It’s Elementary #37 – Student Blogging with Jan Smith

Join us, as we talk about elementary student blogging with our guest Jan Smith, a sixth grade teachers in British Columbia, Huzzah!  She started with a strictly controled class blog, but found that it lacked conversational give and take.  She started again with an edublogs account, and this time she encouraged a more "conversational" approach both in student’s writing, giving them a voice, and how they interacted with each other.  She started a practice of "gradual release" giving students more authority, and control over their blogging and blogs as they showed responsibility until many had earned their own blogs and were self-moderated.  She also shared how she dealt with problems and conflicts when they came up, respecting students, and making them responsible. 

Link to Text Chat.


 20:51:01  Alice Mercer : Hi Aforgrace!
 20:51:10  Alice Mercer : aforgrave
 20:53:25  MariaK : Just getting set up.
 20:55:10  joserodriguez : wow.. hi
 20:56:31  jan_smith : Hi everyone, great to see you here!
 20:56:33  joserodriguez : preshow hanguout..
 20:56:44  joserodriguez : starting in a few minutes
 20:57:03  joserodriguez : for audio …. click on play arrow on ustream..
 20:58:08  MariaK : Hi Sheila
 20:58:15  sheila : Hi all!
 20:58:33  MariaK : Hi suebacon – glad to see you here
 20:58:54  MariaK : Any other NH folks here?
 20:58:54  jan_smith : Hi Errin!
 20:59:03  sheila : Hi Suebacon! Can you hear?
 20:59:03  errin : Hello Jan!
 20:59:23  tearoof : Hi from S. Jersey, everyone
 20:59:24  suebacon : hi sheila and maria, yes I can
 20:59:28  joserodriguez : how is the audio?
 20:59:47  aforgrave : No audio at this point?
 20:59:56  joserodriguez : it’s on ustream.
 21:00:03  joserodriguez : click on play arrow
 21:00:08  sheila : Click on the play button on the ustream window
 21:03:08  joserodriguez : so.. do you’all blog with your students?
 21:03:21  Alice Mercer : FAIL blog
 21:03:37  errin : I started blogging with my students last year.
 21:03:46  Alice Mercer :
 21:03:48  Jdeyenberg : I do! – my ten year olds have poerty blogs and we have a class blog on Canadian Identity
 21:03:48  sheila : I started this past year.
 21:03:50  Alice Mercer : The successful one
 21:04:05  sheila : Hi pstearns!
 21:04:16  Alice Mercer : Jan’s blog
 21:04:28  joserodriguez : great.. do you @jdeyenberg have an url?
 21:04:29  mbteach : I did some limited blogging w/ just to teach them what a blog is.
 21:04:32  MariaK : Hello to all – thanks for joining us here
 21:04:37  tearoof : I have a library blog, students can post book reviews, and of course, comments.
 21:04:54  tearoof : just lost audio?!
 21:05:04  suebacon : yes
 21:05:08  Jdeyenberg : Canadian Identity Blog – Grade 5 – some good, some bad
 21:05:11  errin : I lost it too…
 21:05:12  connect2jamie : Oops! I don’t seem to have audio either.
 21:05:15  connect2jamie : Hi all!
 21:05:16  plnaugle : I don’t hear anything.
 21:05:23  MariaK : uh oh
 21:05:34  mbteach : I can’t hear either
 21:05:34  plnaugle : What should I click on?
 21:05:38  Jdeyenberg : The poetry blogs I made on moodle – so not open to the world
 21:06:11  MariaK : how is audio
 21:06:13  Alice Mercer : audio back?
 21:06:23  sheila : yes
 21:06:23  errin : Audio back for me!
 21:06:24  mbteach : yup I got it
 21:06:29  aforgrave : audio back
 21:06:30  tearoof : not for me
 21:06:31  McTeach : not hearing anything here
 21:06:39  plnaugle : No sound
 21:06:43  sheila : some of you may need to refresh
 21:06:46  mbteach : try clicking the speaker symbol at the bottom
 21:06:56  joserodriguez : this is my class blog Third grade discoverie…
 21:07:02  plnaugle : Thanks that worked.
 21:07:08  sonja : i have sound
 21:07:22  tearoof : audio back
 21:07:29  joserodriguez : πŸ™‚
 21:07:36  joserodriguez : this rookie streamer..
 21:08:38  joserodriguez : I like that.. "match maker"..
