Chat Log for TTT#100:Making Space on Youth Twitter – 04.16.08


20:47:58 paulallison: Tis the season for baseball.
20:48:39 paulallison: Hi Kevin
20:48:41 paulallison: Hi Susan
20:48:47 Kevin Hodgson: Hey
20:49:31 paulallison: Just ate a 7-minute dinner after being out with my baseball playing boys.
20:49:47 Kevin Hodgson: I was at practice with my son, too.
20:50:25 paulallison: Do they have lights at his field?
20:50:27 Kevin Hodgson: And had to watch three other little kids (two of mine and a friend) while the older practiced. A bit tired now …
20:50:33 Kevin Hodgson: No lights
20:50:42 paulallison: That’s a blessing.
20:51:11 paulallison: We haven’t had lights either… and I always thought it was good.
20:51:18 paulallison: Hi Susan.
20:51:19 Kevin Hodgson: Yeah
20:53:50 SusanEttenheim: hi kstevens welcome
20:54:25 kstevens: just saw the tweet, figured i’d get here early
20:56:10 SusanEttenheim: terrific- please remind me where you are from?
20:56:28 SusanEttenheim: bill you on skype tonight?
20:56:34 Kevin Hodgson: Hi Bill
20:56:44 Kevin Hodgson: Greetings kstevens
20:56:55 kstevens: bishop dunne in dallas
20:57:01 Bill O’Neal: Good Evening..Well, Tom is asleep and I am in here. Probably not a good idea. We could try and see what happens…
20:57:05 SusanEttenheim: ahh and what age again?
20:57:24 SusanEttenheim: just let me know when you’re ready…
20:57:36 Kevin Hodgson: My two year old was up most of the night with bad dreams. Hoping for a better night tonight.
20:58:21 Bill O’Neal: He truns four next month. I am logged onto Skype..
20:58:38 kstevens: i teach in the high school, freshman English. Kevin, hope you have a better night as well
20:59:15 Kevin Hodgson: Thank. 🙂
21:03:51 Lorna: you are live
21:04:07 George Mayo:
21:04:10 SusanEttenheim: yes thank you lorna!
21:05:42 Lorna: 😀
21:05:53 Lorna: beer all around
21:05:55 SusanEttenheim: lorna – I didn’t really say welcome! – was busy setting up!
21:07:16 SusanEttenheim: lorna where are you?
21:07:21 SusanEttenheim: hi hfeldman welcome
21:07:25 hfeldman: hello!
21:07:29 SusanEttenheim: where are you and what do you teach?
21:07:42 hfeldman: I am student in Philly at the Science Leadership Academy
21:07:59 Kevin Hodgson: Welcome
21:08:16 paulallison: Heather can you skype in?
21:08:20 SusanEttenheim: great welcome! we have two students online tonight – Pablo from Maryland and Dane from Utah – what year are you?
21:08:29 Lorna: Parents as Partners
21:08:34 Lorna: st catharines ON
21:08:49 SusanEttenheim: great lorna welcome again!
21:09:02 Lorna: happy to be here
21:09:07 SusanEttenheim: hi hannah – you have joined us before haven’t you?
21:09:09 Lorna: good to listen to students
21:09:20 hfeldman: Yes, I was on the talk about YT and schooliness
21:09:29 SusanEttenheim: yes welcome back!
21:09:35 hfeldman: (in 10th grade if that question was for me…)
21:09:53 Kevin Hodgson: I like that idea of "kids coming together" —
21:10:10 SusanEttenheim: do you all know we have Pablo from Maryland (8th grade) and Dane from Utah (11th grade??)
21:10:11 Lorna: is there a url to look at?
21:10:28 SusanEttenheim:
21:10:35 hfeldman: Where can I stream the talk?
21:10:36 SusanEttenheim:
21:10:38 Kevin Hodgson: 2008space –
21:10:50 SusanEttenheim: hannah would you like to join in via skype?
21:11:03 SusanEttenheim: or you can click the listen button on
21:11:09 hfeldman: What exactly is the topic – I just saw this on twitter….
21:11:27 paulallison: Hannah… sorry.
