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EdTechWeekly #141

November 1, 2009

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Chat Log Below

[18:02] matt-montagne> I gotta say the chat is zippy
[18:02] PeggyG> audio is in ETT-A and not ustream
[18:02] matt-montagne> no JL tonight??
[18:02] matt-montagne> anyone have an update on JL??
[18:03] etdave> http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=edtechtalk
[18:03] techyturner> πŸ™
[18:04] Guest88348> Does anyone know why the name gets changed to guest and how to change that?
[18:04] PeggyG> no squeaky chair tonight (from JL)
[18:04] matt-montagne> good work on the new chat!!
[18:05] matt-montagne> don’t tell the youth that πŸ˜‰
[18:05] Jenm_> Twitter Lists: http://davetroy.com/?p=644 … and … http://listorious.com/lists/top
[18:05] matt-montagne> are there admin controls??
[18:05] matt-montagne> to keep the trolls out??
[18:05] PeggyG> that’s hilarious!!! who can remember that??
[18:05] Sharon> oh super cool
[18:05] jackiegerstein> Where is the voice?
[18:05] matt-montagne> ahh, no remediation for trolls…
[18:05] Guest88348> First feedback – how can you log in with a name?
[18:06] Guest88348> Instead of guest
[18:06] PeggyG> audio is on ETT-A
[18:06] matt-montagne> dave, I put you on a nice list πŸ™‚
[18:06] jackiegerstein> Found it Thanks Peggy – thought ustream is used
[18:06] scottshelhart> Hmmm  Not sure what is going on with the chat.  New software?
[18:06] Sharon> yes, Jen…. like that
[18:06] Sharon> new chat yes
[18:07] Guest80402> What about people who protect their tweets?  If I follow list, will I get theirs w/out them having to approve me?
[18:07] Sharon> Dave totally agree with you
[18:07] Guest1115> Book of Odds: http://www.bookofodds.com
[18:07] scottshelhart> Trial run or perm. change?   Din’t care for it.
[18:07] Guest80402> From Sarah H not guest.
[18:08] matt-montagne> I guess it is a way to bundle up a list of folks…then you can point people to that list.
[18:08] etdave> http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdY6WUNA7GnbZGZ0aGhqeDNfMGNmNndwcWhn&pli=1
[18:09] PeggyG> what’s the liklihood of our browser crashing during this webcast??? πŸ™‚
[18:09] @JohnS_> 1:1 if you’re sharon.
[18:09] PeggyG> wonder what bookofodds would say?
[18:09] Sharon> @scott trial run…. some of us were having crashes issues
[18:10] Sharon> I sort of disagree…. just sort of ….. some interesting conversations
[18:10] scottshelhart> @sharon – OK, I understand.  This looks more like a 80’s BBS than a chat room.
[18:10] matt-montagne> I would agree with that…google wave just isn’t that compelling right now…
[18:10] jackiegerstein> CogDogBlogged: Pissing on the Wave http://bit.ly/ijMKz
[18:10] Sharon> but Wave is admittedly vyer buggy
[18:10] Cathy> Still waiting for my WAVE invite
[18:10] Jenm_> create your own handwriting font: http://www.fontcapture.com/
[18:11] PeggyG> there’s a nice Educause description of Google Wave with pros/cons
[18:11] Sharon> @Cathy – I have some invitations
[18:11] Guest1115> Introducing Google Docs to the Class: http://tbarrett.edublogs.org/2009/10/21/introducing-google-docs-to-the-class/
[18:11] scottshelhart> @jen  I have  a few invites left…
[18:11] PeggyG> http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7055.pdf  PDF download from Educause re Google Wave
[18:12] matt-montagne> lots of happening with google during hte upcoming week…Android powered Droid phone hits market on Friday
[18:12] Guest1115> AHS Google Forms: http://sites.google.com/site/ahsgform/
[18:13] matt-montagne> It is totally cool how you can make a document public, allow anyone to edit that document without having to invite them…that is cool
[18:13] Cathy> I am so glad to know that 10/50 rule
[18:13] etdave> http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.org/blog/2009/10/
[18:13] Cathy> I learn something here every week πŸ™‚
[18:13] techyturner> Got to go!
[18:15] PeggyG> that link didn’t open for me
[18:15] Jenm_> Hackingtoshing: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/10/22/psystars-rebel-efi-allows-you-to-install-mac-os-x-on-any-pc-no-crazy-hackintoshing-required/
[18:16] PeggyG> refreshed and tried again and the accreditedonlinecolleges link worked
[18:16] malikrichardson> Wow… I havent been on an IRC channel for years…
[18:17] Guest1115> Mozilla tries to build the ultimate in-box: Raindrop: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-10382208-264.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20
[18:17] matt-montagne> I heard some of the iLife apps don’t work on hackingtosh
[18:17] Guest1115> Introducing Raindrop: http://mozillalabs.com/raindrop/
[18:17] Lorna> no smileys!!