 21:08:39  plnaugle : Hi everyone. Paula here from New Orleans.
 21:08:47  mbteach : Hey Paula
 21:08:48  joserodriguez : Hi Paula.
 21:08:50  joserodriguez : welcome
 21:08:58  MariaK : Hi Paula – glad you are here
 21:09:02  tearoof : Hi Paula, how is the contest coming along?
 21:09:05  plnaugle : Hi Jose and mary Beth.
 21:09:23  plnaugle : I keep bouncing between 8th and 10th place.
 21:09:42  sheila : Quality comments. How do you make that happen?
 21:09:56  tearoof : You need a strong finish!
 21:10:00  Jdeyenberg : Yes – I alwasy have trouble with quality comments!
 21:10:01  mbteach : I used to show students a thread and have them assess it
 21:10:14  mbteach : thread of comments that is
 21:10:32  joserodriguez : That’s a great way to start.. as a reader and commentor..
 21:10:38  plnaugle : I made posting a quality comment part of the rubric for my Voice Thread project.
 21:10:43  kcaise : hi everyone!
 21:10:50  joserodriguez : Teacher’s posts… and .. other classroom’s posts.
 21:10:51  plnaugle : Hi Kim.
 21:11:23  mbteach : What age students was this
 21:11:33  joserodriguez : ok.. feedback.. cool..
 21:11:39  connect2jamie : Good point–to address the language of the comment as well as the content of it
 21:11:46  errin : That’s where we ran into trouble, text language in the comments.
 21:11:56  mbteach : Thanks!
 21:12:06  joserodriguez : in between the formal writing assignments.. and finding a personal voice as a writer.
 21:12:14  sheila : @plnaugle – can you share your rubric?
 21:12:28  plnaugle : I foound myself using Twitter speak on a blog comment just yesterday.
 21:12:49  Jdeyenberg : Oh I love that freedom to post licence – once they earn it!
 21:13:13  plnaugle : @shelia Send an email to plnaugle at gmail dot com.
 21:13:13  mbteach : I wish everyone had to have a license
 21:13:21  sheila : thanks!
 21:14:05  mbteach : how do you work with students who read way below grade level/spec ed?
 21:14:10  joserodriguez : oh.. YES!!! gradual release.
 21:15:19  aforgrave : Dean Shareski’s article:
 21:15:34  errin : Thanks for the Shareski link πŸ™‚
 21:16:05  sheila : Hi Durff!
 21:16:05  mbteach : How do other students react to students who obviously write poorly?
 21:16:20  joserodriguez : It’s incredible.. how these strategies.. level the playing field for our students.
 21:16:29  Durff : audio sounds fantastic!
 21:16:37  Durff : hi Trae
 21:16:46  joserodriguez : They are able to perform at very high levels.. regardless on how they start.
 21:18:12  mbteach : Sensitivity training might be helpful if kids don’t know each other well.
 21:18:34  joserodriguez : I had the same experience as Alice.. I do agree Jan.. Blogging helps to build on your classroom committee and they DO tend to be nice to eachother
 21:18:54  joserodriguez : sorry.. classroom community
 21:18:56  sonja : @mbteach – this is where "get to know you" type activities can help students learn about each other and become more aware of the similarities than the differences
 21:19:36  mbteach : My kids’ first post was an "about me" post, so yes it would help
 21:19:43  tearoof : Yes, and the students also feel a sense of importance and take their role as "commentor" very seriously
 21:20:35  errin : That’s the other thing I found, students making ‘nice’ comments to start. I wondered if they were commenting what they thought I wanted them to.
 21:20:39  mbteach : how do you find other schools to connect with? Is there a website for people looking for collaborators?
 21:21:13  Durff : hi scott
 21:21:18  Durff : hi peggy
 21:21:20  joserodriguez : what blogging platform do y’all use?
 21:21:24  sonja : i’m exploring site for partners in "e-stuff"
 21:21:28  Scott Shelhart : Hello friends.
 21:21:28  errin : I use edublogs.
 21:21:35  tearoof : We use edublogs
 21:21:36  Durff : classblogmeister here
 21:21:37  MariaK : I use classblogmeister by David warlick
 21:21:39  joserodriguez : Hi Scott
 21:21:46  sheila : classblogmeister
 21:21:49  MariaK :
 21:21:49  PeggyG : Hi-had terrible problems logging in-crashed firefox and Safari wouldn’t open. Finally got in on Flock! Yeah!