21:11:27 Kevin Hodgson: Topic is student online publications
21:11:38 SusanEttenheim: on youth twitter, the online literary magazine – SPACE
21:11:42 paulallison: Hannah can you join us via skype?
21:11:50 hfeldman: I could. Thank you!
21:13:05 Kevin Hodgson: Chris, what is the open source video player? Url available?
21:13:22 Kevin Hodgson: Interesting how student found the way around the blockade. Way to go!!!
21:13:42 George Mayo: Hy Hannah
21:13:43 SusanEttenheim: hi durff!
21:13:46 SusanEttenheim: hi james
21:13:49 SusanEttenheim: welcome
21:13:54 James.Sigler: Hi susan
21:14:02 hfeldman: Hello. Thanks Mr Mayo for posting this on twitter!
21:14:13 Durff: had to use a different browser to access chatroom tonight
21:14:23 Durff: hi susan
21:14:42 George Mayo: No problem Hannah- I reall like your poem and Thanksgiving story- funny stuff
21:15:34 hfeldman: Thanks again!
21:15:42 James.Sigler: Sorry I missed the beginning.  Who is the guest tonight/
21:15:43 James.Sigler: ?
21:16:21 Durff: bingo
21:16:49 Durff: hannah! i just started following you on twitter!!
21:16:59 SusanEttenheim: james we’re talking about SPACE the literary magazine on YouthTwitter
21:17:15 Durff: coffee ready….
21:17:20 James.Sigler: Cool, thnx
21:17:50 hfeldman: @Durff I’ll have to follow you! I don’t think I am yet…
21:18:23 Chris Sloan:
21:19:00 James.Sigler: 86? wow!
21:19:05 Bill O’Neal: Save the whales… kill the seals?
21:19:17 Durff: there you go
21:20:07 hfeldman: @Durff Nevermind, I most definitely already am!
21:20:21 Durff: @hannah request was on twitter – i let them pile up for a bit
21:20:27 paulallison: Are we off?
21:20:29 SusanEttenheim: hi ehelfant welcome
21:20:36 SusanEttenheim: hi jane welcome
21:20:38 paulallison: I can’t hear.
21:20:46 ehelfant: Hi everyone!
21:20:48 Durff: hi jane
21:20:56 Jane: hi everyone
21:20:57 Kevin Hodgson: Sounds fine to me, Paul.
21:21:03 hfeldman: I found another class of school blogs today! Left lots of comments 🙂
21:21:12 James.Sigler: I have sound
21:21:22 paulallison: Keep the conversation going.  I’ll be back.
21:21:34 Durff: maybe he meant the races?
21:21:50 James.Sigler: @hfeldman good for you!  Keep it up.
21:22:03 kstevens: hi jane, hi ehelfant, greetings from Dallas
21:22:08 Durff: keep talking
21:22:15 Durff: great hannah
21:22:44 Durff: what is the usual topic?
21:22:46 Jane: I had a new blogging class leave great comments for kids today
21:23:36 Durff: hey kidd!
21:23:59 SusanEttenheim: hi jane – where are you and what do you teach?
21:24:22 James.Sigler: @Jane great. comments makes blogging come alive
21:24:39 Jane: Hi I am a year 4 teacher in Perth Western Australia
21:24:53 SusanEttenheim: ahh welcome jane!
21:25:06 Jane: I only use Twitter for myself Lisa Parisi got me hooked
21:25:21 Durff: hmmm…jane…hmmmm…sounds so familiar….(how am i doing?
21:25:26 James.Sigler: We love a global chat!
21:25:36 Durff: )hi alice!
21:26:03 hfeldman: post a link to your video please!
21:26:11 George Mayo: coul dwe have th elink to the avalanche video?
21:26:51 SusanEttenheim: hi alice!
21:27:10 paulallison: glad to be back
21:27:23 Chris Sloan: ill post it soon
21:27:47 Durff: glad to have you back paul
21:28:44 James.Sigler: You were gone, Paul? 😉
21:29:51 hfeldman: Hey Dane!
