Women of Web 2.0 Show really 71! Thanks John Schinker

Join Sharon, Cheryl, Vicki and Jen as we interview Lucy Gray about her global projects and her local school projects. The chat room was rocking with over 50 folks listening and participating. All the great chat is below.

15:19:19 smail -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lucy and all guests.

15:26:37 smail -> -EdTechTalk: hi Lucy

15:30:15 smail -> Room 2: Hi

20:50:55 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello and good evening.

20:51:00 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: Hi

20:51:15 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: Ive been conspicuoulsy absent–sorry ladies

20:51:32 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: so glad you are here Cathyjo, you have had parent nites?

20:51:36 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: going blue tonight

20:51:41 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello James.

20:51:55 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

20:51:57 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: no just have been going to bed earlier spring break did me in

20:52:17 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: the time change did me in too?

20:52:25 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @ cheryl Do you do projects with Think.com?

20:52:47 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Yes I do, I use think.com with my 5th graders for internet safety and they would love a project.

20:53:02 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: Perhaps that is part of it too, but my world is becoming level agn

20:53:43 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I used Think earlier this year to teach internet safety to my 3rd graders

20:53:58 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!

20:54:06 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: How did you like it? I had a bear of a time teaching about copyright

20:54:10 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Hi vicki

20:54:24 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: they wanted to post pictures of everything

20:54:51 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I couldn’t figure out how to do it well.

20:54:51 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Wow! copyright!!!!

20:55:08 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: Well HB and happy travels ALL

20:55:11 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I wondered about all the pictures, too.

20:55:19 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: I was teaching creative commons and sites that let you use pictures.

20:55:54 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: love the live brainstorming

20:56:09 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I taught creative commons when we started podcasting and discussing mp3 players

20:56:41 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I had two parents that did not want their kids using Think.com

20:56:46 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: meow to Mac

20:56:58 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: it is tough isn’t it James, but they need practice. I had parents who didn’t want them in too

20:57:07 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lucy!

20:57:21 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello to all, Lucy Gray tonight.

20:57:46 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: evening PeggyG

20:57:49 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Evening all!

20:57:54 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Parents really fear anything close to social networking. They wanted to know if it was like MySpace

20:57:56 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi DIaneH

20:58:04 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Hi folks

20:58:08 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all!

20:58:13 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: H Cheryl

20:58:24 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: James I made a moodle page for 5th gr. internet safety look at wocsd.mrooms.net, wells junior high

20:58:26 ColleenK -> -EdTechTalk: Hi All!

20:58:27 KBeil -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Everyone

20:58:41 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Colleen, rrmurry, julia, Kbeil

20:58:50 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Judy, Lucy says hi

20:58:56 ColleenK -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes You were missed on Sunday! Really wanted to meet you.

20:59:00 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kimberly and lynettes

20:59:01 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: Good evening…

20:59:03 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl. Good to be here.

20:59:06 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @James – THink.com? Like the safest thing out!!!

20:59:07 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: evening Alice

20:59:09 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: what?

20:59:25 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: hi there

20:59:27 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Hi. Looking forward to hearing Lucy

20:59:30 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello n2teaching

20:59:32 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: chat room is growing!

20:59:36 n2teaching -> -EdTechTalk: Good evening!

20:59:55 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIA K!!!

20:59:55 lynettes -> -EdTechTalk: Hi from Lynette Sorenson and the Technology in Education class at Northwest University in Kirkland WA

20:59:58 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Evening award winning MariaK

21:00:02 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Iste’s K2 SIGTEL WINNER

21:00:12 ColleenK -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Alice Hi Maria

21:00:14 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Vicki I know, so parent resistance suprise me

21:00:20 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Thanks !

21:00:25 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Room — and Smiles, Hello Colleen — Happy Rez Tomorrow

21:00:30 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Colleen Hi maria

21:00:43 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:00:48 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Congrats MariaK!!! That is awesome!

21:00:49 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: http://stats.cbc.ca/nhl/scoreboard.asp

21:01:01 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I am multi-tasking tonight

21:01:16 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: multitasking is our middle name

21:01:21 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi scott

21:01:28 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi shaun

21:01:29 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: cute bunny pictures Lucy!!

21:01:29 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome to our SHOW — thanks for choosing your color!!!

21:01:31 iscottanderson -> -EdTechTalk: Hi

21:01:32 mmelragon -> -EdTechTalk: greetings!

21:01:33 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: hello

21:01:34 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: www.readthewords.com

21:01:34 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi lynette

21:01:35 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon, the Leafs aren’t there πŸ™‚

21:01:36 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: if you have not yet — it is the FAR right button

21:01:45 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Maria–you are coming to NECC right?? We need to help you celebrate!

21:01:46 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Going FALL here

21:01:58 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @DianeH – Yeah, isn’t it great? LOL

21:02:02 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: I will be at NECC – Now!

21:02:05 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl thanks for the moodle. It looks neat.

21:02:05 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: purple

21:02:06 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: North American male here sharon

21:02:07 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: purple

21:02:12 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: orange

21:02:16 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @sharon how many men>>

21:02:20 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: HI Shaun ! Welcome…! LOL

21:02:20 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Ha ha Have to back Montreal now

21:02:22 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp have to say i’m partial to the bruins!

21:02:34 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: sharon wear your lipgloss

21:02:38 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi julia

21:02:41 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.netvibes.com/coolcatteacher#Ad4dcss

21:02:47 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Hot Pink!

21:02:49 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Durff, good to have you here

21:03:00 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

21:03:18 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi ric murry

21:03:28 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar _ It’s okay, you have many other admirable traits!

21:03:38 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Looks like it might also be good for recording blogs to listen to later. πŸ™‚

21:03:42 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Lisa. I got booted a minute ago. Good to be back.

21:03:51 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Lucy Gray of Illinois is our Guest Tonight

21:03:51 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Green (I think)

21:03:55 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon is our Host

21:03:56 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: short trip?

21:04:11 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Any questions — please ask them here and we will feed them to Lucy

21:04:11 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah Lucy! Yeah Illinois!

21:04:17 julia -> -EdTechTalk: hi,durff

21:04:26 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi julia

21:04:27 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Go Illini Go!

21:04:34 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: If you are here the first time, welcome to the chat, there is audio on the LIVE participate itunes, real player or windows media

21:04:39 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: read today abt teens swapping nude photos via cell phone just today

21:04:43 LucyGray -> -EdTechTalk: Yay Judy in IL !

21:04:53 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Lucy LOL

21:04:54 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: one of my student’s dads arrested one of the kids in the video

21:04:57 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Also, this audio will later be archived to a podcast with the incredible chat

21:05:00 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi pam

21:05:02 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @cathyjo – I blogged about that 2day too! – http://ad4dcss.blogspot.com/ is the new group blog 4 announcements.

21:05:11 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: wow James. talk about making connections

21:05:13 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks vicki – great link

21:05:13 julia -> -EdTechTalk: hi,lucy

21:05:17 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @vicki opening link ow

21:05:20 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @james.sigler – wowsa – what part o fthe country is that?

21:05:21 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.flash-slideshow-maker.com/

21:05:23 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: hey durff

21:05:24 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: go kathyshields

21:05:24 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: now

21:05:28 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: http://groups.google.com/group/ad4dcss — Google group for the project.

21:05:41 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen You won’t have to worry about that in Illinois next week!

21:05:43 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Missouri. I was really suprised

21:05:46 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Yikes – that’s hot – Hope Flagstaff will not be quite that hot next week.

