Chat Log for TTT#111

20:28:50 SusanEttenheim: hi jim hi lee
20:28:54 SusanEttenheim: just testing
20:29:59 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hi Susan
20:30:07 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Testing, eh?
20:31:16 SusanEttenheim: yes am going to try broadcasting in a sec- want to tell me if you hear ok?
20:32:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Sure thing . . .
20:34:22 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): brb
20:34:33 SusanEttenheim: hi again… testing necessary!
20:37:45 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Listening . . .
20:38:40 SusanEttenheim: having problems
20:38:47 SusanEttenheim: hopefully in a few
20:39:03 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Sending good vibrations your way. . . πŸ™‚
20:43:02 PaulAllison:
20:43:10 SusanEttenheim: can you hear us?
20:43:19 PaulAllison: Me?
20:43:30 SusanEttenheim: can you hear me ?
20:43:32 PaulAllison: I’m still circling in.
20:43:49 SusanEttenheim: jim can you hear us?
20:43:51 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hearing. . .
20:43:56 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes. . .coming through. .
20:44:03 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Go ahead . . .
20:44:11 SusanEttenheim: jim are you hearing both my voice and lorna?
20:44:28 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Well. . .. I’m hearing whoever is asking for headset. .
20:44:36 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Not other side apparetnly. .
20:45:43 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Not hearing anything now. . .
20:45:55 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Maybe that is the way it is meant to be. πŸ™‚
20:46:04 SusanEttenheim: ok signing off to fix it
20:46:06 SusanEttenheim: brb
20:46:11 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): k
20:48:01 SusanEttenheim: testing now – can you hear paul and I talking now?
20:48:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): No . . . only hearing one voice. .
20:48:17 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): "Are you up from Massachusetts . .
20:49:36 Lorna: I can hear Paul yes
20:49:50 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes . . .
20:49:53 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Nope. .
20:49:56 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): πŸ™‚
20:50:12 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Can only hear Paul. . . .
20:50:18 Lorna: no Susan
20:50:25 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Just Paul. . .a monologue here. .
20:50:30 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): A good monologue. .
20:50:39 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): but a monologue nevertheless. πŸ™‚
20:50:54 PaulAllison: Susan is working on that monologue problem.
20:51:09 Lorna: Susan do you want me to stream
20:51:20 PaulAllison: We hope to be broadcasting from San Antonio with Scott Floyd in 10 min. or so…
20:51:33 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Okay. . .
20:51:33 Lorna: hello SUsan
20:51:40 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): I can hear Susan.
20:51:49 Lorna: loud and clear to us
20:51:51 SusanEttenheim: jim can you hear paul
20:51:52 SusanEttenheim: ?
20:51:59 Lorna: and paul
20:52:00 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Susan and Paul . . . both. .
20:52:02 SusanEttenheim: hi lorna thanks again for your testing
20:52:09 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Halleljah. .
20:52:11 SusanEttenheim: yeahhhh thank you!!!
20:52:14 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes. . .
20:52:19 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Excellent audio now .
20:52:27 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): FIXED
20:52:34 Lorna: Terrific
20:53:34 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Probably not, Paul. .
20:53:42 PaulAllison: ok…
20:53:59 PaulAllison: Is it warm in Maine?
20:54:07 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Comfortable. . .
20:54:17 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Lots of rain the past week. .
20:54:50 JimBurke(LearninginMaine):
20:56:47 SusanEttenheim: hi jim – where in Maine are you?
20:57:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): In the hills, Susan. . . Western Maine . . .
20:57:25 SusanEttenheim: wow I’m in Mass tonight but LOVE MAINE
20:57:34 SusanEttenheim: usually along the ocean
20:57:36 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Just decided to drop in to lurk a bit . .
20:57:47 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Boston area, Susan?
20:58:00 SusanEttenheim: glad you’re here!
20:58:07 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): πŸ™‚
20:58:22 SusanEttenheim: well, I live in NYC but over the last 20 years we’ve spent a lOT of time along the coast of Maine
20:58:31 SusanEttenheim: and have often thought of moving there
20:58:41 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Where abouts, S?
20:58:53 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): You should . . .
20:59:19 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): After all. . . .there’s internet up here! πŸ™‚
20:59:26 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): What else could you need?
21:00:02 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): No delay between paul and susan . .
21:00:32 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Paul’s audio cuts out here occasionally. .
21:00:59 SusanEttenheim: it’s scott’s audio seems to be having some problems…
21:01:07 SusanEttenheim: we’re going to try to go ahead thought
21:01:10 SusanEttenheim: thought
21:01:12 SusanEttenheim: though
21:01:49 SusanEttenheim: hi sheilat and dbragg welcome
21:01:55 DBragg: hi all
21:01:59 Sheilat: i’m a newbie to edtechtalk live
21:02:14 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hello Sheilat and Dbragg. .
21:02:23 SusanEttenheim: welcome sheilat glad you’re here
21:03:14 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Ring a ding ding. .
21:03:19 Sheilat: thanx susan πŸ˜€
21:03:46 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hi Kimberly . . .