21:29:52 DaneBrodke: The link for the avalanche video is
21:29:56 Kevin Hodgson: HI Felicia
21:30:19 SusanEttenheim: hi felicia!
21:30:24 Felicia G: Hi, I finally got on after 30 minutes.  And I have cable.
21:30:36 SusanEttenheim: glad you’re here!
21:30:37 James.Sigler: Welcome
21:30:40 SusanEttenheim: can you hear ok?
21:30:45 Felicia G: I can’t hear anything.
21:30:52 DaneBrodke:
21:30:59 SusanEttenheim: felicia, click on the icon edtechtalk a
21:31:08 SusanEttenheim: hi toni welcome
21:31:19 kstevens: a teacher at out school had a similar idea w/ online lit magazine but she never followed through with the project. personally love the concept
21:31:23 SusanEttenheim: do you see where to do that felicia?
21:32:10 Kevin Hodgson: I wonder, why have "editions" with online mags? Why not revolving story flows?
21:32:25 Felicia G: I think so but nothing is happening.  Is it in the video screen?  Do I have to subscribe?
21:32:27 James.Sigler: How do those who don’t have home internet access read the online mag
21:32:47 Kevin Hodgson: James, good point. Equity is still a big issue
21:33:03 Kevin Hodgson: And maybe more of a reason why we  need to do this in school
21:33:27 Jane: I clicked on the realOne player for audio
21:33:28 SusanEttenheim: no you should not have to subscribe felicia
21:33:36 SusanEttenheim: are you at
21:33:48 James.Sigler: @Kevin School is an equalizer for kids who are at a disavantage
21:33:54 SusanEttenheim: on the upper right of the screen, you should see the listen button
21:34:11 SusanEttenheim: we are on edtechtalk a
21:34:18 George Mayo:  Chris – would it be easier to e-mail me the avalanche link? mrmayo.or @ gmail
21:34:26 George Mayo: [email protected] gmail
21:34:42 Felicia G: Yes, I am.  I clicked on the mic button.  Is the listen button blue?  I’m waiting for the listen.pls to load.
21:35:03 SusanEttenheim: are you on windows or mac felicia?
21:35:11 kstevens: @James online lit mag can preserve more past issues than print version
21:35:13 Felicia G: Windows
21:35:43 Felicia G: I can hear now.
21:35:44 SusanEttenheim: do you see a little audio icon?
21:35:55 Durff: Felicia did u try the black icon?
21:35:58 kstevens: the old editions of the yearbook are stored in my lab and most of the old pictures just collect dust. i see the same problem with past print issues of a lit mag
21:36:13 James.Sigler: @kstevens good point! it is much easier to access an onlive archive of a mag
21:37:31 James.Sigler: How do the tweets on YT turn into an online magazine
21:37:43 hfeldman: google docs
21:38:13 Kevin Hodgson: students post links to their writing (so, writing is elsewhere and link is on YT)
21:38:17 James.Sigler: Are they just copied and pasted over from YT
21:38:18 Felicia G: Thanks everyone.  I can hear now.  Didn’t know it would take so long.
21:38:47 Bill O’Neal: My cousin from KC is on the phone about a relative’s passing, so I need to run…
21:38:51 Durff: put the link on Word
21:38:57 SusanEttenheim: great! there is a small delay
21:39:01 Durff: then drag to the chatroom
21:39:06 SusanEttenheim: hi rstrome welcome!
21:39:25 hfeldman: for example, i post a link to a google doc of my writing. that link/document is then added to the overall googledoc for space
21:39:51 James.Sigler: So YT pulls together posts from lots of different places into one place?
21:39:55 Durff: hi peggy
21:39:56 Felicia G: I’ve seen a lot of postings on youthtwitter.  Not sure how to get to the meat of the conversation.
21:40:20 SusanEttenheim: say more felicia?
21:40:31 hfeldman: @felicia I think that’s a shared problem with twitter and yt
21:40:36 PeggyG: Hi-running late!
21:41:00 SusanEttenheim: welcome back rstrome
21:41:00 kstevens: rather than editions could you present a theme for the month or week
21:41:27 hfeldman: ooh themes – I like that idea!
