Women of Web 2.0 Anniversary Show , Show #46

Women of Web 2.0, our Anniversary Show with Jen Wagner, Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and Cheryl Oakes and special guest David Warlick!


Here is the Chat!

 20:43:10  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: HELLO ROOM!

 20:44:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello Cathy

 20:44:59  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Hey where will the stream be?

 20:45:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: I invited FIVE friends

 20:45:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: wonder if they’ll come??

 20:45:39  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Ill take maroon

 20:46:28  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: nope maybe dk green

 20:46:42  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: or teal

 20:46:42  lori a  EdTechTalk: HI all

 20:46:47  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: teal it is

 20:46:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori

 20:46:56  lori a  EdTechTalk: is there sound yet?

 20:47:03  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: not that i know of

 20:47:10  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: NOPE

 20:47:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: just getting the prelim stuff taken care of

 20:47:22  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Evening folks!

 20:47:26  lori a  EdTechTalk: Happy Birthday to WOW2

 20:47:31  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: :/ waiting patiently

 20:47:33  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: THANK YOU THANK YOU

 20:47:43  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I am trying to make a google map so everyone can sign it

 20:47:45  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Bonne Anniversaire!

 20:47:46  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: grins

 20:47:51  lori a  EdTechTalk: and thanks again for the fireworks in SL Sat

 20:48:29  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: *harp* trying out harp sound to celebrate

 20:48:36  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Welcome and Happy Anniversary Show!

 20:48:36  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: didn;’t hear it

 20:48:47  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Hi folks!

 20:48:52  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: does this work??

 20:48:54  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=37.0625,-95.677068&spn=30.544155,59.765625&z=4&om=1&msid=107266585823897322900.00043ca5a7e1350b40803

 20:49:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: it does!!!

 20:49:19  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: woo hoo

 20:49:31  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Yes! Happy Anniversary!! What a memorable day!

 20:50:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: let me know if you can log onto our GOOGLE MAP — http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=37.0625,-95.677068&spn=30.544155,59.765625&z=4&om=1&msid=107266585823897322900.00043ca5a7e1350b40803

 20:51:17  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: map kicked me out of the room and crashed my firefox 🙁

 20:51:27  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Trying out green tonight. 🙂

 20:51:34  lori a  EdTechTalk: I have the map but not sure what to do with it

 20:51:35  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ive got teal folks

 20:51:55  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Mine almost looks like teal–weak green.

 20:52:01  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: pink for me

 20:52:06  sharonp  EdTechTalk: lavender

 20:52:07  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I am BLUE

 20:52:08  sharonp  EdTechTalk: for me

 20:52:08  lori a  EdTechTalk: I’m purple

 20:52:11  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: but HAPPY

 20:52:17  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: do anything at the map Jen?

 20:52:23  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: can you sign in

 20:52:29  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: there is a little like PIN at the top

 20:52:35  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and you can put it where you are

 20:52:50  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: since i use gmail i think im in

 20:52:57  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Don’t see a pin.

 20:52:59  lori a  EdTechTalk: can’t see the pin

 20:53:02  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: do we have anything else we can use??

 20:53:06  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: any suggestions??

 20:53:08  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I didn’t either

 20:53:09  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: getting sound ready in the background?

 20:53:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: wheres the pin feature

 20:53:22  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Hi MaryAnn!!

 20:53:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: that’s 1 folks

 20:53:28  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: Hi there!

 20:53:31  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: 🙂

 20:53:41  sharonp  EdTechTalk: sound check with David right now

 20:53:42  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: I decided not to exercise and join you guys

 20:53:52  sharonp  EdTechTalk: wow, that’s a sacrifice!

 20:53:55  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: should we hear the sound check?

 20:53:59  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Maryann good job, good choice

 20:54:00  sharonp  EdTechTalk: no

 20:54:11  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: Thanks! now I don’t feel so guilty

 20:54:13  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Where’s the sound? I always have a tough time finding it.

 20:54:14  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: not yet getting ready for the stream

 20:54:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: here comes the sounds

 20:55:00  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: channel?

 20:55:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Just went live on A

 20:55:10  lori a  EdTechTalk: no sound on A

 20:55:14  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Channel A Edtechtalk

 20:55:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It will be just a moment — 30 second delay.

 20:55:25  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: just started you should hear in 30 sec.

 20:55:27  lori a  EdTechTalk: got it now

 20:55:28  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: 1st time where is the channel

 20:55:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: thanks lori

 20:55:32  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Got it

 20:55:48  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Got sound in A

 20:56:07  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Hey CFoote

 20:56:43  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Channel A — EdTechTalk

 20:56:46  lori a  EdTechTalk: HI Teacher – you made it!! oops Swagner

 20:56:49  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy

 20:56:51  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy Nelson!

 20:57:17  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: I hear it Cheryl

 20:57:17  SWagner  EdTechTalk: Hello All

 20:57:18  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: I can hear

 20:57:19  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: we hear u

 20:57:25  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: i hear cheryl!

 20:57:30  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: hi

 20:57:33  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: I hear you!

 20:57:39  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: I don’t think the Google map is like Frappr–wondering if only the creator of the map can add people?

 20:57:45  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Finally I hijacked! Thanks a few seconds youwill hear the group

 20:57:45  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: UH oh~

 20:57:50  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: we dont hear anyone else tho

 20:57:53  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: I don’t hear.  What do I need to do?

 20:57:55  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey COLLEENK

 20:58:00  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: doing the happy dance for you!!!

 20:58:04  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: 2 folks!!!

 20:58:06  lori a  EdTechTalk: heard David

 20:58:08  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: MK — open another window —

 20:58:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hello everyone!

 20:58:11  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Jen…Thanks!!!

 20:58:12  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hi kitty

 20:58:14  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: david is on

 20:58:15  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Colleen – congrats – hope it goes well working with the publisher1

 20:58:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: edtech talk a

 20:58:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and go to edtechtalk.com

 20:58:17  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: In iTunes it says Women of the WEb 2.0 Laundry and Dishes

 20:58:20  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hello to all of you.

 20:58:22  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and then go to LISTEN

 20:58:22  lori a  EdTechTalk: Hi colleen

 20:58:28  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Thank you, Karen!

 20:58:33  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: wow 2 thanks for coming

 20:58:34  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Lori!!

 20:58:38  lori a  EdTechTalk: I’m using firefox tonight

 20:58:39  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: just read your twitter, colleen

 20:58:43  lori a  EdTechTalk: needs java

 20:58:48  lori a  EdTechTalk: enabled

 20:58:49  kwalter  EdTechTalk: tell David to use IE–the chat uses Java and FF doesn’t like java that much

 20:58:53  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: you never know!!

 20:58:58  lori a  EdTechTalk: or Safari works too

 20:58:59  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: isn’t that a song, laundry and dishes?

 20:59:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Alice!  I miss u!

 20:59:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 😉

 20:59:14  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: It’s on the song in iTunes

 20:59:19  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don’t have Tivo!  Lots of things we don’t have.

 20:59:24  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hello to all of you in the chat. You make our show come alive!

 20:59:24  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Hi Vicki I miss you too!

 20:59:32  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @karenjanowski – you knew a good thing when you saw it 🙂

 20:59:44  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: can’t believe I actually made it just before the opening of WOW2!

 20:59:48  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Started back channeling in Social Studies Vicki Today

 20:59:50  Suriawang  EdTechTalk: OK, out of the closet!  I don’t have TIVO either!

 20:59:51  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: absolutely, Colleen!

 20:59:53  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yahoo, and here we go

 20:59:57  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Alice — what did you use.

 21:00:03  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Really great people!!!

 21:00:07  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: iChat on Rendevous

 21:00:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: It is TIME!!!

 21:00:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: here we go!!!

