EdTechTalk#45 – A Tour of Second Life


May 14, 2006

Dave (Coarsesalt Warrygal) & Jeff (Meno Rich) are joined by Jason Robertshaw (Calamari Ricardo) and Doug Symington (Cosmo Commons) for a tour around Second Life, the fascinating virtual environment we can’t stop talking about. We visit several education related spaces and discuss the educational possibilities for this kind of virtual environment. Video clips of our field trip will be uploading soon to EdTechTalk.com and Meno Rich’s Worldbridges Media Center.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



3 thoughts on “EdTechTalk#45 – A Tour of Second Life”

  1. Finding land in Secondlife
    When searching for Worldbridges in Secondlife, Im unable to find your land. What should I be searching for in order to teleport over to you guys?

    • Finding Meno’s
      Hello Shane,

      You should be able to find Meno’s Worldbridges Webcastatorium by clicking Find/(places tab) and searching for ‘worldbridges’, ‘meno’, or ‘webcast’.

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