Making Connections #9 (6-5-07)

Mindmeister was
our tool of choice for the June 5th show.  We had a great group playing together in our
virtual playground.  Here is the link to
our Making Connections
.  Go ahead and sign-up for Mindmeister and we will send you an
invite to join us. 

Thanks to Lisa Durff for posting the audio for this show.  MC #9 

 I totally botched the
audio portion of the show Tuesday night. 
My computer crashed at the end of the show and I lost the audio file.  So to compensate I have tried to recap the
highlights of the show and share what we learned.  This screencast was
created in Wink, a free
download.  Leave a comment to let us know
how to invite you to join the map.


Chat from the live show:

18:57:01 CathyE
18:57:18 CathyE  Click this link then click Join this skypecast
19:00:59 CathyE
19:02:04 CathyE
19:02:28 JenMad  multitasking, so I think I’ll start out listening to stream …
19:02:43 Durff  ok, i better get with it
19:02:51 Durff  yup
19:03:17 JenMad  jose can’t make up his mind πŸ™‚
19:03:20 CathyE
19:03:24 JenMad  in / out / in / out πŸ™‚
19:04:04 heinrichka  HI Rendy!
19:06:14 JenMad  OK if I twitter the show under the ETT login?
19:06:22 CathyE  yep
19:06:50 CathyE
19:09:58 JenMad  Please join us at "Making Connections" starting now on – trying out -collaborative mindmapping.
19:10:13 JenMad  twittered to 88 of our closest friends πŸ™‚
19:17:17 JenMad  I’m in MindMeister … I’m skype iuistjen
19:17:19 CathyE
19:18:00 JenMad  Can’t "talk", but I am listening … and heading into MM
19:18:32 CathyE  ok
19:22:06 CathyE
19:22:13 CathyE
19:22:44 CathyE
19:23:45 CathyE  Jose- give me your email here
19:23:55 CathyE  got it
19:29:40 CathyE  hello melissa
19:31:39 CathyE
19:32:52 CathyE  melissa- give me your email address
19:34:42 CathyE
19:36:03 JenMad  I can get in by clicking on
19:45:29 JenMad  HEY GUYS!!!
19:50:01 JenMad  Very fun!!
19:50:40 JenMad  A pop up box should come up to "save to disk" (grey box)
19:51:24 JenMad  No thank YOU!
19:51:25 JenMad  πŸ™‚
19:52:36 JenMad  try to "cut and paste" a URL and it creates a hyperlink … cool!
19:52:48 JenMad  clickable hyperlink (I mean)
19:59:59 CathyE  <a href="">New Map</a>
20:01:37 JenMad  I can’t get into that one
20:01:59 JenMad  won’t let me edit … but I see it …
20:04:47 CathyE
20:07:08 JenMad  Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Thank you for letting me multitask during the show … how rude, huh? πŸ˜‰
20:07:51 CathyE  thanks Jen- we needed you

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    • Sketchy audio and video

      You are correct about the sketchy parts – since the playback was ok
      before the upload, it must be the connectivity with my server.  


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