EdTechWeekly #169

EdTechWeekly #169 

September 26, 2010

Guest Host: Camilla Elliott

Dave and Jen welcome guest host Camilla Elliott, Teacher/Librarian from Melbourne, Australia, to continue the new format for EdTechWeekly that offers a deeper look into a smaller number of topics. This week, the discussion focuses on the following:

  • Dave’s Link: http://www.change.org/petitions/view/letter_to_nbc_news_protesting_the_one-sided_presentation_of_education_nation
  • Jen’s
    Link: There is NO way Jen can pass up speaking with our guest host
    about e-books in education!!! Here is a post Camilla recently made on
    her blog ( http://edubeacon.com/ ) sharing a discussion on the topic of e-books see -> http://edubeacon.com/?p=418
    Questions for Camilla … Where are we now vs where should / could we
    be with regard to e-books and e-publications in education? Are we near
    an e-publication vs print tipping point? What are the primary road
    blocks to e-distribution of library content (copyright? DRM /
    distribution rights? hardware?) Is there a e-delivery model you see as
    most viable?
  • Camilla Elliott: Google Earth is a powerful tool for learning that provides a level of perspective to learning. Google Lit Trips developed by Jerome Burg and Google Lit Expeditions
    by Thomas Cooper are two sites that extend the use of Google Earth. A
    page of resources to support the use of these tools is available on my Linking for Learning wiki. For schools where GE is a problem, Dr Alice Christie has created Google Treksusing the simpler Google Maps which offers options for learning across the curriculum from Kindergarten to Adult. Attention is also drawn to the British Youth of Today project: Plugged in, untapped: using digital technologies to help young people learn to lead. This is a project dedicated to enabling and inspiring young people to lead positive social change. Resources for Victorian students and educators is accessible to all – FUSE portal – content is growing rapidly.

Join us for next week’s guest Elizabeth Helfant, Instructional Technologist with Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School.

Wiki Agenda

Chat log below

18:50:01 doris3m -> Greetings.. smiles

18:50:41 JenM -> hello!

18:50:46 Sara Douglas -> Hello from California!

18:50:48 dave -> Hi there

18:52:28 JenM -> special guest tonight Camilla Elliott

18:54:14 JenM -> http://edubeacon.com/?page_id=2

18:56:06 doris3m -> Hola from Venezuela!!! 

18:58:47 tim -> afternoon

19:00:26 dave -> https://edtechtalk.net:8000/listen.pls you can click this to listen

19:00:38 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! I’m finally able to connect live during your show! πŸ™‚ So great to have you back!

19:00:50 JenM -> hi, all! glad you could join us tonight!

19:00:54 tim -> School holidays for me in NZ!

19:01:11 tim -> so an opportunity to listen in on a few more edtechtalks.

19:01:11 PeggyG -> Did any of you participate in the Connected Principal webinar this afternoon?

19:01:44 doris3m -> yes..:) 

19:01:58 doris3m -> really inspiring..

19:02:06 PeggyG -> http://www.connectedprincipals.com/  very exciting conversation! looking forward to the monthly meetings πŸ™‚

19:03:47 PeggyG -> I like the new, fun conversational format with guest hosts πŸ™‚

19:04:02 PeggyG -> welcome Camilla!!!

19:04:02 dave -> http://www.change.org/petitions/view/letter_to_nbc_news_protesting_the_one-sided_presentation_of_education_nation

19:04:03 JenM -> Here are the show notes … http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly169

19:04:05 doris3m -> evening here, too

19:05:01 camillaelliott -> Thanks Peggy.

19:07:39 tim -> Re: Education Nation panel – didn’t the University of Phoenix sponsor the LeBron announcement?

19:08:06 dave -> @tim i hadn’t noticed that 

19:09:13 JenM -> http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g6iEn0B3gQlL6dXO9upCcyt1GyOQD9IFAJQ80

19:10:24 tim -> Yep – U of Phoenix did sponsor LeBron’s decision announcement, I didn’t realise they were a big online chain of education services

19:10:59 tim -> NZ govt has implemented “national standards” this year

19:13:41 dave -> @tim how is that going?

19:14:40 tim -> @dave. not well – they were a political agenda – no educational basis in them at all 

19:14:52 dave -> @tim there rarely are.

19:15:18 tim -> designed to “raise student achievement” – but in reality all they do is identify students we already know are failing…

19:15:57 JenM -> http://www.educationnation.com/ 

19:16:20 PeggyG -> https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/pages/Teacher.aspx

19:16:37 tim -> govt has set aside approx 35mill to help those identified as “failing” – which works out at $60 per student….

19:17:15 PeggyG -> wow tim! can’t do much with $60 per student!

19:18:11 tim -> @Peggy – indeed. but the standards are a political agenda, so we have to try and play the game as teachers

19:19:44 tim -> Re: education nation – I’m reminded of Ken Robinson’s comment about education – everyone has an opinion – and everyone is an “expert”, because everyone has had one.

19:20:41 dave -> http://stager.tv/blog/?p=1442

19:21:12 dave -> link above ^

19:23:25 Connie Sitterley -> Hi everyone-sorry to be late

19:23:34 dave -> we’re never on time

19:23:39 dave -> you’re doing just fine

19:24:05 JenM ->  http://edubeacon.com/?p=418

19:28:34 PeggyG -> I’ve lost my audio–did anyone else?