 21:00:22  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Hey Cathy.  I hear now.

 21:00:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I backchannel almost daily now with Google presentations.

 21:00:31  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: What a great strategy.

 21:00:32  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Hey, MK!

 21:00:32  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Tek!! You made it!!!

 21:00:34  Suriawang  EdTechTalk: Ya Hooo!

 21:00:47  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Hey again Karen.

 21:00:47  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Hello!

 21:00:52  lori a  EdTechTalk: Suriawang – you used a TBC photo in your blog – i was in it too

 21:00:53  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: what are you up to, Jen with Twitter?

 21:00:55  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 26 in chat room!!

 21:01:00  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Yeah Kitty 2 of my five invites are here!!!

 21:01:02  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: grins — I just twitted 1254

 21:01:07  Suriawang  EdTechTalk: 4.8% of members are here!

 21:01:08  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: LOL!

 21:01:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Tom Turner!!!

 21:01:24  tom.turner  EdTechTalk: Evening Evening…Hello spudster Wagner

 21:01:27  Suriawang  EdTechTalk: You should get a descent guest to talk too!

 21:01:29  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

 21:01:31  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Hey Melinda!

 21:01:31  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hey Melinda

 21:01:41  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: Happy ANNIVERSARY!!

 21:01:42  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Bonne Anniversaire!

 21:01:51  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Hey! glad to be in the chat

 21:01:59  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ive been preaching it this week gals

 21:02:04  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: great to be part of the celebration!

 21:02:18  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: been a podcast subscriber… glad to be here though

 21:02:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Cathy nelson what are you preaching.

 21:02:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hello MaryAnn.

 21:02:41  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Let’s celebrate women of the web EVERYWHERE! you put us on the  map!

 21:02:42  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Teacher S…good to see you here!(Kristy Flanagan)

 21:03:02  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Hello from Argentina followed Vicki¬¥s twit

 21:03:04  SWagner  EdTechTalk: Pleasure to be here.  Thanks

 21:03:12  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Good one Cheryl!

 21:03:13  nick  EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:03:17  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i invited five people two are here

 21:03:18  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9797749-7.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=NewsBlog

 21:03:22  lori a  EdTechTalk: Hi Tek – welcome

 21:03:27  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Thank you

 21:03:27  mmiller  EdTechTalk: welcome international guests, that’s cool

 21:03:38  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: my wow is  http://www.netdayspeakup.org/

 21:03:46  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Hey, Lisa!

 21:03:49  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: register your school and get some great information

 21:03:49  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa!!

 21:03:53  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: link didn’t work

 21:03:54  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ive been teaching it!!

 21:03:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://ustream.tv/blog/2007/06/06/pirillo-reveals-the-power-of-camtwist-how-to-make-better-ustream-shows/

 21:04:07  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Used this example with a student today!

 21:04:30  jcox  EdTechTalk: boo on copyright

 21:04:33  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi all for thanks for sharing in the birthday show

 21:04:39  lori a  EdTechTalk: Purdue univiersity students also being arrested and fined

 21:04:43  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi jcox

 21:04:45  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hello everyone

 21:04:46  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Pirillo is just a ustream user

 21:04:50  jcox  EdTechTalk: Hi 🙂

 21:04:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Also — this is the blog of Arthus a 14 year old amazing kid who has been freelancing since he was 12 – http://myfla.ws/

 21:04:54  kwalter  EdTechTalk: He runs a tech site called Lockergnome

 21:04:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: He writes about edtech.

 21:04:59  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i had a student whose faqmily got a cease and disit letter about their illegal downloads

 21:05:02  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Happy birthday to you………and many more ok that was corny

 21:05:05  nick  EdTechTalk: have you seen this http://tinyurl.com/yq4oyp

 21:05:09  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi Mmiller

 21:05:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: OK, cool Pirillo is a ustream user — it was just on the usstream.tv blog.

 21:05:17  kwalter  EdTechTalk: yep

 21:05:18  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Happy Birthday!

 21:05:20  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Hello Cheryl

 21:05:37  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: hi Arthus!!

 21:05:38  mmiller  EdTechTalk: I think I have missed the last two live shows and chat

 21:05:39  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Hey, Arthus!

 21:05:41  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: A big happy birthday virtual clap

 21:05:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: Hi

 21:05:45  jcox  EdTechTalk: Don’t encourage students to stop sharing music and other files, teach them how todo it intelligently

 21:05:52  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: that¬¥s great!!

 21:05:57  mmiller  EdTechTalk: had to catch the podcasts

 21:06:03  arthus  EdTechTalk: so I guess there’s no video for WOW2?

 21:06:06  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hi Arthus

 21:06:12  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: no, arthus–just audio

 21:06:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hi arthis still GREAT w/ out video

 21:06:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey Arthus — I just talked about you — dropped in your blog a moment a go.  You are a wow of the week.

 21:06:23  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: glad to see you all! podcasts are great too, I love them

 21:06:24  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Don’t feel bad Melinda.  This is my first.

 21:06:25  arthus  EdTechTalk: righto… jhi Lisa

 21:06:28  SWagner  EdTechTalk: not the P word!

 21:06:28  tom.turner  EdTechTalk: Get some sleep Jen!

 21:06:29  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Wow multi-task women!!

 21:06:32  pollockburke  EdTechTalk: A big "wow" for WOW!

 21:06:33  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: All of my wow’s are here -http://del.icio.us/brightideasguru/wowoftheweek

 21:06:37  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Woo Hoo Great stats!

 21:06:39  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: wow! impressive stats!

 21:06:42  mmiller  EdTechTalk: You will love this mkforbus

 21:06:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: wow wow

 21:06:48  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: http://del.icio.us/brightideasguru/wowoftheweek

 21:06:49  CheriT  EdTechTalk: WOW

 21:06:58  CheriT  EdTechTalk: who’s the Darth tonight?

 21:07:00  nick  EdTechTalk: great stats!

 21:07:05  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://www.inspiration.com/prodev/index.cfm?fuseaction=scholarship&CFID=32880286&CFTOKEN=67838880

 21:07:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: I hope it’s good things? 🙂

 21:07:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I muted me — so its not me. 😉

 21:07:12  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: If it went away it was me.

 21:07:14  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Vicki — I think

 21:07:15  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Melinda, you do know that mkforbus is Kitty from Alabama.?

 21:07:25  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: we had a guest visit of Darth Breather

 21:07:26  nick  EdTechTalk: Darth sounded like David chuckling

 21:07:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and that too — yep — he was chuckling

 21:07:38  jcox  EdTechTalk: *choochoo*

 21:07:38  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Yes, kitty but I didn’t know if you would want to "come out" live:):):):

 21:07:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Better than Darth commenter.  I get hiim on my blog a lot.

 21:07:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: twitterverse!

 21:07:52  nick  EdTechTalk: Hi David from Hong Kong

 21:07:56  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Nothing to hide:)

 21:07:56  CheriT  EdTechTalk: that’s really been fun – meeting online friends f2f

 21:07:57  mmiller  EdTechTalk: no you are officially "out there"

 21:08:02  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Yea David!!!

 21:08:06  Durff  EdTechTalk: Warlick?

 21:08:07  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: http://cmslib.edublogs.org

 21:08:13  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: STATS on WOW2 Began on October 1, 2007 Website Visited:  222903 Most popular day:  Tuesdays BB comments:  724 Members:  627 Most members in 1 day:  62   Seminars Taught:  12 Newsletter articles or Magazine Publ:  16 Awards Won:  7 No marriages, divorces, children ‚Äì but 2 job changes Blog Posts:  424 Twitters:  2909 twitters Guests:  85 EdTechTalk:  595.67 mb of space Minutes:  3, 510 minutes Times Cheryl has mentioned Snow:  22 Times Sharon has mentioned Pedagogy:  42 Times we have heard Jennifer’s Cat:  21  Times Vicki has says Y’all ‚Äì stopped counting at 50  ÔÅä

 21:08:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: woot!