21:05:59 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: get a cab

21:06:00 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: The wiki is here — sign your name here if you want to be a part – http://ad4dcss.wikispaces.com/Advocates

21:06:06 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: with air

21:06:17 Casey at NU -> -EdTechTalk: Yes there are dudes listening to this

21:06:24 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: Jen now I know you are looking forward to Ill

21:06:38 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: DELICIOUS LINK: http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0

21:06:39 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen-that was the correct link! http://womenofweb2.cvom

21:06:40 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: welcome to the dudes, we r doing a head count comparison

21:06:45 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Finally have audio.

21:06:46 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Smiles — can’t think of IL for 8 more days

21:06:47 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:06:54 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Casey, allears, dennisar iscottanders, jeannine, joedale, juwolf43, kimt, mmelragon, mrwestcott,

21:06:56 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: but yes, I am looking forward to it

21:06:58 n2teaching -> -EdTechTalk: m back;D

21:07:07 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: oops typo! http://womenofweb2.com

21:07:09 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: http://groups.diigo.com/groups/Ad4dcss — This is the diigo group for it — lots of things happening — when you twitter use the term ad4dcss — we have a group that is working on an online class for anyone parents, teachers, teens wanting to know more about the topic – -kate Olson is planning it — if you want to take part. Please join in.

21:07:14 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: derrallg,shaun, tjtech

21:07:17 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.womenofweb2.com/

21:07:20 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: OUR WEBSITE

21:07:23 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hope I said hi to all

21:07:25 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

21:07:26 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Lots of activities, so please volunteer & join in!

21:07:28 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome djakes

21:07:35 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: misst2, hello

21:07:39 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: and our BLOGS of MEMBERS — http://del.icio.us/WOW2Blogs

21:07:48 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/screencasts/gmail/

21:07:54 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: i still need to get a WOW2.0 t-shirt for NECC

21:08:12 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: hey Cheryl

21:08:12 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: you can order wow 2.0 shirt at cafepress.com

21:08:15 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: and please drop your WOW suggestions to FOR:WOW2.0 Thank you!!!

21:08:15 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: I have a wow2.0 hat!

21:08:19 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I made one of those

21:08:21 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: misstizzy = misst2?

21:08:22 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: I order and make my own at llbean.com

21:08:27 Casey at NU -> -EdTechTalk: This reminds me of The View, but mcuh better of course

21:08:40 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @casey LOL

21:08:49 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl yes I couldn’t decide

21:08:57 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: i love remember the milk

21:09:00 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Love the multiple points when using the Wii Board.

21:09:13 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: I know derrallg, Hello CheriT, you just missed Sharon’s shout out

21:09:20 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: I just heard my name πŸ™‚ and it was in a good context –

21:09:21 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Durff!

21:09:27 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl

21:09:31 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi cabgirl

21:09:35 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: Up to four people at once can write on the board.

21:09:37 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: hi Lucy

21:09:39 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello LauraC

21:09:41 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @rrmurry I haven’t made a second pen yet. What can you do with the multitouch?

21:09:44 julia -> -EdTechTalk: I love wii

21:09:57 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://webbyawards.com/ Lucy’s WOW

21:10:00 Casey at NU -> -EdTechTalk: I just got a new Wii

21:10:20 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi erinW

21:10:28 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello Sheila.

21:10:28 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi liz!

21:10:33 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi ho LizBdavis

21:10:37 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: My kindergarten kiddos are now spelling "we" as "wii" – gotta love them!

21:10:40 lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone

21:10:43 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:10:44 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: ok coffee refill time

21:10:46 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: hi liz

21:10:50 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kids!!!

21:10:54 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/245

21:10:54 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: I haven’t had a great application with multitouch yet. But two students at the same time has proven beneficial for a couple of things…

21:10:58 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome suzanbrandt

21:11:00 Erin W -> -EdTechTalk: Hi All!

21:11:01 ColleenK -> -EdTechTalk: @MariaK LOL

21:11:08 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @lizbdavis hey girl

21:11:17 lizbdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy!

21:11:21 suzanbrandt -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Ya’ll!

21:11:27 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: So Maria — did we say CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!

21:11:28 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: It is an amazing site – Lucy

21:11:34 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello kajigga, welcome

21:11:37 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Maria too cute

21:11:49 kajigga -> -EdTechTalk: Hello all

21:11:53 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: great digital checklist for kids

21:12:03 rrmurry -> -EdTechTalk: we had one student write notes of music while another was playing the music. I’m not a music guy, but the music teacher had a great lesson with it.

21:12:16 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello jane, welcome

21:12:24 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: I need to know…. Maria – please share your great news!?

21:12:26 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @JenW Yes – yes – thank you – imagine that – Me!

21:12:31 jane -> -EdTechTalk: hi from perth

21:12:33 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: oops i just figured out the TED video is playing

21:12:34 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: points…bah humbug πŸ˜‰

21:12:39 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Jane, how is tomorrow!

21:12:40 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Jane – wow, Welcome!

21:13:13 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi kim

21:13:17 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Marzano says the abstract rewards motivate longer

21:13:20 jane -> -EdTechTalk: having trouble with audio

21:13:35 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Jane, try the different audios to see what is bets

21:13:37 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: best

21:13:42 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: A webkin tutor?

21:13:47 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers Hi!

21:13:48 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: what rewards are abstract?

21:13:53 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff – Hi there

21:13:59 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi tkidd132,

21:14:05 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Happy Birthday to tkidd132?? are you know tkidd133??

21:14:05 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: Finally got Realaudio to work for sound

21:14:06 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers how’s the job search?

21:14:15 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: lol now Tkidd133

21:14:23 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: i thought he had that birthday

21:14:27 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff points are a more abstract reward than say candy

21:14:34 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: I have an interview next Friday afternoon. Will only be able to go to tech forum for the morning.

21:14:36 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Liz any relation to Lizb?

21:14:42 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: chuckie cheese scares me. Thank goodness my kids were too old when that ame to my city

21:14:45 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: true james

21:14:46 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I just lost audio and tried to re-log in and my name was already taken

21:14:50 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Jen

21:14:53 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello All

21:14:54 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: yet still concrete

21:15:03 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Just got Chat working

21:15:05 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Welcome to EVERYONE in our CHATROOM — Sorry I didn’t have time to say HELLO YET. Lots of links to delicious tonight!!

21:15:10 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers got confused about which name to use to say hi

21:15:12 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: But we are GLAD you are here!!!

21:15:14 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: yah, you need chat to mak e this work

21:15:15 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: There must be two of me here LOL

21:15:21 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello All

21:15:25 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Derrall!

21:15:25 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Hello

21:15:27 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Cheryl

21:15:34 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: How is your break going?

21:15:38 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: you have been successfully cloned Lizlib

21:15:39 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:15:43 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: @lizbdavis identity theft on edtech

21:15:46 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi adinasullivan

21:15:48 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:15:53 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: hello

21:15:54 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Any special topic we are chatting about?

21:15:57 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: That darn "b" gets me in trouble all the time

21:15:58 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: let’s see how many liz’s show up tonight

21:15:59 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: So whats the topic tonight

21:16:00 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi badiettrich, welcom

21:16:06 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers great i’m feeling healthy

21:16:09 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: thanks

21:16:14 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: joe dale is here!

21:16:23 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Durff

21:16:23 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Tonight Lucy Gray is here talking about her global ning and more

21:16:29 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @derrall – that’s good. The weather still beautiful out there?

21:16:36 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: It’s 2.15 a.m. here!

21:16:37 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: MS.Durff is Here! πŸ™‚

21:16:40 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:16:49 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: joe where is here? London?