 21:22:03  MariaK : glad you are here Peggy
 21:22:04  jan_smith : Hi Peggy!
 21:22:10  mbteach : DO you teach/allow emoticons?
 21:22:11  joserodriguez : I use classblogmeister also.. it works well at least in the low elementary classroom.
 21:22:12  kcaise : hi peggy
 21:22:22  Durff : hi hopeastor
 21:22:24  PeggyG : Hi Kim πŸ™‚
 21:22:40  PeggyG : so great to reconnect with all of you!! I’ve missed you!
 21:22:47  connect2jamie : Hi Hope!
 21:22:54  Durff : we missed you too
 21:23:00  hopeastor : Hi..thanks for inviting me jan..i just walked in the door
 21:23:05  kcaise : we are so glad you are back from traveling peggy
 21:23:17  joserodriguez : the virtual.. door.. how funny
 21:23:27  MariaK :
 21:23:33  hopeastor : hi connect2jamie!
 21:23:44  PeggyG : being without internet connections was awful!! but the vacation was fabulous!
 21:23:47  plnaugle : @shelia I sent it to you.
 21:24:10  sheila : You’re fast! Thanks Paula!
 21:24:15  Durff : being with a sketchy connection is worse peggy
 21:24:19  plnaugle : Hi Peggy. Did you get AC fixed?
 21:24:25  hopeastor : I just requested my passcode for classblogmeister today..
 21:24:28  joserodriguez : a bunch of cool people on the net.. anlong with the folks here
 21:24:37  PeggyG : my AC is doing better but really struggling! 116 degrees today!
 21:24:41  Jdeyenberg : Has anyone used 21classes for blogging?
 21:24:47  Durff : jose is very cool
 21:25:02  errin : It’s 106 degrees here! 116 must be awful!
 21:25:03  Alice Mercer : Colette Cassinelli did 21classes
 21:25:06  sheila : @PeggyG – Move back to New England! πŸ˜‰
 21:25:12  MariaK :
 21:25:12  plnaugle : No but I was checking out 21 classes.
 21:25:27  Alice Mercer : @Peggy, I love you all in arizona. You make me feel fortunate with temp at 102
 21:25:55  mbteach : great resource, thanks!
 21:26:03  PeggyG : πŸ™‚ glad to oblige Alice
 21:26:06  Durff : fear the admins more
 21:26:19  mbteach : good question
 21:26:46  PeggyG : I really agree with that point about blogging yourself before you start blogs with students. Such a valuable learning experience!
 21:27:03  plnaugle : That’s what frustrates me – I don’t know which blogging tool to use. I teach 4th grade and worry about safety. Last year I used my class blog and had students write comments to me. Want to expand and hav ethem have tneir own blog.
 21:27:10  kcaise : it was only 104 here today
 21:27:14  connect2jamie : That was a good ?, Jose. My district won’t allow our kids to blog outside the school–they can connect with kids in classes w/i our school only
 21:27:16  joserodriguez : I am just coming back to my own blogging.. twitter really put a monkey wrench into the blogosphere..
 21:27:25  errin : Only ?!?  πŸ™‚
 21:27:26  Durff : plnaugle – try classblogmeister then
 21:27:48  plnaugle : Thanks @Durff.
 21:27:59  joserodriguez : @connect2jamie..  wow.. we need to go back to our schools and show them positive examples…
 21:28:06  mbteach : can be controlled so blogs are viewable by only a class, a school or anyone.  Unfortunately it’s not the best interface
 21:28:08  kcaise : it has been 105 and 106 steadily with higher heat indices in the afternoons
 21:28:09  errin : I like the idea of "the number of eyes on the blog" for discussing safety with parents.
 21:28:12  connect2jamie : Trying!!
 21:28:18  Durff : gaggle costs $
 21:28:36  mbteach : nope Gaggle is free up to a certain # of students
 21:28:37  plnaugle : Or should I just put a blog within my class wiki that I’m building at the moment.
 21:28:41  Durff : hi jdeyenberg
 21:28:52  mbteach : I created accounts for 150 kids for free
 21:29:04  connect2jamie : At this point, I’ve not had any luck getting my tchrs to blog w/ their kids at all. I’m a librarian, and I can’t sponsor them. They have to go thru their homeroom tchr. Hopefully we’ll have some next yr.