[18:18] etdave> http://www.openculture.com/2009/06/intelligent_video_the_top_cultural_and_educational_video_sites.html
[18:19] Lorna_> imagine 2 lornas
[18:19] PeggyG> I really like that we can copy/paste the text from this chat!
[18:19] Sharon> this IRC is simple, straightforward and just plain works
[18:19] Sharon> (unlike Wave)
[18:19] Jenm_> Openness Report: http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/2009/10/draft-report-on-openness-in-higher-ed.html … and … http://www.arl.org/sparc/bm~doc/dcc_opennessedu_10-19.pdf
[18:20] etdave> she read the title
[18:20] etdave> you too could read a title… i would love to see more of her phd program
[18:21] Guest1115> Ninite: http://ninite.com/
[18:21] Guest88348> .
[18:22] matt-montagne> ninite work for mac and pc??
[18:22] etdave> http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10379074-2.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20
[18:22] matt-montagne> WOW….that is AWESOME JS!
[18:22] Guest1115> pc only, I think, Matt.
[18:23] matt-montagne> crud
[18:23] Sheila> Ninite runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and works in the background 100% hands-free.
[18:23] matt-montagne> double crud
[18:24] Jenm_> Screenshot Tiny Grab: http://www.tinygrab.com/
[18:24] matt-montagne> i agree…that mobile theme is awesome
[18:24] matt-montagne> so so so easy to install too
[18:25] what> this chat is weird
[18:25] what> and I just today explained to a bunch how to use the old chat
[18:25] Guest1115> Eight billion minutes spent on Facebook daily: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10380427-36.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20
[18:25] Guest1115> More Facebook Stats: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
[18:26] Lorna_> I found it comes installed on the mac
[18:26] matt-montagne> http://peace.facebook.com Facebook’s peace dot page
[18:26] matt-montagne> http://peace.pbworks.com pbworks’ peace dot page
[18:26] PeggyG> you can do that on a Mac with a keyboard command
[18:26] what> who are all these anon guests? couldn’t all be dave
[18:27] matt-montagne> care2’s peace dot page: http://www.care2.com/peace
[18:27] etdave> http://www.dailyseoblog.com/2009/03/10-twitter-tools-to-effectively-manage-your-followers/
[18:27] Lorna_> is the chat function the new look for ETT?
[18:27] Cathy> I have a fan page for my school- it is the best way to update parents
[18:27] dem> many people are farming on facebook
[18:28] PeggyG> @Matt-using those links as one of my WOWs of Week tonight πŸ™‚ peace…
[18:28] matt-montagne> check the rest of the early peace dot partners out at: http://peace.stanford.edu/ (including couch surfing)…
[18:28] jackiegerstein> 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom http://bit.ly/SzvnQ
[18:28] Lorna_> @Cathy what a great idea
[18:28] stlouisohio> just got here running a little late, first time since i updated to windows 7 and now  no sound…. suggestions anyone?
[18:28] PeggyG> click on audio under ETT-A
[18:28] matt-montagne> Follow the peace dot movement at http://twitter.com/peacedot to learn more about how you can get your org involved… getting involved is really, really easy
[18:28] matt-montagne> @peggy…awesome!
[18:29] what> is there a Twitter app that lists international educators on Twitter?
[18:29] what> that was me
[18:29] Sharon> Aw…. Dave… I’m not always so mirthful
[18:29] matt-montagne> @jackie…the tide is turning on facebook as a useful educational platform…
[18:29] Jenm_> deepdyve Rent a Journal Article (YUCK): http://www.deepdyve.com/
[18:29] stlouisohio> nevermind working now
[18:30] dem> I agree,,,what’s the big deal….why would you want to figure it out
[18:31] dem> public libraries have many more free data bases now. even in PEI
[18:32] Guest1115> 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom: http://www.smartteaching.org/blog/2008/08/50-ways-to-use-wikis-for-a-more-collaborative-and-interactive-classroom/
[18:32] matt-montagne> most people aren’t there yet Jen…
[18:32] Jenm_> @matt … yes … (sigh)
[18:33] Guest1115> Setting up and Introducing a Collaborative Student Math Wiki: http://langwitches.org/blog/2009/10/20/setting-up-and-introducing-a-collaborative-student-math-wiki/
[18:33] matt-montagne> @jen…it is really, really difficult to get people to even author in something beside word…they don’t quite see the value in sharing, open-ness, hyperlinked writing, etc…
[18:33] what> here’s a collaborative wiki = http://flatclassroom09-3.flatclassroomproject.org/
[18:34] etdave> http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/routledg/caeh/2008/00000033/00000004/art00002
[18:34] what> which could, btw, use expert advisors, soundingboards, and judges
[18:34] matt-montagne> a stanford student’s thoughts (I used to teach her back in middle school) on web 2.0…please know that there is a bad word here: http://twitter.com/cwernecke/status/4882876895
[18:35] matt-montagne> audio low dave
[18:35] Sharon> Dave is coming in way too soft
[18:35] what> dave turn up sound
[18:35] Sharon> I have to strain to hear him…..
