Women of Web 2.0 Show # 27

Welcome to our show. This week Jen, Vicki , Sharon and Cheryl chat with Stephen Downes. It was a blast! You can view the agenda, the wiki for links and the chat.

Please do NOT rely on the chat for accurate links. In order to make the chat more managable I delete numbers in a wholesale fashion. But the links in the wiki are accurate.

Enjoy and come back next week to hear Brian Crosby from Learning is Messy.

Agenda for May 15, 2007


The Chat

 sharonp ->  Hi Cheri!

 CheriT ->  Hi Sharon, how are you?

 sharonp ->  Been another busy week… but am just great

 sharonp ->  how about you?

 CheriT ->  me, too … so much going on

 sharonp ->  feeling guilty that it has been over  weeks since I last blogged

 sharonp ->  but I had to go underground while making decision about new job…. should do something soon

 CheriT ->  I remember from last week that you said you got a new job

 sharonp ->  Sorry – I clicked on a link on the page and whooops – took me out!

 CheriT ->  no problem

 CheriT ->  i’m working on several things and wanted to get in here so i wouldn’t forget *)

 sharonp ->  yes, am leaving  my school to join LEARN Quebec, an educational foundation associated with the ministry of ed – develop online curric for new virtual high school and do professional development with the English teaching sector here  in Quebec – fantastic opportunities!

 sharonp ->  am here early – moderating tonight!

 CheriT ->  wow!

 CheriT ->  big time stuff

 sharonp ->  I am soooo excited

 CheriT ->  we have a virtual high school in Illinois – if you need anything I can direct you

 sharonp ->  would love to see what model of delivery they are using

 CheriT ->  in fact Kathy Clesson, one of my students who works at our lab high school teaches for IVHS

 sharonp ->  I will keep your offer in mind

 CheriT ->  they use eCollege

 sharonp ->  is it anything like elluminate?

 CheriT ->  as the course management system

 CheriT ->  no it’s like blackboard

 CheriT ->  I think they do have access to eluminate

 sharonp ->  actually we will be discussing elearning a lot tonight with Stephen Dwones

 CheriT ->  great!

 sharonp ->  he has some great  ideas – always love hearing him

 CheriT ->  i agree

 sharonp ->  and could pinch myself for being able to be in a live conversation with him

 sharonp ->  are  you teaching any courses right now or are you  between sessions?

 CheriT ->  i’m in between – new classes start next monday

 CheriT ->   completely online,  blended – both graduate level

 sharonp ->  I love blended

 sharonp ->  am somewhat regretful to be leaving classroom teachng

 CheriT ->  i understand, i really like teaching … always have

 sharonp ->   my M.A. thesis was about using a blended model

 CheriT ->  cool

 sharonp ->  yeah, web . has kicked in  since then – the opportunities for online communication abound

 sharonp ->  have you seen the Horizon Project videos

 sharonp ->  ?

 CheriT ->  it has exploded – great way to teach

 CheriT ->  no i haven’t , i need to get over there

 sharonp ->  just watched the first one a few  minutes ago – so impressive

 sharonp ->  it is just great  to see such wonderful student-generated content

 CheriT ->  that’s my next step in my classes

 sharonp ->  my students did a number of wiki projects  this year – some in-class some with other classes; their work was  amazing… wikis are such fantastic collaborative learning spaces.

 CheriT ->  what grade level?

 sharonp ->  grades  and

 CheriT ->  would you mind sharing the URL?

 CheriT ->  i’d like to show it as an example to faculty and my undergrads next fall

 sharonp ->  everything from sentences from vocabulary lessons to wikipedia-type projects – sure thing

 sharonp ->  let me dig up a few

 CheriT ->  great, thanks

 sharonp ->  http://glengarrypedia.wikispaces.com/

 Stephen Downes -> WiAOC : Hiya

 Stephen Downes ->  Hiya

 sharonp ->  Hi ya Stephen

 sharonp ->  https://gvc.wikispaces.com/

 sharonp ->  for Cheri

 sharonp ->  sharing some of my students wiki work this year

 sharonp ->  https://jerusalem.wikispaces.com/

 CheriT ->  thanks, Sharon

 sharonp ->  https://lccgrenglish.wikispaces.com/

 sharonp ->  those are some good ones

 sharonp ->  Hi Larry

 sharonp ->  Hi  Cheryl

 sharonp ->  oops 

 sharonp ->  Hi Cheryl!

 cheryloakes wow ->  Hello getting ready be here soon

 CheriT ->  Hi Cheryl

 cheryloakes wow ->  Hello Cheri, sharon, and just did a sound check with Stephen

 cheryloakes wow ->  brbn

 Bee ->  good evening

 cheryloakes wow ->  Hello, the stream should be coming up in  seconds

 Larry.Carlton ->  Sounds great!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  good evening…trying to log in but getting disconnected

 Bee (Brazil) ->  should I click on A or B for the sound?

 sharonp ->  Hey VJ

 cheryloakes wow ->  Hello, Bee, p lease check on channel A

 vincej ->  hi sharon

 cheryloakes wow ->  Thanks Larry for the sound check

 vincej ->  a

 cheryloakes wow ->  hello all, glad you could make it

 Bee (Brazil) ->  hello cheryl… is there any sound coming out?

 Bee (Brazil) ->  how do I make it work? just click on the icon?

 vincej ->  bee. click on the speaker icon

 Bee (Brazil) ->  windows?

 cheryloakes wow ->  Bee please click on channel A and you should hear the sound just fine. thanks vincej

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I get an error messatge

 cheryloakes wow ->  what browser are you using? platform?

 vincej ->  bee ff or ie

 Bee (Brazil) ->  firefox

 Bee (Brazil) ->  windows

 vincej ->  can u try ie

 cheryloakes wow ->  Sometimes you can hear on chan b as well

 cheryloakes wow ->  thanks for helping vincej

 CheriT ->  πŸ™‚

 Bee (Brazil) ->  nothing happens…get a message

 Bee (Brazil) ->  ASX version

 vincej ->  i had same probelm with ff tonight..now on ie and it works

 Stephen Downes ->  http://www.downes.ca

 Bee (Brazil) ->  .