21:04:19 SusanEttenheim: hi kimberly welcome
21:04:34 KimberlyBrosan: Hello
21:04:37 SusanEttenheim: could everyone please introduce yourself? where and what do you teach?
21:04:48 SusanEttenheim: I’m at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in NYC
21:04:56 KimberlyBrosan: HS Librarian in central PA
21:05:02 Sheilat: Sheila Teri Computer Resource Specialist Virginia Beach
21:05:15 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Western Maine MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiation) Mentor/Coach
21:05:15 DBragg: I’m a Family & Consumer Science teacher in Allentown, PA
21:05:27 SusanEttenheim: I’m responsible for our library too Kimberly! glad you’re here!
21:05:37 KimberlyBrosan: thanks Susan
21:05:41 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): oops. . .initiative. . . lol
21:05:53 PaulAllison: I’m enjoying just listening…
21:05:55 SusanEttenheim: hi durff!
21:06:04 DBragg: @sheilat I used to live in Va Beach and teach in Norfolk
21:06:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hmmmmm. . . still not too old for freudian slips. .
21:06:35 SusanEttenheim: lol Jim – I might like to live near Rockland
21:07:00 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Fine choice, Susan. . . how about out on an island?
21:07:04 mrsdurff: ping’d
21:07:16 SusanEttenheim: I love Martinsville
21:07:24 Sheilat: Are we streaming audio yet?
21:07:28 SusanEttenheim: how did you end up where you live Jim?
21:07:41 mrsdurff: ok, I was here first justin
21:07:43 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hmmmmm. . . .I don’t know Martinsville . . .
21:07:46 Sheilat: Again, i’m very new at this
21:07:53 SusanEttenheim: yes – click on EdTechTalkA please let us know if you have anyproblems
21:07:59 Sheilat: i apologize in advance
21:08:02 SusanEttenheim: hi justin and wendy welcome!
21:08:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): I ended up here by being born here . . . πŸ™‚
21:08:06 mrsdurff: yes skipping
21:08:08 justinreeve: curses! You win again, mrsdurff!
21:08:11 justinreeve: hey Susan
21:08:16 mrsdurff: did last night too
21:08:20 Sheilat: ok i’m there, thx
21:08:33 SusanEttenheim: hi lfeld welcome
21:08:36 KimberlyBrosan: [email protected]
21:08:38 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Hi ifeld52
21:08:45 lfeld52: hello!
21:08:48 SusanEttenheim: great sheilat – glad you’re here!
21:09:02 KimberlyBrosan: hi lfeld, justin and mrsdurff
21:09:07 mrsdurff: hi kim
21:09:08 justinreeve: hey Kim
21:09:18 SusanEttenheim: Jim – martinsville is between rockland and port clyde
21:09:23 Wendy: Hi all!
21:09:31 KimberlyBrosan: hello wendy
21:09:39 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Ah. . . .I see, Susan, and you have spent a great deal of time there?
21:09:42 SusanEttenheim: welcome wendy please introduce yourself!
21:09:44 PaulAllison:
21:10:07 Sheilat: which do you all prefer Edublogs or WordPress?
21:10:11 SusanEttenheim: yes and freedom and belfast and more north…
21:10:18 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes.
21:10:22 SusanEttenheim: almost moved there about 20 years ago
21:10:27 SusanEttenheim: LOVE Maine
21:10:31 Wendy: Wendy Drexler – Teacher, St. Pete. Back from NECC.
21:10:31 mrsdurff: shall we all type in the chat where we are right now?
21:10:35 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): What happened?
21:10:40 KimberlyBrosan: I’m partial to wordpress but haven’t used edublogs Sheila
21:10:46 mrsdurff: Hagerstown, Maryland
21:10:47 justinreeve: <— Roy, utah
21:10:48 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): How could you have made such an error?
21:10:51 SusanEttenheim: [KimberlyBrosan] HS Librarian in central PA [Sheilat] Sheila Teri Computer Resource Specialist Virginia Beach [JimBurke(LearninginMaine)] Western Maine MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiation) Mentor/Coach [DBragg] I’m a Family & Consumer Science teacher in Allentown, PA
21:10:56 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): πŸ™‚
21:10:56 lfeld52: Lincoln, Nebraska
21:10:58 justinreeve: Justin Reeve, Web Manager, Web School District
21:11:01 SusanEttenheim: here are our first intros
21:11:10 SusanEttenheim: please join in – where and what do you teach?
21:11:12 justinreeve: district site at
21:11:40 lfeld52: SPED/Resource teacher; tech committe – Lincoln, Ne
21:11:43 mrsdurff: PreK12 educator and media center specialist
21:12:08 SusanEttenheim: lots of new people ! welcome!
21:12:09 mrsdurff: hey matt
21:12:09 Wendy: Moving to high school 1/2 Ed Tech, 1/2 Human Geo and Contemporary Issues, Grad student at UF
21:12:14 SusanEttenheim: hi matt
21:12:14 SusanEttenheim: welcome
21:12:25 matt montagne: hey y’all
21:12:26 KimberlyBrosan: hello matt
21:12:27 justinreeve: oh cool, Wendy
21:12:40 KimberlyBrosan: sounds like a busy year for you Wendy
21:12:48 Wendy: I’m in denial.