 21:29:07  Durff : they have ads if you don’t pay
 21:29:20  joserodriguez : my.. district is fairly open.. it’s a don’t ask atmosphere.. eventhough I would appreciate more support locally
 21:29:36  Jdeyenberg : I’m excited about my students having individual blogs next year – starting with a general class blog is a good way to start
 21:30:08  errin : It’s so great that a potentially ‘bad’ situation was dealt with in such a positive way both times!
 21:30:13  mbteach : Nothing is really ‘free’ on the internet πŸ™‚
 21:30:23  plnaugle : I am a pioneer at my school. I have no one there to bounce thoughts off. Thank goodness for my PLN and Twitter.
 21:30:40  errin : @plnaugle – me too!
 21:30:41  mbteach : @pnaugle feel your pain!
 21:30:52  tearoof : ditto for me
 21:30:54  connect2jamie : me too, @plnaugle! Thank goodness for our PLNs!!
 21:31:08  sheila : With Classblogmeister I have to share students so I’m creating a 7th grade Team blog with all the students and the staff have to share the account for posting assignments.
 21:31:12  Jdeyenberg : plnaugle – I’m with you – my tech admin asks me questions about blogging, my PLN is the only thing i have to bounce ideas off of
 21:31:26  plnaugle : But I am determined to show them how wonderful all this can be. I just am concerned about doing it right.
 21:32:11  Durff : hi hopey
 21:32:15  mbteach : Yes–authentic learning!
 21:32:17  PeggyG : @plnaugle–not sure there is a "right" way but I think showing them how wonderful and powerful it can be as a learning tool is a great approach πŸ™‚
 21:32:24  connect2jamie : great point! Have the student make the choice to take an inappropriate comment off!
 21:32:34  mbteach : This kind of stuff will actually happen to them in ‘real life’
 21:32:52  joserodriguez : @mbteach.. same here.
 21:33:01  Hopey : trying to get sound!
 21:33:02  PeggyG : Sue Waters is so incredibly supportive with edublogs!!
 21:33:08  plnaugle : Last year I had eBoard, a class website and a class blog. Now I have a class wiki too and a professonal blog. Feel like I need to eliminate somehting.
 21:33:17  joserodriguez : play arrow on ustream
 21:33:20  Durff : hopey – click the ustream window
 21:33:20  plnaugle : Sue Waters is so great.
 21:33:24  errin : I agree, Sue Waters is an amazing support when blogging with students!
 21:33:25  Durff : to your right
 21:33:39  Durff : it says
 21:33:43  tearoof : @mbteach- you’re right, when the kids are not in school, they can access whatever they want, we need to teach them how to use the web responsibly
 21:33:47  Durff : hi shannon
 21:33:49  joserodriguez : I started by using wordpress. also…
 21:34:25  joserodriguez : haven’t used… edublogs.. yet..
 21:34:27  plnaugle : I used Blogger.
 21:34:47  aforgrave : $40 US = $50 CDN
 21:34:58  mbteach : in the US you can write it off on your taxes πŸ™‚
 21:35:01  hopeastor : is edublog better than classblogmeister?
 21:35:14  Durff : opinion
 21:35:16  plnaugle : I do like the idea of threaded comments.
 21:35:24  errin : You have Sue Water’s help with Edublogs, invaluable!
 21:35:37  Durff : 3 blogmeister to 1 edublogger
 21:35:46  Durff : hi mbteach
 21:35:50  PeggyG : but who’s counting?? πŸ™‚
 21:36:06  Durff : jose is counting
 21:36:10  Durff : hi kathy
 21:36:19  shannonlibrarian : arrived late… blog tools for kids?  21classes!
 21:36:30  hopeastor : i am =^..^=
 21:36:41  Alice Mercer : shannon, what do you like about 21classes
 21:36:49  PeggyG : the support forums for both classblogmeister and edublogs are also great resources when you need help
 21:36:50  plnaugle : Shannon is that what you use – 21 classe?
 21:37:01  mbteach : now I can’t hear πŸ™
 21:37:07  hopeastor : 5 year olds!!??
 21:37:11  connect2jamie : @ the end of the year, can you "orphan" your kids in both edublogs and blogmeister so that their next tchr could pick them up if they’re blogging? So kids can keep access to their past work?
 21:37:14  Durff : no extra step on blogmeister here for pics
 21:37:14  mbteach : got it now
 21:37:23  plnaugle : MaryBeth did you refresh?
