Conversation with Dave Sperling – Chat Transcript

 Conversation with Dave Sperling – Chat Transcript
November 18, 2005

[Dave] Hi
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] hey dave
[sroseman] hi
[Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor] hello
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[JeffLebow] are you listening?
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[JeffLebow] audio OK?
[sroseman] perfect
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[Perry] audio sounds good
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[JohnHibbs] Very nice audio, and thre outstanding persons talking –
Sperline, Vance and Jeff
[Daf] hi Everybody
[Dennis] Hi, Daf.\
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[Daf] long time no see, Dennis
[Dennis] Definitely! Too long!
[Daf] how have you been?
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[reffat] glad to be with you
[Daf] same here!
[Dennis] OK, but very busy and also easily tired. I tried to do too
much during the late summer and early fall, I think.
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[Dennis] How’s you father, Daf?
[Daf] not good, Dennis πŸ™
[Dennis] Lo siento.
[Daf] gracias
[Dennis] No hay de que.
[Daf] :-
[Dennis] I remember a similar situation with my own father.
[Daf] it was supposed to be a smile
[Chris] Sorry to hear that Daf.
[Dennis] No problem!
[Daf] thanks, Chris
[Dennis] TESOL Chicago? That’s when I first met Dave.
[Daf] I was there, too
[Dennis] Really?
[Daf] yes
[Dennis] I wish I’d met you then as well!
[Daf] me too
[Chris] Dave came to an AZ-TESOL conference several years back.
[Daf] I presented something, I don’t remember what πŸ˜‰
[Dennis] Yes, I remember two times that he came, ChrisΓƒβ€˜once in Yuma,
once here at EMCC. [Daf] brb
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[elderbob] Hi all.
[Dennis] If you were at TESOL, Daf, then for sure you were presenting!
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[elderbob] Dennis! Good to see your name.
[Dennis] Thanks, EB.
[sroseman] hi elderbob
[elderbob] Hi Daf, Chris, lets go get a sandwich.
[Dennis] I’m at work and can’t be here too long. I have a class at
[elderbob] Hi Dave
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[elderbob] Hi, Sroseman.
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[sroseman] I recall featuring the esl cafe to our esl teacher way back
when during prof dev
[Chris] Hi, Elderbob, I’m going to lunch after this session.
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[elderbob] Hello again Moira
[Moira] Hello Elderbob πŸ˜€
[HeikeP] hi Moira
[Moira] Hi Heike
[HeikeP] cant get anything working here… hehe
[HeikeP] no sound, ho Horizon Wimba
[HeikeP] where are you?
[Dennis] What Dave is saying now is something that not many people know
[Dennis] Ask Dave how many paid staff he has.
[Chris] yes, I didn’t know how it had changed.
[JohnHibbs] for those who can afford long distance telephone charges,
or have skype or have prepaid calling cards, you can call and talk
[JeffLebow] ok
[Dennis] Thanks.
[JohnHibbs] listen over this phone number 402 756 9000 access number
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[Moira] Who is actually talking to Dave? I’ve just come in ..
[Moira] I’m listening
[barbara] is anyone else only getting one side of the audio?
[Moira] third voice
[JohnHibbs] How do you earn your living for doing all this?
[HeikeP] with Skype you cannot enter a passcode
[JohnHibbs] Jeff lebow and Vance are talking with Dave Sterline
[Moira] Thxs
[maryanne] Barbara, what do you mean by one side?
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[Dennis] Ask Dave how many hours a day he spends on the Cafe and if he
ever takes any time off.
[JohnHibbs] I thought passcodes might be a problem.. cheap prepaid
cards on line at
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[JohnHibbs] My audio from the Word bridges stream is perfect
[barbara] I can only hear Jeff and Dave and then significant gaps in
the audio
[Chris] It’s very clear for me.
[JeffLebow] try the lower bitrate stream (24k)
[Moira] The stream is good for me too
[Michael_C] Quite brilliant.
[barbara] and it cuts in and out… lots of rebuffering… must be my
[Dennis] It’s very clear to me, too.
[barbara] I will try the lower bandwidth but it is definitely my
[Dennis] John: His name is Sperling, not Sterline.
[JohnHibbs] whoops
[Dennis] :o)
[JohnHibbs] can’t type or spell πŸ™‚
[Dennis] Me, either. I guess that’s why I noticed it!