21:16:52 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: 47 in Chat room — WOWW

21:16:53 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: It’s 6:19 here

21:16:58 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Isle of Wight

21:17:04 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Thats Great JEn

21:17:06 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd. Any news?

21:17:07 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers yes, sunny

21:17:08 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Are her charter schools the PDS schools?

21:17:09 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @joe wow, where are you?

21:17:12 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: 9:18 east coast time

21:17:16 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello wjhsla

21:17:21 iscottanderson -> -EdTechTalk: 8:20 here

21:17:22 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: is joe england or another part of u.k.?

21:17:25 jane -> -EdTechTalk: still no audio

21:17:27 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: ABout 2 and a half hours from London

21:17:30 iscottanderson -> -EdTechTalk: central

21:17:31 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: 8:18 pm here

21:17:32 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd — news?? πŸ™‚ oh do tell πŸ™‚

21:17:42 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: 7:20pm CST in the middle of Canada

21:17:43 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: @jane is your computer on mute?

21:17:48 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: JAkes i will talk to u on skype

21:17:50 jane -> -EdTechTalk: no

21:17:53 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: good idea

21:17:55 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: and we thought you were ignoring us

21:17:56 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Jane — do you see the link on the far right

21:17:58 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: 8:18 pm here

21:18:01 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: 20 minutes from the mainland by ferry

21:18:07 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 — sorry, I should have DM you.

21:18:15 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: jane – are you pc or mac?

21:18:19 jane -> -EdTechTalk: what does it say

21:18:23 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: nunya

21:18:24 jane -> -EdTechTalk: pc

21:18:25 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Never been in here, do we get audio too?

21:18:26 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: 51 in chat room

21:18:26 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: 51 in the chat!!

21:18:33 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: DM me?

21:18:42 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: jakes says nunja?

21:18:43 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: make that 53

21:18:44 iscottanderson -> -EdTechTalk: you can DM on this

21:18:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Instant Messaged — Direct Messaged —

21:18:44 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: try the realplayer icon (blue one), Jane

21:18:47 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kristin, welcom

21:18:51 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi JohnS

21:18:55 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers yes click on on of the speaker symbols on the right

21:19:01 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: yes, you can double click on someone’s name to open a PRIVATE chat

21:19:02 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: i kno..lol

21:19:10 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:19:12 iscottanderson -> -EdTechTalk: thanks

21:19:21 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: hey all

21:19:26 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello ed, welcome

21:19:27 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: SO that’s Lucy I hear, right?

21:19:28 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: okay everyone PRACTICE the DM

21:19:33 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: great group tonight

21:19:34 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Lucy is speaking now

21:19:40 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: wow.

21:19:45 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi jimohagan, welcome

21:19:47 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: message jen

21:19:47 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: listening more than cahggin πŸ™‚ wanted to hear lucy!!!!

21:19:47 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: DM?

21:19:52 jane -> -EdTechTalk: thanks jen i can hear now

21:19:55 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: James — Direct Message

21:19:58 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Kristin

21:19:59 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jen yes, Susan E. sent me a private chat and i didn’t know what to do

21:20:02 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: got to work with her at NECC last year SO FUN

21:20:17 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi sonjag, welcome

21:20:18 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: hey there sonja

21:20:26 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi janice

21:20:26 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hey janicestearns how are you

21:20:31 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jen it could be used more often if more people knew i think

21:20:34 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Derrallg — πŸ™‚ first time the window pops up can be a bit alarming

21:20:37 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome stephieand

21:20:37 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: had fun at the tweet up with you

21:20:40 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: or it can be hidden

21:20:41 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi steph

21:20:54 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone. Great to be here.

21:20:58 sonjag -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria! Hi All!

21:21:14 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi everyone.

21:21:16 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: this audio will be a podcast by thursday, the chat will be captured too at www.edtechtalk.com

21:21:20 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: There are a lot of things I didn’t/son’t get at first

21:21:26 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi gardnahh and dmantz

21:21:30 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @MariaK so glad you could make it. It was great to see everyone.

21:21:38 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: son’t = don’t πŸ™‚

21:21:54 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Liz, my sons came over to ski the weekend from college, so I didn’t go to NEtweet

21:22:02 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all!

21:22:05 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @adinasullivan typos r forgiven lol

21:22:10 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:22:12 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: We missed you Cheryl!

21:22:22 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: I will make the next one.

21:22:26 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Hi- Are there any links so far?

21:22:37 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi matthew

21:22:38 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi mathew, welcome

21:22:39 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: http://globaleducation.ning.com

21:22:39 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: smiles — thanks to all the people who thought they should DM me just to make sure it worked…..LOL, I promise that it DOES!!! πŸ™‚ Go talk to someone else now πŸ™‚

21:22:41 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: @kimt wow of the weeks

21:22:46 mathew -> -EdTechTalk: Hello

21:22:50 lorna -> -EdTechTalk: yes it there a link for the ning

21:22:53 Eleroo -> -EdTechTalk: hello all

21:23:00 djakes -> -EdTechTalk: yes, talking

21:23:05 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi eleroo, kmulford welcome, here is my wow www.readthewords.com

21:23:13 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: You can find all the links from tonight at http://del.icio.us/WOW2.0/wow2_20080415

21:23:13 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: We are all Web2.0ish! Love it.

21:23:15 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Sorry, trying to get audio to work, it worked on Sunday

21:23:17 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @lorna-just posted the Ning link

21:23:19 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @cheri t Hi Cheri. just realized you were in the chatoom

21:23:21 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: talking would be a good start for some people

21:23:22 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @joedaleThanks for following me on twitter

21:23:24 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah Jen, you to the rescue

21:23:27 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: @Lorna http://globaleducation.ning.com/

21:23:32 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: I talk to people in Korea n projects….etc…

21:23:36 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – Hey colleen!

21:23:37 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: *on

21:23:42 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: Hi!

21:23:43 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 – You’re welcome

21:23:44 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: The global thing is still a little scary for many – the unknown

21:23:52 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Hi @kmulford HOw goes the job search?

21:24:03 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: Should happen more though

21:24:06 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @joedale- I am going to follow you also…

21:24:12 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – boy, you sure have taken to this tech stuff, huh? I think I have created a monster!

21:24:16 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:24:20 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 – Cool

21:24:27 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: we love tech monsters, welcome

21:24:29 lorna -> -EdTechTalk: @Dinae H thanks

21:24:30 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers I think you have!

21:24:41 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: nimblepress, welcome

21:24:49 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Are Lucy’s teacher prep programs PDS programs? Think I remember that from Nichole’s visit.

21:24:59 kajigga -> -EdTechTalk: It is a bit intimidating to realize that you might work with someone around the world.

21:25:04 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – I am glad. SOmeone needs to keep up with it when I leave!

21:25:17 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: Lucy works "in tandem" with SO MANY organizations….

21:25:28 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Just because it’s "global" doesn’t mean it has to be a "grand scale" project. Start small. Jump in. "Be not afraid"

21:25:33 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Flash meeting sounds so great.

21:25:34 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: I think it’s more interesting thatn intimidating

21:25:34 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Flashmeeting is brilliant

21:25:42 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: good point diane H.

21:25:46 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi cchausis

21:25:48 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @kajigga but that wears off quickly when you realize you’re just working with people

21:25:56 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers …we are not talking about you leaving yet!!

21:26:00 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Charlene

21:26:02 Eleroo -> -EdTechTalk: so what is everyone doing with ning?

21:26:05 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Good to start projects with people you may already know through blogging etc.