 Janice S. ->  Try clicking on the third icon under the EdTech Talk.

 Stephen Downes ->  http://halfanhour.blogspot.com

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Hello

 Bee (Brazil) ->  or am asked to download

 sharonp ->  I  usually download and then Real Player or iTunes opens it

 Bee (Brazil) ->  itunes

 cheryloakes wow ->  JL Bee can’t hear yet any ideas?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 Jennifer Wagner ->  welcome to our WIKI

 Bee (Brazil) ->  but no sound

 vincej ->  bee try a reboot

 cheryloakes wow ->  how about real player or windows media/

 Bee (Brazil) ->  of the computer?

 sharonp ->  i Tunes wasn’t working for me earlier – I use the Real Player

 Jennifer Wagner ->  is she on Mac of PC  πŸ™‚

 vincej ->  pc

 Jennifer Wagner ->  yep — a reboot

 JL ->  sorry, not much of an itunes user

 Jennifer Wagner ->  itunes NEVER worked for me either

 CheriT ->  Hi Vicki, ready for the online conference?

 JL ->  you could try windows media player from MSIE

 vincej ->  winamp also works

 Bee (Brazil) ->  downloaded listen.pls

 Vicki Davis ->  Which one — ha ha!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  one itunes

 Vicki Davis ->  Have to get past Student summits, horizon projects, etc.

 CheriT ->  ha, ha, really! the George one

 Vicki Davis ->  But I will be ready!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  cannot hear

 Vicki Davis ->  We will keep trying to help you!

 CheriT ->  me, too – I have a new semester starting Monday

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee — can you double check that all is plugged in okay

 Vicki Davis ->  I usually have to click on the black speaker.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I’m on a new computer

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and can you try listening to perhaps some other sounds — control panel sounds — just

 Jennifer Wagner ->  to make sure you have sound

 Bee (Brazil) ->  my sonΒ¬Β₯s

 JL ->  Question for Stephen: Which ‘venue’ are you planning on using during the Webhead Convergence?  Alado, Elluminate, Worldbridges?

 Bee (Brazil) ->  πŸ™

 Janice S. ->  iTunes works for me but I’m on a mac

 Stephen Downes ->  worldbridges

 Bee (Brazil) ->  need to configure this one for WiAOC

 JL ->  roger that, thanks.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL — JL — we haven’t even introduced him yet

 Bee (Brazil) ->  presenting on Zoho show and skypecast

 JL ->  just warming him up

 cheryloakes wow ->  www.storylineonline.net

 CheriT ->  iTunes works for me on a PC

 cheryloakes wow ->  A great online story site with activities. Stories read by celebrities.

 Durff ->  Sound?

 Janice S. ->  It’s one of my favorite

 Bee (Brazil) ->  Yesss!!! can hear πŸ™‚

 Stephen Downes ->  yay

 Durff ->  where?

 Bee (Brazil) ->  wonderful

 cheryloakes wow ->  YEAH, thanks for all the help folks for Bee.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  Hi Durff…met you on Twitter

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://irweb.ucf.edu/elwoodsadventures/page.html

 Vicki Davis ->  Social Networking video is here – http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/Social+Networking

 Durff ->  hi bee

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://irweb.ucf.edu/elwoodsadventures/page.html

 Bee (Brazil) ->  who are you BTW :-), lol?

 sharonp ->  Vicki, loved the video!

 Vicki Davis ->  Mobile phones – http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/Mobile+Phones

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi Durff, hi sue

 Vicki Davis ->  Thanks Sharon.

 Durff ->  ahhh – sound

 Vicki Davis ->  I have so many to see!

 Vicki Davis ->  Each one gets me so excited!

 Durff ->  hi cheryl

 sharonp ->  it was so well done!

 Vicki Davis ->  I think the  videos are great PD for all teachers.

 cheryloakes wow ->  vicki, that is just great

 Bee (Brazil) ->  Flat Stanley? this is iEarn?

 Vicki Davis ->  http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/Virtual+Worlds – Virtual Worlds

 sharonp ->  https://flatplanet.wikispaces.com/About

 Durff ->  the horizon project is awesome

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, I’m a flat planet judge as well– fitting it in!

 Vicki Davis ->  Durff – you’ve done a great job with helping it.

 Durff ->  not me

 vincej ->  w=great rpoject vicki’

 Durff ->  i spell wrong

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/May

 vincej ->  me

 sharonp ->  http://xkcd.com/c.html

 Steve ->  Can’t stay on (crying baby to take care of) but have a great show!  very much looking forward to listening to it later!

 Vicki Davis ->  Bye Steve!

 cheryloakes wow ->  steve, glad you got here for a bit

 JL -> WiAOC : Hello, just wanted to let you know that most folks are in the EdTechTalk room – you can get there by double clicing on it.

 Vicki Davis ->  We’re muting our crying babies!

 cheryloakes wow ->  the podcast will be up thursday

 Durff ->  bye steve

 Durff ->  again

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Remember  sec delay

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and start posting your ??? now

 sroseman -> WiAOC : loved your video, Vicki

 Durff ->  i say that well

 Vicki Davis ->  Great group in chat!

 CheriT ->  No more Tuesday night classes πŸ™‚

 Durff ->  how many in chat?

 Vicki Davis ->  Hello, Larry!  I’m so gladyou made it!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Cheri — classes over for a while??

 cheryloakes wow ->  but cheri it looks like class with you and larry, anyone else I missed

 Jennifer Wagner ->  looks like  Lisa

 Durff ->  WOW!