 21:08:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I’ve had trouble downloading a lot of the stuff- I was listening on the podcast stream and it only got 4 minutes of clarence.

 21:08:30  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: CheriT I bet you single handedly added many people to our show with your class of doctoral students, good show

 21:08:33  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: David, forget Quebec, come to Ontario 🙂

 21:08:39  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don’t know what my prob is with the k12online podcasts.

 21:08:41  nick  EdTechTalk: yes Warlick Durff

 21:08:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: overflowed with watching..

 21:08:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: no Time! 🙂

 21:08:54  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Thanks Cheryl – we’ve got a new semester of doc students starting in january

 21:09:03  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: k12 online sessions have been excellent!

 21:09:06  johnmaklary  EdTechTalk: vicki, having same issues downloading k12online podcasts

 21:09:07  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: CFisher was awesome!!

 21:09:10  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: we will be ready in Jan.

 21:09:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Glad to know it is not me.

 21:09:19  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: he can quit his day job and join Dave and Will

 21:09:22  Maria  EdTechTalk: great presentation – Flat Agents of Change

 21:09:29  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: congratulations for the prize!!

 21:09:29  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Clarence Fisher’s was awesome — how can I burn it to CD??

 21:09:29  lori a  EdTechTalk: watched several k12 videos already

 21:09:30  SWagner  EdTechTalk: I will be watching k12 online things till next month!

 21:09:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Thanks Maria!

 21:09:32  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Maria Thanks!

 21:09:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I will have to find time to do the manual download — just really busy right now at school with Flat Classroom – http://flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.com

 21:09:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: any especially worth watching?

 21:09:43  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Hi Clau glad to see you here!!

 21:09:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: I don’t have much time

 21:09:50  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: been watching cell phone one tonight, interesting!

 21:09:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Clarence’s keynote.

 21:09:57  lori a  EdTechTalk: jen – can you use zamzar to make it into quicktime?

 21:10:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: ARthus is a must listen.

 21:10:02  mmiller  EdTechTalk: love the cell phone presentation

 21:10:03  arthus  EdTechTalk: actually… in small communities you think a lot outside yourself

 21:10:05  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: Jen, on the pc it works fine 😉

 21:10:09  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Cheryl – we have a much smaller group, but we’ll be mighty!!

 21:10:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Cheryl’s Presentation was released today!!

 21:10:16  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: cell hone one i want to show KIDS

 21:10:18  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, I’m in a tiny town of 5,000 too ARthus, and I agree.

 21:10:21  nick  EdTechTalk: D’Arcy Norman

 21:10:21  arthus  EdTechTalk: I watched Clarence’s

 21:10:22  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: with ALice and Bob

 21:10:36  nick  EdTechTalk: Alan  Brian and D’Arcy

 21:10:40  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i kept telling myself it could not get betterbut it did

 21:10:47  CheriT  EdTechTalk: whoo-hooo

 21:10:49  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: flat agents of change

 21:10:57  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: 5,000 is a tiny town…….  we have less than 500

 21:11:00  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i love the way it is broken into smaller clips Cheyle

 21:11:07  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Yeah Cheryl I’ll listen on the way to school in the morning

 21:11:07  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: Wow, scott

 21:11:15  arthus  EdTechTalk: 500? that IS tiny

 21:11:23  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: have fun with it.

 21:11:27  arthus  EdTechTalk: but plenty of nearby towns have it

 21:11:38  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: mmiller i loved your assembly podcast

 21:11:53  mmiller  EdTechTalk: oh thanks you are too kind

 21:11:58  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: my IE keeps crashing (7.0) any thoughts

 21:12:03  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: thanks my friends who showed up!!!

 21:12:07  arthus  EdTechTalk: pretty amazing

 21:12:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Many of us are from really small towns.

 21:12:08  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Firefox instead of IE

 21:12:10  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Maryann do you have firefox?

 21:12:13  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:12:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: every Tues night Dave!!

 21:12:22  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: use firefox

 21:12:24  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey CheriT.

 21:12:28  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: k, thx

 21:12:28  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: lots of y’alls in ths room this eve between dwarlick and vicki 🙂

 21:12:34  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Hi Vicki

 21:12:35  tjtech  EdTechTalk: @Jennifer are you on a mac or pc? On mac you can take it to idvd

 21:12:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 😉 Kristin!!

 21:12:41  Marie C  EdTechTalk: chat was an awesome experience

 21:12:47  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: arthus are you in twitter?

 21:12:50  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: http://davidwarlick.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.K12OnlineConferenceKeynoteChatTranscript

 21:12:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: chat is awesome 🙂

 21:12:55  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: there is the chat transcript

 21:12:56  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi JenMad, CathyWtjtech

 21:12:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I loved David’s keynote.

 21:12:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: my twitter is twitter.com/arthus

 21:13:01  CheriT  EdTechTalk: I’m sending rainy weather thoughts down your Georgia way

 21:13:05  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk:  trying to catch up with my welcomes

 21:13:06  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I agree and teh chat WAS powerful

 21:13:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I know Cheri T.

 21:13:19  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: welcome simon, colettec

 21:13:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I thought it was awesome that David took the time to not only edit it but comment on it

 21:13:22  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: to learn together with folks very poweful

 21:13:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: cities are banning plastic bottled water and now want to ban drinking tapwater — WHAT?  ARe we supposed to dry up?

 21:13:31  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: me too Jenn

 21:13:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Give me water or give me death, literally.

 21:13:47  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:13:47  CheriT  EdTechTalk: wow – sounds like the wilderness journey

 21:13:56  Simon  EdTechTalk: thank you

 21:14:06  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 47 in chat room

 21:14:11  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: woohoo

 21:14:13  Marie C  EdTechTalk: the immediate interactivity is a change from last year, too

 21:14:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: I think it’s more evolutionary thsn revolutionary

 21:14:17  CheriT  EdTechTalk: that is amazing!!!

 21:14:20  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: @vicki We have some big lakes up here.  🙂

 21:14:27  CheriT  EdTechTalk: our network is getting huge

 21:14:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hello guest1111, about time.

 21:14:35  nick  EdTechTalk: K12online – a point of coalescence

 21:14:43  CheriT  EdTechTalk: ijohn – where are you in WI? N? S? E? W?

 21:14:48  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi jason, nick, ijohn

 21:14:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: Magnet, eh?

 21:14:53  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: no, they’ll be released at end

 21:14:56  nick  EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

 21:15:00  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Greetings

 21:15:04  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: greeting sly ijohn

 21:15:08  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: Stats on website can’t be tabulated until end of the month for k12online

 21:15:14  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Hey guys, I have  a teacher e-mailed me tonight she wants to get into teaching — she’s looking for great web2.0 teachers in Alpharetta or Atlanta area to observe.  Any names?

 21:15:14  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: per Sheryl

 21:15:21  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: but, are we really having a rippling effect? are those of us using the tools for classroom engagement increasing dramatically in number? it’s always about the kids!

 21:15:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Is that where Kathy Shields is?

 21:15:29  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: iJohn is SE in WI

 21:15:35  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Chri Craft in SC–6 hours drive

 21:15:36  laurengator  EdTechTalk: I teach the Atlanta area….

 21:15:40  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: Vicki — I’m in the Alpharetta area.

 21:15:42  CheriT  EdTechTalk: SE – ok

 21:15:48  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: Chris is 4 hours from ATL

 21:15:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: oh

 21:16:01  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: im thinking from Rock Hill

 21:16:05  laurengator  EdTechTalk: I am in Suwanee….

