EdTechTalk #16 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk #16 Chat Transcript

[dave] hi jeff

bcgstanley has joined the chat.

[bcgstanley] Hi

[dave] greetings

[dave] how goes it?

[bcgstanley] fine – you’ve made me want some coffee too now

[bcgstanley] I’m going to get some

[dave] lol

[bcgstanley] I can hear you both loud and clear

[dave] thank you

[dave] graham?

[bcgstanley] that’s right – Graham Stanley (16.00)

[dave] Where are you in spain anyway?

[bcgstanley] I’m in Barcelona

[dave] mmm…. barcelona…

[bcgstanley] normally I’m out enjoying the sun at this time…

[dave] never been… only been to salamanca

[bcgstanley] should I try the 64 kb stream?

[dave] it’s a little better… but no biggie

Daf has joined the chat.

Bee has joined the chat.

[bcgstanley] Hi again Daf! Hi Bee!

[Daf] hi Bee

[Bee] Hi there!

[Bee] This is fun

[Daf] hello everybody

[dave] hello

[Bee] Hola Graham

[Daf] let me tell you, Bee. jeff interviewed me while I was in Spain, using my cell phone

[Bee] really?

[Bee] this is fantastic

[Bee] As I am never here on Sundays I missed that

[Daf] I was by the swimming pool, having lunch with friends and no computer available

[Bee] fantastic

[bcgstanley] I’m not usually around on Sundays either

sroseman has joined the chat.

[Bee] Is this live?

Sus has joined the chat.

[Daf] yes, it is

[bcgstanley] yes Bee

[Bee] great

[sroseman] hi everyone

[Bee] :waves

[Sus] Voicemail on Skype , it is a pay service

[Sus] which file format did you say Skype voice mail is?

[dave] .dat

[Sus] sounds complicated

[dave] too complicated

[Daf] that’s interesting

[sroseman] little/minimal effort..that’s the way to go for educators

[Daf] my classes will be starting next week

[Sus] I know we were using a very easy voice mail service in teh past – what was that Daf? Tere used it with her students

[JeffLebow] http://hem.fyristorg.com/matben/

[Daf] Wimba Horizon, sus

[Daf] also Handybits

[Sus] ah, yes, handybits!

Dennis has joined the chat.

[Bee] handy bits

[Daf] I have used both with my students

[Sus] Wimba voicemail is not free

[Dennis] Hi, folks.

[Daf] but you can use the demo

[Daf] hi Dennis ๐Ÿ™‚

[Dennis] I’m here, but I have to take a bathroom break.

[Daf] I just had a coffee break

[Bee] is Skype windows only? Do not think so

[Sus] Skype is also for mac’

[Sus] but with less features

[sroseman] yes Skype is for the MAc

[bcgstanley] I have a friend I Skype with and he uses a Mac

[Bee] Aaron is on a Mac

[Sus] no no

[JeffLebow] http://share.skype.com/directory/

[Bee] and I talk to him on Skype

[sroseman] I am using it with a G5..latest mac with system x

[JeffLebow] http://share.skype.com/directory/persony_vshow_professional/view/

dave has left the chat.

[Sus] I can login to Skype from either mac or Windows – but we used to have a problem with Skype group conference

[Sus] that’s where the revenue for Skype comesin, the pay services

[Daf] math is not my field

[sroseman] ditto

[Daf] I need to have a calculator to be able to add 2 + 2 :-))

[Sus] vSkype beta is still free – webcam conference

[bcgstanley] I’ve had a 3-way Skype conference call and 2 people were on a Mac

[bcgstanley] Have you tried the webcam facility Sus?

[Sus] Elluminate can use some Math feures

[Sus] features

[Sus] yes, you would need teh very latest version for mac

[Sus] many people have not yet updated

[Daf] I have a participant in my TESOL PP104 who teaches math and would like to hear about math applications on the WEb

[Sus] Nick Noakes is also using mac on Skype

[sroseman] I am using a curent system on the latest MAC..can’t do this on my old G3

[sroseman] current

[Sus] yes Susan, you would probably need at least system 10.3.9

[Dennis] I’ve used Skype on a Mac to contact Jeff LeB.

Dennis has left the chat.

[sroseman] sort of a jigsaw grouping, David and Jeff

Bee has left the chat.

