Women of Web 2.0 March 27 Wow2.0.20-2007-03-27

Join Jen, Sharon, Vicki and Cheryl as we chat and interview Cathy Evanoff, North Carolina Technology Teacher of the Year, and Carter Hawkins from Innertoob and Crowdabout.us.

Cheryl is finally out of the ECHO chamber. Enjoy the fun. The chat room was rocking and the link will be posted soon with all the goodies, links and conversations.


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  1. Thanks for some great conversation!


    I really enjoyed the interview and the conversation tonight!  Thanks again for inviting me to tell you about Innertoob.com and CrowdAbout.us, and for the many emails letting me know that there really is continuing interest in an educational version of our services!  I’d love to come back again and talk some more when that’s ready.


    Carter Harkins



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