Designers for Learning On Air Event 2


In this webcast recorded on February 4, 2013, Dr. Kristina Lambright joined us to discuss her research on service learning. Kristina is an Associate Professor at Binghamton University. Her full profile is available at

This webcast is part of the Designers for Learning project. Find out more about the project at

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Chat Transcript:
13:24 Jennifer Maddrell: We are live! Hit refresh and you should be good to go!
13:24 Ed Garay: Okay, I am in. I did it by copying the URL, closing the Web browser window and opening a new browser window and pasting the URL back in.
13:24 Jennifer Maddrell: also can see stream here …
13:25 Jennifer Maddrell:
13:44 Ed Garay, UIC: Question: Have you found having private journals with each student very useful?
13:46 Peggy George: Hooray! just refreshed my page and seeing/hearing you now 🙂
13:55 Ed Garay, UIC: Yes, I meant for having a media-rich asynchronous ongoing communication, and/or for ongoing private e-Portfolio applications. Thanks.
14:00 Jennifer Maddrell: Thank you for hanging in there!
14:00 Jennifer Maddrell: I'll post the recording!
14:00 Ed Garay, UIC: Thank you, Jennifer.
14:00 Peggy George: will check the recording later for what I missed
14:00 Peggy George: Thanks Jennifer!

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