concept mastery, but on a higher level of Blooms

15:35:30 JohnSchinker -> Right, Cathy. It’s the deliverable

15:36:09 Dennis in Phoenix -> This has been very interesting. Thanks to all who made it happen.

15:36:26 Dennis in Phoenix -> Cathy: Yes!

15:36:36 JohnSchinker -> Thank you, everyone

15:37:02 Durff -> the nomenclature catches people’s attention

15:37:21 Durff -> that’s what “Web 2.0” does

15:38:25 Ron -> It was fun. Happy New Year 😉

15:38:46 ScottFletcher -> My show is so Web 3.0

15:38:52 ScottFletcher -> Happy new year!

15:39:06 Dennis in Phoenix -> Yes, Happy New Year!

15:39:34 JohnSchinker -> This is a whole other conversation, but it would be a significant uphill battle.

15:40:01 DougS -> Happy New Year to all — great show, thanks

15:40:07 Durff -> what are the salient features of Web 3.0?

15:40:10 lee -> i take it there is no audio

15:40:17 lee -> happy new year

15:40:19 lee -> all

15:40:24 Durff -> I hear the stream

15:40:27 ScottFletcher -> Web 3.0 = A rich creamy texture with a hint of strawberry.

15:40:33 DougS -> JL call Second Life Web 3.0

15:40:36 DougS -> calls

15:41:12 Durff -> so it’s 3D?

15:41:12 CathyN -> nothin’ wrong with a typeo or two Doug

15:42:10 ScottFletcher -> We incorporate ALL of the d’s into the Podcheck Review.

15:42:52 JohnSchinker -> It’s Pocheck Review. You have to pay extra for the Ds

15:42:52 ScottFletcher -> And when I say “we,” I mean “I.”

15:42:56 Durff -> there are four quadrants…

15:43:15 ScottFletcher -> Po’check is in the hizzy.

15:43:34 Dennis in Phoenix -> Thanks again, everyone.

15:43:41 Dennis in Phoenix -> S Novym Godom!

15:44:14 podcast411 -> Thanks all

15:44:19 podcast411 -> Happy New Year

15:44:37 JohnSchinker -> Thank you eveyone. I have to go back to first life now….

15:45:09 ScottFletcher -> good bye, and thanks for your great feedback.

15:45:24 JL -> Thanks Scott

15:45:39 Durff -> Bye Scott!

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