 21:37:30  Durff : jamie –  yes
 21:37:31  PeggyG : I follow the listserv for classblogmeister even though I don’t have a blog there. I love hearing how people solve problems
 21:37:32  sheila : I like the assignment feature on blogmeister.
 21:37:33  mbteach : twice. It’s in and out
 21:37:56  McTeach : @mbteach I actually opened the ustream in another window to get it to work
 21:38:00  hopeastor : uh oh sound went out
 21:38:10  mbteach : got it working now. Had mute then unmute
 21:38:12  shannonlibrarian : 21classes- free, easy, privacy settings integral for each post, allows simple addition of widgets that kids like, no e-mail required to create accounts
 21:38:17  Durff : refresh the ustream
 21:38:31  Durff : button under ustream window
 21:38:34  Durff : on left
 21:38:41  Durff : hi paul
 21:39:01  plnaugle : @Durff you scared Paul away.
 21:39:05  Durff : welcome back paul
 21:39:10  paulandersen : hello all
 21:39:18  plnaugle : Hi Paul.
 21:39:22  Alice Mercer : shannon, support?
 21:39:41  mbteach : I love the idea of ‘experts’
 21:39:59  errin : Yes, the kids helping kids when blogging was really great
 21:39:59  Durff : i have class experts too
 21:40:01  mbteach : Kids really depend on each other for help
 21:40:07  PeggyG : great idea! built-in support people!!
 21:40:08  plnaugle : I love that kids become experts of a part of the tech. Makes them feel good.
 21:40:26  mbteach : They also learn how to be patient with each other when teaching something
 21:40:39  errin : That’s internal motivation and the power of motivation within a group!
 21:40:45  shannonlibrarian : @ Alice Decent, not great, help screens.  E-mail support haas always been within 1 day to the questions I’ve sent.
 21:41:03  PeggyG : do you all have both professional/personal blogs as well as classroom blogs?
 21:41:13  Durff : i do
 21:41:16  mbteach : I have a prof. blog
 21:41:27  errin : I have both.
 21:41:31  mbteach : If it’s what you call ‘professional’ )
 21:41:33  Alice Mercer : Shannon, want to join Skype convo in a couple minutes?
 21:41:38  plnaugle : I’m thinking for making buttons for my students like they had at NECC. Need Word hep?See me. Need Blog help? See me. Need help with PPT? See me.
 21:41:38  shannonlibrarian : Blogmeister looked dated to my kids… I know DW was planning an update.  Is it any better?
 21:41:41  PeggyG : do you have a hard time keeping up with 2 separate blogs?
 21:41:55  Durff : yeah, unprofessional blog here
 21:41:57  PeggyG : great idea Paula!
 21:42:01  mbteach : @pnaugle great idea!
 21:42:03  aforgrave : Yeah, @mbteach — your blog is professional !!  πŸ™‚
 21:42:10  shannonlibrarian : @ Alice Sure… shannonlibrarian
 21:42:11  mbteach : thanks Andy
 21:42:16  PeggyG : you could even use Kevin Honeycutt’s keychain idea with students
 21:42:16  errin : @ PeggyG, yes, not enough time to do a good job on both for me
 21:42:35  hopeastor : @shannonlibrarian what grade where your students?
 21:42:37  plnaugle : I have two blogs – one for class, one professional.
 21:42:39  PeggyG : I have trouble just keeping up with my one blog!
 21:42:42  aforgrave : I’ve been cleaning out my file cabinets at school the last 3 days. Too much paper!
 21:42:53  shannonlibrarian : 1st, 3rd, and 5th blogged
 21:42:58  Durff : i have many for classes and one for me
 21:43:09  mbteach : It is a lot to keep up with.
 21:43:11  plnaugle : @aforgave I will be doing a lot less paper this year.
 21:43:19  connect2jamie : I have professional one and personal one for family
 21:43:21  aforgrave : Question:  Do student blogs function as a Digital Portfolio, as well?
 21:43:23  Durff : hi cmcg
 21:43:33  paulandersen : Professional but not a class blog.
 21:43:43  connect2jamie : like so many others, twitter has all but killed my blog!
 21:43:48  errin : That’s right! Blogs are patient! Good memory, Jan!
 21:43:50  plnaugle : I’m going to use my wiki for ePortfolios.
