Happy 3rd Birthday EdTechTalk.com


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The "Happy Birthday" edition of the EdTechBrainstorm.

I’m joined by Dave Cormier, Alice Mercer, Sheila Adams, Alex Ragone, Derrall Garrison in the Skype voice conference. And many of the "usual suspects" in the chatroom. Thanks to all.


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  1. EdTechBrainstorm.2008.06-05 Chat
    21:00:00 ds : greetings
    21:00:37 PeggyG : Hi all-have you started streaming?
    21:01:15 alice mercer : Peggy must be from the East Coast
    21:01:19 alice mercer : Hi There!
    21:01:58 PeggyG : Not me-Phoenix AZ πŸ™‚
    21:02:15 ds : Hi Peggy and Alice
    21:02:19 ds : we’re live
    21:02:27 ds : more tunes from CCMixter
    21:02:34 ds : speaking of which
    21:02:35 PeggyG : Never really sure I have the right time because Phoenix doesn’t use daylight savings time
    21:03:07 ds : http://ccmixter.org/thread/1482
    21:03:23 ds : Hi Sheila
    21:03:40 sheila : hey there!
    21:03:42 PeggyG : Getting the tunes πŸ™‚ thought I was hearing an old show πŸ™‚
    21:04:10 ds : this is one called “Remix Culture Addict”
    21:04:40 ds : by shagrugge
    21:05:01 ds : and now “My Fair Lady” by David Byrne
    21:05:02 PeggyG : Remix is something totally new to me–you’ll have to do a show on it sometime to explain πŸ™‚
    21:05:25 ds : it’s reusing material that’s already published
    21:05:40 ds : plaigerism taken to a new level, I guess
    21:05:41 sheila : I talked with 2 schools today. They are out for the summer! We have 2 more weeks!
    21:05:58 PeggyG : Wondered how that worked with copyright
    21:06:11 ds : these ones are licensed as such
    21:06:35 ds : creative commons, share alike, non-commercial
    21:06:58 ds : copyright is a discussion that has to take place, to be sure
    21:07:02 PeggyG : So you borrow the original and make it into something new by mixing it with other tunes?
    21:07:25 ds : exactly, and–one hopes–adding value along the way
    21:07:30 alice mercer : Hey, I have ONE week with only FOUR days
    21:07:35 alice mercer : I’m so checked out already
    21:07:37 PeggyG : Oh good point–adding value πŸ™‚
    21:08:15 alice mercer : Doug does the most with music.
    21:08:20 alice mercer : I just sing during sound check, lol
    21:08:56 PeggyG : I don’t know how to sing along with this tune πŸ™‚
    21:09:28 alice mercer : Guest, who is the guest?????
    21:09:35 ds : salut @mrsdurff
    21:09:39 ds : welcome
    21:09:40 mrsdurff : halo
    21:10:02 sheila : and the flavor tonight?
    21:10:09 ds : you never know Alice, you play your cards right…
    21:10:11 PeggyG : Hi Durff-we’re traveling the same paths today:)
    21:10:21 alice mercer : Oh please!
    21:10:31 ds : Happy Birthday to EdTechTalk, 3 today!!
    21:10:48 ds : re theme
    21:10:54 PeggyG : Now that’s worth celebrating–happy birthday ETT!
    21:10:56 mrsdurff : who chose this music?
    21:10:59 ds : ds
    21:11:05 alice mercer : Doug as always…
    21:11:11 mrsdurff : oh my-this calls for coffee
    21:11:23 PeggyG : any of that homemade bread left?
    21:11:30 ds : excellent, me too please @mrsdurff
    21:12:07 alice mercer : So the kids are going on MixWit, which is a mixed bag, HEY want me to share that with you ds?
    21:12:31 sheila : @ds – do you create your playlist ahead of time or just wing it?
    21:12:41 ds : more of the former lately
    21:12:49 ds : but more typically the latter re ‘list
    21:13:13 PeggyG : Is the music streaming? How are you capturing it?
    21:13:52 ds : this one is called “Revolve” by HisBoyLeroy
    21:14:10 ds : @PeggyG playing a file locally that I’ve downloaded
    21:14:12 PeggyG : Revolve is my favorite so far!
    21:14:21 ds : I like it too
    21:14:30 alice mercer : I liked the David Byrne
    21:14:43 ds : Beastie Boys are good too
    21:14:50 alice mercer : Music has been so interesting with my students….
    21:14:59 PeggyG : How do we find Revolve on the site to download?