Bee has joined the chat.

Dennis has joined the chat.

[Daf] wb, Bee and Dennis

[Dennis] Thanks. I hit the wrong button again.

[sroseman] why not coordinate it with the tappedin mini expos!!

[Dennis] Moving directly to forums can be done, but it requires a lot of managing by the teacher.

[Daf] I use Yahoo Messenger, because the Moodle chat is very rudimentary

[Sus] Moodle chat is slowly updating

[Dennis] Sounds like the project being described will take a lot of management.

[Bee] I cannot use instant messenger at school

[Bee] blocked

[Daf] I have won my struggle for that, Bee

[Daf] my students discuss ideas and to group work in YM

[Bee] we may have it next year…when they switch to XP

[Daf] then they share their chatlogs in the forum with the other grooups

Sus has left the chat.

Sus has joined the chat.

dave has joined the chat.

[Dennis] It’s not blocked at my school, but my school is heavily Blackboard-entrenchedรƒโ€˜and getting students away from Blackboard . . .

[Dennis] is a challenge.

[Bee] right

[sroseman] instant messenger is not allowed at our schools I believe

[Sus] and. Balckboard is a challenge in itself

[Dennis] Hear, hear!

[Bee] we managed to have Tappedin…it’s true

[sroseman] There is is a mini expo in TI in October..Novemeber is a better date..contact BjB

[Daf] I cannot get to the Tapped In chat at my university because of port 8000

[Dennis] I’m doing a hybrid class and it took almost three weeks to make sure students knew how to log on . . .

[Dennis] move to different parts of the site, etc.

[Bee] just ask the technician to set it to port 8000 I managed that…

[Bee] lol

[Daf] my problem is that I use different computer labs, so they don’t want to do it

[Dennis] Not responding to every bit of work is a good point.

[Sus] you may need to have more channels, in case of these port blocks

[Dennis] But you still need to respond.

[Dennis] I do it via announcements.

[Sus] like, knowing how to find people in Tapped In in case they cannot go to the Moodle or YM

[Daf] I answer to group of messages or use the announcement forum

[Dennis] Yes, that works well, doesn’t it?

[Dennis] I’m also trying to get some students involved in blogging.

[sroseman] so students are creating the course content

[Daf] yes, I find it easier, and students like it

[Dennis] Same thing: getting them away from waiting to be told what to do isn’t easy.

[Dennis] Definitely, SR.

[Sus] I think that having too many different Moodles to follow may complicate your life

[Dennis] Yes, I find it’s motivating to students as well.

[sroseman] I need some hand holding for this project..LOL

[Daf] I love the glossary feature in Moodle

[Dennis] So would I!

[Sus] which project Sue?

[Daf] students create their own architectural glossary

[Dennis] Great idea, Daf!

[Bee] Why don’t you join our Dekita P2P Exchange? http.//dekita.org/exchange

[Daf] and I do online exercises based on that glossary

[sroseman] for this type of project, Sus

[Daf] or ask students to create their own exos

[Bee] video could be used in field trips

[Dennis] Exos???

[Daf] I need to give my students some guidelines to download their podcasts

[Daf] exos= exercises ๐Ÿ™‚

[Sus] exos = exercises

[Dennis] Ah. Thanks.

[Sus] :hugs her twin

[sroseman] would like to do this with a grade 5 spec ed class..

[bcgstanley] I can’t post photos or videos of our young learner students online, so vlogging with students is difficult

[Daf] can’t you ask parents for permission?

[bcgstanley] there’s no problem with audio

[Daf] Teresa does that

[Sus] Sue – would your students like to make video, that would be wonderful to hear more about

[sroseman] need to get student permissions

[Dennis] Yes, but Teresa always gets permission when she posts photos.

[Daf] right

[Sus] if teh kids were dressed up as monsters nobody would know them

[Daf] lol

[Dennis] dressed up as monsters: luvit!

[Sus] use face paint

[bcgstanley] that’s a great idea sus! lol

[Dennis] Or use simple masks.

[Daf] kids would love that

[Sus] dekita is a student blog exchange project

[Bee] peer to peer

[Dennis] All this talk of takeovers . . . .