21:26:08 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – 33 days…..

21:26:08 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: whe i look at clustr maps there are not many dots form s. africa

21:26:17 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: OK, missed the Flashmeeting conection. Catch me up.

21:26:21 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: I always thought it was taking "IT (information technology" global

21:26:21 nimblepress -> -EdTechTalk: I use it for research on articles

21:26:24 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers ugh

21:26:28 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: some of us are creating private nings to get reluctant teachers to try it.

21:26:38 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I tought students how to create thier own social network. Covered safety and bullying.

21:26:51 kajigga -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke That’s true. I love it, but I know teachers that it makes nervous.

21:26:56 Eleroo -> -EdTechTalk: I was going to use it with students, but am just starting to play with it

21:26:57 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: I’m holding my Gr 2&3 teacher’s hand as we work on projects with her class

21:26:58 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes – we used a ning this year in 7th grade LA. The kids loved it!

21:26:59 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes-great idea to create a private Ning for beginners!!

21:27:05 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Love Flash Meeting!

21:27:06 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I have several private nings set up at my school The kids are loving it.

21:27:07 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hehello wsigele and cindy

21:27:14 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @cathyjo my students were so excited when we got one dot for our classroom wiki from Africa

21:27:16 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: http://www.rafi.ki/

21:27:16 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: Our 7th grade LA teacher, with the help of the tech teacher, did a biography project on ning this year

21:27:17 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: flashmeeting is VERY cool

21:27:17 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Here are my archives: http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/public/key/yes-i-can%21-science

21:27:20 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks peggy, i have asked your quesstion

21:27:27 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: hi!

21:27:30 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Do you ask permission from your school?

21:27:31 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: sorry I’m late

21:27:32 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @kajigga are they nervous about the tech piece of it or about the idea of working with someon across the globe?

21:27:32 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: The kids had a GREAT time!!

21:27:34 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers how did you use the ning? I also teach 7 & 8

21:27:35 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: derrlg my kids were too

21:27:36 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:27:36 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Some of the kids took to it so quickly, they set up private nings for family

21:27:42 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: haven’t been used ning but have been using wikispaces a alot

21:27:47 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all, better late than never

21:27:59 Eleroo -> -EdTechTalk: isn’t there an age limit to ning? I thought you had to be 14?

21:28:02 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @stephieand – it was a biography project.

21:28:05 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Ning has been working very well for me with my elementary students

21:28:06 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I’m doing my first class video skypechat Friday

21:28:12 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: question about ning aand tracking posts vs. wikispaces and tracking posts

21:28:16 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: are all of these nings still up, can we get the names so that we can look them up?

21:28:17 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: The kids posted their work in the blogs.

21:28:26 C. Chausis -> -EdTechTalk: Hi all

21:28:28 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: cool James – with whom?

21:28:30 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Here are all the Flashmeetings I’ve been in or find interesting: http://del.icio.us/joedale/Flashmeeting

21:28:32 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @JAmes Sigler the kids and the teacher will be hooked!

21:28:35 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: I use a blog and wikispaces

21:28:41 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: I think that the wikispaces is easier to track from the teacher aspect

21:28:42 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wsigele – what is your question?

21:28:45 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: @James How exciting.

21:28:46 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hello Lisa, Ruthie

21:28:48 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Finally, audio! Darn firefox.

21:28:52 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: but there are project in which that the ning fit better

21:28:52 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi ruth

21:28:58 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @ruthie – Hi!

21:29:02 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: accountability with the students

21:29:15 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Illinois is representin’ tonight!

21:29:19 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: and teachers being able to track who has contributed

21:29:26 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff CathyE hooked me up with a 3rd grade class in her school, Page Sorey.

21:29:30 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Sharon, would you please put the link in again- was distracted with son and friend arriving

21:29:31 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke — I am beginning to wonder if ALL roads end in IL

21:29:32 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Have you noticed the ability to edit the text at the top of a discussion page in wikispaces @wjhsla — it is really cool.

21:29:39 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: with TECH — or perhaps START there??

21:29:40 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Have to use the tools that work – low tech works!

21:29:41 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:29:41 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: The reason we used a ning for 7th grade is it give you more control It was not a collaborative project.

21:29:47 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: You can also edit yoru profile page in wikispaces again.

21:29:49 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: no

21:29:51 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: I know I can fix up anything the kids mess up in wikispaces

21:29:56 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi j madson

21:29:56 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: anyone on the west coast able to help Skype with a Kindergarten class

21:30:01 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @JEn LOL

21:30:02 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp – I’d love a classroom kenya connection.

21:30:07 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Cindy — I am on the WEST COAST

21:30:08 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: I love my ning — I just think that before you do a massive global project ning like horizon, that students must first be on a private ning and learn how to behave.

21:30:09 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff we are going to discuss Earth Day among other things and record it for the Earthcast 2008

21:30:12 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @VickiDavis Loving the font improvments on wikispaces and the table improvements

21:30:20 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @Vicki Davis No I will look into the discussion board tomorrow!

21:30:22 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @Linda – I’m still struggling w/ the color thing.

21:30:25 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: [i][b] Does anyone know about OOOVOO

21:30:25 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen…know anyone who’d be interested

21:30:27 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: where on the west cost are you looking for someone? I live in Oly, WA

21:30:28 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @JEPCKE — WIll I be able to say HOWDY to you in IL — next week at TechForum

21:30:35 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: let me find a link

21:30:38 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: With us, it wasn’t the kids, it was getting a social network unblocked.

21:30:43 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: My — many of you are joining the http://ad4dcss.wikispaces.com site — how exciting!

21:30:46 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Cindy — email me at jenuinetech at gmail .com and I can find someone for you

21:30:49 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: Jen Wagner, yes, all roads end in Il. (From a teacher who spent years in San Bdno…) πŸ™‚

21:30:55 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:30:56 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: tell people to stop ringing my phone – was that you Jen?

21:30:58 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @jen – are you coming to tech forum? I will be there too.

21:31:02 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @badiettrich – doesn’t matter where on the coast

21:31:08 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: No Durff — I am pointing my LASER at you

21:31:08 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen – will do

21:31:11 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: hard to listen and read and typs

21:31:12 jane -> -EdTechTalk: I am using a ning with a US teacher in a collaborate project because time diff means we can’t skype

21:31:15 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @vicki can we get a group discount for the book πŸ™‚

21:31:15 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks!

21:31:17 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen We are all very excited that THE JEn Wagner will be in our humble state. πŸ™‚

21:31:18 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers — YES, I will be at TechForum

21:31:21 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: dURFF. love ya. BIASED AS YOU ARE.

21:31:22 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: eeek! run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:31:28 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke — it will NEVER be the same πŸ™‚

21:31:32 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Don Tapscott did our keynote for horizon this week – it was so cool – http://horizonproject2008.wikispaces.com/Keynote

21:31:32 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I’m just starting to use Skype. Need some help?

21:31:38 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: i am kmulford

21:31:42 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: The K class is studying maps and wanted someone on the opposite side of the US

21:31:45 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: LOVE the flip!

21:31:51 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: so warped i am


21:32:01 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: ;p;

21:32:01 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @badie – @JenWagner taught me skype. She’s the best but I hear she’s so busy now! πŸ˜‰

21:32:07 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I teach high school and I think my students would love to work with young students.

21:32:08 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:32:11 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen – We were going to try and do a twitter meetup. Problem is, now I have a job interview friday afternoon, so I need to leave around 12pm. We should meet up in the AM sometime.