    21:15:02 alice mercer : Cause they really want to listen in the lab, but…
    21:15:08 ds : it’s on CCMixter
    21:15:13 ds : just a sec
    21:15:43 PeggyG : I’m on the site-can I access it without joining and logging in?
    21:15:53 ds : yes
    21:15:55 alice mercer : Most of the streaming audio sites have some stuff that doesn’t meet broadcast standards, which makes it not appropriate for elementary lab.
    21:16:20 alice mercer : So I’m letting the kids listen, but making them share with me…
    21:16:34 PeggyG : @alice-what’s an example of a broadcast standard?
    21:16:48 alice mercer : In US, they have one of the seven dirty words
    21:16:48 PeggyG : G-rated?
    21:17:10 alice mercer : and that makes it NOT broadcastable on over the air radio
    21:17:24 PeggyG : oh that makes sense. Thanks
    21:17:39 alice mercer : Plus a lot of gangsta rap with b- and n- word that some of the kids love
    21:17:47 alice mercer : Others have pretty innocent taste
    21:18:01 alice mercer : They like to share it with me.
    21:18:08 PeggyG : I’m definitely out of the loop–I don’t listen to that kind of music-like raps
    21:18:41 mrsdurff : hi derrall
    21:18:44 derrallg : hey everyone
    21:18:48 alice mercer : And it’s pretty bland a$$ stuff, but no different from the bland pop of my childhood.
    21:18:51 derrallg : hi durff
    21:19:04 mrsdurff : how distracted can we make him?
    21:19:33 PeggyG : Amazing how much ETT has grown since it started 3 years ago!
    21:19:36 derrallg : what worked so far
    21:19:37 alice mercer : no
    21:19:38 mrsdurff : classical music!
    21:19:58 PeggyG : Oh Durff–think we’re in the same generation πŸ™‚
    21:20:18 mrsdurff : he called me a suspect
    21:20:22 alice mercer : Hey, I like classical too!
    21:20:31 derrallg : @durff that sounds about right
    21:20:38 alice mercer : and I played OPERA for the kids when they did a music unit
    21:20:46 mrsdurff : pinch me when it’s over
    21:21:08 derrallg : I like classical too
    21:21:21 PeggyG : I kinda like this one-mellow
    21:21:36 derrallg : this sounds a little like Bjork
    21:22:59 PeggyG : Alice went to sleep with that last tune πŸ™‚
    21:23:49 derrallg : that’s one I don’t think I would get
    21:24:15 PeggyG : The NECC countdown has begun!
    21:24:50 PeggyG : Hi Dave-welcome! Any birthday cake there?
    21:25:18 sheila : on phone
    21:25:56 alice mercer : http://mizmercer.edublogs.org/
    21:26:01 alice mercer : I’m counting down as you see
    21:26:21 PeggyG : There are some great new developments happening on the NECC2008 ning related to streaming events for people who can’t attend
    21:27:15 sheila : i’m back . . . sorry
    21:27:21 ds : np
    21:27:30 alicemercer : http://ettatnecc.wikispaces.com/
    21:27:31 PeggyG : Do we really have to sneak food into the Blogger’s Cafe? Thought we ate there last year.
    21:28:30 PeggyG : @Alice-I’m so excited that you’re planning the daily review streaming. That will be great!
    21:28:33 derrallg : I’ll be there to webcast Alice we can do a tag team like CR 2.0
    21:29:37 derrallg : sure ok
    21:29:40 mrsdurff : is it over yet?
    21:30:08 mrsdurff : hi michael
    21:30:09 PeggyG : I think the food question came up on the NECC Unplugged planning this afternoon & Steve H. said we couldn’t provide food there.
    21:30:22 ds : more room in skype
    21:30:24 PeggyG : But he didn’t say we couldn’t bring our own food
    21:30:29 MICHAEL : Hi Again!
    21:30:37 ds : c’mon in and wish ETT HappyBDay
    21:30:44 MICHAEL : @mrsdurff THis is Fuzzhead from last-night
    21:31:01 PeggyG : Calories are right for this virtual birthday cake πŸ™‚
    21:31:20 derrallg : I worked at the Holiday Inn by the airport when I was 20 sor a sumer
    21:31:29 mrsdurff : I need real food
    21:31:39 MICHAEL : Alice Mercer! I feel like I know you!…. I’ve listened to all the Its Elementary Podcasts!!!! It’s great to catch up with a live cast.