[18:35] dem> dave is whispering 
[18:35] stlouisohio> turn it up a little
[18:35] Guest88348> Dave is not his usual self
[18:35] stlouisohio> there you go
[18:35] kcaise> is he afraid for us to hear what he is saying? lol
[18:35] what> ?
[18:36] what> because it is so rhizomatic
[18:36] Sharon> Dave is not distracted….
[18:36] Jenm_> signappnow.com: http://www.signappnow.com/
[18:36] Lorna_> 45 sec??
[18:36] kcaise> sure dave, we understand
[18:36] Guest1115> might be 30. He doesn’t really know.
[18:37] Jenm_> http://gopollgo.com/
[18:37] matt-montagne> GREAT article on math instruction that I stumbled upon this week via twitter: http://www.aps.org/publications/apsnews/200910/backpage.cfm
[18:37] dem> It shows that we care Dave
[18:37] matt-montagne> That article gets at the crux of the problem with math instruction here in the US
[18:37] etdave> thanks guys πŸ™‚
[18:37] Guest1115> Digital Storytelling: http://couros.wikispaces.com/digitalstorytelling
[18:38] matt-montagne> I love how easy it is to copy>paste the text from this chat
[18:39] what> still liking the way the other chat looked
[18:39] matt-montagne> but I do have to say that this chat isn’t very social…ie, it doesn’t really support back and forth conversation
[18:39] Sharon> You know Sharon’s vote
[18:39] what> no i don
[18:39] Guest80402> nope!
[18:39] jackiegerstein> Need a chat without a delay
[18:39] Lorna_> old chat
[18:39] what> i like the old one
[18:39] PeggyG> it’s also lots easier to copy/paste links in this chat
[18:39] Guest88348> Some of us can’t log in with their name – changes to guest – any reason?
[18:39] Lorna_> no smileys
[18:39] jackiegerstein> I like how easy this is to copy/paste links
[18:39] kcaise> me either. i prefer the older version
[18:39] matt-montagne> the old one was bad…but we do need a more social UI that promotes conversation
[18:39] stlouisohio> not sure yet, i think that this isnt bad. it does seem to run all the tect together
[18:39] matt-montagne> I just don’t think this tool supports dialogue
[18:39] Sheila> It’s fine. Only big difference is when I click on a link it only opens one new tab and all the links are in that tab.
[18:39] PeggyG> I’m liking this one!!
[18:40] dem> can text be double spaced? hard to read
[18:40] kcaise> no colors!!
[18:40] Guest88348> Old chat!
[18:40] Lorna_> πŸ™‚
[18:40] matt-montagne> Can the time stamps be turned off
[18:40] csitterley> It seems fine-does the job and gets the info shared
[18:40] matt-montagne> the UI is busy Dave
[18:40] Sharon> How do I send a private msg?
[18:40] Lorna_> I can’t see who is typing
[18:40] matt-montagne> it is really, really busy
[18:40] what> i msg’d him twice
[18:40] Sheila> Can this window float?
[18:40] stlouisohio> agreed really really busy
[18:40] kcaise> text size is small
[18:40] what> dialogue means two
[18:40] Lorna_> lots of text when some new signs in
[18:41] Guest88348> How can you log in with your name – don’t want to be a guest!
[18:41] matt-montagne> the time stamp is obnoxious
[18:41] Cathy> Testing color
[18:41] Lorna_> no back ground colour
[18:41] stlouisohio> well thats a little better
[18:41] stlouisohio> for color naming
[18:41] Sharon> okay
[18:41] Sheila> okay
[18:42] Guest80402> I don’t like everything starting with a time stamp–hard to skim down the chat
[18:42] stlouisohio> any other tricks or tips that might back it better for the users
[18:42] Sharon> hmmm
[18:42] jackiegerstein> who won the game?