21:41:28 Felicia G: How do you link to the magazine or the youth’s blog? Doesn’t seem to link back.  Maybe the youth posting hasn’t created the link?
21:41:50 James.Sigler: @hfeldman does YT atoumatically post to the space Google doc?
21:41:53 PeggyG: Is there any specific link we’re talking about right now?
21:42:03 SusanEttenheim: felicia – go to and click on the link that says SPACE
21:42:34 SusanEttenheim: yes Peggy – SPACE which is linked from
21:42:57 Felicia G: I guess I’m talking about the youthtwitters that appear on my twitter page.  Is it different.
21:43:14 hfeldman: @james No. I think Paul Allison does that…not sure
21:43:23 PeggyG: Got it, thanks. I follow the youthtwitter tweets 🙂
21:44:07 James.Sigler: @Paul how do the links in YT get into the Space Google doc?
21:44:31 Kevin Hodgson: George’s students, acting as editors, put Space together
21:46:00 James.Sigler: @Kevin Are you saying George’s students put together the Space Google Doc?
21:46:09 Kevin Hodgson: Yes, I believe so
21:46:40 Jane: sorry have to go – interesting thanks
21:47:41 kstevens: anthoer benefit of online lit magazine is cost or the lack of need to front the publication costs
21:48:08 SusanEttenheim:
21:48:30 Felicia G: Good question!  What does it mean to edit an online literary journal?  When people submit does it get posted right away?
21:48:34 George Mayo: susan- If students or teachers wanted to help w/ space they could stat w/ Youth Twitter maybe
21:48:40 Kevin Hodgson: Also, digital format allows for non-traditional composition — video, podcasts, hyperlinked documents, etc. Those don’t translate to paper, right? But they can come alive online
21:48:44 PeggyG: That looks like it would be a great place to add an online journal. 🙂
21:49:15 James.Sigler: Are those Student2.0 people/
21:49:16 James.Sigler: ?
21:49:41 Durff: Sounds like most of them are
21:50:14 PeggyG: Can they get the google ads removed from their site as students? Just curious.
21:50:39 SusanEttenheim: which site peggy?
21:50:50 SusanEttenheim: hi lucy welcome
21:51:03 PeggyG: The youthnet wikispace
21:51:14 SusanEttenheim: we’re talking about online literary youth spaces
21:51:16 LucyGray: Hi Susan!
21:51:35 SusanEttenheim: great show at wow
21:51:46 LucyGray: Oh cool!
21:51:49 PeggyG: Sorry-thought they were talking about adding the journal to the youthnet wikispace.
21:52:06 SusanEttenheim: say more peggy?
21:52:08 James.Sigler: I thought that too
21:52:15 LucyGray: Thanks, I had fun. I’m getting into this EdTechTalk stuff.
21:52:34 SusanEttenheim: it’s addictive
21:52:43 PeggyG: Tagging would be a great idea!
21:52:48 SusanEttenheim: thought what james?
21:52:57 James.Sigler: Yes WOW2 was great last night
21:53:12 kstevens: tagging is a great idea, always an after thought for me
21:53:27 James.Sigler: Are they talking about moving Space to Youthnet wikispace?
21:53:39 SusanEttenheim: I think linking it James
21:53:45 James.Sigler: Ok
21:53:57 SusanEttenheim: brb
21:54:00 LucyGray: Thanks for coming, James, and for joining the GEC, too!
21:54:27 SusanEttenheim: never ending mr. mayo?
21:54:58 James.Sigler: @Lucy I hadn’t dived into Diigo yet, but I went ahead and signed up to join GEC
21:55:18 James.Sigler: @ Lucy It helped me take the plunge
21:55:42 Felicia G: role of teacher with online collaboration.  spending time with students’ work that isn’t your own and what effect it might have.  Sounds like good questions.
21:55:52 PeggyG: That would be the dream situation! Students submitting completely on their own initiative. 🙂
21:56:04 SusanEttenheim: yes felicia but if you are part of a real community that is part of it
21:57:19 Felicia G: I get that, but where is the student’s "real time" teacher and what is his/her role?  I think it broadens our reach but if we are working in concert that makes each person’s work more powerful.