 Larry.Carlton ->  Hi Vicki

 ElenaW ->  Hello. Nice group since we are all busy wrapping up the year. Does this continue over summer?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  yup

 CheriT ->  I start up again next week – distance learning and assessing online teaching and learning

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Yes Elena

 Jennifer Wagner ->  we will have a COUPLE of taped shows

 Jennifer Wagner ->  but pretty much we are totally booked for summer

 ElenaW ->  Good. My pace slows down a beat or two.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Cheri — cool

 Jennifer Wagner ->  was your final REALLY our class??

 Larry.Carlton ->  Vicki – next week I start another class on Tuesdays for six weeks.

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi simon

 Simon ->  Good evening

 CheriT ->  Yes it was πŸ™‚ I really wanted to keep them connected with WOW

 Jennifer Wagner ->  excellent

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi mmiller

 CheriT ->  They all got A’s

 Jennifer Wagner ->   in chat

 mmiller ->  Hello from MO

 Vicki Davis ->  Hello!

 Vicki Davis ->  Welcome mmiller

 Bee (Brazil) ->  code is poetry πŸ™‚

 Larry.Carlton ->  The final was the best

 sroseman -> WiAOC : NRC ..here in Ottawa

 Jennifer Wagner ->  if you want to change the color of your chat

 Jennifer Wagner ->  the first button on the toolbar

 Jennifer Wagner ->  is your color option

 Jennifer Wagner ->  if you want to detach your chat

 Vicki Davis ->  Great description of how you started, Stephen.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  to read it better

 Jennifer Wagner ->  the rd icon from the right

 Jennifer Wagner ->  is that choice

 mmiller ->  testing a new color

 Vicki Davis ->  [b]Testing bold!

 ElenaW ->  Thanks for the tips on the chat.

 Janice S. ->  Thanks for the tips

 vincej ->  testing blue

 cheryloakes wow ->  there are , , users on skype right now. cool

 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL

 Jennifer Wagner ->  its about time

 mmiller ->  πŸ˜€

 Jennifer Wagner ->  we have only had our chat for  weeks

 Jennifer Wagner ->  so its abouttime for me to give the special tools

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 Jennifer Wagner ->  hmmm — longer than  weeks

 cheryloakes wow ->  special tool tips! STT

 Vicki Davis ->  I want to know what the music button is?

 cheryloakes wow ->  Thisis show # .

 Jennifer Wagner ->  please don’t use the MUSIC button

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 Vicki Davis ->  WHAT IS IT!?!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  you can add sound

 Vicki Davis ->  It is like telling a kid "don’t touch that!"

 Jennifer Wagner ->  sounds

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh!

 CheriT ->  aw, why not :/

 cheryloakes wow ->  save it for the post show

 Jennifer Wagner ->  but everyone has to have the sounds on their computers to hear them

 Vicki Davis ->  I’m muted.  I can be naughty! —

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  yes, we will use the sounds in Post Chat

 Vicki Davis ->  k

 CheriT ->  πŸ™‚

 Bee (Brazil) ->  "u-learning"?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  AOL used to use them in chats

 JL -> Webcast Academy: *meow*

 Jennifer Wagner ->  we would all share sounds

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and then —

 Jennifer Wagner ->  well, chats became more "Musical"

 CheriT ->  How can we motivate the most irrelevant teachers?

 mmiller ->  Just peak their curiosity

 Larry.Carlton ->  Put them in all day study halls

 CheriT ->  Larry …

 patruffing ->  I have a few in my school that wouldn’t change if I tapped danced on their desk!

 ElenaW ->  irrelevant? Is that like dead beats?

 Vicki Davis ->  Send them to a session to learn from other irrelevant teachers and at the end of the day when they are complaining — point out that they’ve just seen themselves.

 Vicki Davis ->  Teachers are tough to train.

 CheriT ->  Their style of teaching is irrelevant to reality

 Bee (Brazil) ->  kids are educated despite us

 cheryloakes wow ->  good one vicki

 vincej ->    rule..spend tiem withthe  that will change

 Bee (Brazil) ->  we take ourselves too seriously

 CheriT ->  very behavioral –

 cheryloakes wow ->  bee that is my mantra

 Vicki Davis ->  They are so tough to teach but it is a double standard — don’t bore me but I can bore them all day long.

 Vicki Davis ->  Right vince!

 Vicki Davis ->  Focus on those who want to change.

 CheriT ->    – I think my faculty is reversed … only  want to learn

 CheriT ->  I’m thinking of focusing on the students and bypassing the instructors

 Vicki Davis ->  Most don’t want to learn but it is a mindset that good administrators can model.

 Vicki Davis ->  That makes others WANT to learn.

 ElenaW ->  No, no. Old dogs can learn…

 cheryloakes wow ->  sometimes that is the way to do it Cheri

 Jennifer Wagner ->  START with ONE piece —

 vincej ->  then focus on the  ..

 Jennifer Wagner ->  don’t overwhelm them

 Vicki Davis ->  I think that learning is an attitude not an age.

 patruffing ->  administrator modeling…VERY important

 mmiller ->  You have to model risk taking and encourage risk taking

 Bee (Brazil) ->  if you have a close social community in real life

 Bee (Brazil) ->  you do not need online

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat — and administrator expectations

 ElenaW ->  Honestly, we do wait until some retire. Sad but true.

 patruffing ->  absolutely!

 Vicki Davis ->  You do so that you can connect with other people who teach your sujbect.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  online opens doors and horizons

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, horizons!  πŸ˜‰

 ElenaW ->  I have been known to co-teach with the very late adopters.