[Bee] not only students

[Sus] Bee, you’re invited to call on Skype and tell us more about dekita, the call ID is Worldbridges

[Bee] I do not know how to do it…lol

[dave] go to skype.com

[dave] download and install

[JeffLebow] http://www.heymath.net/index.jsp

[dave] and then write worldbridges in the address line

[Daf] you have to download skype, first, then add worldbridges to your contacts

[dave] very easy

[Sus] just start Skype, and add a new contact called Worldbridges, and make a CALL

[Dennis] Yes, very easy indeed. Even I succeeded in downloading and using it.

[Daf] me too ๐Ÿ˜‰

[Bee] calling

[JeffLebow] http://whitepapers.zdnet.com/abstract.aspx?docid=139351&promo=200010

[Sus] Flatland

[Daf] hear Bee

[Dennis] It’s really, really nice to hear your voice, Bee!

[sroseman] clear as a bell

[Daf] that is the echo

[Daf] no delay here

[Sus] I hear Bee, a little low but definitely Bee’s voice’

[Sus] Bee- you should turn off teh audiocast

[Daf] sound is great for me

[Dennis] She’s a little low to me, also, Susรƒโ€˜but still very clear.

[Dennis] Well, she WAS. She isn’t now. Very hard to hear.

[sroseman] get closer to your mic, BEE

[Sus] Bee, pls turn up your mic vol

[Dennis] Yes, please!

[sroseman] what is the flickr or dekita url

[Bee] http://dontlettomorrowcome.blogspot.com/

elderbob has joined the chat.

[Dennis] Hi, EB.

[dave] hi bob

[elderbob] Good morning, my friends.

[Sus] http://www.dekita.org/

[elderbob] I am getting a bit of a late start.

[Sus] hiya cowboy!

[Daf] hi Bob

[Sus] hear, hear, more vol Bee

[elderbob] But it is great to get up and find this wonderful group of characters on myu screen.

[Dennis] Much better!

[sroseman] it’s ok

[Dennis] Hey, EB. Yew awl raht?

[bcgstanley] Hi Bob

[sroseman] greetings, elderbob

[elderbob] I am good, just survived my 40th high school reunion.

[Sus] bravo Bee much louder now

[sroseman] cool

[elderbob] Got in late last night and slept late this morning.

[Sus] sounds like fun bob

[Daf] hangover?

[elderbob] It was marvelouos fun, but I thought about you guys alot.

[Dennis] Where was it, EB?

[elderbob] It was in my home town, that I left 30 years ago

[Dennis] And where was that?

[elderbob] Comanche, Texas.

[Dennis] Hmm. Whereabouts is Comanche?

[elderbob] A small rural town in West Texas.

[sroseman] getting an echo, Jeff

[elderbob] Not far from Abilene, Texas.

[Dennis] It sounds as mystifying to me as Louisville, Illinois (my home town) sounds to everyone else.

[Dennis] Ah, I see.

[Bee] waves bye to everyone

[sroseman] by bee

[elderbob] Bye Bee.

[Dennis] Bye to Beeรƒโ€˜and thanks. The project sounds wonderful!

[Bee] join our mailing list and let’s talk about it

[Sus] thanks Bee

[Bee] http://lists.dekita.org/mailman/listinfo/group

[Bee] ciao

Bee has left the chat.

[Sus] Dekita was developed as a project after the EVONline 2005 session on blogs that Bee, rudolph and Aaron were facilitating

[sroseman] amazing

[Dennis] Yes, truly.

[sroseman] how do you spell that project

[Dennis] I think it’s SAKAI:

[Dennis] http://www.sakaiproject.org/

[sroseman] Thanks

[Dennis] to the speaker: Have you checked out how community colleges are using CMC?

[Sus] this means that our education will get a backlash in case the edtech is promoting a very tradional school paradigm,

[Sus] UBC has many innovators in the field of edtech, but they many not all collaborate

[sroseman] I used to use the web when it was text based!!!..way back

[sroseman] before netscape

Sus has left the chat.

Sus has joined the chat.

[Dennis] Good points (about the community colleges).

[Dennis] My district is very technology-supportive.

[Dennis] My college uses the enterprise edition of Blackboard.

[Sus] last week, I attended a session with brian Lamb and Michelle Lamberson , from UBC – their headline was something like…

[Sus] Enlivening your courses with RSS

[Dennis] Fascinating!

[Dennis] Yes, it DOES cost a lot.