21:12:49 SusanEttenheim: matt – jump in and introduce yourself?
21:13:01 mrsdurff: yes matt
21:13:17 justinreeve: Or we’ll think you’re up to no good
21:13:22 Sheilat: who is speaking now? Susan?
21:13:29 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes. .
21:13:30 mrsdurff: no we know that about you
21:13:36 lfeld52: Am I the only person who is a novice techie?
21:13:42 mrsdurff: nope
21:13:45 mrsdurff: i am
21:13:46 justinreeve: at least I don’t try to hide it
21:13:55 mrsdurff: high carolyn
21:13:58 cfoote: hi πŸ™‚
21:14:02 justinreeve: lfeld: Doesn’t matter. Everyone has to start somewhere.
21:14:08 KimberlyBrosan: hello carolyn
21:14:10 lfeld52: Thanks mrsduff..good to know
21:14:16 justinreeve: lfeld: We’re all at different levels here, and we can all learn from each other.
21:14:16 cfoote: I can’t stay guys…family wants to play games in a few
21:14:17 mrsdurff: πŸ™‚
21:14:26 Wendy: Hi Carolyn.
21:14:26 PaulAllison: the new teacher standards are here
21:14:27 cfoote: would like to debrief conference tho!
21:14:30 matt montagne: Hello everyone…my name is Matt Montagne and I’m a middle school teacher from Milwaukee, WI …soon I will be relocating to Palo Alto, CA
21:14:45 KimberlyBrosan: enjoy, games sound fun…my family is either asleep or gaming
21:14:52 DBragg: @matt that’s some move
21:14:52 mrsdurff: where he and derrall will unite
21:14:57 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Welcome, Matt
21:15:04 justinreeve: my kids are playing something in the family room with a friend, and my wife is running errands
21:15:05 woscholar: Hey durff
21:15:10 mrsdurff: hey
21:15:23 SusanEttenheim: hi cfoote welcome
21:15:27 matt montagne: @Dbragg…yep, my wife and I are busy selling home, getting ready for big move, etc…
21:15:34 cfoote: @woscholar I’m still stalking u i guess
21:15:39 justinreeve: that’s probably both exciting and nerve-racking
21:15:42 cfoote: k, gang, gotta go. enjoy the show.
21:15:47 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Is your home selling?
21:15:48 mrsdurff: justin is stalking me
21:15:57 matt montagne: I love this plan for using the network…this plan is pretty solid…
21:16:06 matt montagne: audio coming in and out a bit
21:16:14 Sheilat: same here matt
21:16:20 mrsdurff: it was last night tyoo
21:16:22 matt montagne: who was just speaking??
21:16:32 Sheilat: mike
21:16:34 PaulAllison: Keep going Scott… the delay makes it hard to interact…
21:16:51 justinreeve: we could sit here all day debating who’s stalking whom, but I think we can both agree this room is better when we’re BOTH here. πŸ˜‰
21:16:51 Wendy: Having audio issues, also.
21:17:06 mrsdurff: oh pooh
21:17:07 justinreeve: yeah, audio is really chopy
21:17:14 matt montagne: oh, they must be streaming from conference center??
21:17:15 KimberlyBrosan: audio issues here too, going to see if I can find some headphones, BRB
21:17:15 Sheilat: now it sounds better
21:17:36 Wendy: It’s not too bad, can fill in the blanks.
21:17:38 Sheilat: did you all go to necc?
21:17:43 matt montagne: is itunesU being introduced to K12??
21:17:53 [Action] justinreeve: was a virtual attendee
21:17:55 mrsdurff: who did not attend necc?
21:17:59 matt montagne: I did not go to NECC…
21:18:00 Wendy: I was there. Great networking and some good sessions.
21:18:02 Sheilat: me
21:18:04 justinreeve: yeah, where’s the iTunes U K12 link?
21:18:05 KimberlyBrosan: I did not attend
21:18:11 woscholar: @matt – Yes
21:18:13 DBragg: I saw one presentation at NECC today
21:18:31 mrsdurff: ok so i’m an addict
21:18:37 justinreeve: this is really quite amazing to me how many people DIDN’T attend, but still feel an important part of the conference
21:18:47 mrsdurff: a virtual learning addict
21:18:49 justinreeve: they still came away with valuable information
21:18:51 Sheilat: loved the streaming!!!
21:18:58 woscholar: @justin – Open iTunes, click on iTunes U, scroll to the bottom and click on K-12
21:19:00 justinreeve: I agree, mrsdurff. This is a great way to go.
21:19:07 lfeld52: Planning on lobbying for DC 2009!
21:19:10 PaulAllison: very interesting work with the ipods… keep going!
21:19:16 justinreeve: oh. Most obvious place to look, of course.
21:19:17 DBragg: I love the streaming too, but I am looking forward to DC next year
21:19:19 justinreeve: thanks @woscholar
21:19:20 mrsdurff: there is an update in iTunes?
21:19:31 woscholar: Durrf kept the back channel chats in line when they got off topic
21:19:34 justinreeve: the Innovative Learning Conference is in September
21:19:38 justinreeve: or is it October?