 Larry.Carlton ->  Administrator’s modeling is very important

 cheryloakes wow ->  great idea Elena

 Vicki Davis ->  Yes, Larry — I would say essential.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and never never never give up

 cheryloakes wow ->  Larry you are a great model and inspiration.

 mmiller ->  Larry, how do you model for your teachers?

 patruffing ->  I am going to be doing more team teaching next year…

 alicebarr ->  Yes I think co-teaching and modeling are very impotyant!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I do not think age has sthg to do with it

 Vicki Davis ->  Yes!  Shut it down is like saying — be quiet and don’t disagree with me!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I am retiring

 ElenaW ->  Modeling, and doing much of the time consuming part of tech.

 vincej ->  admin support is key but does not reach all teachers…

 Bee (Brazil) ->  after  years of teaching

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and remember ONE tool does NOT fit all

 patruffing ->  I am over the hill but i am the tech geek at school

 Bee (Brazil) ->  but very keen on being online

 Jennifer Wagner ->  you wil have somethat will NEVER blog

 cheryloakes wow ->  Bee you are still a youngster!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and that is OK

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I never grew up…this is what my mother says

 Bee (Brazil) ->  must go and have my head examined

 Larry.Carlton ->  Mike, I take the risk and try new technologies.

 ElenaW ->  Some experienced teachers have a problem with learning tech from a th grader.

 Durff ->  something wrong with your head?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL —

 Durff ->  I meant NBee

 Bee (Brazil) ->  my head?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee — you are going to fit in just GREAT here

 Durff ->  yeah

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I refuse to grow up

 Jennifer Wagner ->  however, my body keeps getting older  πŸ™‚

 Bee (Brazil) ->  nothing that I notice…this is what my mum says πŸ™‚

 Durff ->  you said you needed your head examined

 Vicki Davis ->  Filters have no brain just keywords.

 vincej ->  do we filter print the same way we filter online sites?

 alicebarr ->  It’s about helping kids make the right choices on the internet

 Larry.Carlton ->  Hi Dea

 Jennifer Wagner ->   in chat room

 Jennifer Wagner ->  OK — time for everyone to change colors

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 alicebarr ->  like public policy Vicki

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I was talking about rebels…and sex pistols was blocked πŸ™

 cheryloakes wow ->  the only thing I think filtered in our middle school library is the sports illustrated swim suit issue

 patruffing ->  yes…i am thankful that i control the filter at school

 Jennifer Wagner ->  going green

 Durff ->  well, it works, anyway

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I control our Filter now

 Jennifer Wagner ->  it is amazing the sites that are suddenly open

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 Vicki Davis ->  Right alice — the greatest filter invented is the human brain.

 ElenaW ->  Cheryl, My principal has been removing SI swin from my mailbox since  .

 Vicki Davis ->  It makes a difference doesn’t it Pat?

 vincej ->  way to go Jen

 Durff ->  Karl Fisch – invent the future

 patruffing ->  absolutely

 cheryloakes wow ->  oh well elena. not surprising

 patruffing ->  i am glad i am trusted to do it

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Elena — LOL — is he keeping the copies??

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat — I agree

 Jennifer Wagner ->  it is a great responsiblity

 patruffing ->  of course, my principal wouldn’t have a clue about it anyway

 ElenaW ->  They may be worth something now- an archive!:D

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and it is great fun

 Jennifer Wagner ->  what — software do you use

 Larry.Carlton ->   Educate your principal

 Bee (Brazil) ->  LMS, technology depts and asynchronous learning form a triumvirate

 Vicki Davis ->  Oops!

 mmiller ->  Principals love it when teachers are excited about something

 Durff ->  Is JenW addicted to SL?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  JenW is NOT addicted

 Vicki Davis ->  ha ha Durff!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  just VERY involved

 Vicki Davis ->  Jen is addicted!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I have an apartment

 Durff ->  I have to come visit you!

 cheryloakes wow ->  hello chris

 patruffing ->  SL…i have no clothes…and i can’t seem to figure out how to get them!

 Vicki Davis ->  That is so funny for many private reasons πŸ˜‰

 Jennifer Wagner ->  if I get a cat — we are in trouble

 CheriT ->  she’s not, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not

 Janice S. ->  I visited your apartment too

 Janice S. ->  very nice

 Vicki Davis ->  I thought you had a cat, Jen.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I still feel it is NOT safe for kids

 Jennifer Wagner ->  but I am having fun

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Vicki — in SL

 Jennifer Wagner ->  if I get a cat

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, you should hear the virtual worlds group talk about SL.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am a goner

 Vicki Davis ->  Oh, SL not RL.

 CheriT ->  can you have a cat in SL, Jen?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Thanks Janice–

 alicebarr ->  I agree Jen

 Vicki Davis ->  Well, how about I get a cat avatar and be your cat!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Yes, I have a goldfish

 Vicki Davis ->  I am cool cat whitman in there.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  that really swims

 Bee (Brazil) ->  a cat gave me absynth to drink in SL

 alicebarr ->  I don’t think SL is ready for kids

 CheriT ->  cool

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Alcie I agree

 Bee (Brazil) ->  and I saw green fairies dancing before me

 patruffing ->  i agree too alice

 Jennifer Wagner ->  sometimes I am not ready for SL

 Vicki Davis ->  Let me get the elluminate session that my students presented.  They had a frank discussion about the SL grid for Teens AND Xbox live environments.

 patruffing ->  all i want is some clothes!

 ElenaW ->  Do you just spend hours and hours in SL? I’m affraid to start- nothing else may get done!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I got involved in a class with a Hitman

 alicebarr ->  In fact I see it as a bit of jumping on the band wagon right now

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Elena — I have a timer

 Jennifer Wagner ->  the hitman closed the class on SL

 Vicki Davis ->  https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=–..M.ADFFCEAAFBCAEB.vcr – Recording today.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  it was spooky

 ElenaW ->  Great idea. I will do that also.

 Durff ->  SL is fun

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am enjoying SL — but shhhh don’t tell

 Vicki Davis ->  Teens don’t have much educational content.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  SL is pretty lonely

 alicebarr ->  I think intitally SL is addictive becasue youa re learning how to use it

 Bee (Brazil) ->  when you do not know people

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee — I have had some great conversations

 alicebarr ->  But after awhile it’s not so addicting

 ElenaW ->  That’s good to know.