[Dennis] Navigation is usually not a problem for students in Blackboard once they’re initiated into the mysteries of logging on.

[Daf] thanks a lot!

[Dennis] a belated “You’re welcome ,” SR.

[Dennis] I remember the text-based Web, too, SR.

[Dennis] I created a lot of online materials when it was still primarily text-based.

[Sus] I was happy to be with you again this Sunday

[elderbob] I am off to one of Vance’s classes….good to hear from you all…

elderbob has left the chat.

[Dennis] Likewise, EB.

[Dennis] Thanks, Jeff, for another very good session.

[Dennis] Kamsahamnida!

[Sus] Farvel og tak for idag

[Dennis] I’d like to stay longer, but I have other things to do, unfortunately.

[Dennis] Take care, Sus.

[Daf] btw, my friends in Spain were really amazed with the interview 2 sundays ago

[Dennis] Take care, SR.

[Daf] they could not believe I was being webcasted

[Dennis] Mas abrazos, Daf.

[Sus] I need to go out & cook dinner now

[Dennis] And hasta que te wacho, no?

[Daf] si, gracias, Dennis, see you around

[Dennis] Oquei.

[Dennis] Bye, everyone . . . . .

[Dennis] Before I go, thanks again for another stimulating session.

[Daf] I am almost ready for lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

[Daf] have a great day, Dennis

[Daf] nice to hear someone in Spain ๐Ÿ™‚

buthaina has joined the chat.

[Daf] hi Buth

[Dennis] Many thanks, my friend. รƒยLo mismo para ti!

[dave] hi buth

[Dennis] Hi and bye, Buth. Sorry, but I need to go! Ma’a al salaama!

[Dennis] And now Dennis vanishes once again into the cybersphere . . . . .

Dennis has left the chat.

[buthaina] Hi Dave , Dennis..ad all

[buthaina] later better than never..sorry I miss the discussions

[buthaina] is this Grhama talking..

[sroseman] yes

[buthaina] ok, thanks

[buthaina] Jan. EVO 2006 sessions are on Jan 16 to Feb 26

[sroseman] alot of students are visual learners

[Daf] yes, and we will offer Becoming a Webhead for the third time

[Daf] yes, I am a visual learner myself

[sroseman] ditto

[sroseman] students seem to learn in short bursts as well 9K TO 3) ANYWAY

[Daf] I think that I would prefer video-podcasts

[sroseman] 1 TO 2 MINUTE PODCASTS

[buthaina] I think it depends on the subject

[sroseman] can we listen to one of the podcasts?

[Sus] and I’m in the team that will try to facilitate a blog workshop in EVO 06

[sroseman] true, buth

[Sus] I guess that students would enjoy create those little two minutes podcasts

[sroseman] yes, sus

[Daf] lucky Graham in Barcelona ๐Ÿ™‚

[Daf] I love the Paseo de Gracia, Graham

[buthaina] I’m going to moderate a session with Dave winet and on Teaching Online, a session that will involve demo and theory and the prac

[Sus] Daf, I would not want to have a webcam to concentrate on when I do a voice recording – at least not when I am all alone w tech

[buthaina] prac=practice

[Daf] my plan for this trimester is to have students listen to podcast especially created for them,

[Daf] and then have them record their own

[buthaina] Yes, some webheads will be in Tampa..Yeahhh, Jeff that’\s faNTASRTIC

[Daf] I hope to make it this time to TESOL. I attended every year since 1991, until 2002

[Daf] when I went broke ๐Ÿ˜‰



[Sus] Vance Stevens has been involved in the EVO courses and started his first EVO webheads session in 2002,

[buthaina] sorry, about the Caps..

[Daf] I hope to make it, Buth

[Daf] Vance is not sure if he will make it in 2006

[buthaina] Me too, my case is still under discussion here

[Sus] EVO means Electronic Village Online

[buthaina] YEP

[buthaina] Bye, and thanks Graham

[sroseman] thanks Graham

[Sus] they’re pre conference sessions up to the yearly TESOL convention

[Daf] I want to go to Tampa, but I will not miss the one in Seattle, in 2007

[sroseman] gotta go..good session..company is coming

[Daf] Seattle and Boston are my favorite cities in the US

[Daf] lol

[sroseman] Thanks all

[buthaina] YEs,Please, please, please, Jeff, and Dave Come; would be Another Webhaeds example of how the is going to be! not only FUN

[Daf] I will be asking some questions for my page, Jeff

[buthaina] There will be more of what will show how to keep your Fitness

sroseman has left the chat.