21:19:44 PaulAllison: you’re back
21:19:56 justinreeve: I might be able to convince my department to send me to that.
21:19:56 mrsdurff: justin what are the dates for that conference?
21:20:05 Sheilat: I’m planning on DC next year, only 4 hour drive from Virginia Beach
21:20:11 woscholar: durff – sorry typo
21:20:28 Sheilat: yes
21:20:28 justinreeve:
21:20:30 justinreeve: October 14-16
21:20:34 mrsdurff: ty
21:21:07 lfeld52: oooo…I love San Jose!
21:21:08 justinreeve: You know what I’d like to do if I end up going? Get an extended-life battery for my laptop that’ll last 8 hours, keep my laptop in a backup and slap my webcam on my shoulder and just stream all day
21:21:17 justinreeve: that would be a nice little lifecast. I’m TOTALLY going to do that.
21:21:25 justinreeve: er
21:21:29 justinreeve: *keep my laptop in a backpack
21:21:46 woscholar:
21:21:59 PaulAllison: got it…
21:22:28 justinreeve: oh nice resource!
21:22:47 woscholar: @justin – Good idea.
21:23:12 matt montagne: will more K12 content be added to iTunesU?? I’m checking it out right now in iTunes…pretty nice
21:23:31 PaulAllison: Sounds really cool… Scott, can you ask her to describe what a classroom looks like with kids using these ipods?
21:23:58 PaulAllison: Sounds really cool… Scott, can you ask her to describe what a classroom looks like with kids using these ipods?
21:24:02 Sheilat: Did the ipod project help w/ student motivation or attendance?
21:24:13 justinreeve: good question, Sheilat
21:24:13 SusanEttenheim: hi floyd welcome
21:24:31 mrsdurff: matt do I have to update iTunes for that k12 iTunes U thing?
21:24:32 lfeld52: definitely need classroom ipod info!
21:24:39 matt montagne: durff…no
21:24:44 mrsdurff: ty
21:25:07 mrsdurff: if i open it now…well i won’t be in chat rooms first
21:25:15 lfeld52: now use iPods to have students listen to tests I have "read to them"
21:25:29 mrsdurff: that is a good idea
21:25:46 lfeld52: thanks!
21:25:50 justinreeve: Is there a way to use iTunes from the browser only, so you don’t have to install the app?
21:26:06 mrsdurff: what app?
21:26:09 matt montagne: a justin…nope, you need iTunes
21:26:17 mrsdurff: so i’m slow
21:26:22 woscholar: the downside of the iTUnes U K12 is that they want a state head to control the content. Yuck. Our state will not assign a person to that when they are already overloaded.
21:26:22 justinreeve: it would be a good move for Apple to create a browser-based iTunes, imo
21:26:44 woscholar: Be aware that you can subscribe to podcasts without iTunes, though.
21:26:47 mrsdurff: spanish kids listen to coffeebreak spanish in iTunes on the computers
21:26:48 justinreeve: @woscholar I have to assume they don’t understand the state of K12 schools then
21:27:06 justinreeve: @woscholar Can you search for them, though?
21:27:10 mrsdurff: yes scholar
21:27:16 woscholar: @Justin Good assumption. They don’t understand a lot.
21:27:19 woscholar: Sadly.
21:27:25 mrsdurff: πŸ™
21:27:28 Sheilat: student sharing is the most exciting time at our computer club
21:27:44 mrsdurff: when do you have a computer club?
21:27:49 mrsdurff: after school?
21:27:52 Sheilat: they love to teach and share!!!
21:27:53 SusanEttenheim: anyone out here in our chat who’d like to skype in and join in?
21:27:54 mrsdurff: during school?
21:27:58 justinreeve: what do the students in your computer club do?
21:28:12 woscholar: @justin not in iTunes, obviously, but there are plenty of sites that list them like Warlicks EPN site.
21:28:19 SusanEttenheim: all you need is skype!
21:28:21 Sheilat: we explored with sketchup, Alice, Scratch, voki, animoto,
21:28:22 matt montagne: all kids need is an Internet connection at school….forget about file servers
21:28:24 mrsdurff: we have a middle school gaming club
21:28:30 justinreeve: the kids in my house are being too noisy for me to Skype πŸ™‚
21:28:31 SusanEttenheim: I’ll callyou in
21:28:33 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Oh.. . . that’s how you do the audio? Through Skype?
21:28:48 mrsdurff: yes
21:28:50 woscholar: @matt Absolutely. That is our point.
21:28:50 justinreeve: how does that work exactly?
21:28:56 Sheilat: so my club reached more students, we provided time for teaching others not in our club
21:28:57 justinreeve: I thought Skype didn’t let you conference with more than one person
21:28:58 SusanEttenheim: yes – Jim do you ahve skype?
21:29:09 mrsdurff: justin it does
21:29:21 SusanEttenheim: justin or anyone else – just send me your skype name and I’ll call you in
21:29:23 mrsdurff: oh my
21:29:25 justinreeve: is there a limit? Can you all talk at the same time?