 21:43:51  PeggyG : I like that description! your blog is patient and forgiving πŸ™‚
 21:43:56  mbteach : @aforgrave that’s a great idea. It would be a great way to show parents their child’s progress
 21:43:58  hopeastor : @ shannonlibrian..i was a little worried ..i have middle schoolers ..dont want then looking down their nose
 21:44:09  MariaK : [email protected] – I think an active student blog can be a portfolio of work
 21:44:16  paulandersen : in a classroom I have found forums to be more successful than blogs
 21:44:23  shannonlibrarian : @aforgrave no to portfoli for use
 21:44:37  PeggyG : @paulanderson–where do you set up your forums?
 21:44:41  paulandersen : Moodle
 21:44:42  connect2jamie : @mariaK I think it’s a wonderful online portfolio! As a parent, I’d have loved it too!
 21:44:47  aforgrave : @pnaugle — I’m thinking I’d like to only copy as many pages as students — and try to have a "print on demand" capability for any student who subsequently needs another copy. Get away from "extras."
 21:44:58  PeggyG : excellent suggestion!
 21:45:00  mbteach : @paulanderson kids love forums
 21:45:11  Durff : Yay alice!!!
 21:45:14  shannonlibrarian : @hopeastor  I’m using it this summer with teachers, they are just beginning to see potential
 21:45:16  connect2jamie : great summary Alice!
 21:45:27  connect2jamie : πŸ™‚
 21:45:34  PeggyG : Alice always does such a super job summarizing things and it’s so helpful!
 21:45:41  plnaugle : I really cut down on paper and copying last year by posting everything on line.
 21:45:52  paulandersen : This was my first time at Ed Tech Talk.  I have listened to the podcasts for some time.  But this is the first time in the chat
 21:45:56  paulandersen : Thanks everyone
 21:46:02  mbteach : <hands clapping>
 21:46:02  hopeastor : what is a forum… 21 classes?
 21:46:03  errin : @plnaugle – that’s my plan next year, less paper!
 21:46:09  PeggyG : so glad you joined us paulanderson!!
 21:46:11  errin : Jan you did a great job!
 21:46:17  aforgrave : @pnaugle —  Yes — going to try to make online posting work this year, too.
 21:46:22  mbteach : @hopeastor I was referring to discussion boards
 21:46:22  joserodriguez : probably… most platforms are O.K… it’s the TEACHER that make them GREAT!!!
 21:46:28  plnaugle : Great Paul no more lurking allowed.
 21:46:31  connect2jamie : great point, Jose!
 21:46:32  hopeastor : oh i see
 21:46:37  paulandersen : Sounds good
 21:46:52  mbteach : it is annoying to start something on a platform that falls short
 21:46:52  plnaugle : @Jose I like that comment.
 21:46:59  mbteach : we all just want to make sure the tool is a good one
 21:47:00  PeggyG : I’m just beginning to learn about the power of Moodle! I love it!
 21:47:02  paulandersen : Moodle has a built in forums and wikis
 21:47:10  mbteach : Moodle requires a server, yes?
 21:47:19  PeggyG : yes Moodle requires a server
 21:47:22  Lauara : Jan once the students move up to the next grade level, do they continue blogging?
 21:47:27  Durff : Moodles do have blogs
 21:47:33  hopeastor : @mbteach is there a discussion board ‘forum’ that you use
 21:47:35  plnaugle : Peggy didn’t you love Tammy’s Moodle class this morning?
 21:47:50  jan_smith : @Laura, maybe, depends on the teacher
 21:48:00  mbteach : @hopeastor I used the one in Gaggle, but there’s probably others.
 21:48:02  PeggyG : yes Tammy’s class is awesome!! It’s just what I need!!
 21:48:11  shannonlibrarian : Maske the most of moodle – new text:  Moodle 1.9 multimedia  Wes Fryer just reviewed well
 21:48:18  Durff : i agree with Jose
 21:48:23  plnaugle : @mbteach Yes Moodle needs a server to host it.
 21:48:24  mbteach : Seems like there needs to be school buy-in for blogging to be continuous through the grades
 21:48:27  PeggyG : thanks shannon-I’ll check that out
 21:48:43  shannonlibrarian : Moodle is clunky for wiki and blog tools- I’d still use 21classes fro blog and pbworks for wiki
 21:49:03  Durff : yes they are
 21:49:26  shannonlibrarian : Sorry 90% keyboard on , can’t type!
 21:49:31  Durff : hey keisa
 21:49:31  plnaugle : Moodle has just recently updated their wiki and worked that some of the kinks, so I heard.