 Vicki Davis ->  I think that the most exciting thing is interacting with others online in SL.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and made some new friendships

 Vicki Davis ->  I like to go in when I have a purpose or reason.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I love playing dolls in SL

 patruffing ->  regarding wikis…i have just started this year and it is closed to all but the class group…just to start out, but next year i want to open it up

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I like to do the FUN stuff Bree

 CheriT ->  Like Sony – who’s requiring blogging by their employees … or they work somewhere else

 Vicki Davis ->  I like hanging out with Beth and going to the ISTE island.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I have ridden a train

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I love swingsets

 Vicki Davis ->  Right Dr. T.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  I go to Venice

 Bee (Brazil) ->  and ride the gondola

 alicebarr ->  Yes the SL interaction is very powerful and there are some incredible places to visit

 Vicki Davis ->  I think if parents want to be shocked, they should go into Xbox live.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I have not done that

 Bee (Brazil) ->  dance on the piazza

 CheriT ->  Cheri, please, the Dr. is for other places πŸ™‚

 Durff ->  baby steps

 Vicki Davis ->  My eyes were opened – one of my students was the head of a Clan that was the halo champ of the world for a while.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  surf the waves and lizard on deserted islands

 Vicki Davis ->  He talked about  year olds playing in areas with grown men who use terrible language.

 alicebarr ->  Oh me too Vicki: Some students are doing amamzing stuff in WOW

 Vicki Davis ->  He said there was no way that parents know what is going on in there — that is what we should be upset about.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  participate in campfires

 Bee (Brazil) ->  sing

 patruffing ->  what is the recommended blog site for elementary school

 Bee (Brazil) ->  fun..it can be lots of fun

 cheryloakes wow ->  I like classblogmeister and think.com for elementary

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat — you mean like blogmiester

 CheriT ->  once again we’re teaching avoidance rather than decision-making

 Bee (Brazil) ->  but then you do not need SL to have fun?ß

 Jennifer Wagner ->  or edublogs

 Durff ->  Interesting what he said, Vicki

 patruffing ->  yes, i have a blogmeister acct…i did not like think.com

 Jennifer Wagner ->  HOWEVER, my # choice is WordPress

 Vicki Davis ->  It was.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  on your own SERVER

 Jennifer Wagner ->  or website

 Bee (Brazil) ->  absolutely Stephen

 Bee (Brazil) ->  especially in Brazil

 patruffing ->  can’t do it on my own server

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Yes, Bee — SL is not necessary in Life  πŸ™‚

 Jennifer Wagner ->  pat —

 Jennifer Wagner ->  do you have a website??

 patruffing ->  yes

 patruffing ->  changing provider tho

 Bee (Brazil) ->  the more you are exposed

 Jennifer Wagner ->  you can host wordpress on yoour own website

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I do

 patruffing ->  website not hosted at school

 Bee (Brazil) ->  the more you get vaccined

 Jennifer Wagner ->  hmmm –

 Jennifer Wagner ->  does it have to be??

 patruffing ->  i read yours, jen

 Bee (Brazil) ->  brng the discussion to the class

 Jennifer Wagner ->  can’t you just add another page off your site

 Bee (Brazil) ->  hi quentin

 CheriT ->  Jen, I’m going to turn an old laptop into a server and try out a bunch of stuff – ubuntu, wordpress, moodle, etc.

 qdsouza ->  Hi Bee

 Jennifer Wagner ->  OHH — Cheri — how fun

 patruffing ->  i will have to think about it..

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat —

 Bee (Brazil) ->  need to talk to you offchat πŸ™‚

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I can set you up with wordpress

 CheriT ->  I may be calling you!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  at one of my sites — if you want to try it out

 patruffing ->  i would welcome any help

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Please do

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat — you have my email???


 patruffing ->  on your site…somewhere…i have done the online projects

 alicebarr ->  Whoops sorry for yelling?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Alice — nope

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I know that you can though

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Pat — we can make this work

 cheryloakes wow ->  edubuntu can boot from a cd on the macbooks it is very cool

 alicebarr ->  WE are having a devil of a time

 Bee (Brazil) ->  WB quentin

 patruffing ->  i will be in touch…thanks

 Jennifer Wagner ->  no worries πŸ™‚

 CheriT ->  right, cheryl – edubuntu also

 Bee (Brazil) ->  has anyone tried drupal edu?

 alicebarr ->  And I am looking for someone to help with set up so we have a similar set up to edublogs

 patruffing ->  i set up a xanga and myspace just to see what it was like

 CheriT ->  duh, I thought you said ubuntu, not edubuntu … Reading A

 ElenaW ->  What are xanga and ubuntu? Sounds like a foreign language.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  xanga is a blogging platform

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Alice — are you in the EdTech NEWSGROUP — not related to EdTechTalk??

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am sure you can get help there

 Bee (Brazil) ->  ubuntu is a system

 Bee (Brazil) ->  on linux

 alicebarr ->  I don’t know what you mean Jen

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://www.h-net.org/~edweb/

 ElenaW ->  Thanks Bee

 Jennifer Wagner ->  check out this newsgroup

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://www.h-net.org/~edweb/

 Jennifer Wagner ->  it is great

 alicebarr ->  No i’m not, I’ll check it out thanks

 qdsouza ->  finally got the audio going πŸ™‚

 Jennifer Wagner ->  great — it is a very "old" group

 Durff ->  hi quentin

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I have belonged to it for about  years now

 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOTS of good help

 cheryloakes wow ->  qdsouza glad you stuck with it,

 Jennifer Wagner ->  you can post your need — and they will help you with it

 Jennifer Wagner ->  so they canhelp with the MutliUser Blog

 patruffing ->  what was the old group jen, i clicked away by mistake

 alicebarr ->  Oh thank you SO much!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  http://www.h-net.org/~edweb/

 patruffing ->  ok…thanks jen

 qdsouza ->  (big smiles)

 Bee (Brazil) ->  how do you paste a link here?

 cheryloakes wow ->  by thursday this webcast will be a podcast, the chat will be posted and the wiki lives on so you can catch up with all the great stuff.  www.edtechtalk.com/womenofweb

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee – you can copy paste

 Bee (Brazil) ->  does not work

 Jennifer Wagner ->  if you are on a MAC???? — there is another way

 qdsouza ->  hi durff – a little delayed tonight

 Jennifer Wagner ->  are you on a MAC??