21:29:32 mrsdurff: i know sth justin doesn’t
21:29:37 woscholar: @justin – Skype is how we are broadcasting this – Susan calls each of us into a conference call
21:29:38 mrsdurff: hold the presses
21:29:43 justinreeve: ah, okay
21:29:49 SusanEttenheim: lol hopefully everyone takes turns!
21:30:02 justinreeve: I’m not really as smart as I pretend to be, mrsdurff. I promise πŸ™‚
21:30:06 SusanEttenheim: justin do you have skype?
21:30:09 justinreeve: yeah
21:30:17 mrsdurff: i think otherwise
21:30:18 SusanEttenheim: jim – do you have skype?
21:30:20 matt montagne: my old school spent 100 K + on a SAN system 3 years ago…what a waste of cash…students are quotaed at 60 MB
21:30:24 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Yes, I have Skype, Susan, but really nothing to add to Podcasting . . .
21:30:44 Sheilat: computer club was before school for a while, then we moved it to afterschool so more could participate
21:30:45 woscholar: The chat hin Skype has no latency or delay, so we can share the audio by shooting a message in there to take the mic.
21:30:46 justinreeve: I have a speech impediment. Plus my kids are being really noisy in the background right now.
21:30:55 SusanEttenheim: jim – what’s your skype user name? have a question?
21:31:22 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): adagio10 . . . but I’m comfortable lurking now, Susan. πŸ™‚
21:31:22 PaulAllison: What kind of learning did teachers have to do to use ipods with kids?
21:31:24 Sheilat: we use windows messenger video calling
21:31:28 mrsdurff: excuses justin
21:31:31 justinreeve: haha
21:31:33 SusanEttenheim: ok justin well just type your questions here and we’ll ask for you!
21:31:36 justinreeve: have you tried ooVoo before?
21:31:46 mrsdurff: i take it you have not heard much about me
21:31:48 KimberlyBrosan: hi lynne
21:31:49 justinreeve: that’s been the craze around our office lately
21:31:54 SusanEttenheim: hi lynne welcome
21:32:05 lfeld52: Also planning on using mp3s for noise therapy for autistic students
21:32:09 Lynne: Hey folks
21:32:14 SusanEttenheim: lynne where and what do you teach?
21:32:21 Sheilat: music therapy?
21:32:26 justinreeve: a couple months ago ooVoo was actually allowing free inbound and outbound phone calls for all users, but they’ve been clamping down on the extra features, making you pay for them. Kind of sucks.
21:32:30 justinreeve: oh great idea, lfeld
21:32:38 lfeld52: more like sensitivity
21:32:40 KimberlyBrosan: @lfeld that’s a great idea! I will have to share
21:32:46 mrsdurff: come here on sunday night to see oovo
21:33:04 lfeld52: certain noises set kids off ie fire alarms!
21:33:05 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): A blog is broader . .
21:33:16 SusanEttenheim: on my list to investigate oovo what do you think about it durff?
21:33:25 Sheilat: oh, very interesting
21:33:29 justinreeve: My 5 year-old is able to use ooVoo.
21:33:37 PaulAllison:
21:33:41 justinreeve: that’s how easy it is. I barely even had to teach her
21:33:41 SusanEttenheim: – i think?
21:33:43 tmcgrath: @MrsDurff i have played with ooVoo but I have alwats have video issues with it
21:34:04 justinreeve: I’m going to teach her Skype next
21:34:13 mrsdurff: you radical
21:34:19 justinreeve: never too young to start teaching your kids technology
21:34:26 SusanEttenheim: hi Dean welcome!
21:34:32 PaulAllison:
21:34:34 mrsdurff: we all agree justin
21:34:37 justinreeve: frankly, I think I might’ve waited too long
21:34:42 justinreeve: yeah, I know. I’m preaching to the choir here.
21:34:49 mrsdurff: Shareski!
21:34:53 mrsdurff: stuck in SA
21:35:35 PaulAllison: Also … what issues/ problems do you see in the ed-tech community?
21:35:37 mrsdurff: i have $ on him being the last one home from necc
21:35:41 justinreeve: haha
21:36:07 justinreeve: PaulAllison: Right now, the most annoying problem to me is filtering
21:36:33 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Is there such a thing as too much?
21:36:46 mrsdurff: is she into webkinz yet justin?
21:36:55 SusanEttenheim: justin we’ve been finding often people just don’t know how to ask to turn off the filters
21:37:00 DBragg: @ Paul I’m fustrated by access – I don’t get opportunities because I’m not a content area teacher
21:37:13 Lynne: Can I listen on SKYPE
21:37:13 justinreeve: haven’t seen Webkinz until now. Thanks!
21:37:22 justinreeve: oh, I agree with that Susan
21:37:22 mrsdurff: you will love it
21:37:31 mrsdurff: she will too
21:37:37 justinreeve: I can bypass the filters just fine, I have access to do so.
21:37:46 mrsdurff: lucky
21:37:47 justinreeve: It’s the teachers I’m concerned about.
21:37:54 KimberlyBrosan: @susan what’s the right way to ask–only administrators have override in my district
21:37:56 SusanEttenheim: lynne to listen on skype I’ll have to call you
21:38:07 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Dbragg . . . could you elaborate?