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[JohnHibbs] Jeff/ Dave -netiquette? are you taking voice questions?
[JeffLebow] Yes, just about to open the floor up…
[Dennis] Please ask Dave how many hours a day he spends working on the
Cafe and if he ever takes any time off.
[JeffLebow] you can ask yourself shortly
[Dennis] I’m going to have to leave very, very soon. I have to go to
[reffat] Is dave still teaching or training teachers???
[JeffLebow] Will ask for you then, but I think we know the answer
[Dennis] Thanks. I’m going to say bye in the chatroom and leave, then.
Take care, Jeff.
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[Dennis] Unfortunately, I have to leave. I have class soon and need to
finish something for it.
[Dennis] Take care, everyone.
[reffat] what is php??
[sroseman] The Idea cookbook is offline..shucks
[majidbouziane] It’s a programming language
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[JohnHibbs] here on the phone
[maryanne] Does Dave have any plans to update the Internetactivity
[Michael_C] Question: The Cafe was an inspiration when it came out.
What has surprised you about the changes in online learning?
[JeffLebow] Michael, did you try to skype in?
[JeffLebow] My skype sometimes doesn’t let me know when people are
calling (when in a conference). If you like, I can skype out to you.
[HeikeP] can I have the phone no again?
[Michael_C] Can I leave the broadcast and call worldbriges Skype?
[JeffLebow] Teleconference is call 1-402-756-9000, access code 537267#
[JeffLebow] Yes… I will call you in 15 seconds. Please stop listening
[JohnHibbs] thanks dave. I think we owe it to the ESL/EFL community –
and to the world at large – to improve the perception of “just” an Eng
[JohnHibbs] English language teacher
[JohnHibbs] Webheads are the best example
[JohnHibbs] Your forum is use?
[JohnHibbs] huge
[JohnHibbs] sorry]
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[sroseman] Will the esl cafe become fee based?
[reffat] what are your suggestions for English teachers who don’t have
internet access and not much funds for commercial software??
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[Moira] You must surely miss the human contact in the f2f classroom, as
you hinted when talking about your house and the university
[Chris] Dennis was online until a few minutes ago when he had to go to
[HeikeP] hi Moira
[HeikeP] are you listening to the conference call?
[Moira] I’m listening to the audio stream
[JeffLebow] Brent, would you like to join the skype conference?
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[HeikeP] how do you listen to it?
teacherruth has joined the chat.
[teacherruth] Hi Jeff!
[Chris] On the Worldbridges page, click Listen at top right.
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[J-TEFL] Im a moderator on Dave’s
[teacherruth] I don’t have any sound working
HeikeP has joined the chat.
[J-TEFL] Revenant here
[JeffLebow] J-TEFL, would you like to join in to tell tales from the
[J-TEFL] chuckle
[HeikeP] ah, I lost that link again
[teacherruth] What kind of tales?
[HeikeP] πŸ™
[J-TEFL] voice wise?
[HeikeP] could you paste again
[JeffLebow] If anyone would like to join the skype conference, please
let me know here and I will skype out to you.
[Chris] Do you mean sound doesn’t work on your computer, teacherruth?
[J-TEFL] I could try
[HeikeP] pls me, Heike
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[teacherruth] Like being told I’d lose my job if I continued my email.
I was causing too much chaos in the LC?
[JeffLebow] What’s your skype ID?
[HeikeP] I would like to join the Skype conference
[HeikeP] letstalkonline
[HeikeP] thats my skype ID
[teacherruth] maybe after some hours, with alittle help from a friend.
[J-TEFL] If Dave wants me to talk as one of the Mods from Dave’s I’ll
willing to but I’ve never used skype hehe
[reffat] I am training in a school right now and they have no
internet!!!, find it difficult to do things that are up to date
[JeffLebow] Standby Helke, make sure to turn your webcast off before
answering the skype call
[teacherruth] Poor you reffat
[HeikeP] no webcast running
[HeikeP] just this chat
[teacherruth] Really? has it broken down?
[HeikeP] phantastic
[HeikeP] πŸ˜€
[teacherruth] Sad I can’t listen
[J-TEFL] Trying to download skype…might take a while πŸ˜›
[HeikeP] πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
[teacherruth] Say Hallo to Dave for me please
[reffat] can I talk form the chat, or do I need to go to skype?