21:32:12 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @kmulford – I’m originally from San Bernadino

21:32:12 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: ok, AS long as we are up front. I’ll try to find my biases, too. πŸ™‚

21:32:15 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: LOL right now would not be a good time to show you how to skype πŸ™‚

21:32:15 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I would love to have a FLIP

21:32:18 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen I will be at the hotel on Thursday night if you want to meet up, depending on what time you get in

21:32:22 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: maybe later

21:32:24 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: kidd i thought i was warped

21:32:30 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke — I arrive really late on Thursday

21:32:30 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: Maria K. TOO COOL! Where are you now?

21:32:37 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: so lets touch base on Friday morning??

21:32:43 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: New Hampshire!

21:32:49 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – you are staying the night before> I should have thought of that!

21:32:52 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen Sure!

21:32:54 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: idk…..durff

21:32:57 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: take a cab maria

21:33:00 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: I went to Dartmouth…

21:33:04 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers Didn’t want to drive on Friday

21:33:09 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: oh laugh kidd

21:33:16 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Childhood friend still in San Brdno

21:33:17 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Jen- Who wants to learn how to use skype

21:33:20 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:33:25 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: I lived in Etna!

21:33:27 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – Thats a great idea.

21:33:32 Cathyjo -> -EdTechTalk: whops closed the wrong tab darn that floating chat room

21:33:34 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: taught in Lebanon

21:33:52 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Hello MAria how are you…

21:33:54 jane -> -EdTechTalk: i would like to know about skype conference

21:33:56 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: @Maria K. Where is Lebanon?

21:33:57 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: We have family all over so Cal. Left when we started our own family.

21:33:58 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: did you-didn’t know that Maria

21:34:04 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: I

21:34:12 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: hey they – the chat room is flying – how is Philly – spring yet?

21:34:26 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Definitely spring here

21:34:28 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: I did my student teaching in… Lyme.

21:34:33 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: it is SUMMER in SoCal

21:34:37 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: MAria- Yes it is spring..kinda lil chilly

21:34:39 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:34:39 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Lebanon – NH

21:34:49 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: How is it there maria

21:34:51 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lucy. I’m planning the Holocaust project

21:34:53 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: not spring yet south of mason-dixon

21:34:55 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @lindan how’s scratch going?

21:35:07 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: o

21:35:08 jane -> -EdTechTalk: end jan early feb in Aust for school year start

21:35:15 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd not quite spring yet

21:35:20 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: How do you manage all of the time zone differences with these global projects?

21:35:21 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: bob sprankle at Wells, ME loves scratch with his 4th graders

21:35:28 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: I think the template for the ning would be a great asset!

21:35:35 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @kmulford So did I, What year did you graduate?

21:35:38 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Looking for middle years students wanting to work on a lit. study etc. on the Holocaust starting in October

21:35:38 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 — @badiettrich is asking for SKYPE HELP

21:35:39 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: I agree

21:35:53 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl I am newly in love with scratch too. Will check out bob’s website

21:35:53 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke Kids are checking out other projects and considering their south america topics

21:36:04 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/index.html

21:36:09 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/index.html

21:36:11 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: 1984 I’m the worst alum ever…

21:36:11 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Steve H. has had a couple of great LIVE conversations about getting started on Ning-it’s a great tool!

21:36:16 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: My kids will be available for the Holocaust. They will be grade 8 gate.

21:36:17 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @MariaK I did my student teaching at the Hanover Street School in Lebanon, NH

21:36:19 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: If we understand it, the kids will be fine!

21:36:24 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I don’t need help, I was offering help.

21:36:27 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Have a friend at Columbia doing a study for MIT with scratch and NY students – Loves it!

21:36:29 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Liz, small world

21:36:30 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @Badiettrich- Are u asking for Skype help…If so Email me @ [email protected]

21:36:38 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Linda N Wow sounds like you guys are busy

21:36:46 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks so much TKIDD

21:36:56 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: a global Scratch collaboration project would be fun

21:37:01 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: ahhh badiettrich — SMILES — sorry, I misread

21:37:02 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: I’ve been to the HSS in Leb, NH!!! Sweet memories, anyone remember Barnes Boffey?

21:37:03 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: I’ve been waiting for years, literally, to connect with teachers in Belize. I go there each year, leave equipment, but the connection cost seems to be an obstacle.

21:37:03 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: No problem JEn

21:37:04 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @lizbdavis – i taught at school street – so did you know doug carver or is that too far back?

21:37:07 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: true, global scratch

21:37:19 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Speaking of scratch, if you have any resources, pleade feel free to contribute to my wiki. scratchteachingresources.wikispaces.com

21:37:23 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: Oh my – I even knew Barnes!

21:37:24 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Smiles — if you need help with SKYPE — just let @badie or @tkidd know

21:37:24 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Awesome matrix!

21:37:25 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @James Sigler That sounds like a great idea!

21:37:28 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @Kmulford Where are you now (I was an ’89)

21:37:33 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila what about skype …no cost but a webcam

21:37:40 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG Do u have a twitter

21:37:41 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: I started to set it up, but then had to deal with a job search.

21:37:53 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: Hang on, am I supposed to be looking at something other than the chat stream??

21:37:57 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers I DID add to your wiki πŸ™‚

21:38:08 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Want to refine it, maybe do a presentation.

21:38:12 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila – this is perfect for you!

21:38:14 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132-yes-twitter is pgeorge

21:38:17 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: UGH Hate those global food fairs

21:38:19 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: connection cost is too much. Phone com won’t help.

21:38:20 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – I know you did, thanks!

21:38:30 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers I think you should!

21:38:44 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG-Do u have a Blog

21:38:46 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hi amiegamache, welcome

21:38:56 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: Goodevening

21:38:57 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Was that where the "in" crowd was – just kidding πŸ˜‰

21:39:00 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila are you talking about internet connection costs?

21:39:03 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: @@stephieand. My email is [email protected]

21:39:03 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: @mariaK Anyone know about him NOW? One of the GREATS in my life.

21:39:13 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132-just a newbie with blogging–just started a few weeks ago.

21:39:22 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – thx. I appreciate it.

21:39:31 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG – ditto, 13 days of blogging

21:39:45 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: What’s your blog address?

21:39:46 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: @kimberly I will email you in the morning re: holocaust

21:39:48 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: WE all have to start somewhere, right?

21:39:50 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: @stephieand, whoops [email protected]

21:39:51 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: welcome to the blogosphere amiegamach and peggyg

21:39:51 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – yes, I think it was abused so every now and again, they lose the ability to connect

21:39:52 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers just make sure to tell me where so I can have the district pay for my fees!

21:39:53 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: @lizdavis I’m in the Chicago suburbs… still looking for the "right spot"…

21:39:58 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: I think about blogging but I have so much to read I have no time to writs

21:39:59 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: hey give us your blog address please

21:40:12 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen – Just sent the email. Thanks a bunch!

21:40:14 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – you bet.

21:40:16 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @wsigele-LOL! I can relate!!!

21:40:23 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @Cindy — my pleasure!!

21:40:28 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: We take ease of connection for granted

21:40:31 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: so much happening in the chat…. yikes, can’t keep up tonight

21:40:32 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: is this vikidavis talking

21:40:41 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: sharon you will have to read this later,

21:40:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Tkidd – she was — but Lucy is now

21:40:45 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wsigele – I used to blog alot. Now, not so much. It feels redundant.

21:40:51 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: oh…ok

21:40:52 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Vicki has the accent tonight

21:40:57 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: everyone else — not so much

21:41:07 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: @kimberly – [email protected] for me.

