EdTech Talk #9 – With Jeff Cooper

Jeff CoooperEdTech Talk #9 – July 24, 2005 – ed tech assets with Jeff Cooper
Talking about Educational Technology in the classroom, with lots of quick and easy tools with Jeff Cooper

Download mp3 (22MB, 48:11  )

week we are going to talk with Jeff Cooper. He’s an active member and part of the online support team at
and has been doing ed-tech ‘in the field’ and experimenting with
educational collaboratives for more than a decade. In addition to
discussing Tapped In’s past, present,and future, we will be talking
about different websites that teachers
can use to support their teaching, ways to motivate students through
the use of technology and some all-round strategies for using
ed-tech in the real world.  For some useful background reading, check
out Jeff’s article in the NETC Circuit.

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