21:57:22 James.Sigler: I would love to have a quick and easy way to comment individually on my students’ writing.  
21:57:56 PeggyG: I’m curious–would it be considered web 2.0 if students are just submitting assignments to their instructor and getting feedback only from the instructor (not interactive with other students or a dialogue)?
21:58:15 Felicia G: maybe not
21:58:22 SusanEttenheim: interesting peggy – what do you think?
21:58:45 Felicia G: I guess I need to read the first issue of Space.
21:58:50 SusanEttenheim: if students are talking to each other and using web 2.0 tools they are still web 2.0
21:58:56 James.Sigler: @Peggy Good point.  I think that is the difference between school 1.0 and school 2.0
21:58:58 PeggyG: I think it’s not really web 2.0
21:59:18 hfeldman: many students are not using web 2.0 technologies
21:59:27 SusanEttenheim: so you see people who don’t know each other talking to be web .20?
22:00:09 Felicia G: but isn’t part of the web 2.0 process to learn and to grow from interaction with others.  sharing and responding is only the beginning
22:00:10 James.Sigler: web 2.0 is very much about the social interaction
22:00:35 hfeldman: would facebook then count as web 2.0?
22:00:39 James.Sigler: Excellent point, Felicia
22:01:13 PeggyG: @James-that’s what I was thinking-it’s the dialogue and interaction online that makes it 2.0
22:01:28 SusanEttenheim: yes I’d agree
22:01:35 James.Sigler: Isn’t facebook interactive and conversive?
22:01:56 hfeldman: Yes, but only within an already-defined network.
22:02:14 kstevens: @james according to the dialogue and interaction definition
22:03:07 James.Sigler: So what about 2.0 does Facebook lack?
22:03:51 PeggyG: I wondered because I recently read a blog post about a person who said they were using web 2.0 before it was called that because he posted things and students wrote responses back to him (like on Moodle or Blackboard).
22:04:24 LucyGray: To upload to VT, you’d export your slides as jpgs and you’d lose your links I think
22:04:31 Felicia G: I’m not familiar with facebook.  haven’t even visited that site.  Would you use facebook in a clas?
22:04:38 hfeldman: Facebook lacks depth…and it’s not a place to expand. You don’t meet people on facebook – you stay connected with people you already know.
22:05:10 hfeldman: @Felicia NOOO. Facebook is very much blocked. It’s a safer version of myspace, I guess is a good way to define it.
22:05:22 hfeldman: *blocked at school
22:05:42 LucyGray: We just started using Very safe. I really like it.
22:05:47 James.Sigler: Social networking sites are blocked at my school too
22:06:02 hfeldman: @James They just blocked ning 🙁
22:06:03 James.Sigler: I use with my 3rd graders
22:06:32 kstevens: brb. great discussion tonight if i do not get back in time. got some great ideas
22:06:37 PeggyG: Great idea-welcome Steve from Voicethread!!
22:06:46 James.Sigler: Welcome steve!
22:07:05 Felicia G: @nfeldmand would you use either facebook or myspace even it weren’t blocked?
22:07:22 James.Sigler: Are social netoworks a Web 2.0 tool?
22:07:48 Kevin Hodgson: Writing: A Poetic Project — Writing is a Voyage — my experiment in Hypertextopia
22:07:51 hfeldman: @Felicia I use them at home 🙂 and many students use a hack for school.
22:07:57 James.Sigler: Is Facebook different than other social networks like Ning?
22:07:58 Felicia G: @James.Sigler I would yes
22:08:35 James.Sigler: what social networks do you use?
22:08:38 Felicia G: Love hypertextopia but haven’t done much with it.
22:09:49 James.Sigler: Rats, hit the wrong button and lost the chat
22:10:07 hfeldman: @James.Sigler I use Facebook, Myspace (not so much), Bebo (not so much either), Twitter/Pownce, blogging, my school’s Moodle, flickr (a bit), wikispaces
22:10:55 hfeldman: and of course youth twitter!