21:41:19 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: So this is herethat was just talking correct

21:41:29 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: *her

21:41:37 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: if you are a member of WOW2 and you have a blog — please email me at jenuinetech (at) gmail (dot) com

21:41:38 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: vicki, talking about Necc and now lucy

21:41:40 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: I want to go to NECC! But I can’t. Maybe next year….

21:41:42 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: I hadn’t thought about how Twitter helps with $/min connection issues

21:41:47 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers – I’m so glad to find others who feel the same way

21:41:50 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pfr2_hjQxlJYE3HkIfEu3XA

21:41:52 nimblepress -> -EdTechTalk: What is WOW 2?

21:41:58 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pfr2_hjQxlJYE3HkIfEu3XA&inv=sharonpeters%40gmail.com&t=7565971675578655748

21:42:00 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Is WOW2 planning a live podcast again at NECC? Maybe you can incorporate the global focus in it?

21:42:01 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: my baby blog http://earlychildhoodtech.edublogs.org/

21:42:02 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: I’m the one with the accent, but not talking much tonight!

21:42:12 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: iteach – i am planning on 2009 too

21:42:15 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: women of web 2.0

21:42:23 nimblepress -> -EdTechTalk: is it a ning group?

21:42:24 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: dsWell is Ur a Member of WOW can u email me so i can get ur bloggs…I would love to conversate with you ladies

21:42:34 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks amie for the blog, and yes we are live at NECC

21:42:35 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Time for bed. It’s now 2.45 a.m. Night all

21:42:46 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @durff – I was hoping to go. But circumstances dictated otherwise.

21:42:47 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 – Yes — that was me!!! "y’all!"

21:42:53 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: I’ll bet Vicki thinks the rest of us speak with an accent.

21:43:01 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:43:13 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: iteacj\h – i just have no money for it

21:43:15 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Joe glad you could join us from the other side of the pond. Come again!

21:43:17 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: night joe come back again

21:43:20 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @durff @iteachcomputers so I have to travel 2000 miles to see you

21:43:23 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @janicesterns – I actually went to college, lost the accent and then moved home and decided I was happy w/ who I was and took it back — literally!

21:43:25 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: you can listen to the pod cast later

21:43:29 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @durff – that would be my circumstances….

21:43:30 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @viki Davis- i Figured…Because i remember the voice….lol…

21:43:33 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: how u been

21:43:38 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: That and a search.

21:43:43 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: L)

21:43:45 joedale -> -EdTechTalk: Will do. Chat soon.

21:43:50 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: we need them in Canada!!

21:43:52 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: Oops. πŸ™‚

21:43:57 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @derallg – Hey I came out to see you. Now it’s your turn!

21:43:57 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 – I’m great — really really busy. But great — I love my job. Wish I had 30 hours to do everything sometimes.

21:44:02 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Jen so many choices to describe you… "I am a what?" Too funny

21:44:19 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: yay, Google TA are back…. pick me pick me

21:44:23 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – lol

21:44:25 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke — I went "HUH" what am I now??

21:44:33 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers i guess you’re right, sort of πŸ™‚

21:44:35 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Google TA?

21:44:37 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: I am so dang articulate

21:44:40 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: well let’s think about what Jen could be….

21:44:44 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Google Teachers Academy

21:44:47 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: teachers academy

21:45:03 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: And when is the next one?

21:45:05 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: we gotta google thinking globally….

21:45:07 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: did I just see that the Google TA’s are back? Where’s the info? I was looking over the weekend.

21:45:16 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: www.google.com/educators

21:45:22 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: Final: Montreal 3 Boston 1

21:45:26 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: Yeah! GTA Rocks!

21:45:38 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar …. woot

21:45:48 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: At Stephanie — keep your eyes open for a MAJOR announcement soon!!

21:45:50 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: Montreal won 1 to 0 tonight!

21:45:53 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: we kinda prempted it

21:45:59 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚ well Lucy did πŸ™‚

21:46:12 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: Yes they closed and it was a great project!!!!!

21:46:16 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: On the 26 of this month There is going to be a Webcast,with I and other Students Globally including the Student 2oh group…The Topic of the Webcast is How you have Learned from Blogging….Just to let all Teachers+Adults…Its an All Students Talk No Teachers No Adults Talking…All Students…

21:46:24 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: Blame Lucy

21:46:26 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: nice

21:46:27 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @durff you are in top form so i’m not telling you what my dinner is

21:46:30 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: LOL!

21:46:31 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Too bad Google and others do not come to Kansas

21:46:31 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: our school division just got an educators package so that every student in our division will be using google docs

21:46:37 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @wsigle — yep

21:46:40 Vicki Davis -> -EdTechTalk: one student did a take off on the voices to Darfur. Her what if was "What if the world’s attention was called to Darfur by the Google logo focusing on it for a day."

21:47:07 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: tkidd – earthcast08 on april 22nd

21:47:14 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132-link for webcast? Would love to participate.

21:47:16 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: @tkidd132 webcast link?

21:47:18 jane -> -EdTechTalk: google docs won’t run on our school server

21:47:19 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: If need more info on the Webcast Feel free to Priv message me on here and I will give u my email and i will email u the wok….

21:47:40 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: I was happy because my whole school did the doodle for google first tech i had in common with the staff at my school

21:48:00 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: I didn’t get the link yet …I will Have the link sometime next week…Its Still in Process od getting together…

21:48:08 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: ha ha lucy πŸ™‚

21:48:15 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: my husband decided to mow the lawn RIGHT NOW- can’t hear a D#*! thing!

21:48:16 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: You are not overwhelming Lucy – keep after it!!

21:48:20 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @jane – did you try zoho?

21:48:22 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @Lucy you are overwhelming in a GOOD way!

21:48:25 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Can you Twitter it once you have the link?

21:48:28 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @Lucy I want to know how you manage so much great stuff

21:48:33 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar edtechtalk/earthcast08

21:48:40 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: Yes Will do….

21:48:53 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila thanks

21:49:00 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: I have a feeling that most of us listening right now have been described as Overwhelming!

21:49:04 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @stephanieand – wondering where you live where a)it is still light outsdie and b) you don’t have two feet of snow on your front lawn!

21:49:05 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff Earthcast08?….link please

21:49:05 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: @mariaK Too many windows open. STill tghers?

21:49:10 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Zoho- Great stuff and they just did a major upgrade.

21:49:16 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @liz πŸ˜€

21:49:17 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @steph – time to buy earphones

21:49:25 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @lizdavis:D

21:49:32 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: edtechtalk.com/earthcast08

21:49:47 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Overwhelming teachers of the world Unite!

21:49:48 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @derrall have that link for kidd?

21:49:50 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: Concord California- 63degrees, light breeze, nowhere near sunset yet. Haven’t seen any snow in years.

21:49:56 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila we could trade off sharing the link πŸ™‚

21:50:09 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: @Liz LOL!!!

21:50:13 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @durff i was stuck thinking which one at this point

21:50:19 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: Had to explain to a group that I was using Skype and Yugma to watch a demo on Moodle – expressions were priceless

21:50:30 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ˜€ derral

21:50:37 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: @stephieand – I wish! sigh

21:50:39 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: @lizbdavis You Go!:0

21:50:44 tkidd132 -> -EdTechTalk: link?

21:50:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Cindy — cracking me up — 1 year ago — we would have said HUH

21:50:44 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: poor derrall stuck alone with his own thoughts

21:50:50 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: now we all just nod our heads

21:51:02 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: @cindyphthisic: I enjoy using Skype and Yugma too

21:51:05 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cindy phthisic–Sounds like fun! that must have been amazing!