21:38:16 justinreeve: I see few reasons why ALL teachers shouldn’t be given filter bypass access upon request
21:38:20 PaulAllison: One of my concerns is connecting back in our local schools…
21:38:53 mrsdurff: what session did shareski think was best of necc?
21:38:56 matt montagne: we’re 5-10 years away from virtual conferences being taken more seriously by the masses….
21:39:10 justinreeve: The problem is just the filter technology. Sometimes depending on your school filter there’s not an easy way to distinguish between who’s a student and who’s an employee
21:39:17 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): <–not hearing any audio. . . hmmm. .
21:39:21 justinreeve: matt: their loss
21:39:33 matt montagne: @jim…audio is wonky on my end…in and out
21:39:34 DBragg: Laptops and other equipment purchased can only be used in LA, SS, Math and Science classes – I teach Family & Consumer Science courses
21:39:49 justinreeve: at least in those 5-10 years, they’ll have 10-15 years worth of material to review and pore over
21:40:04 matt montagne: @justin…LOL!!
21:40:10 mrsdurff: matt – like in virtual worlds?
21:40:13 lfeld52: dbragg…check with your sped teachers; we have our own equip
21:40:14 KimberlyBrosan: @ dbragg that’s a shame!
21:40:14 DBragg: I get access to the old equipment or things other teachers don’t want
21:40:31 mrsdurff: i wish i could here all of this
21:40:40 Wendy: @matt Me, too. πŸ™ Sad to go, but I’ll be back another time. Audio is letting me down.
21:40:43 mrsdurff: konrad’s trip is interesting
21:40:46 justinreeve: How many teachers in your schools have mini computer labs in their classrooms?
21:41:16 justinreeve: or rather, how many of you have computer labs in your classrooms?
21:41:20 matt montagne: @mrsdurff…no, I’m just referring to asynchronous PD opportunities…most people just don’t seem to consider it as real as f2f traditional conferences…I could be wrong there tho…
21:41:22 lfeld52: iTunes rebuffering…
21:41:24 Sheilat: we have approx 4 computers in classroom and 4 full wireless laptop carts that can be checked out
21:41:39 PaulAllison: I like that … "he doesn’t know…"
21:41:43 paulrwood: Great fun picking up @Shareski
21:41:49 justinreeve: do you have a regular school computer lab, too?
21:41:56 DBragg: I have one teacher station with a printer for 2 teachers in the room
21:41:59 paulrwood: I think he thinks Texans are a little crazy
21:42:02 justinreeve: that’s pretty awesome, Sheilat
21:42:05 Sheilat: Yes, one lab in elementary schools
21:42:06 matt montagne: @justin…we have a mini computer lab…9 imacs…I love it…we have 2 chairs at each computer and it is a highly collaborative workspace
21:42:15 Sheilat: we are going with wireless laptop carts now
21:42:20 justinreeve: oh sweet
21:42:28 KimberlyBrosan: my new school has two labs (not counting business classrooms) for 1900 students. I don’t know what teachers have in classrooms yet.
21:42:28 mrsdurff: hi kstevens
21:42:37 justinreeve: that’s VERY cool, matt
21:42:45 Sheilat: our courtyard in the center of school also gets wireless signal
21:42:52 kstevens: how’s everyone doing
21:43:04 mrsdurff: brain is full
21:43:09 justinreeve: two labs seems a little small for that many students? In our high schools there are typically about 5 or 6 labs at least.
21:43:14 mrsdurff: hi sroseman
21:43:39 sroseman: hi mrs.durff
21:43:46 sroseman: how’s NECC
21:43:49 matt montagne: where are the webcasters streaming from??
21:44:10 Sheilat: The data will not always show students learning 21st century skills, team work, collaboration, people skills, connecting with others etc…
21:44:11 mrsdurff: hi kstevens
21:44:25 kstevens77: back again
21:44:26 KimberlyBrosan: @justin I agree! that was the number reported to me by the librarian I replaced. She was out of touch, but I suspect this was one thing she knew about because one of the two were in the library
21:44:58 justinreeve: Is there any extra space in your school where you could put more labs, Kimberly?
21:45:29 SusanEttenheim: sound is a little buggy tonight because of the lag from the conference in Texas
21:45:40 PaulAllison: I like that… sharing with just a few…
21:46:05 KimberlyBrosan: @justin I suspect not. Built in 1970. I hear they’re talking about putting on a third story in the building to expand. I haven’t gotten a recent tour of classrooms. I graduated from there in 87
21:46:19 PaulAllison: What is Dean doing this semester that … like Konrad… he isn’t sure how it will go?
21:46:24 paulrwood: Great watching @shareski and @woscholar work off each other
21:46:33 matt montagne: what was the vendor floor like?? The geek in me wants to know what hardware looked cool…I heard the Ultra Portables where out in full force
21:46:38 KarenJan: losing the audio
21:46:40 justinreeve: that’s unfortuante. What about unused classroom space? Could classrooms be optimized to include extra computers to compensate for the lack of labs?