 Durff ->  what would the salient features of a PLE be?

 Bee (Brazil) ->  no..on windows

 Jennifer Wagner ->  hmmm

 Jennifer Wagner ->  can you right mouse click

 Jennifer Wagner ->  or CONTROL C

 Bee (Brazil) ->  bizarre..hum

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and CONTROL V

 Bee (Brazil) ->  no…CTRL V does not work either

 Bee (Brazil) ->  nor the right click

 patruffing ->  i have learned SO much in the past year by being part of online learning communities and reading blogs…and following recommended links….much more so than "taking a course"

 mmiller ->  I  absolutely agree patruffing

 CheriT ->  Pat – me too … and it’s changed the courses I teach

 patruffing ->  yes…i am a "new" teacher after all these years

 ElenaW ->  Pat you are so correct. More practical than another advanced degree.

 Larry.Carlton ->   patruffing- good for you

 mmiller ->  I have learned more in  months with "free" PD online through blogs, podcasts, and this show that I have learned in a long time and I am even taking night classes as well

 Durff ->  and how would any PLE be different than what any of us has created for ourselves right now?

 cheryloakes wow ->  i agree mmiller, so true.

 mmiller ->  Please don’t count off for spelling

 alicebarr ->  Great Patruffing!

 patruffing ->  over  years!!!:D

 cheryloakes wow ->  no grading for spling

 mmiller ->  :p

 ElenaW ->  Exsellent!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  wonder what the pb is …why canΒ¬Β₯t I paste it here in the chat?

 Durff ->  each individual

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi monica, welcome

 Monica ->  Hi, thanks!

 Durff ->  ‘s PLE is exactly that – individual

 Durff ->  not commercial

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee needs help with COPY PASTE

 Jennifer Wagner ->  anyone have ideas??

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Bee — are you detached (the chat)

 Durff ->  try a Word doc

 Jennifer Wagner ->  rd button on the right

 Bee (Brazil) ->  no

 Jennifer Wagner ->  and then try again

 Bee (Brazil) ->  rd button?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  from the right

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi kathy

 Jennifer Wagner ->  looks like  pieces of paper

 Bee (Brazil) ->  nothing

 sendkathy ->  Hi

 Durff ->  hi kathy

 sendkathy ->  Hi

 sendkathy ->  Hi

 Bee (Brazil) ->  detached but cannot paste

 sendkathy ->  I can’t get the stream for some reason

 Bee (Brazil) ->  let me see if I can paste on Word

 alicebarr ->  Unfortunately many view it as the magic bullet and will solve classroom issues

 Durff ->  the brain is a jungle – yes Stephen!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  works on word

 Bee (Brazil) ->  not here

 ElenaW ->  Plus our students get really good at keying in information,

 Durff ->  drag the link, bee

 patruffing ->  whatever tools will "engage" the learner and get them excited to learn more…different strokes for different folks

 Durff ->  from word to the chat room where we type

 CheriT ->  thank you, Stephen, for admitting that

 Durff ->  yes pat

 Bee (Brazil) ->  does not work…hmmm

 Bee (Brazil) ->  is your chat light yellow?

 cheryloakes wow ->  hey brian! you made it

 Durff ->  hi brian

 Durff ->  how is celest?

 Brian Crosby ->  Hi

 sharonp ->  http://halfanhour.blogspot.com///to-school-or-classroom–advocates.html

 Brian Crosby ->  Celest is great. Has been in class yesterday and today – looks good.

 Durff ->  excellent!

 ElenaW ->  Have you seen http://www.rider.edu/~suler/psycyber/disinhibit.html

 Larry.Carlton ->   Sharon thanks for the halfanhour link

 Durff ->  my kids will be excited!

 ElenaW ->  The disinhibition effect.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Hey Brian Crosby — what are you doing NEXT WEEK at this time????

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 Durff ->  people think they are anonymous

 ElenaW ->  Surprise, surprise

 Brian Crosby ->  I’m supposed to be doing this aren’t I???

 sharonp ->  it is a great post –

 Jennifer Wagner ->  YUP

 Durff ->  and why would she ask that, she wondered out loud….

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Brian Crosby — here next week

 CheriT ->  you scared him away

 Jennifer Wagner ->  oops

 Jennifer Wagner ->  nah — he will be back

 Bee (Brazil) ->  absolutely Stephen

 CheriT ->  lol

 qdsouza ->  I’m sorry I was late and you might have covered this – how do tools like Scratch from MIT (http://scratch.mit.edu/about) (age +) and the ability to share applications that students create become part of a PLE

 Jennifer Wagner ->  please come back, Brian  πŸ™‚

 vincej ->  great point stephen

 Jennifer Wagner ->  welcome back BRIAN _- our guest NEXT WEEK

 alicebarr ->  But the teaching has to change!!!

 Bee (Brazil) ->  the relationship in the classroom must change

 Brian Crosby ->  Skype contacted me today. They are trying to get us on the Today show.

 Bee (Brazil) ->  differences must be respected

 patruffing ->  wow

 Jennifer Wagner ->  TRULY

 Jennifer Wagner ->  WOWOWOWOW

 CheriT ->  wow

 cheryloakes wow ->  that is great

 Monica ->  good point, stephen.

 alicebarr ->  Great Brian!

 alicebarr ->  Exciting for your kids

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I hope it works out BRIAN

 vincej ->  wikis and blogs are levelers..equal voice in the class..right on

 patruffing ->  i agree vince

 CheriT ->  it really removes many of the barriers that students face in the ff classroom

 cheryloakes wow ->  i agree vincej, it really allows for all to have a voice

 Brian Crosby ->  My th graders are working on making over  wiki pages about the animal we are studying.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  which is??

 cheryloakes wow ->  that is great brian, do you have the url?