    21:31:42 derrallg : what happened to your bread?
    21:31:43 ds : MICHAEL aka Fuzzhead, welcome
    21:31:54 alicemercer : http://mizmercer.edublogs.org/2008/06/02/well-id-like-to-go/
    21:31:57 mrsdurff : fuzzhead? what a name
    21:32:20 derrallg : DIY
    21:32:22 MICHAEL : Last night they talked about VoiceThreads. and I LOVE IT… I am writing to an teacher right now about it…
    21:32:22 PeggyG : Last year’s WOW2 live show was fantastic with so many people telling the highlights of NECC from their perspective.
    21:32:48 PeggyG : Now I understand the food point. Bring a big bag πŸ™‚
    21:33:04 mrsdurff : Bestbuy bag!
    21:33:10 MICHAEL : When and where is it?
    21:33:46 PeggyG : The VoiceThreads discussion last night was really helpful. I want to explore creating a list for webslides on Diigo for Voicethread examples. Don’t know if log in will be an issue.
    21:33:47 MICHAEL : Jose Rodrigez?
    21:33:48 mrsdurff : necc is in san antonio
    21:33:59 mrsdurff : he’ll be there
    21:34:02 MICHAEL : Oh…that’s a bit far from Boston.
    21:34:25 mrsdurff : next year it is in DC
    21:34:34 sheila : Hi Alexr
    21:34:36 mrsdurff : hi alexr
    21:34:39 alexr : happy bday ETT!
    21:34:41 alexr : Hi Durff.
    21:35:11 alexr : Just got back from a run — very sweaty. Need to keep away from the keyboard while I dry out!;)
    21:35:27 PeggyG : Those BestBuy bags were humungous!!!
    21:35:43 derrallg : Why is there such a back lash about edupunk?
    21:36:04 PeggyG : I’m still trying to figure out what edupunk is all about.
    21:37:28 PeggyG : The GenYes kids in Phoenix are doing an incredible job with their tech training for teachers.
    21:38:26 mrsdurff : that’s different
    21:38:56 mrsdurff : can alice do that again? no kidding
    21:39:23 derrallg : @peggy I thought this was a good place to start for edupund by Doug Belshaw http://www.dougbelshaw.com/2008/05/30/are-you-an-edupunk-im-not/
    21:39:56 mrsdurff : @derrall i don’t like being called a punk
    21:40:07 mrsdurff : esp by a kid
    21:40:14 PeggyG : Thanks! Looks like important reading to me!
    21:40:59 derrallg : I was a punk when I was a teen but it had a specific meaning
    21:41:08 alicemercer : Same here derrallg
    21:41:17 mrsdurff : rocky horror picture show
    21:42:00 MICHAEL : I am a geek!
    21:42:02 derrallg : Read Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus for a history of punk
    21:42:06 PeggyG : Why do people want edupunk heroes?
    21:42:13 MICHAEL : I Code for a living…:)
    21:43:04 MICHAEL : Tell me more about acheiving Critical mass for ed-tech in an elementary school!! How do I do that?
    21:43:07 alexr : Sid Vicisou: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/43/017_PP0085~Sid-Vicious-Posters.jpg
    21:43:15 alexr : Vicious (sp!)
    21:43:25 mrsdurff : hi jeff
    21:43:33 alexr : I can see the edupunk thing.
    21:43:35 jeffmason : hello
    21:43:41 PeggyG : @alex-that guy doesn’t have an iPod πŸ™‚
    21:44:02 mrsdurff : coffee, tea, soda?
    21:44:56 alexr : @PeggyG — LOL.
    21:45:01 mrsdurff : Maria is taking a cab to NECC
    21:45:20 alexr : He would if he was still alive.
    21:45:27 PeggyG : are any of your teachers using the cell phones in their curriculum?
    21:45:38 mrsdurff : i do
    21:46:26 PeggyG : @mrsdurff-so your school allows students to carry their cell phones around with them? Any other teachers using them in your school?
    21:46:36 alexr : @PeggyG — I have had Spanish teachers use Voice Mail for assignments.
    21:46:41 mrsdurff : just me
    21:46:59 PeggyG : @alexr Cool! Do they JOTT?