19:28:46 Connie Sitterley -> It was gone but it is back now

19:28:49 alanadianne -> Yes Peggy, but it’s back now

19:29:01 dave -> sorry… not sure what i did.

19:29:23 Connie Sitterley -> It has been rebuffering a lot tonight

19:29:33 PeggyG -> yeah! mine’s back too πŸ™‚

19:30:12 dave -> huh

19:38:52 Connie Sitterley -> Several ed tech folks use lulu for publishing

19:39:20 PeggyG -> lulu is very efficient! David Warlick publishes his books on lulu πŸ™‚

19:39:33 tim -> orgs like wikieducator are doing some great work in online textbook/course content

19:39:37 PeggyG -> Jeff Utecht recently published his book on lulu too

19:39:48 JenM -> Google Lit Tips .. http://www.googlelittrips.org/

19:40:05 PeggyG -> I love the links you have included in the notes about Google Earth Camilla!!

19:40:27 PeggyG -> Alice Christie is one of my colleagues at Arizona State University. We’re both retired now but her Google Treks site is amazing!

19:40:44 PeggyG -> http://googletreks.org/

19:40:54 tim -> Or Connexions – cnx.org

19:41:01 Connie Sitterley -> A Social Studies teacher in my past district was creating many of his “units” within Google Earth

19:42:00 PeggyG -> there are so many creative things you can do to engage learners using Google Earth! Such a powerful tool for all subject areas–not just science or geography πŸ™‚

19:42:24 PeggyG -> many of them were created by Jerome Burg

19:42:56 PeggyG -> anyone can create google lit trips and Jerome encourages people to create and share them on his site

19:44:00 PeggyG -> teachers who have access to Discovery Streaming can embed video clips with citations into their google lit trips right in google earth!

19:44:23 Connie Sitterley -> Our area of rural PA has only recently become a part of the detailed options in Google Earth-Kindergarten teachers are using it for neighborhood walk prep

19:44:38 PeggyG -> that’s a great use Connie!!!

19:45:11 PeggyG -> it can provide some amazing virtual field trips–even right there in their own neighborhoods and communities

19:45:38 JenM -> Google Trek … http://googletreks.org/

19:46:05 Connie Sitterley -> A high school teacher is combining Google Earth with geocaching to develop studies for community history

19:46:15 PeggyG -> yes her google treks are fantastic! she debuted them at our AZ tech conference last May

19:47:43 PeggyG -> Alice has also done some incredible things with geocaching and GPS: http://www.alicechristie.org/geocaching/

19:48:23 PeggyG -> I love Thomas Cooper’s expeditions because they focus on science and math expeditions while still incorporating literature πŸ™‚

19:48:24 JenM -> Plugged in .. http://www.youngfoundation.org/publications/reports/plugged-untapped-using-digital-technologies-help-young-people-learn-lead-septem

19:50:22 JenM -> PDF from Plugged in … http://www.youngfoundation.org/files/images/Plugged_in_FINAL.pdf

19:50:55 JenM -> PDF 2 from Plugged In … http://www.youngfoundation.org/our-work/youth-leadership/youth-leadership

19:51:30 PeggyG -> I wish we could get these full links to display in the chat logs that are archived. Is there a way, Dave?

19:51:53 dave -> @peggyg not sure… can’t think of a way here

19:52:04 PeggyG -> fabulous conversation with explanation!!! love it!

19:52:34 PeggyG -> the show notes are VERY helpful!!!

19:52:59 tim -> What’s really tough – is comparing this reality of digital tech/student led learning/real collaboration, with the EducationNation/standards based model

19:53:56 PeggyG -> @tim–that could be the topic for a whole session!! πŸ™‚

19:54:23 Connie Sitterley -> @tim-agreed

19:54:44 JenM -> Camilla’s Blog … http://edubeacon.com/

19:55:29 PeggyG -> This is another excellent link from Alice Christie about planning for virtual field trips. Wonderful resources! http://www.alicechristie.org/search/trips.html

19:55:52 PeggyG -> I like the term “on my radar” πŸ™‚ nice Diigo feed!

19:56:06 Connie Sitterley -> @Jen-so there is a way to do that fast-paced links party-we just do it ourselves in your and Daves’ voices…

19:56:09 PeggyG -> that’s what I do also–bookmark in Diigo to feed back into Delicious

19:56:36 PeggyG -> drip feed πŸ™‚ wonderful visual…

19:57:39 PeggyG -> it’s better to do it the other way–start in Diigo and feed into Delicious πŸ™‚

19:57:53 PeggyG -> this has been fantastic! Thank you Camilla!!!

19:58:10 tim -> Cheers for the two google links – new ones for me

19:58:26 Connie Sitterley -> Great discussion-thanks Camilla-appreciate the info and the links

19:58:48 PeggyG -> love the new format Jen and Dave!!! Thanks!

19:58:53 PeggyG -> Helfant

19:59:01 Connie Sitterley -> Thanks to Jen and Dave also

19:59:05 PeggyG -> she will be a fantastic guest host!

19:59:19 sroseman -> Thank you, Camilla!

19:59:21 PeggyG -> see you next week!

19:59:52 tim -> Cheers guys – thanks very much

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