[Sus] in 2005, Elderbob arranged a webheads get’together in Austin Texas, and connected with webheads onlinefrom a restaurant

[JeffLebow] I’ll be standing by

[JeffLebow] Daf

[Sus] he has a blog for that event

[JeffLebow] Any questions now?

[Daf] no, not now, I need to start thinking first, he he

[buthaina] Yes, Jeff, please..one question here

[Daf] I need to have lunch to be able to think ๐Ÿ˜‰

[buthaina] Any idea why I can’t open my Skype?

[JeffLebow] Yes Buth?

[dave] mmm… lunch

[JeffLebow] What’s for lunch Daf?

[dave] that’s a good idea

[dave] i think i’m off for lunch too!!!

[Daf] no idea, going out with family

[buthaina] I have downloaded Skype Beta yesterday from another PC and now I can’t open Skype on this PC

[dave] jeff and or i will bearound

[dave] feel free to contact sometime today.

[Daf] sure, i will

[buthaina] ok, thanks, Dave

[JeffLebow] Hmmmm. Not sure why that would be.

Sus has left the chat.

[Daf] see you later, and thanks for everything. I love the introduction to the webcast ๐Ÿ˜‰

[JeffLebow] I haven’t actually tried the Beta version yet.

[JeffLebow] Thanks Daf.

[Daf] bye folks

Daf has left the chat.

[JeffLebow] Bye Daf.

[JeffLebow] Sorry to be pretty useless on this question, Buth.

[buthaina] do you think it is related or this is why I can’t open my skype on this pc

[JeffLebow] I can only suggest re-installing the previous version

[buthaina] i can’t se the relationship but thought you might know

[buthaina] Yes, good idea, Jeff, thanks

[buthaina] will do..

[buthaina] ๐Ÿ™‚

[buthaina] And about the courses Jeff, pls

[JeffLebow] Hope it works

[JeffLebow] Yes?

[buthaina] yes, I’m sure it will.

[JeffLebow] the course?

[buthaina] yes

[JeffLebow] What’s the question?

[buthaina] heheh

[buthaina] ok

[buthaina] I’ll email you, i think it’s better t in an email..ok, thanks again Jeff, Dave and later

[JeffLebow] OK. I’ll standby. Talk to you soon

[buthaina] and really hope to see you in Tampa

[buthaina] ๐Ÿ™‚

[buthaina] thanks

[JeffLebow] I’d love to be there. Hope we get the OK from TESOL to play

[buthaina] bye

[JeffLebow] Would be very exciting to meet my webhead buddies in person

[JeffLebow] bye

[buthaina] Talk to Vance, he’s in a liason committee, and co-founder of the CALL-IS and is a past Cahir of CALL

[buthaina] past chair of CALL-IS

[buthaina] bye

[buthaina] wow, the wonder of Webcasts..

[buthaina] Thanks, Jeff..this is the recording , right?

elderbob has joined the chat.

[buthaina] You are still On the Air..sorry

[buthaina] Hi Bob..how are you?

[elderbob] Hi Buth, I must have missed Vance’s chat for the Multilit class.

[buthaina] Me too, ๐Ÿ™

[buthaina] I arrived at the end when they were done

[elderbob] I think he had the time wrong in the syllabus.

[buthaina] hope we can get the TI chatlog

[elderbob] I thought it was after Worldbridges.

[buthaina] usually, WBridges is the last activity we do

[elderbob] I talked to Daf, an she said that they were there only a short time, and it was only Holly , Vance and she.

[elderbob] ‘I really wasn’t prepared, but I hate missing the first meet.

[buthaina] And , WBridges usually publish the dialogue script later on their portal page

[buthaina] hope to read that too

[buthaina] It’s free via LearningTimes, Dave

[buthaina] Wimba is free via LearningTimes, guys

[buthaina] You can send a voice message from ther using Wimba, and it’s free to join LearningTimes

[buthaina] eBob, Jeff, Dave Warlick has developed his BlogMeister..it’s much better now..

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