    21:47:32 mrsdurff : http://www.pageflakes.com/susiewhoq_2000/
    21:47:39 alicemercer : I’ve been messing around with Tumblr using text and photo for posting
    21:47:42 mrsdurff : NECC Pageflakes
    21:48:19 PeggyG : Love your NECC Pageflakes site! Big help to see everything in one place πŸ™‚
    21:48:33 mrsdurff : Spanish students called in homework to Gabcast to which I subscribed and graded from RSS reader
    21:48:38 jeffmason : admin/safety put the fear of bomb being detonated cell phone use
    21:48:55 alicemercer : Jeff: WUH????
    21:48:56 PeggyG : ETT should do a count of all of the shows/podcasts created by all groups over the past 3 years.
    21:48:58 alicemercer : That’ is crazy
    21:48:59 mrsdurff : bombs?
    21:49:12 jeffmason : we had a rash of bomb threats
    21:49:23 mrsdurff : on cell phones?
    21:49:38 alicemercer : ????Sounds like maybe their are using cells for bomb threats, not for detonating, lol
    21:49:56 mrsdurff : parents are demanding students have cellphones
    21:50:07 alicemercer : Needs to correctly recognize the real problem
    21:50:32 jeffmason : the”fear” was that it could be detonated by cell phone use
    21:50:34 PeggyG : Do the students have those special ringtones that only young people can hear?
    21:50:42 alicemercer : buttons are a little sticky on the Flip I used.
    21:50:54 alicemercer : But the quality (HQ version) was fantastic!
    21:51:06 alicemercer : Peggy: don’t know I haven’t hear it.
    21:51:08 sheila : my flip turns on while in my case.
    21:51:23 alicemercer : jeff, that’s crazy. Bomb threat doesn’t not mean a bomb
    21:51:29 mrsdurff : fear – We can’t let fear stop us from doing the right thing.
    21:51:37 alicemercer : BUT, I’d guess theya re using cells to make threat
    21:51:40 mrsdurff : Chris Lehman said that
    21:51:50 jeffmason : @PeggyG yes good science lesson on frequency and hearing
    21:51:51 alicemercer : And that needs to be addressed.
    21:51:53 PeggyG : @mrsdurff-that’s a really creative way to use Gabcast-grading from RSS-fantastic!
    21:52:19 mrsdurff : I grade everything from my reader – i’m very lazy
    21:52:22 jeffmason : @alicemercer sure it has passed
    21:52:31 PeggyG : @jeffmason-great point!
    21:52:32 mrsdurff : ask maria
    21:52:35 alexr : http://www.learning-blog.org/2008/05/29/your-aup-on-social-networking/
    21:52:59 alicemercer : Should
    21:53:21 PeggyG : I saw Warlick’s site! great compilation for addressing AUPs with web 2.0
    21:53:47 derrallg : http://landmark-project.com/aup20/pmwiki.php
    21:54:00 mrsdurff : @alice is that what ‘e-rate’ is?
    21:54:04 sheila : Great links thanks!
    21:54:10 alicemercer : my kids already have MySpace pages.
    21:54:30 derrallg : my students do too Alice
    21:54:48 derrallg : I had my students do AUps as mind maps
    21:54:57 mrsdurff : and then the school has to deal with it
    21:55:04 jeffmason : facebook? at school? the IT dept just went apoplectic!
    21:55:04 PeggyG : A teacher in AZ got busted and raked over the coals on the nighly news awehile back for her MySpace account.
    21:55:31 mrsdurff : i refuse to have one but other faculty….
    21:55:39 derrallg : I’ve had a Myspace account for a long time becasue of all my musice connections when I had a record label
    21:55:43 alicemercer : Derrall how old are they?
    21:55:49 derrallg : 6th grade
    21:55:53 PeggyG : The Supt of Education announced to the world that teachers on MySpace was not appropriate or acceptable.
    21:55:59 alicemercer : Mine are 4, 5, 6th
    21:56:28 mrsdurff : ah! we distracted him!
    21:56:40 derrallg : I thought it was interesting when Dana Boyd was talking about parents having their children set up these accounts for relatives
    21:57:10 PeggyG : Which Dana Boyd show was that? Her interview?
    21:57:42 derrallg : Have to think about Peggy I’ve heard her speak a couple of times
    21:57:44 alicemercer : I don’t think it’s a great idea that young. Set up a ning for your family
    21:57:44 jeffmason : or AUP is a 27 page legal doc
    21:58:14 alicemercer : Jeff: where do you work?
    21:58:26 sheila : 27 pages!!!