21:47:03 matt montagne: why not let kids bring in their own computers to use at school?
21:47:18 Sheilat: or cell phones that access web
21:47:25 matt montagne: expecially with the cost being so low for things like eeePCs
21:47:34 justinreeve: I’d actually say why not ask the community for computer donations, then just stick Linux on them or something
21:47:41 DBragg: I think we should issue smart phone and get out of the computer lab business
21:47:43 KimberlyBrosan: good questions–need answers from network nazis
21:47:49 matt montagne: then the school doesn’t have to keep spending money on adding and supporting new computers…
21:47:51 justinreeve: your tech department doesn’t even have to spend a dime
21:48:08 paulrwood: The kids are carrying the bandwidth in their pockets
21:48:19 Sheilat: our school system has policy against cell phones in schools
21:48:20 justinreeve: which their parents are probably paying for
21:48:30 DBragg: mine too
21:48:40 SusanEttenheim: but what about the kids who don’t have?
21:48:42 justinreeve: Are cell phones completely banned, or can the students still carry them but just keep them off?
21:48:52 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Control is the issue.
21:49:02 paulrwood: Will be working with admin and curriculum coordinator in my school to allow cell phones in my class
21:49:18 matt montagne: most teachers barely view laptops as a reliable learning tool…cell phones as educational tools would push them over the edge
21:49:23 Sheilat: just must be turned off and out of site, too bad kids can text without looking in their hoodie front pocket
21:49:28 DBragg: student are supposed to turn off their cell phones and put them in their lockers
21:49:34 paulrwood: I hope to be pushng them
21:49:35 kcaise: hi all
21:49:36 justinreeve: ugh
21:49:49 KimberlyBrosan: we’re mac-only for teachrs/students PC only for adminstrators. I don’t think that net admins would go for bringing in from home. Would love eePCs, going to be working on that!
21:49:53 justinreeve: it’s such an uphill battle
21:49:54 SusanEttenheim: hi kcaise welcome
21:50:07 kcaise: ty
21:50:07 mrsdurff: kim? hi kim
21:50:12 Sheilat: have you tried 1800 2cha cha on your cell phone? You must!
21:50:21 sroseman: audio kicks out!!
21:50:27 mrsdurff: is that a #?
21:50:28 KimberlyBrosan: yes mrsdurfF?
21:50:29 kcaise: you got it right durff
21:50:39 Sheilat: yes phone number
21:50:40 mrsdurff: hmmm
21:50:40 matt montagne: audio = gone
21:50:52 KimberlyBrosan: lol oops wrong Kim!
21:50:53 kcaise: ooops. mutliple kims
21:51:09 justinreeve: I need to start subtletly linking our administrators to sites that talk about classroom lessons which involve cell phones. Maybe they’ll get the hint.
21:51:30 SusanEttenheim: audio will be back.. can you hear now?
21:51:30 Lynne: anyone using a Kindle in class?
21:51:33 mrsdurff: i’ll try that then – just wrote it down
21:51:41 KimberlyBrosan: I’ve seen articles about using text messaging as classroom response system
21:51:49 mrsdurff: hi teachakidd!
21:51:59 SusanEttenheim: hi kstevens trying to call you on skype…?
21:52:03 Lee Kolbert (TeachaKidd): Hi
21:52:10 DBragg: not using the kindle, but what I have heard looks really cool
21:52:22 kstevens: had to start skype stalled out
21:52:24 matt montagne: we are years away from systemic cell phone use acceptance…doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the possibilities, but I also think we need to stay practical for the average teacher
21:52:26 Sheilat: we need to allow cell phones
21:52:27 mrsdurff: and expensive
21:52:34 KimberlyBrosan: not using a Kindle. I want to see one in person.
21:52:37 Lynne: We’ve got our staff development time cut. Hi donna, you’d like it!
21:52:53 justinreeve: I’ve heard mixed things about Kindles
21:53:08 Lynne: What is "mixed"?
21:53:09 justinreeve: gotta take off, kids are bugging me to take them to get a snowcone
21:53:14 paulrwood: Kathy Schrock had a lot of good things to say today about the kindle
21:53:15 justinreeve: bye everyone!
21:53:21 KimberlyBrosan: goodnight Justin
21:53:23 mrsdurff: bye justin
21:53:23 matt montagne: chow justin
21:53:55 Lynne: NECC didn’t do much podcasting..Least I can’t find it on iTunes.
21:54:11 Sheilat: loved my first session on edtechtalk! will most def return ! πŸ™‚
21:54:19 PaulAllison: I wish I could join Scott and Dean… but keep going! Sounds good.
21:54:23 Sheilat: bye all
21:54:31 SusanEttenheim: please do sheilat!