 Brian Crosby ->  Whoops AnimalsSSSS

 Larry.Carlton ->   Brian – Could   you post your wiki

 Jennifer Wagner ->  One animal — or several

 mmiller ->  Have to go. I’ll be back next week and look forward to hearing from Brian. Hope the Today show works out for him but he still comes back after he is famous!

 vincej ->  remember asking each student read out loud

 cheryloakes wow ->  bye mmiller

 Bee (Brazil) ->  have to go…getting late here…it was wonderful to be here with you and hope to meet you at the Webheads Convergence this weekend

 Larry.Carlton ->  Brian – I’d like to show your wiki to my / grade teachers

 patruffing ->  yup…got a lot of those who need extrinsic motivation

 Bee (Brazil) ->  ciaonow

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Hi Bee — thanks for sharing our night

 Durff ->  teacher workshops are set up that way too and so is church – very industrial agish

 Monica ->  It seems that something *has* to motivate students.

 cheryloakes wow ->  bye bee, see you soon.

 Brian Crosby ->  http://crosbyprojects.wikispaces.com/Animal+Ark – is in early stages

 Monica ->  everyone seems to have a button somewhere, just finding it can be very challenging.

 Larry.Carlton ->  Brian thank you

 sharonp ->  Simon, have been busy  with conversation but want you to know that FlatPlanet was one of my WOWS b you  joined us

 ElenaW ->  Thanks Brian. That is a good example.

 Durff ->  yes!

 Durff ->  People are motivated to do sth

 Durff ->  just not always what we want

 Durff ->  but what skills are being honed in Runescape?

 cheryloakes wow ->  It took my  times to learn to cut the fire wood.

 Durff ->  Ahh, democracy at work?

 vincej ->  stephen.. students learn all the time..we need to get the teachers learning

 cheryloakes wow ->  I learned to follow directions, then create my own path.

 patruffing ->  but how to we answer for the dreaded "test scores" they are not being tested on cutting firewood

 Durff ->  I can’t follow directions

 cheryloakes wow ->  vince, yes, teachers need to be part of the discussion and conversation with kids.

 alicebarr ->  Which is a big change from the one way student teacher relationship

 sendkathy ->  I think kids expect to interact and participate

 sendkathy ->  The lose interest if they can’t

 Durff ->  the "test scores" need to evaporate

 patruffing ->  i agree…but will it happen soon?

 Durff ->  immigrants vs. natives

 ElenaW ->  Or be made into the gaming format

 vincej ->  i agree aas well.

 Durff ->  nope

 alicebarr ->  Theya re almost afraid of technology MEDUSA

 Durff ->  but we can teach ethics

 alicebarr ->  Parents should learn witht he kids

 Durff ->  yup

 cheryloakes wow ->  a big yes to all who say parents and teachers need to learn with the students.

 Durff ->  you think?

 Janice S. ->  They are cool

 CheriT ->  wii – wheeeeee

 alicebarr ->  Interacting with machine

 alicebarr ->  SO Cool!

 Durff ->  I think it will be another game

 Durff ->  a better beta version type thing

 alicebarr ->  But more things will come out think SL meets Wii

 CheriT ->  that’s funny lol

 cheryloakes wow ->  absolutely alice

 CheriT ->  ice and elevate

 Durff ->  or does it go beyond?

 CheriT ->  yea!

 CheriT ->  that’s amazing

 Larry.Carlton ->   fantastic

 patruffing ->  well that does it…i am getting into wii if i can lose weight

 Brian Crosby ->  HMMM maybe wii is the answer to the lack of PE in elementary school? The Obesity issue???

 patruffing ->  hah

 patruffing ->  or maybe yes!

 cheryloakes wow ->  good idea brian,

 CheriT ->  As a former PE/coach, I think you’re right, Brian

 ElenaW ->  Dance, dance revolution is at my school

 Janice S. ->  I was thinking that too, Brian. What a great way to get kids to exercise

 CheriT ->  anything that gets them mvoing

 alicebarr ->  That would be a good way to get technology into school Brian!

 cheryloakes wow ->  hi cathyn

 cathyn_SC ->  greetings from SC

 cheryloakes wow ->  welcome, glad you are here.

 CheriT ->  whoa, i don’t want to think when I play

 cheryloakes wow ->   we are nearing the end of the show, you can hear the podcast by thurs. when I have it posted at www.edtechtalk.com

 Durff ->  cats again

 cathyn_SC ->  i know

 cheryloakes wow ->  great

 cathyn_SC ->  i’ll get the recap there

 cheryloakes wow ->  there is still a bit to come

 cathyn_SC ->  sorry so late

 CheriT ->  lol

 cheryloakes wow ->  no problem, time is not a factor, I listen to the podcast at least  more times after hte show

 Durff ->  Norman is a good name. I had one named Number One

 ElenaW ->  Cheryl, Thanks for all you do to keep us connected to other techie teachers. Good night.

 cheryloakes wow ->  you are welcome, bye for now elena

 CheriT ->  Mine was Miss Kitty

 cathyn_SC ->  My cats are Alaska and Bently

 Durff ->  night elena

 cathyn_SC ->  both adopted from Humane society

 patruffing ->  cats…sorry….aaaachoooo!

 sroseman -> WiAOC : Is there chat anywhere else..sems quiet here

 sroseman -> WiAOC : seems

 alicebarr ->  Cheri T mine was Don Gato, Mr. Cat

 Monica ->  yeah, humane society!

 cathyn_SC ->  i have pix on my desk

 Durff ->  Bently sounds intelligent

 sendkathy ->  So Lisa, are we doing Friday or Saturday?  I’m so confused.

 cathyn_SC ->  oh he is

 cathyn_SC ->  alaska is prissy

 CheriT ->  alice – sir cat is a great name

 Durff ->  I thought Jeff said Friday

 sendkathy ->  The schedule says Saturday

 alicebarr ->  Lived for  years!

 sharonp ->  okay, our cat is "Kitty" – we are so original with  our names

 Durff ->  Now I’m confused

 sendkathy ->  but maybe it really means Friday

 Monica ->   years for a cat?

 cathyn_SC ->  Alaska is

 Monica ->  wow

 alicebarr ->  Yes and lived on  continents!