 21:16:06  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: He works near me! 🙂

 21:16:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Kathy Shields is in Alpharetta

 21:16:16 [Action] JasonR  EdTechTalk: notes that this is more enjoyable if I choose the right stream

 21:16:29  laurengator  EdTechTalk: Forsyth County schools have GREAT technology!

 21:16:41  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: Jason Ed tech a is usually the best bet

 21:16:43  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: 🙂

 21:16:49  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Great modelling of new learning style for teachers.

 21:16:52  arthus  EdTechTalk: earth dwellers?

 21:16:56  Marie C  EdTechTalk: back channel

 21:16:58  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: the tentacles idea got a lot of comment

 21:17:07  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: @cathy nelson will you be at SC edtech?

 21:17:10  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Tentacles?

 21:17:14  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: my teachers loved that tentacles paprallel

 21:17:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ‘parallel

 21:17:24  mmiller  EdTechTalk: what is back channel I see that  everywhere right now

 21:17:30  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I call it backchanneling.

 21:17:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: thisw is a backchannel of one kind

 21:17:38  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: mmileer, this is back channelling

 21:17:47  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: 3 are here!!!

 21:17:49  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: Hey julia!

 21:17:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: back channel conducter… I like that Durff

 21:17:56  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: techjulia cahnnel A

 21:17:58  techjulia  EdTechTalk: hey MA

 21:18:02  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Cathy, do we get a prize?

 21:18:09  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: me?

 21:18:10  lori a  EdTechTalk: chatting and commenting during a session

 21:18:11  arthus  EdTechTalk: we don’t have much trouble 😛

 21:18:12  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: he’s right about the teenagers

 21:18:15 [Action] JasonR  EdTechTalk: appreciates cephalopod analogies

 21:18:19  kwalter  EdTechTalk: yes he is.

 21:18:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: prize3? food? cake?

 21:18:22  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: chatting is second nature to them

 21:18:23  nick  EdTechTalk: continuous partial attention

 21:18:37  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: conductor i like better than bouncer

 21:18:41  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Has anyone got the link of his presentation?

 21:18:42  kwalter  EdTechTalk: especially chatting and multitasking (aka listening to a presentation/teacher)

 21:18:47  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Jen Cheryl Vicki Sharon 3 guests compliments of cathy

 21:18:49  Marie C  EdTechTalk: I like it , too – but it can be intimidating

 21:18:52  SWagner  EdTechTalk: it also gives us a chance to talk to each other during a presentation without being rude.. but still being reflective

 21:18:55  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi kwalter, carolyn, shelly, techjulia, jennifer mariec

 21:18:57  arthus  EdTechTalk: definitely… I love it

 21:18:59  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: my son constantly reminds I can’t multitask – especially obvious trying to drive and talk on cell phone

 21:18:59  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: I don’t have the link

 21:19:04  kwalter  EdTechTalk: hi cheryl

 21:19:30  JasonR  EdTechTalk: I have CPADHD

 21:19:32  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: and helps to process

 21:19:32  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: Hi, Thanks for the great weekly events – ben looking forward to attending – finally able to

 21:19:33  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Sharon tried it with 9th graders today it was great!

 21:19:34  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Hello Durff

 21:19:38  arthus  EdTechTalk: I talk on cell phone, rebuild computer, develop sites, and do homework

 21:19:39  colettec  EdTechTalk: has anyone tried backchanneling in the classroom?

 21:19:40  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: it is engagine with the presenter

 21:19:46  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @jason – ?

 21:19:50  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: oh, alice that is great  using

 21:19:53  fceblog  EdTechTalk: http://eltnotes.blogspot.com/2007/09/back-channel.html

 21:19:53  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Alice – what did you use?

 21:19:55  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: rather than just stitting an listening

 21:19:56  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi parisi – keep getting bumped out

 21:19:58  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Hi

 21:19:58  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: vicki has

 21:20:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: I have…. but not to the knowledge of teacher

 21:20:02  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=144  David’s keynote

 21:20:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: shh

 21:20:04  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: iChat on Bonjour

 21:20:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We’re talking about you, Diane! 😉

 21:20:10  nick  EdTechTalk: the first time the backchannle was put up on the screen as part of a conference presentation, there was a massive blowup .. about 18 months to 2 yeara ago

 21:20:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: shame shame arthus

 21:20:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: What great timing!

 21:20:12  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: same here. 😉

 21:20:18  colettec  EdTechTalk: so true arthus 🙂

 21:20:23  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: ARthus…that’s why teachers need to start using it!

 21:20:25  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: http://nexus.ontarioblogs.com/index.php/2007/10/15/learning-over-their-shoulders/

 21:20:25  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 48 in chat

 21:20:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes coletec

 21:20:32  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Thanks DIANE!!!

 21:20:38  techjulia  EdTechTalk: I can’t get channel a to open but I will have to figure it out another time

 21:20:40  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Continuous Partial Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

 21:20:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: exactly… we really need 1 to 11 in our school

 21:20:49  colettec  EdTechTalk: durff – what did you use?

 21:20:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: 1*

 21:20:50  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hit play in i tunes

 21:20:54  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: thanks @jason

 21:20:59  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: We were all pulled from the outside into the inside.

 21:21:09  Simon  EdTechTalk: is there an edublogger directory?

 21:21:11  SWagner  EdTechTalk: Do you think a teacher could monitor a backchannel while teaching? 

 21:21:12  kwalter  EdTechTalk: most teachers would be way too afraid to let kids backchannel their lectures

 21:21:13  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: good idea Dianne.

 21:21:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Simon — there are several

 21:21:18  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: he LOVED it

 21:21:19  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: sorry Diane

 21:21:20  kwalter  EdTechTalk: at least the teachers I have

 21:21:22  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: techjulia, use the channel t launch itunes then hit play

 21:21:24  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: edublogger.com is one

 21:21:24  arthus  EdTechTalk: unfortunately…

 21:21:27  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: support blogging site is one simon

 21:21:30  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Sharon – are you taking names for the study?

 21:21:32  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: we have one at delicious  wow2blogs

 21:21:36  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: SWagner, i think you need a backchannel director

 21:21:36  arthus  EdTechTalk: if only you were like most teachers

 21:21:40  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: He said the amount of info that was flowing was unreal

 21:21:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: the chatroom in google docs presentation – nothing earth shattering, but revolutionary to them

 21:21:46  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: @simon supportblogging.wikispaces.com

 21:21:49  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: About time — DAVID JAKES  🙂

 21:21:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hi jakes

 21:21:55  Maria  EdTechTalk: backchannel just expands the participation – keeps the ripples spreading out from the center

 21:21:57  kwalter  EdTechTalk: hey jakes

 21:22:00  colettec  EdTechTalk: i was thinking of using google too

 21:22:12  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi Djakes, kim, lori,

 21:22:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: did you bring us a nachos recipe David J?

 21:22:20  arthus  EdTechTalk: keep kids thinking about the subject instead of drifting off

 21:22:21  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hello lauren, dmcordell

 21:22:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: i wish the presos had audio

 21:22:26  colettec  EdTechTalk: backchannelling gives that quiet student a chance to speak

 21:22:26  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: we are creeping up on 50

 21:22:28  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: here comes #4 WOOT

 21:22:32  arthus  EdTechTalk: back channel conductor?

 21:22:39  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: the other good thing about google presentations is it is not filtered

 21:22:40  Durff  EdTechTalk: i like that

 21:22:44  kwalter  EdTechTalk: colettec – I absolutely agree

 21:22:45  JasonR  EdTechTalk: So it’s not just about poking fun at the presenter’s hair?

 21:22:46  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @colettec, Yes, absolutely!

