EdTechTalk#21 – Show Notes


Do you have some EdTech News you’d like to share?.  Post it in the EdTech ChatRoom and we’ll include it in the ‘News portion’ of the show..

BlackWeb – Blackboard buys WebCT

Rssowl.org – Jeff’s new Newsreader

Open Source vs. Closed Source ‘proprietary’ software sent in by Kathy Malsbenden

OpenOffice.org’s latest update includes a database that matches Microsoft’s popular and competing Access database, experts say.


http://video.search.yahoo.com for new video Ipods

Tom Friedman Video

Drexel to give away Video Ipods

According to “Drexel U. to Hand Out Video-Playing? iPods,” a post from The Wired Campus Blog – the blog maintained by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Drexel University was already game just 2 days after Job’s announcement:

“Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the latest version of its popular music player, a model that can play videos on its tiny color screen. And already, officials at Drexel University say they’ve come up with a plan to give the devices to the 33 students enrolled in their online master’s program in higher education. …

According to William Lynch, the school (of Education)’s director: Students, he says, will be asked to edit their own research journal using podcasting technology.”

Earlier today, Dan Karleen from Syndication for Higher Ed asked the right questions in a post judicially titled “Drexel gives away more iPods, but for what?”

Trojan Targets Skype Users

Flock.comDeveloper Preview released


From John – What are your plans to mix and match regular (not skype) telephone with the streams with things like….

Mr. Conference


From ElderBob – Is there a way to bridge Skype and Gizmo.  IE.  Can I call in to Skype and then make that call a participant in a gizmo conference?    What is your thought?

Webcasting Resources Update

For Mac – Nicecast by RogueAmoeba

Easier options for Windows & Linux – OddCast by Oddsock

Haven’t overcome the need for USB mic & Virtual Audio Cables yet.

Featured Discussion

Thoughts about Synchronous Online presentations (webcasts) – One Way, Two Way, What Way?


Oct. 24, 6:45-7:45 p.m. GMT Chris Jones Speaking Online Using Voice Technology

6-12 November 2005 -Den Nordiske Stemme-  Free online conference

Nov. 11-12 – Portable Media Expo & Podcasting Conference

Nov. 18-19 – The Webheads Bridges Across Cyberspace

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