21:51:16 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jen how do we show head nods with text

21:51:17 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: @sharonp if it makes you feel better, my house is a shoe box that I will pay for for the rest of my life.

21:51:23 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: NOD

21:51:27 sharonp -> -EdTechTalk: been accused of being overwhelming many times

21:51:29 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: @cindy phthisic love Moodle!

21:51:30 MariaK -> -EdTechTalk: @sheila – perhaps deb and i can earthcast from flagstaff

21:51:32 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmm *NOD*

21:51:34 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: float and dock icon at bottom of chat really helps to follow the chat, glad i found it

21:51:38 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: NOD ok i can do that

21:51:43 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @jen LOL

21:51:45 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @kidd http://enviroscims.wikispaces.com/Earth+Day

21:51:51 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: can increase the screen size too

21:52:04 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmm if we were in secondlife it would be much easier to nod

21:52:05 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @maria – that would be cool! I’m on from 9-10 am EDT

21:52:16 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: yes just /nod

21:52:17 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: @shawn THANKS!

21:52:18 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Shaun — are you asking or are you sharing?? πŸ™‚

21:52:18 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: yes, had students ask about creating own ning and wikispace for family

21:52:21 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: LOL!

21:52:22 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: @shaun which one is that?

21:52:33 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: 3 tool from the far right

21:52:37 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: is the EXPAND chat

21:52:37 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @everyone – we started a NC Ed Tech Skype chat after our NCAECT conf – have 30+ ed tech prof sharing & networking

21:52:38 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Lyons KS is a 1:1 district in central Kansas

21:52:43 sheila -> -EdTechTalk: @maria – I’m serious about that

21:52:50 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Grades 7-12 1:1

21:52:51 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: It’s cool to see it coming together

21:53:04 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: sorry sharing

21:53:05 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @Cindy — can you choose a deeper green please??

21:53:07 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: thanks

21:53:19 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: we’re 1:75

21:53:19 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @shaun — good, I didn’t want you to be asking and we didn’t realize it

21:53:22 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚

21:53:25 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: LOL we are 1:300

21:53:30 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: LOL — just kidding

21:53:30 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: the moodle demo was an impromptu demo as a result of the chat

21:53:34 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: i feel better

21:53:36 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: lol

21:53:41 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: How do you get around "scary" outside world with ning – school and parents permissions, etc??

21:53:46 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @dmantz cool how many kids?

21:53:51 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: if we go 1:1 it will be kids bringing their OWN computers

21:54:00 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @KimT You make the Ning private

21:54:05 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi n2teach

21:54:12 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: hi brunsell

21:54:13 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Only members can see it

21:54:14 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: my family has a private ning.

21:54:17 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @Cindyphthisic-my daughter lives in NC-what’s the link for your NCAECT Conf?

21:54:18 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: @KimT. Educate the parents & adminstrators

21:54:23 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: WOW — we have had a great night — WONDERFUL CHAT

21:54:28 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: @liz 3rd icon from the right , then you can expand the screen, alot less jumping around

21:54:29 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Last chance for questions!!!

21:54:34 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: I setr up a private ning for the techs at my 11 schools

21:54:36 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: ning is free for k12 student groups

21:54:42 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: can’t get any to log on

21:54:46 brunsell -> -EdTechTalk: I use ning for a couple of my courses (www.teachingscience20.com)

21:54:46 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers did you send a letter/permission slip home for the ning

21:54:47 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy the conf site is www.ncaect.org

21:54:48 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Ning versus Moodle??

21:54:48 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: Remember that the audio and chat will be available at www.edtechtalk.com by Thurs. all the good stuff for posterity

21:54:49 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: WHY??

21:54:50 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: very frustrating

21:54:50 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: @JamesSigler: Around 400 students

21:54:57 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: what do you choose ONE over the other

21:55:00 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Isn’t Ning limited to kids 13 years and older?

21:55:05 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: wsigle what will not log in?

21:55:11 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: Good question, what do people think of ning v moodle?

21:55:12 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @whjsla – no, no extra permission slip.

21:55:18 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Our system is going to introduce a division wide information doc. and permission for web 2.0 tools

21:55:21 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy – conf. wiki – http://technologyties.pbwiki.com – has links to ustreamed sessions and presenter handouts

21:55:31 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: @bunsell hi eric

21:55:31 brunsell -> -EdTechTalk: I also use uwlclinical308.ning.com

21:55:31 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Ning is much prettier.

21:55:34 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Ning and Moodle have different uses

21:55:40 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: What directions/focus does Lucy see herself going towards?

21:55:42 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: I asked Admin, said it was covered by our AUP. Especially since it was private.

21:55:42 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: We have moodle already available in the district, although I haven’t had the time to use it.

21:55:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: But both are protected — corect??

21:55:46 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cindyphthisic-Thanks!!

21:55:47 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers it was covered under our usage agreement correct?

21:55:48 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy – also link to chat if she’s interested

21:55:48 brunsell -> -EdTechTalk: @fletcher hi-

21:55:58 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – yes.

21:55:59 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers that’s what I thought!

21:56:05 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Yes both are protected

21:56:07 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: @durff the techs in my didtrict won’t participate

21:56:11 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy – what area of NC

21:56:21 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Moodle-walled garden, private Ning-not walled in the same way?

21:56:22 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: ah

21:56:29 adinasullivan -> -EdTechTalk: Night all, have to read rest later – Time to go home and take care of growling stomach

21:56:34 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: @James.Sigler: We were featured in the CDWG January 2008 magazine

21:56:44 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: @DMANTZ — WOW Congrats

21:56:45 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @james – it can be walled in the same way. Ours was privaye.

21:56:49 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Night Adinasullivan

21:56:49 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: bye adnina

21:56:51 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: private/

21:56:53 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for all who made the chat great

21:57:01 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Yes private ning is walled garden

21:57:10 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @cindyphthisic-She’s in Pittsboro-she’s not a teacher but I visit often and was thinking about ways to connect.

21:57:13 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: members can interact with each other

21:57:18 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Hard to convince people who don’t really even like Moodle!

21:57:21 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: @iteachcomputers tech coach? sounds like you!

21:57:21 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: I think Moodle is more for course management, with quizes and plugins, while ning is more social

21:57:38 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @dmantz cool. Is it all district funded?

21:57:51 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Moodle discussion is similar to ning discussion, but you can’t friend each other

21:58:04 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Moodle is also hosted on your own server right??

21:58:06 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: principal/English teacher doing a ning with senior English class and all seem to love it

21:58:11 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: NING is hosted by another server??

21:58:18 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Moodle is hosted by our intermediate unit

21:58:23 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: we outsource our moodle for 1.00 per student, very worth while

21:58:27 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: too much – they do his work in my class

21:58:30 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: @wjhsla – that’s what I am interviewing for.

21:58:31 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: we use mrooms.net

21:58:32 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: That’s such an important point–NOT using iLife to make a movie but using curriculum to drive use of multimedia

21:58:34 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Has anyone tried using Drupal?

21:58:43 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: I have used Drupal

21:58:48 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: WOmen of Web used to be a DRUPAL

21:58:53 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl what are mrooms?

21:58:54 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jen there is access to free Moodle without server but can’t change appearence

21:58:58 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: we do our own moodle in district

21:59:03 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmmm

21:59:08 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryloakes wow73 cool.. mrooms.net.. I will check into that, lots of storage?

21:59:13 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: mrooms.net is a service where we have our moodle hosted

21:59:24 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: so far, lots

21:59:25 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: @badie this is a drupal

21:59:29 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I have been thinking of using Drupal for my classes, but decided to use Google Sites.