 21:22:52  mmiller  EdTechTalk: colettec that is the best point about that so far food reflection

 21:22:52  Durff  EdTechTalk: symphony kind

 21:22:57  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: lol, jasonr

 21:23:01  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: vicki, can’t hear you

 21:23:12  mmiller  EdTechTalk: good reflection not food sorry

 21:23:14  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: go-one

 21:23:15  arthus  EdTechTalk: she’s gone 🙁

 21:23:17  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I’m still here.

 21:23:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: 2 syl word in the south

 21:23:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Sype is acting up.

 21:23:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: we’re not that evil 🙁

 21:23:29  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: We can’t hear you Vicki, ok.

 21:23:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: I’m not a demon

 21:23:32  Durff  EdTechTalk: they go nuts at first

 21:23:32  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: We let them play first

 21:23:34  djakes  EdTechTalk: @kwalter.  What up?

 21:23:38  Durff  EdTechTalk: and let them

 21:23:41  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: vicki dropped out, she will return

 21:23:42  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: rudder

 21:23:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: then they regroup

 21:23:46  CheriT  EdTechTalk: keep them on task by projecting the chatcast

 21:23:48  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: jake we are waiting on a nachos recipe

 21:23:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: honestly, better to folol around in back channel than to sleep

 21:23:53  arthus  EdTechTalk: which is the alternative

 21:23:56  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes- not much, just listening and chatting

 21:23:57  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: sorry i’m late -BOE presentation

 21:23:57  colettec  EdTechTalk: i agree cheri

 21:23:58  CheriT  EdTechTalk: no, not adults 🙂

 21:23:59  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: lol..arthus

 21:23:59  SWagner  EdTechTalk: silly?  not us

 21:23:59  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: And we used NO intro just let ’em go

 21:24:00  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: we always need to provide opportunities to explore first

 21:24:02  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: true arthus

 21:24:08  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: poor david — what happens when he doesn’t like nachos anymore

 21:24:12  JasonR  EdTechTalk: As an anchor? Geez, teachers’ need a whole production support team.

 21:24:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: true arthus

 21:24:14  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: arthus – it happend with a group of teachers

 21:24:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: i am the worst

 21:24:26  arthus  EdTechTalk: thing is, there is good accountabilirtty

 21:24:27  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: samee  as most new tech – play a bit first – make the hand puppets in the shadows, etc. and then move on to work jwith the tools

 21:24:27  nick  EdTechTalk: sorry have to go to a meeting 🙁 … will catch up via the download .. have fun and congrats WOWers! 🙂

 21:24:30  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I think if you get the "playing" out of the way FIRST …the kids come around

 21:24:33  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Thanks NICK

 21:24:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: very easy to see what people are doing

 21:24:34  kwalter  EdTechTalk: let them go loose on the backchanneling– at least at first.

 21:24:35  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: take care

 21:24:41  sharonp  EdTechTalk: thanks Nick

 21:24:42  colettec  EdTechTalk: encourage side skype discussion that aren’t appropriate for everyone

 21:24:43  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: that play needs to be built in

 21:24:46  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: I have to head out.  At work, library open for tutoring, time to close down.

 21:24:48  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Jason R, the students can take turns being the communication coordinator

 21:24:51  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: whoa – you’re quick

 21:24:52  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Night Carolyn

 21:24:54  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: when you learn a enw tool

 21:24:56  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: take care

 21:24:59  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: bye all!  phoeey, can’t get a door prize now!

 21:25:00  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi kristin, absolutely the play is essential

 21:25:01  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: always let them play and explore FIRST,

 21:25:01  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: 😉

 21:25:02  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: EXACTLY

 21:25:07  JasonR  EdTechTalk: @DH, good point. good modeling

 21:25:08  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: that is where new learning takes place

 21:25:09  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Carolyn — we might not have time

 21:25:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: the learning community is hard on itself

 21:25:13  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: for door prizes

 21:25:15  kwalter  EdTechTalk: sandbox — good tech word

 21:25:17  CheriT  EdTechTalk: that’s great, Vicki

 21:25:19  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: ok, Jen, I’ll be less sad now 😉

 21:25:25  Maria  EdTechTalk: goofy stage – free exploration!

 21:25:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: Sandbbox 🙂

 21:25:31  CarolynFoote  EdTechTalk: thanks, night all!

 21:25:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: teachers are worse than kids at it

 21:25:38  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I like that term…will start using it for play time.

 21:25:39  SWagner  EdTechTalk: classroom management is not that much different with the tech stuff than with anything else

 21:25:41  colettec  EdTechTalk: sandbox time is critical with most new tech tools

 21:25:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: plus, most kids aren’t stupid enough to do something stupid in a place with a log

 21:25:46  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: john points at self…

 21:25:48  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Ah, the goofy stage. Get that everytime we videoconference.

 21:25:50  Durff  EdTechTalk: i still am bad on twitter

 21:25:51  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: It helps to archive and publish the backchannel

 21:25:54  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: very much so

 21:25:55  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: You’d be surprised.

 21:25:57  CheriT  EdTechTalk: right – they know, too, that you already have consequnces in place for technology misuse

 21:25:57  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: doug j and his scratches–who could forget

 21:26:02  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh Arthus, you’d be surprised.

 21:26:07  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: For sure

 21:26:08  colettec  EdTechTalk: very intimidating for most teachers!!!

 21:26:14  SWagner  EdTechTalk: letting kids learn on their own???  what a concept!

 21:26:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Deal with it immediately.

 21:26:23  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @Durff What do you mean? You rock on Twitter!

 21:26:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Actually it is GREAT!

 21:26:26  SWagner  EdTechTalk: and from each other?  

 21:26:28  Durff  EdTechTalk: why let them teach

 21:26:30  colettec  EdTechTalk: requires a lot of ability to multi-task, be flexible

 21:26:30  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: that’s how we do it – on our own

 21:26:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: trusting students! 🙂

 21:26:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I love it – b/c the kids tell you when they are lost for a change!

 21:26:34  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: So much of creating and project based learning is letting go

 21:26:39  Durff  EdTechTalk: thanks claudia

 21:26:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: our school has for many years

 21:26:48  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 51 in chat

 21:26:48  colettec  EdTechTalk: great point arthus

 21:26:48  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: I’m starting a project with sithgraders and it’s been chaotic this week

 21:26:52  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes just gave it to us this year 😉

 21:26:56  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: But it is starting to get order

 21:26:59  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: BUT when structured properly the TEACER can ddeliver info while the kids take control of own learning and process and that is POWERFUL

 21:27:00  colettec  EdTechTalk: empower kids and their learning

 21:27:02  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: im sure kids that normally do not speak are suddenly very vocal (albeit in a backchannel)

 21:27:07  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @jenwagener, what’s the record?

 21:27:08  JasonR  EdTechTalk: @AM, sithgraders? The force be with you!

 21:27:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: record – 60 last week

 21:27:15  arthus  EdTechTalk: we’ve had email for many years in school…. but highly regulated

 21:27:16  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: doug johnson says after student email for 10 years, they ditched it

 21:27:18  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Movie maker with them

 21:27:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: your school has what, arthus?

 21:27:23  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: David Jakes and Ewan McIntosh

 21:27:27  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: kids were just using free accounts anyway

 21:27:33  arthus  EdTechTalk: email

 21:27:34  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: and IM

 21:27:36  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: yep they can help each other out and peer assisst

 21:27:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: why Ijohn?

 21:27:39  colettec  EdTechTalk: look how each of us want to have our voice heard but we aren’t presenting

 21:27:56  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yes colettec

 21:27:58  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: once every 10 hours

 21:28:01  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: do they get their accounts at school or just access them

 21:28:02  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: ask one question per week

 21:28:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: once a week? yeah right….