[18:42] what> dave look under options
[18:42] dem> I have color now,,many options in top right corner
[18:42] Guest80402> and I hat being a guest because it took me too long to "identify" and I didn’t want to leave the audio to try again.
[18:42] what> I changed chat color to pink
[18:42] stlouisohio> anti-time stamp
[18:43] Sheila> @what – your name is colored for me
[18:43] Guest88348> Explain how you prvent from being a "guest"
[18:43] what> you can take them out
[18:43] what> when you get the chat in email
[18:43] what> or options
[18:43] matt_montagne> when people come into the room you see a bunch of ugly text
[18:43] jackiegerstein> What are you using for WOE tonight?
[18:43] awesomedude> i am awesome dude
[18:43] what> anti time stamp?
[18:43] matt_montagne> I left because I got locked out
[18:43] dem> I am seeing everyone color coded…does everyone have color now?
[18:43] jackiegerstein> no
[18:44] PeggyG> we’re using this chat for WOW tonight too
[18:44] Sharon> Wow, Dave can lock people out in this new chat?
[18:44] jackiegerstein> k
[18:44] Lorna_> there is private messaging
[18:44] what> matt is angry
[18:44] Sarah> How
[18:44] Sarah> What does it mean by 30 seconds?
[18:44] mrsdurff> hey
[18:44] mrsdurff> it workds
[18:44] matt_montagne> nope, not angry…just ‘sayin this isn’t going to work for most newbies…
[18:44] matt_montagne> LOL
[18:44] mrsdurff> and i can’t typoe
[18:44] Guest85381> What happens in 30 seconds?  I have to contribute as soon as I get in or I lose my name??
[18:44] mrsdurff> let’s all become matt
[18:44] Guest85381> nope–it’s not that, now I’ve lost my name again.
[18:44] really> hjey
[18:44] stlouisohio> Ohio
[18:44] DaveC> If it’s using a public IRC server, couldn’t we use any IRC client?
[18:44] kcaise> can someone take my nickname?
[18:45] sowhoami> hey
[18:45] Lorna_> I was able to login with 2 different browsers
[18:45] stlouisohio> lol
[18:45] sowhoami> this is fun
[18:45] Guest85381> I’m willing to "identify," but I don’t know how!
[18:45] Sheila> But knowing how to find the options helps! Could put a note on the top to check out options.
[18:45] matt_montagne> I really, really dig the speed of this tool…and I’m not sayin’ the old one is any better…I do think we need to keep looking
[18:45] kcaise> type /nic  and then the name you want to show
[18:45] sowhoami> guest type "/nick yourname" without the quotes
[18:45] Guest38131> hello
[18:45] matt_montagne> I wish chatzy could be embedded in a web page
[18:45] sowhoami has changed nick to iamnotalurker
[18:45] iamnotalurker> see?
[18:46] iamnotalurker> everyone now
[18:46] Guest85381> I did that–got the 30 seconds comment
[18:46] NotStNick> hello
[18:46] kcaise> the big red guy is ‘nick’
[18:46] Guest85381> But now, I can’t have my name back, because it is already "in use"
[18:46] stlouisohio> this isnt as bad once we were able to tell that we are able to change colors and use that as an easier way to keep track of different users
[18:46] NotStNick> this is too fun
[18:46] GaryM> hmm
[18:46] NotStNick> it does work
[18:47] dem> double space and it will be much better,,really
[18:47] thisdoeswork> but can all access this?
[18:47] thisdoeswork> that is the big question
[18:47] thisdoeswork> yes a tutorial
[18:47] matt_montagne> agreed…it is worth pushing things and trying…I got bounced because I was toggling the options and changed something that prevented me from texting
[18:47] thisdoeswork> i like jen’s idea
[18:47] Lorna_> for sure copy paste very easy
[18:47] thisdoeswork> can you have admins?
[18:48] matt_montagne> and all of the text can easily by copied>pasted
[18:48] matt_montagne> safari kicks you out when you click link in add on chat…
[18:48] thisdoeswork> what if room is spammed?
[18:48] wingsonwater03> wow, new chat room interface.
[18:48] thisdoeswork> i want to know about admins?
[18:48] thisdoeswork> oh pooh
[18:48] matt_montagne> how about using ustream’s chat??
[18:48] matt_montagne> yopu can embed ustream’s chat
[18:48] dem> can links be cut for later???  i couldn’t do that in old format??
[18:48] thisdoeswork> what if the room is swarmed ?
[18:49] Lorna_> what about chat logs?
[18:49] matt_montagne> I don’t know how to archive ustream chat tho
[18:49] wingsonwater03> πŸ™‚
[18:49] thisdoeswork> not your shows
[18:49] thisdoeswork> of course

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