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EdTechTalk Newsletter – Friday, July 13, 2007

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Coming Up on the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges Network
     Sunday, July 15
    7pmEDT/2300GMT – EdTechWeekly#39

    8pmEDT / midnightGMT – EdTechTalk#79
     A discussion with Curtis Bonk of Indiana University about his upcoming book, WE-ALL-LEARN: An Educational Extension of the World is Flat.
     We also hope to be joined by students from Steve Kossakowski’s ‘Emergent Technologies’ course at  UNH.
   Tuesday, July 17
    1:30pm EDT /  1730GMT   – 21st Century Learning

     9pm EDT / 0100GMT  –  Women of Web 2.0.35
    Wednesday, July 18 ~ Friday July 20
     9pm EDT / 0100GMT   Teachers Teaching Teachers
      NWP Tech Liaisons/Technology Matters meets EdTechTalk/WorldBridges
     Wednesday, July 18 ~ Friday July 20
     Special Tech Matters Webcasts  
     More info at:  and
   Thursday, July 19
    6pm PDT / 0100GMT – EdTechBrainstorm
    Saturday July 21 noonEDT ~??? (16000GMT~???)
    Tech Matters Webcastathon
    3pmEDT 1900GMT
    Webcast Academy Open House
    An information session for those interested in joining the Webcast Academy Class of 2.2
     Sunday, July 22
    7pmEDT/2300GMT – EdTechWeekly#40
    Monday, July 23 4pmPDT / 2300GMT
    It’s Elementary#2 – Webquests

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