21:59:30 C. Chausis -> -EdTechTalk: @darrallg — where is Moodle access?

21:59:33 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: only our second year

22:00:05 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: I am on 3rd year with Moodle on our own server

22:00:06 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @badiettrick I’m trying out google sites

22:00:09 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: is this the link http://www.moodlerooms.com/

22:00:12 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @charlene we had a presenter at Classroom 2.0 in SF

22:00:19 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: or is it mrooms.net ???

22:00:20 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: @dennisar How much tech support is needed/used for inhouse moodle?

22:00:28 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: How do you like Google sites?

22:00:29 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: no Jen, that is another one. www.mrooms.net

22:00:36 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: ahhhh

22:00:38 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmm

22:00:43 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: @badiettrich my district has used drupal to set up a sharing spaces of smartnotebook lessons, videos(with embed code), pdfs, doc, etc. Very cool but still behind provincial firewall

22:00:46 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Nod

22:00:48 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: We have one person for all of LAUSD

22:00:54 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: so big brother but I like it

22:00:57 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: to support Mooodle.

22:01:02 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Think both Moodle links went to the same place.

22:01:04 nimblepress -> -EdTechTalk: Who is the researcher?

22:01:05 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Hmmmmm that link takes me to moodlerooms

22:01:07 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: YES

22:01:09 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: that is tough Janice

22:01:10 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke double NOD

22:01:11 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: hmmmmm

22:01:15 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: @James.Sigler: Yes, district funded. Students pay tech fee

22:01:26 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: @lizdavis Back on side window…

22:01:28 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Ah.. tech fee?

22:01:30 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: We set up our own moodle server. I actually set up the software – so it’s not that difficult πŸ˜€

22:01:46 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: SO [email protected]!!!!

22:01:48 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: Our moodle isn’t used in classrooms yet. Next year. Only for PD.

22:01:59 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: it is not about teaching powerpoint πŸ˜‰

22:02:00 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: how many can you get to log int at a time

22:02:07 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: My colleague has written a great starter book about Moodle – Moodle Magic Make it Happen by Laurie Korte. It’s on Amazon

22:02:12 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @babiettrich I love that I can use the domain for class website and have e-mail accounts with the siglersite.com domain instead of gmail.com

22:02:18 shaun fletcher -> -EdTechTalk: thanks Good night!

22:02:20 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks for the book jepcke

22:02:23 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: and so many districts are still stuch there because it is all they know

22:02:26 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: it’s after 10pm

22:02:30 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @jepcke – I have that…it’s great

22:02:31 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: I’m liking Google sites

22:02:32 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: This has been terrific! Thanks all!

22:02:35 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: GREAT JOB [email protected]!!!!!!!!

22:02:35 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Not much about set up (server stuff) but how to create

22:02:37 Durff -> -EdTechTalk: nite ye all

22:02:39 KimT -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you ! πŸ™‚

22:02:46 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: The time flew by!!!

22:02:47 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone.

22:02:50 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: makebeliefscomix.com

22:02:51 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: nite Durff

22:02:52 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: Great show tonight ladies!!!

22:02:58 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Lucy

22:03:01 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: @James.Sigler–you need to be a featured guest on WOW2 to talk about Moodle πŸ™‚

22:03:02 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: This was FABULOUS!

22:03:02 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: this was a great show NOD

22:03:03 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: games – http://www.gamesparentsteachers.com

22:03:04 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Great job. Thanks Lucy!

22:03:06 dmantz -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you for such an enjoyable session.

22:03:07 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone – I’m learning so much, there’s still SO much to learn

22:03:08 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: Lucy you Rock! You’ve done Chicago proud, as usual!

22:03:09 kmulford -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks, Lucy! How did it disappear so fast?

22:03:12 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all- great show!

22:03:16 Kimberly Brown -> -EdTechTalk: thanks Lucy

22:03:16 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Lucy for so generously sharing!

22:03:18 janicestearns -> -EdTechTalk: NOD πŸ™‚

22:03:18 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: yeah Pam

22:03:19 wjhsla -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks – Great Show for a newbie!! Will have to go back and reread!

22:03:21 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: A great end to a great techie day!

22:03:22 C. Chausis -> -EdTechTalk: Yay Lucy!!

22:03:27 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: See many of you at TEchForum Midwest!

22:03:28 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: LOL at janicesteans

22:03:30 nimblepress -> -EdTechTalk: Look for grants on my site to support your projects: grantwrangler.com

22:03:31 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: πŸ™‚ NOD

22:03:42 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: @Lucy – great job – let’s talk soon

22:04:00 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: @derrallg you can come on, too!

22:04:03 suzanbrandt -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks for a great show and all of the great links and info. P.S. I need Moodle help!

22:04:06 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: @Peggy I’d love to if I had used Moodle, but I haven’t. I just use a blog as my class website

22:04:11 Lisa Harrison -> -EdTechTalk: Enjoyed it, Lucy. Great job!

22:04:12 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks Lucy and Liz and everyone!

22:04:24 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Is next week’s show part of the Earthcast?

22:04:26 jane -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone

22:04:42 shoemap -> -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG it certainly can be!

22:04:47 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: thanks everyone

22:04:53 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: If you want some info, I share an office with a Moodle expert.

22:04:55 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: going bye bye!! thanks to all

22:05:05 derrallg -> -EdTechTalk: great show nite

22:05:08 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone!

22:05:08 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: we need a moodle show!

22:05:10 wsigele -> -EdTechTalk: night all!

22:05:15 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Rock’n show girls!

22:05:16 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: WOW-this time goes by tooooo fast! Thanks Lucy for sharing your awesome experience!

22:05:16 LindaN -> -EdTechTalk: Night all!

22:05:19 iteachcomputers -> -EdTechTalk: Good night!

22:05:19 dennisar -> -EdTechTalk: night – thanks

22:05:21 cheryloakes wow73 -> -EdTechTalk: night and thanks

22:05:26 Diane H -> -EdTechTalk: Night all!

22:05:30 cindy phthisic -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl – Yes, please – Moodle!!

22:05:30 amiegamache -> -EdTechTalk: goodnight and thanks

22:05:34 JenWagner -> -EdTechTalk: Good night everyone!!

22:05:40 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: thanks all!!!!!

22:05:40 badiettrich -> -EdTechTalk: Good Night, thanks for the chat.

22:05:43 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: night

22:05:44 lizdavis -> -EdTechTalk: Have a pre-show

22:05:47 jepcke -> -EdTechTalk: @cheryl if you need a guest, let me know (for moodle show) I share an office with an expert Moodler

22:05:49 KBeil -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you everyone – great show!

22:05:53 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all!

22:05:59 khokanson -> -EdTechTalk: NO WAY you were GREAT

22:06:39 jane -> -EdTechTalk: twitter reminders are great!

22:06:50 suzanbrandt -> -EdTechTalk: Will you include in the Moodle show the reasons to choose Moodle over Blackboard, etc. (other than it is free)?

22:07:00 stephieand -> -EdTechTalk: I showed up because of the twitter reminder. Night ladies!

22:07:09 C. Chausis -> -EdTechTalk: when is the Moodle show?

22:07:20 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Great show!

22:07:22 PeggyG -> -EdTechTalk: How do you track downloads if they come through iTunes?

22:07:28 James.Sigler -> -EdTechTalk: Night all

22:07:32 cheri t -> -EdTechTalk: good night – bye

22:23:08 doug2 -> -EdTechTalk: Is everyone asleep?

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