 21:49:32  sheila : My students have used it on snow days!
 21:49:42  connect2jamie : yes, MBteach! How nice it would be if there was buy in each grade so that kids didn’t have to give it up!
 21:49:42  jan_smith : Hi Keisa!
 21:49:46  keisawilliams : Hi!
 21:50:00  joserodriguez : that’s soooo col maria. the next teacher.. actually blogging. Way to go!!!
 21:50:03  plnaugle : Hi, Keisa.
 21:50:05  connect2jamie : Hi Keisa!
 21:50:05  joserodriguez : cool
 21:50:09  paulandersen : We used wikis in Moodle last year.  The nice thing about Moodle is that everything is in one place.
 21:50:12  kathycassidy : My students have had the opportunity to pick up their blogs the next year as well.  I love it.
 21:50:13  mbteach : Do you think student blogs will start to be part of the college application process?
 21:50:16  PeggyG : I’m trying to learn more about the wikis and blogs on Moodle–I get so comfortable with the ones I’m using but I like the idea of having them all together under one umbrella
 21:50:51  paulandersen : I learned how to use wikis in Moodle by watching a Japanese YouTube video.  It certainly is a small world.
 21:50:56  plnaugle : That’s why I tring to learn about Moodle. One stop shopping.
 21:51:00  PeggyG : I think blogs make powerful portfolios!
 21:51:04  keisawilliams : Moodle has a blog feature? I have a moodle through 9hub
 21:51:20  PeggyG : do you have a link for that video Paul?
 21:51:32  joserodriguez : @paul.. if you look hard enough.. youtube has a video tutorial. for a bunch of cool stuff.
 21:51:36  kathycassidy : We actually got the idea to present together on .
 21:51:44  Durff : welcome back cmcg
 21:51:51  joserodriguez : My goal is to learn to play guitar from youtube videos
 21:51:57  Alice Mercer : @keisawilliams, does this help you?
 21:52:00  jan_smith : Hi Kathy! didn’t know you were here!
 21:52:02  PeggyG : those blogrolls to other classes are fantastic resources!!
 21:52:08  cmcg : sorry wanted to checked out 21 classes site
 21:52:10  connect2jamie : @keisawilliams yes Moodle has blog feature–someone earlier said it wasn’t what they really wanted in a blog though–don’t know more
 21:52:19  keisawilliams : I bet it will Alice
 21:52:22  kathycassidy : Hi Jan. It took me a looong time to get the sound.
 21:52:25  hopeastor : @mbteach thanks
 21:52:40  Durff : maria is so eloquent
 21:52:48  joserodriguez : @kathy no worries.. we will archive the audio. and post it as a podcast..
 21:53:00  joserodriguez : 72 hours the It’s Elementary promise….
 21:53:00  keisawilliams : I’m going to look into it. I never went farther than signing up for the moodle account. Its been sitting for months.
 21:53:30  Durff : Yeah shannon!!
 21:53:46  paulandersen : I have a walkthrough video on Moodle but I am having a hard time pasting the URL.  Total newbie.
 21:53:55  errin : @jan I can’t even imagine what I’d be like as an adult if I’d learned in today’s techie classrooms!!
 21:53:56  plnaugle : I’m worried about my 4th graders from last year. Their 5th grade teachers don’t use eBoard, have a website, or blog. I feel like they’ll be taking a big step backwards.
 21:54:07  PeggyG : you usually have to drag the url into the text box Paul
 21:54:35  plnaugle : I am running a Wired wednesdays every week after school to try and get others onboard.
 21:54:41  connect2jamie : @plnaugle That is so sad and frustrating!
 21:54:41  hopeastor : Does anyone want to colloborate on a project?  use skype?  class to class Im in texas we’re in school now..i have 6th 7th and 8th graders
 21:54:51  sheila : Thank you all! Gave me some ideas to think about!
 21:54:53  errin : @plnaugle Maybe the students will get their next teacher into technology!?
 21:54:56  PeggyG : that’s such a great idea Paula! bring them along one teacher at a time πŸ™‚
 21:55:06  kathycassidy : I love the "wired Wednesday" idea.
 21:55:31  PeggyG : good night East coast folks πŸ™‚ Just about dinner time in AZ
 21:55:41  Durff : maria does not need sleep
 21:55:44  Durff : no beauty sleep for maria
 21:55:50  joserodriguez : @hopeastor.. don’t forget to tweet it…
 21:56:02  mbteach : @pnaugle you could have your former students speak about their experience w/you to prove to their teachers it’s worth the time
 21:56:15  PeggyG : that would be a great link to share Alice!!