 21:28:10  SWagner  EdTechTalk: one question for every 10 hours of school

 21:28:14  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: that’s about my speed

 21:28:17  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: is that the statistic KarenJ, 1 x every ten hours/

 21:28:17  colettec  EdTechTalk: no wonder they "talk" in class

 21:28:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i agree

 21:28:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: maybe once every 2 minutes for me

 21:28:32  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: that’s in Did You Know video

 21:28:34  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: side chats happen anyway by passing notes, chatting, texting, etc. might as well get kids focused on the topic using a motivating tool

 21:28:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: i wish learners in my school were that quiet…

 21:28:38  dmcordell  EdTechTalk: you’re me 30 years or more ago

 21:28:39  arthus  EdTechTalk: wiki!?

 21:28:42  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: arthus must be very talkaitive even if at the worng time

 21:28:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But group chats include everyone.

 21:28:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: wikispaces

 21:28:51  mmiller  EdTechTalk: I guess texting each other in our Doctoral classes is backchanneling

 21:28:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: or PBwiki

 21:28:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: yes I am… unfortunatete tendancy

 21:29:01  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ‘yes mmiller

 21:29:04  Durff  EdTechTalk: we use both

 21:29:06  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Vicki – what time will that be?

 21:29:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: questioning AUTHORITY constantlu

 21:29:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey RYAN

 21:29:16  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: evening ryan!

 21:29:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: constantly*

 21:29:18  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hey ryanB

 21:29:18  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: i think we’ll see a huge improvement in communication skills after backchannelling becomes common prctice.

 21:29:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: good

 21:29:20  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yes mmiller, that is essential to have the continuing conversation

 21:29:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: i do

 21:29:27  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: it’s ok to be goofy initially

 21:29:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: so should you

 21:29:33  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: looking for a door prize soon!!!!

 21:29:35  JasonR  EdTechTalk: What is the difference in how the genders use/adopt this tech? Male vs. female students?

 21:29:42  colettec  EdTechTalk: another way to prevent goofiness – post the chat afterwards

 21:29:42  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi ryanb, hi techsavvy girl, pam, hi durff

 21:29:43  arthus  EdTechTalk: not too difficult to switch to professiol side

 21:29:44  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Sorry CheriT I am sure your doctoral students do not text when you are talking

 21:29:50  SWagner  EdTechTalk: their purpose that they use is not always goofy either.  They make plans, ask each other questions, etc.

 21:29:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I have found that the guys tend to talk up and the ladies tend to "type up"

 21:29:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: I’m chatting like a normal teen at the same time now

 21:30:02  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: Hi!

 21:30:04  CheriT  EdTechTalk: mmiller – i don’t talk, they do 🙂

 21:30:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Just generally.

 21:30:07  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: i hear it’s a free iphone give-away for the anniversary show

 21:30:08  Durff  EdTechTalk: i’m sure they do cheri

 21:30:12  JasonR  EdTechTalk: @VD, that is my presumption

 21:30:13  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: I think ALL projects (online or not) start out as chaotic.

 21:30:15  CheriT  EdTechTalk: I ramble ……

 21:30:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: woot

 21:30:16  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: LOL @ ijohn

 21:30:16  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Tjat

 21:30:20  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: and you have to be patient

 21:30:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: yep iJohn — thank you for that donation!!

 21:30:25  mmiller  EdTechTalk: That’s probably true too CheriT

 21:30:26  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: and let them work kinks out

 21:30:26  arthus  EdTechTalk: so it averages out?

 21:30:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: very much so

 21:30:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: my middles schoolers IM all the time

 21:30:38  jcox  EdTechTalk: It’s the same where I work, it’s the absolute quickest way to share information without interrupting others

 21:30:40  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: lol 

 21:30:43  colettec  EdTechTalk: plus backchannel allows some kids time to think of what they should say and maybe you get better conversations

 21:30:51  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: So I think backchannel will be the same

 21:30:52  arthus  EdTechTalk: hehe… NEVER sending my transcripts 😛

 21:30:57  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Order out of chaos?

 21:30:58  jcox  EdTechTalk: Not very

 21:30:59  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Ihave no idea what tjat is I am playing peekaboo with Alyson while I am listening

 21:31:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: they IM each other in the same room

 21:31:02  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Adults are just the same! I thought Sheryl did a great job of facilitating David’s keynote–allowing people to play on the whiteboard, etc then taking back the board for the real questions and comments.

 21:31:03  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: me either 🙂

 21:31:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: very mature, I’d like to think

 21:31:14  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: If you look at some points, ti will look off topic, but does it go back on topic?

 21:31:14  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Vicki do u ask backchannel folks to be anonymous

 21:31:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: so why not implement that IM – it’s a  ‘duh’!

 21:31:19  jcox  EdTechTalk: nope 🙂

 21:31:21  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: they text more than call each other

 21:31:26  SWagner  EdTechTalk: they moderate a backchannel all the time!

 21:31:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: for instance, we have IM speak: CD = Carep Diem

 21:31:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: Carpe*

 21:31:37  Durff  EdTechTalk: they IM me for hw

 21:31:39  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: b/c big bad predator is lurking

 21:31:43  jcox  EdTechTalk: In school with the laptops, they used AIRAIM to communicate

 21:31:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: like now – cuse me

 21:31:46  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: speaking of homework, I have to start son on his.

 21:31:48  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don’t share the backchannels with students with others.

 21:31:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: That is what I HATE Meebo rooms.

 21:32:00  JasonR  EdTechTalk: They use IM because they lack the means for more sophisticated means of communication?

 21:32:01  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: but are they anonymous?

 21:32:01  colettec  EdTechTalk: my son’s newspaper class use google docs for collaborative writing and chat while writing

 21:32:02  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: more privacy issues in Canada no?

 21:32:03  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Hi Peggy, just noticed you are here

 21:32:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: You take the presentation public for a moment.

 21:32:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And then you take it private again.

 21:32:09  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: welcome

 21:32:12  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: So just your students are in there.

 21:32:13  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: I learnt more about my students using hotmail that in the classroom

 21:32:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: it’s stil very personal stuff

 21:32:24  Durff  EdTechTalk: ok what did i miss?

 21:32:24  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And as you go from preso to preso you drop the link into the first chat and go to the second.

 21:32:27  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: don’t you just love Sharon as a host??

 21:32:30  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i heart David W

 21:32:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: I have good chats in Facebooks with my students at HS

 21:32:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Talking about backchannels.

 21:32:36  arthus  EdTechTalk: you were goofier than me on white board 😛

 21:32:40  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Lip gloss!

 21:32:41  MaryAnn Sansonetti  EdTechTalk: we all heart david

 21:32:50  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: and jakes too

 21:32:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: oh no – get the lip gloss

 21:32:56  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Cathy Nelson — here comes your name

 21:33:02  djakes  EdTechTalk: what up kevin

 21:33:12  kwalter  EdTechTalk: bluescreened on my vista laptop >.<

 21:33:13  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: WOOT

 21:33:14  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: OH and I heart DJ too, Cathy — you are so generous!!

 21:33:17  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Yes that "play time" at the beginning helped us to become more familiar with the tools.

 21:33:24  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: sharing that SC love around, Cathy!!!

 21:33:32  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: THX

 21:33:38  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: grins — no worries

 21:33:44  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi su02320, welcome

 21:33:56  su02420  EdTechTalk: hey

 21:33:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: without criticism, there is no way togrow

 21:34:00  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: anyone here attend any of David’s USTREAMS this week??

 21:34:08  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: confession – i wrote that on the FS chat white board

 21:34:09  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: I did

 21:34:11  djakes  EdTechTalk: Because David Warlick is a gentleman first

 21:34:11  CheriT  EdTechTalk: He really is able to take criticism

 21:34:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: true arthus

 21:34:15  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: WHO would criticize David?