[teacherruth] You can text here only. Have to go to Skype to talk
[Chris] You need to go to skype for voice chat
[J-TEFL] 7 minutes left on downloading
[JeffLebow] If anyone else wants to join the skype conf, let me know
your ID
[J-TEFL] Once i’ve got it downloaded I’ll tell ya πŸ˜›
[reffat] want to welcome dave from egypt, can’t get inot skype
[teacherruth] Wish I could. can I phone some number Jeff please?
[reffat] reffat for skype
[JeffLebow] call 1-402-756-9000, access code 537267#
[teacherruth] I’ll try
[JeffLebow] Reffat, here we come. Turn the webcast off, please
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[J-TEFL] 33% done… *twiddle* πŸ˜›
reffat has left the chat.
[J-TEFL] hehe
[J-TEFL] there
[J-TEFL] yeah there
[J-TEFL] hehe
[J-TEFL] ah
[Chris] Bye. I’ve really enjoyed this session. Thanks, Dave, for
presenting at this conference.
[J-TEFL] 75% done πŸ™‚
[JohnHibbs] plug for the telephone – from the telephone room
[J-TEFL] I agree
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[JohnHibbs] phone hands raised? How to do this with netiquette?
[JeffLebow] You just raised your hand
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[teacherruth] Can I say Hallo to Dave please? I’m on the phone
[maryanne] Thanks so much for the presentation, Dave. Gotta go.
maryanne has left the chat.
[JohnHibbs] ruth first
disedlibrarian has left the chat.
[J-TEFL] dl’d and revenantmod is my id
disedlibrarian has joined the chat.
sakayoglu has joined the chat.
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[JeffLebow] Great J_TEFL – will get you in here after a couple of
questions from the teleconference
[J-TEFL] okie dokie
[sakayoglu] hi
Chris has left the chat.
[sakayoglu] is the online session of WIAOC here?
[sakayoglu] will it be voice chat?
[JeffLebow] You can listen now – go to and
click on ‘Listen’
[JeffLebow] J-TEFL – here we come – please turn your webcast off
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[sroseman] any interesting and unusual ways your site esl cafe has been
used by students or teachers at the elementary level
[Daf] maybe that’s why I am not important, because I don’t like phones
barbara has left the chat.
[teacherruth] Phones agood, Daf
[JohnHibbs] oh, Daf…you ARE important!!!!
[teacherruth] I can participate now.
[Moira] Hello again Daf – I don’t like phones either so not a VIP
[disedlibrarian] Very Important Phoner
[JohnHibbs] The “trick” is to be totally seamless and allow
participants to choose.
[Moira] Good one!
[JohnHibbs] For “general” conferences – I contend the telephone is
[JeffLebow] It’s all good πŸ˜€
[Michael_C] Must leave. Thanks to everyone for getting all this to work
so well.
[JohnHibbs] For specific (classroom) work, it may not be so necessary.
[teacherruth] right, john, because many things can go wrong
Michael_C has left the chat.
[Perry] Hey, is this the Joel Bloch session?
Moira has left the chat.
[majidbouziane] No, it is Dave Sperling’s
[Perry] That’s what I thought.
[carla_arena] joel’s is in tapped in
[Perry] But according to the schedual, I thought Joel was supposed to
be on?
[carla_arena] yeah, but it is at tapped in in joel’s office
[Perry] Ok I’ll try to find it.
[carla_arena] multitaskers. right! I’m in both
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[carla_arena] Perry, just get to the reception and see who is online
[teacherruth] i am hoping for help from geoff so I can get my webcast
presentaion going
moira has joined the chat.
[HeikeP] a webhead guild
[Daf] thanks Dave and Jeff for this nice conversation!!
Daf has left the chat.
[teacherruth] You learn in a very different way on line, by sharing
[moira] Thank you everyone
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[teacherruth] Bye Dave
[majidbouziane] Thanks very much Dave and everyone
[carla_arena] thanks, Dave. My students in brazil use your site a lot!
[sroseman] Thanks…all
[J-TEFL] that was great
[HeikeP] yes it was
[teacherruth] Right!
[teacherruth] So happy I could join by phone

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