 Brian Crosby ->  So I came in late – sorry if this was covered already – how does Steven see getting schools (and the public and the decision makers ton finally decide changes need to happen in education???

 Durff ->  is it GMT time?

 cheryloakes wow ->  brian crosby next week, learningismessy

 cathyn_SC ->  luv LIM

 Jennifer Wagner ->  we are going into POSTSHOW

 Jennifer Wagner ->  we shall ask Brian

 CheriT ->  that is so true – it’s all personal

 CheriT ->  if not personal, then really meaningless

 Brian Crosby ->  Great!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I agree CheriT

 Durff ->  Kathy, I’ll look at it after WOW

 Brian Crosby ->  Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

 Durff ->  Thank you Jeff!

 CheriT ->  does anyone know when the next webcast academy class begins?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  my cat’s webpage — http://www.technospud.com/mac.htm

 Durff ->  no Cheri

 CheriT ->  thanks, Durff

 Durff ->  don’t know

 cathyn_SC ->  Jennifer W he looks like an oreo

 cathyn_SC ->  Bently is white with an orange tabby cape

 patruffing ->  maybe that’s how jen thought of her oreo project

 cheryloakes wow ->  Cheri, there has been discussion about the next webcast academy, but no decision as of yet

 Brian Crosby ->  I’ll explain that to my admin people!!!lol

 CheriT ->  thanks, cheryl

 cathyn_SC ->  hey folks–gotta go Can’t wait to hear the whole show from my ipod

 cheryloakes wow ->  it iwll beup thur, cathyn

 cathyn_SC ->  its : now-night

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Night CathyN

 cheryloakes wow ->  night to some

 Brian Crosby ->  Yes and you bypass all the school district stuff ny hosting your school site outside the district server!!!

 Durff ->  can that be done?

 cheryloakes wow ->  good plan brian

 CheriT ->  I’ll try that after I’m tenured πŸ™‚

 Brian Crosby ->  My district blocks the Skype web site but not Skype!

 cheryloakes wow ->  good plan get tenure first

 Durff ->  so how do I set up a computer as a server?

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Brian — that is TOO funny

 Brian Crosby ->  I use Siteground $ per YEAR for a web site.

 CheriT ->  It drives me crazy – why aren’t there new things going on?

 alicebarr ->  Right on Stephen. I am trying to figure out how to have a different kind of classroom in SL

 patruffing ->  are site is off-site too…we are just a little school

 Brian Crosby ->  My school district doesn’t ban outside served school sites.

 sendkathy ->  mine bans all internet radio

 sendkathy ->  unless I request  a specific site

 alicebarr ->  I am stunned by how many places are set up just like RL

 Durff ->  so what about podcsts?

 sendkathy ->  yes, I have to give podcast URLs to unblock them

 Durff ->  anf vidcasts?

 sendkathy ->  same

 Durff ->  and youube?

 sendkathy ->  not blocked!

 Brian Crosby ->  Gotta go! Bye till next week!

 Durff ->  oh, I can’t type

 cheryloakes wow ->  bye brian, see you next week

 Durff ->  bye brian

 alicebarr ->  I will say SL has some great collaborative events

 sendkathy ->  night all

 sendkathy ->  cya next week

 Durff ->  night kathy

 cheryloakes wow ->  night kathy, see you soon

 Durff ->  til FRIDAY night

 Durff ->  I will too!

 alicebarr ->  AS do I next door to Jen

 alicebarr ->  Yes Jen! You are right

 Jennifer Wagner ->  yup

 Jennifer Wagner ->  LOL

 cheryloakes wow ->  aliceb is my apartment mate in SL, actually LillyoftheSea Starr is my apartment mate, I am Blizzard Oate

 cheryloakes wow ->  Oates

 alicebarr ->  LOVE Club Penguin! But doesn’t hold interest for very long. There’s an article at NPR

 cheryloakes wow ->  i like webkins more than club penguin right now.

 Durff ->  How did you get that name, Cheryl?

 alicebarr ->  There are many jobs already started in SL so you’re not far off

 Jennifer Wagner ->  that is my next conquest

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Webkins

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I did make  in SL

 Jennifer Wagner ->  someone bought my bookshelf

 cheryloakes wow ->  ready to sign off, see you all later.

 alicebarr ->  Thanks all!

 patruffing ->  thank you all !

 CheriT ->  bye all – thanks for a great evening

 Durff ->  \oh!:!! Yeah, good night all!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  off to SL

 Jennifer Wagner ->  stop by to say HI

 Jennifer Wagner ->  πŸ™‚

 Stephen Downes ->  Bye everyone

 Jennifer Wagner ->  thanks Stephen

 Janice S. ->  Great conversation. Thank you!

 cheryloakes wow ->  later,

 Stephen Downes ->  Thanks, it was a lot of fun

 Jennifer Wagner ->  Janice — I will see you NEXT week??

 Jennifer Wagner ->  in Santa Monica??

 Janice S. ->  Yes, I’m so excited!

 Jennifer Wagner ->  cool

 Janice S. ->  See you next week

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I am driving down AFTER this show

 Jennifer Wagner ->  next week

 Janice S. ->  by Jen. See you then.

 Jennifer Wagner ->  I think they are going to

 Jennifer Wagner ->  be surprised at how

 Jennifer Wagner ->  many of us know each other

 Jennifer Wagner ->  NIGHT everyone

 Janice S. ->  bye



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