21:54:36 mrsdurff: lynne it’s on the web page
21:54:39 mrsdurff: site
21:54:49 matt montagne: my Kindle review after reading kite runner:
21:54:57 Sheilat: I will! Thanx
21:55:24 matt montagne: twitter is another one that bugs me…it just doesn’t appeal to the average, over worked educator
21:55:35 mrsdurff: @Lynne
21:56:02 SusanEttenheim: have to disagre matt – I’ve come to love twitter although I hate it this week – not working well at all
21:56:13 mrsdurff: and videos
21:56:29 kstevens: computer needs restart. try and get back in time, appologies
21:56:30 matt montagne: until all teachers have "Google Time" with built in R and D time in their schedules, the average teacher will not view something like twitter as useful and meaningful
21:56:38 KimberlyBrosan: @matt I like twitter because I can document quickly
21:56:46 matt montagne: I love it too, Susan, but the average teacher just isn’t going to use it…
21:57:00 mrsdurff: matt i agree
21:57:18 kcaise: excellent point matt
21:57:23 mrsdurff: the average teacher doesn’t ‘get it’
21:57:33 mrsdurff: and that is ok
21:57:43 SusanEttenheim: It’s as though there are a million people all helping me keep on top of the newest and most interesting info
21:57:45 kcaise: my last district all blogs are blocked so i know twitter and plurk are blocked
21:57:46 mrsdurff: we need to meet them where they are
21:57:55 kcaise: delicious was just recently unblocked about 6 months
21:57:58 mrsdurff: and help them do the best possible job
21:58:31 SusanEttenheim: kcaise sometimes we find unblocking isn’t actually as hard as we think it is
21:58:38 SusanEttenheim: welcome agapejen
21:58:42 agapejen: hi
21:58:54 matt montagne: the average, over worked teacher needs real, practical things for use in their classroom…just like always…I just think things need to be as practical as possible
21:58:58 SusanEttenheim: where and what do you teach?
21:59:05 mrsdurff: but IT people want us to think unblocking is difficult
21:59:11 agapejen: consult a bit, pa
21:59:26 SusanEttenheim: matt that’s why twitter is so great because that’s what people share
21:59:50 KimberlyBrosan: unblocking IS easy but requests don’t even garner a response in my district
21:59:53 SusanEttenheim: It people just want to understand and be safe I think and when they get it they are fine…
22:00:10 mrsdurff: a ning seems to go over better with ‘average’ teachers
22:00:10 paulrwood: I am an IT person and I can assure you that we will be doing as much as possible to unblock as much as possible and stay within the guidelines
22:00:25 SusanEttenheim: kimberly can you find a person? that has made all the difference for us
22:00:53 mrsdurff: paul you don’t work in my school, sadly
22:00:54 SusanEttenheim: when we could talk to the right person and explain all was good
22:01:00 kstevens: i’m back and all is running well now
22:01:05 SusanEttenheim: hi kstevens welcome
22:01:52 paulrwood: We are upgrading bandwidth, upgrading backbone and I plan for us to rock and roll
22:01:56 kstevens: appologies about previous lock-up on my side
22:01:58 KimberlyBrosan: I’m hoping to become a part of tech committee so I can be heard. We blocked all of because students could search for pictures and it turned up pr0n
22:02:09 Lynne: Hope to see you all in a few weeks. Taking some kids to England for first time next Monday. Will check in after July 17.
22:02:41 bonnine: Did I miss the NECC wrap up?
22:02:49 JoseRodriguez: I thought party would be over by now.
22:02:51 DBragg: @Lynne have fun! It will be brilliant
22:02:54 mrsdurff: hi jose
22:03:02 JoseRodriguez: Hi durff
22:03:14 SusanEttenheim: almost over…
22:03:18 SusanEttenheim: πŸ™‚
22:03:27 tmcgrath: Have a good night all thanks for all the learning experiences
22:03:39 mrsdurff: night
22:03:51 DBragg: night lisa
22:04:00 mrsdurff: nite Dbragg
22:04:13 SusanEttenheim: thanks for joining us everyone -please join us every week same time!
22:04:13 PaulAllison: THANKS Scott!!! We’ll finish up now..
22:04:38 matt montagne: thanks everyone…good conversation…I enjoyed it
22:04:41 sroseman: yes, was there a NECC wrap up
22:04:43 KimberlyBrosan: @Susan thanks for hosting
22:04:47 JimBurke(LearninginMaine): Thank you . . .
22:04:50 mrsdurff: what session did shareski think was best of necc?
22:05:26 DBragg: Thanks to all of you in Texas!
22:05:53 DBragg: Night all!
22:05:55 paulrwood: It was a blast
22:05:59 woscholar: @Durff this is shareski…I liked Hall D. sesion on cellphones
22:06:05 mrsdurff: that guy and jeff
22:06:23 mrsdurff: thanks shareski
22:06:38 woscholar: anytime
22:06:49 mrsdurff: did you hear the closing keynote dean?
22:06:51 SusanEttenheim: nite everyone
22:06:53 KimberlyBrosan: thank you everyone. I’ll try to remember to come back
22:07:04 woscholar: Hey Susan!
22:07:07 woscholar: Where are you from?
22:08:06 mrsdurff: sadly necc is over – hope to see you all again soon!
22:08:08 kcaise: is there still audio?
22:08:13 mrsdurff: nope
22:08:17 mrsdurff: it is over
22:08:22 kcaise: ty
22:08:28 mrsdurff: night kim
22:08:35 kcaise: night durff
22:08:45 kcaise: ty for hosting tonight