 21:34:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: nobody sent a twitter… 🙁

 21:34:21  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hey tom, just saw you here, tekzeno, swagner, suriawang, welcome

 21:34:22  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: southern gentlemen

 21:34:29  colettec  EdTechTalk: i tried jw – from Lisa’s ustream – hard to understand

 21:34:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: failure = learning opportunity

 21:34:37  jcox  EdTechTalk: haha

 21:34:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i sent a befriend notice arthus

 21:34:40  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I copied that to David in the skype chat — DJ

 21:34:48  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Must leave now 🙁 late in Argentina. Once again happy birthday!!!

 21:34:52  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: criticism leads to discussion and solidifying what we believe

 21:34:53  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Hey, careful, we’re the same age *)

 21:34:56  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Jennifer — thanks for being here!!

 21:34:59  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I think itcomes from being reflective… David does a good job of listening, and thinking

 21:35:01  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: by Jen V, thanks for stopping by.

 21:35:01  mmiller  EdTechTalk: I have no idea how to use Ustream and started watching some guitar player

 21:35:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: well… duh!

 21:35:06  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Bye Jenn!

 21:35:12  CheriT  EdTechTalk: bye JennV

 21:35:13  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: and putting a positive spin

 21:35:18  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: its about the conversation

 21:35:25  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Were they playing guitar and I signed out too soon???:):):)

 21:35:26  arthus  EdTechTalk: middle school is the hardest time ever

 21:35:37  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: yes, arthus

 21:35:39  sharonp  EdTechTalk: arthus – I agree with you!

 21:35:42  mmiller  EdTechTalk: great log in name sleepy

 21:35:43  Jennifer Verschoor  EdTechTalk: Bye, bye to all women of web 2.0

 21:35:44  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I am amazed with how he can so easily respond to and think about both sides

 21:35:47  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: have to give short bytes in mid sch

 21:35:48  colettec  EdTechTalk: everyone has an opinion and its ok to "debate" topics – its about being passionate

 21:35:50  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: I agree. High school is easy.

 21:35:53  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Bye JenW — take care

 21:36:00  arthus  EdTechTalk: definitely couldn’t take watever I said last year literally

 21:36:03  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: middle age is easiest of all!

 21:36:05  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: bye jen w?

 21:36:10  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: LOL  JenV

 21:36:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: college is easier yet

 21:36:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: wrong fingering, sorry CN

 21:36:28  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I think middle school is way easier 😉

 21:36:30  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:36:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: college… would be great except classes get in the way

 21:36:41  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I love middle school!

 21:36:44  arthus  EdTechTalk: middle school is easier academically… harder socially

 21:36:47  kwalter  EdTechTalk: The way my calculus teacher explained it last year: less effort as you progress through school, but you get more out of it.

 21:36:51  colettec  EdTechTalk: unfortunately, some bloggers are very opinionated and the "debate" is out in public

 21:36:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: it takes a freshman yr to get in groove hs or coll

 21:36:56  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Hey, Kevin!

 21:36:58  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Middle school….the hormonally impaired:):):)

 21:37:01  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk:  Welcome!

 21:37:03  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Hi karen

 21:37:05  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Middle school was my toughest school experience period.

 21:37:07  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I have my first class of seniors in 7 years, and they are so blase.

 21:37:09  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: challenged mmiller

 21:37:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Mmiller — ARthus is 14!!!!

 21:37:15  djakes  EdTechTalk: Blogging requires a thick skin, and teaches you humility

 21:37:17  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Grins — just FYI to all — we have Arthus — who is 14

 21:37:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:37:28  kwalter  EdTechTalk: whynot: yep, we’re an apathetic bunch

 21:37:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: I’ve been here the whole time? 😛

 21:37:34  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes can attest to that

 21:37:36  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Vicki there are some great students in here tonight – perfect for the student perspective shows – aruthus and kwalter for example

 21:37:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: yeppers

 21:37:36  colettec  EdTechTalk: so true David – what it is also intellectually stimulating

 21:37:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi all

 21:37:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, blogging requires an extremely thick skin and the cantankerous are coming online in droves.

 21:37:48  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: and Arthus — we are so happy you have joined in our conversation — 🙂

 21:37:49  djakes  EdTechTalk: And it also teaches you how to carefully craft an argument, thats one of the major reasons kids should do it

 21:37:54  mmiller  EdTechTalk: lol 😀 😕 :p

 21:37:58  arthus  EdTechTalk: glad to be here Jen

 21:37:59  colettec  EdTechTalk: like going to an intelligent cocktail party

 21:38:03  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: can’t wait til you are on our show, Arthus

 21:38:06  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Well then don’t him I am an elementary principal:):):):)

 21:38:10  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: its why bloggin is effective–can be reflective and pc

 21:38:14  arthus  EdTechTalk: I look forward to it

 21:38:16  whynot88  EdTechTalk: Middle schoolers spend way more time just wondering. The seniors want their credit, thankyouverymuch

 21:38:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: emails can be faling

 21:38:22  SWagner  EdTechTalk: I read people I do not agree with on purpose.  Need to learn from it.

 21:38:23  alicebarr  EdTechTalk: Great line Colettec

 21:38:23  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @jenwagner, kwalter should be on the show also

 21:38:24  kwalter  EdTechTalk: whynot: so true.. 🙂

 21:38:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: please comment on learners’ blogs about conversation at http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=56473

 21:38:32  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: The online conference provides a whole new way of experiencing professional development. Learning styles are different and everyone doesn’t relate to the same style of delivery. I was just disappointed in the criticism that said she only listened to the first 5 minutes and didn’t learn anything new.

 21:38:34  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: flaming i mean

 21:38:38  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: you are going to share the show with Chris Lehmann, Arthus — a high school principal in Pennsylvania

 21:38:39  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi mobile

 21:38:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: right…. sounds cool

 21:38:59  colettec  EdTechTalk: alice – can’t take credit – heard Gary Stager say that – and he loves a good debate

 21:39:02  arthus  EdTechTalk: his conference is in January, eh?

 21:39:03  Durff  EdTechTalk: show? what show?

 21:39:03  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: you can ask him ANYTHING you wish  🙂

 21:39:10  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: punchy people

 21:39:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: it’s exponential…

 21:39:16  Durff  EdTechTalk: cantankerous?

 21:39:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: yes, he will be on our show right before the conference, Arthus

 21:39:18  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: They can’t think of anything to write about.

 21:39:37  CheriT  EdTechTalk: just disagreeing to disagree

 21:39:39  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: thye just want to shale things up

 21:39:42  kwalter  EdTechTalk: yep

 21:39:44  kwalter  EdTechTalk: very true

 21:39:45  mmiller  EdTechTalk: what brings arthuse to the WOW show

 21:39:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: sounds good… who knows if I’ll still be alive buy then (high school)

 21:39:52  kwalter  EdTechTalk: blogosphere is growing and growing negative

 21:39:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Some people who NEVER like anything.

 21:39:55  djakes  EdTechTalk: some of those people are not happy that everyone now has a voice

 21:39:56  Durff  EdTechTalk: you will

 21:40:02  arthus  EdTechTalk: I come here same reason as you?

 21:40:03  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: BINGO # 5 Hi Jeanette

 21:40:07  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey Kevin Walter — would you like to be on our HIGH SCHOOL show in January??

 21:40:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, I guess there are cultural differences, that is a good point.  We have different manners in the south.

 21:40:15  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: As more people start taking part I think you will see more people that disagree in different ways

 21:40:18  SWagner  EdTechTalk: I think it is growing on both the positive and negative side

 21:40:18  JasonR  EdTechTalk: The future will be mediated. We will all need new media skills.

 21:40:20  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Jennifer: I’d love to

 21:40:24  djakes  EdTechTalk: Thats the problem, the old guard is not happy with everybody being able to have a say

 21:40:27  SWagner  EdTechTalk: just growing

 21:40:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Jeannette ETT channel a

 21:40:31  mobile  EdTechTalk: How is the blogosphere growing negative?