22:10:58 George Mayo:
22:11:21 George Mayo: so far we have 2 hyper-text poems on space
22:11:29 James.Sigler: Do you pretty much just have one primary network you keep up?
22:11:38 Felicia G: use Ning, Educationbridges elgg, twitter all very sporadically. Use google docs for work google groups and docs for work and family and flickr. Haven’t used wikisapces in a long while.
22:11:58 LucyGray: Oh this is really useful
22:12:14 SusanEttenheim: lucy do you have questions?
22:12:27 SusanEttenheim: please ask away!
22:12:31 James.Sigler: Sound is really rattley
22:12:52 hfeldman: @James.Sigler Each serves a different purpose…Facebook is social with friends, wikispaces are far-off connections, YT is for school connections…
22:13:04 hfeldman: flickr is for photos…
22:13:06 SusanEttenheim: yes steve is having a little problem but we caught him off guard tonight and it’s so great that he can answer our questions!
22:13:27 SusanEttenheim: hannah and other students… steve is a founder of voice thread
22:13:42 LucyGray: Love Voicethread!!!
22:13:47 hfeldman: What is voicethread? I’ve never used it.
22:14:03 PeggyG: Could you add a URL to a text comment that could be copied/pasted in a new window?
22:14:04 SusanEttenheim: lucy have you become part of
22:14:07 James.Sigler: @Hanna interesting.  You are very connected in different ways
22:14:11 LucyGray: No, I haven’t.
22:14:17 SusanEttenheim: hannah
22:14:31 Felicia G: @nfeldman It’s really easy, you should try it.  Just go to and try the tutorial
22:14:35 LucyGray: I have a friend who teaches at the School at Columbia, and I think they are joining
22:14:37 SusanEttenheim: the "videos" on youth twitter have been made using voice thread
22:14:45 SusanEttenheim: yes it’s amazing
22:14:54 hfeldman: Awesome! I will do that tomorrow!
22:15:00 SusanEttenheim: it’s a chance to share images and have a conversation about them
22:15:27 James.Sigler: Maybe you could add a Voicethread to Space
22:15:37 SusanEttenheim: I think there are some
22:16:09 James.Sigler: lol
22:16:26 hfeldman: I need to write an essay tonight for history class….
22:16:33 hfeldman: 🙂
22:17:19 Felicia G: what’s the essay about?
22:17:21 James.Sigler: It’s been great chatting with you Hanna.  Glad you came
22:17:43 PeggyG: @James-if you click on the link for voicethread in the tag cloud you will see some examples.
22:17:46 LucyGray: Hey Susan… are you all English teacher here?
22:17:52 LucyGray: teachers here, rather?
22:17:58 SusanEttenheim: no lucy all different types here
22:18:01 LucyGray: Okay
22:18:08 hfeldman: Politics? It’s been fascinating! Thanks for allowing a student to infiltrate!
22:18:09 James.Sigler: 3rd grade here
22:18:19 SusanEttenheim: some tech coordinators too
22:18:27 Felicia G: we’re all students
22:18:27 PeggyG: Students are the heart of the conversation!!
22:18:29 James.Sigler: Thanks for infiltrating!
22:18:40 hfeldman: 🙂
22:18:41 LucyGray: I’m going to have to direct my colleagues here….
22:19:04 James.Sigler: Thanks all you students you came.  Please come back
22:19:17 SusanEttenheim: great and let us know about topics that are of interest to you lucy – you can find us at and
22:19:33 PeggyG: Very interesting conversation and great new sites to explore! Sorry I missed the beginning but I’ll listen to the podcast.
22:19:49 PeggyG: Thank you everyone!
22:19:56 Kevin Hodgson: Good night
22:20:03 Felicia G: Thanks, Susan.  Great job greeting and facilitating online and in the chat.
22:20:06 SusanEttenheim: dumb- teachers teaching!
22:20:15 Felicia G: goodnight
22:20:20 SusanEttenheim: night all!
22:20:35 LucyGray: Night
22:20:38 kstevens: great conversation, good night
22:20:55 James.Sigler: Great show!  Too bad it had to end
22:21:33 James.Sigler: night