 21:56:30  Alice Mercer : There is also an elluminate on
 21:56:36  plnaugle : I also am putting up a challenge to see which grade level with get all teachers to become Discovery STAR educators first since my district pays for streaming.
 21:56:53  hopeastor : @joserodriguez oh yes always tweeting πŸ˜‰
 21:57:45  plnaugle : MaryBeth I plan on having my former students at Wired Wednesdays to help the teachers.
 21:57:59  PeggyG : who was it that used a little blog button on their site about the blog being a draft/work in progress? I love that!
 21:58:01  mbteach : @plnaugle Great! Keep us posted.
 21:58:03  connect2jamie : Love the way you think, @plnaugle!
 21:58:29  Durff : virtually join jan
 21:58:35  jan_smith : πŸ™‚
 21:58:37  mbteach : @plnaugle I guess I could call you Paula since you’re using my ‘real’ namev:p
 21:58:44  plnaugle : THanks. Iam so excited to start school this year.
 21:58:53  aforgrave : EdubloggerCon at NECC was great!
 21:59:05  plnaugle : I hope EduBloggerCon East is streamed.
 21:59:10  PeggyG : those are great suggestions Paula!! You are such a positive ambassador!!
 21:59:20  connect2jamie : There is a BLC netvibes page
 21:59:21  plnaugle : Thank you Peggy.
 21:59:52  MariaK :
 21:59:58  PeggyG : I was wondering about streaming from EBC East–they are charging for the event and didn’t see anything about the streaming
 22:00:08  jan_smith : I am soooo greatful that you came today–thank you, thank you!
 22:00:17  PeggyG : hooray for the co-conveners!!!!!!
 22:00:35  tearoof : goodnight all
 22:00:39  PeggyG : k12onlineconference is my favorite conference!!
 22:00:41  Alice Mercer : is there audio?
 22:00:50  plnaugle : Goodnight @tearoom.
 22:01:08  jan_smith : Good night tearoof
 22:01:21  aforgrave : @Lindseyb16’s NetVibes page for BLC09
 22:01:24  PeggyG : you are all bringing some excellent new ideas for the conference! Really looking forward to it!
 22:01:42  mbteach : You can follow BLC09 on Twitter #blc09
 22:01:59  aforgrave : Am working my way through the archives for k12onlineconference this summer …
 22:02:08  connect2jamie : thanks @aforgrave! i couldn’t find the link!
 22:02:25  errin : Great session! Thanks!
 22:02:28  PeggyG : I still go back to the archives for the conference over the past couple of years! awesome resources!!
 22:02:28  jan_smith : Thanks ETT
 22:02:30  aforgrave : πŸ™‚
 22:02:38  connect2jamie : Thanks all! It was a good session! 
 22:02:40  paulandersen : Thanks for the talk. 
 22:02:41  mbteach : Thanks everyone!
 22:02:46  plnaugle : @aforgave I’ve listened to many of the archived sessions from past k12online conferences.
 22:02:48  kcaise : have a great night all. congrats again k12online co-conveners
 22:03:01  aforgrave : Thanks, everyone!
 22:03:01  plnaugle : Thank you to everyone.
 22:03:07  jan_smith : πŸ™‚
 22:03:09  PeggyG : what a motivating session!! thanks everyone!! It’s exciting to be surrounded by such enthusiastic teachers!!
 22:03:09  kcaise : hope you saw the write up in the newsletter jose and maria
 22:03:11  Durff : thank you all for coming
 22:03:16  plnaugle : Great discussions as always.
 22:03:17  Lauara : Thank you!
 22:03:45  paulandersen : Sometime on a Monday πŸ™‚
 22:03:45  PeggyG : see you next time πŸ™‚
 22:03:51  shannonlibrarian : Night!
 22:03:55  aforgrave :
 22:03:58  PeggyG : we know where to find the ETT calendar πŸ™‚
 22:04:05  plnaugle : Good night everyone.
 22:04:10  Durff : nitght
 22:04:11  PeggyG : night all
 22:04:13  kcaise : thanks for posting that link andy
 22:04:14  joserodriguez : bye
 22:04:15  mbteach : Goodnight all
 22:04:17  kcaise : thanks all and have a wonderful night!


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