    21:58:35 PeggyG : Me too-she had an interview about history of social networking and teens
    21:58:37 mrsdurff : don’t need a computer
    21:58:49 mrsdurff : have the web on their phones
    21:59:03 mrsdurff : video on their phones
    21:59:09 PeggyG : She is very amazing and has the research to back her up
    21:59:43 mrsdurff : yup
    21:59:53 mrsdurff : txting starts big in 7th
    21:59:58 alicemercer : Peggy, pre-teens are not teens
    22:00:09 jeffmason : @alicemercer FL highschool
    22:00:15 mrsdurff : students hide them until they enter my room
    22:00:35 PeggyG : I definitely agree about pre-teens!
    22:00:51 MICHAEL : Tech is a tool, neither good nor bad in itself. It depends on how it’s used. Like fire.
    22:01:07 alicemercer : And I am not crazy about 9 and 10 year olds on MySpace saying they are 18 so they have a public page (ugh).
    22:01:31 derrallg : I liked the idea of students bringing from home what they have to access information at school be it cell phone, computer, etc.
    22:01:41 PeggyG : Yes, it seems to be very easy for kids to say they are over 18 for MySpace
    22:01:59 alicemercer : tech is a tool, but a social network is an environment, like a pub, or a bar, ro a strip club, the problem is that there is no common space for all family members
    22:02:06 mrsdurff : MySpace is not popular at my school
    22:02:07 derrallg : bye Alexr
    22:02:14 MICHAEL : Happy BDay !
    22:02:23 PeggyG : Night all! Enjoy for birthday cake!
    22:02:30 alicemercer : They want to be on My Space because of older siblings. Their siblings can’t b on Imbee with them.
    22:02:37 PeggyG : That’s enjoy YOUR birthday cake
    22:02:44 alicemercer : So what do you do? Set up a Ning?
    22:02:56 mrsdurff : FaceBook is the thing at my school
    22:03:04 MICHAEL : @alice… good points. what is Imbee?
    22:03:10 alicemercer : Mrs Durff, very popular with that crowd at mine. Facebook they have no idea about.
    22:03:24 alicemercer : Imbee is a tween social site requires parent approval
    22:03:35 MICHAEL : tx
    22:03:37 PeggyG : The EArthcast was a great model for everyone!
    22:03:39 derrallg : Yes that’s what I was thinking recruiting more Webcast Academy participants
    22:03:51 mrsdurff : Webkinz are big too with all ages – so funny
    22:03:54 alicemercer : I’ve gotta go, thanks all for your thoughts
    22:04:00 alicemercer : night
    22:04:07 PeggyG : G’night Alice
    22:04:09 ds : @derrallg can yo uskype?
    22:04:23 derrallg : yeah
    22:04:56 MICHAEL : good night all!
    22:05:07 ds : ‘night Michael
    22:05:12 PeggyG : Nice tribute to Cheryl Oakes! She’s the master chat facilitator and encourager!
    22:05:32 ds : derrallg don’t see you on skype
    22:05:35 ds : call me plse
    22:05:43 derrallg : derrallg is my skype
    22:06:54 mrsdurff : yes i agree with him
    22:07:07 mrsdurff : very few have my #
    22:08:18 mrsdurff : aren’t they one your AUP?
    22:14:23 sheila : But if you don’t know anyone yet, it’s important to find a few to latch on to.
    22:16:57 mrsdurff : 10:16pm here
    22:17:40 mrsdurff : maria likes cabs
    22:18:18 sheila : @mrsdurff – I was just talking to her about that!
    22:18:50 sheila : I heard it mentioned frequenty and I was curious.
    22:18:52 mrsdurff : and she said she loves taking cabs, didn’t she?
    22:18:57 sheila : πŸ™‚
    22:18:58 ds : thanks all
    22:19:15 sheila : absolutely, she took one after her meeting
    22:19:22 sheila : πŸ™‚
    22:19:28 ds : and many happy returns ETT πŸ™‚
    22:19:30 derrallg : πŸ™‚
    22:19:36 jeffmason : thnx for sharing. g’night
    22:19:41 sheila : Happy Birthday ETT
    22:19:47 derrallg : night
    22:19:52 sheila : Fun! thanks!
    22:20:04 sheila : Nite all!
    22:20:09 ds : thanks gang, that was fun
    22:20:31 mrsdurff : hey i gotta go – see ya all and happy birthday ETT

  2. Happy Birthday to Ed Tech Talk!
    Thanks for kicking off the celebration!
    Great show.

    Cheryl Oakes
    Collaborative Content Coach
    Wells Ogunquit Schools
    Wells, ME 04090
    Women of Web 2.0

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