 21:40:33  mobile  EdTechTalk: example?

 21:40:40  kwalter  EdTechTalk: http://violentacres.com

 21:40:40  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I also think that globally people disagree differently – cultural

 21:40:47  whynot88  EdTechTalk: But is it sort of like the news, you see more negative?

 21:40:47  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: I’ve noticed that too Vicki–more critical blogs recently but I appreciate that people think out loud and share their doubts and concerns. We learn more when everyone isn’t just a fan/cheerleader.

 21:40:48  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Where is David from?

 21:40:50  arthus  EdTechTalk: It’s just that the truth is coming out in the open

 21:40:52  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I was embarrassed by first questioner at the q and a for David’s conference yesterday

 21:40:54  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Raleigh, SC

 21:40:56  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yes  ithink so tekzeno

 21:40:57  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: or NC?

 21:40:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: and the differences are highlighted

 21:41:00  sharonp  EdTechTalk: I am wondering if more voices are out there – hence more cantankerous sorts??

 21:41:01  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: so ny

 21:41:03  CheriT  EdTechTalk: David’s right, there is a need to be objective and patient

 21:41:06  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: totally loved abooot

 21:41:10  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hey BRIAN

 21:41:12  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @lisa – what did they ask?

 21:41:12  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Jeanette ETT channel A

 21:41:18  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi Brian

 21:41:19  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: My mother-in-law is from England and I wouldn’t want to argue with her LL

 21:41:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: in itunes press play

 21:41:22  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Right everyone can’t be a fan or cheerleader but when you get comments that call you a ______ and are very adversarial and attack personally that is a problem for me.

 21:41:23  colettec  EdTechTalk: which is why it is even more important that we think globally and be aware and accepting

 21:41:26  Durff  EdTechTalk: why not – are you a learner in a middle school?

 21:41:26  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi brian, welcome

 21:41:27  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Hi!!!

 21:41:30  sharonp  EdTechTalk: abooot???

 21:41:36  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: hee hee! lol

 21:41:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Hi Crosby

 21:41:38  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I love how you say about

 21:41:49  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: favorite moment at NECC, having dinner with Vicki (south) and Terry Friedman (british) accents flying around.

 21:41:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: There are definitely cultural differences.

 21:41:53  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I’m a teacher in a 7-12 school

 21:41:59  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: My observation of David as to how he handles criticism is that he is a consummate listener. He really listens to what people are saying.

 21:42:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: That was funny wasn’t it ijohn

 21:42:04  CheriT  EdTechTalk: name calling and stereotyping comes from ignorance

 21:42:09  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi gary welcome

 21:42:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: I’m a freshmen in high school…

 21:42:16  fceblog  EdTechTalk: There are cultural differences; but there are also different comfort levels with control being distributed in an ever growing network. No authorities, just voices.

 21:42:17  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: @ijohn – and the fried chicken!!!!

 21:42:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: hi Dana

 21:42:21  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi dana m, welcome

 21:42:22  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: welcome arthus

 21:42:22  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: @Karen  after listening to David and Karen Cater talk about fabulous things happening, the man raises his hand and says,"It’s all well and good but…we have curric, testing, etc. What’s the point?" !!!!

 21:42:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: but are you a learner (oh i must be cantankerous)

 21:42:23  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: Senior here

 21:42:31  colettec  EdTechTalk: we all have a right to our opinion

 21:42:31  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: @fceblog — That is true.

 21:42:34  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Well said!

 21:42:36  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: hi dana

 21:42:36  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: mmm, and the ankle breakers…

 21:42:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: (runs and hides)

 21:42:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: 2 students in the chat

 21:42:38  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy – glad to be a bingo win 🙂

 21:42:43  kwalter  EdTechTalk: colettec: that’s why we have blogs

 21:42:45  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Thanks @lisa

 21:42:45  DanaM  EdTechTalk: hello all

 21:42:48  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: LOL

 21:42:50  JasonR  EdTechTalk: This made the rounds a few months ago, yes? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogger’s_Code_of_Conduct

 21:42:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, we have a right to our opinion — I often think that there is a right and a wrong way to disagree.

 21:42:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: WE can disagree with civility.

 21:42:59  Durff  EdTechTalk: Cathy – maybe more

 21:43:04  kwalter  EdTechTalk: jason: yep, I remember that

 21:43:06  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: That is a GREAT questio

 21:43:11  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I struggle with that

 21:43:12  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: all 5 of my invites showed up folks WOOT

 21:43:15  arthus  EdTechTalk: same

 21:43:20  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: WOW…. 10 minutes!

 21:43:21  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Hi Alex

 21:43:23  Gary  EdTechTalk: Hello to you also.

 21:43:24  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: evening alexr

 21:43:25  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yeah Cathy — you are a woman of influence.

 21:43:29  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Oh, have the computer read it back to you. Nice hack.

 21:43:31  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Don’t forget the 80/20 principle when you think about feedback on a presentation or blog. Why do we want/expect 100% agreement?

 21:43:33  alexragone  EdTechTalk: Hi Sharon.

 21:43:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, the conversation is important.

 21:43:35  colettec  EdTechTalk: wow – i can’t blog that fast!

 21:43:40  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: @ijohn  I just heard of ankle biters today…a young football team

 21:43:42  Durff  EdTechTalk: hi gary

 21:43:43  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: I spend hours and hours on each ITM blog post

 21:43:43  alexragone  EdTechTalk: Evening Cheryl.

 21:43:44  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Yes, Jason — he taught me that trick about 7 months ago

 21:43:47  alexragone  EdTechTalk: Nice question.

 21:43:49  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: it is a great tool to use

 21:43:50  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: David that is impressive…your posts and comments on others are so reflective

 21:43:54  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi janice s, welcome

 21:43:54  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Heard some good things about your K12 preso

 21:43:58  SWagner  EdTechTalk: its honest

 21:44:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: I do my blogs really qquick.. hence the low quality

 21:44:04  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: I spend waaay too long composing blog entries…

 21:44:06  KimVance  EdTechTalk: Reading it back is a good idea

 21:44:07  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: No, I like disagreement and discussion — I DON’T like stereotypes.  LIke people who think southerners are dumb — open mind, don’t prejudge people.

 21:44:12  colettec  EdTechTalk: i appreciate the corrections on blogs – its all about reflective thinking

 21:44:17  Durff  EdTechTalk: the central theme is the conversation

 21:44:19  kwalter  EdTechTalk: I need to trim my blogging time…I’d probably end up blogging a lot more

 21:44:19  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: That is an eye opener for someone like me that takes forever to write a post

 21:44:27  arthus  EdTechTalk: I hate stereotypes

 21:44:36  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I am a quick blogger —

 21:44:37  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @ryanbretag me, too…far too long : )

 21:44:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, corrections are importan and conversation is important.  I had a blog post a while back where some flame commenting happened a bit and it took a while to work through.

 21:44:39  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: find I’m blogging less, my expectations for myself are higher

 21:44:44  Durff  EdTechTalk: they make me laugh

 21:44:48  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: the beauty of twitter 140 characters

 21:44:49  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I blog quickly but it’s all feeling…no research.

 21:44:49  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I’m not a fast blogger — I take a lot longer than 10 minutes per post.

 21:44:52  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: I find a personal blog is different than a group blog

 21:44:55  SWagner  EdTechTalk: no you shouldnt David.  It is honest and real, not crafted or contrived.

 21:44:57  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: the podcast and chat will be available by the end of the week!

 21:44:57  lori a  EdTechTalk: jen you are very quick

 21:44:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Feeling has a place too!

 21:45:03  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i staart in word then migrate over

 21:45:04  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: @ edtechtalk.com/womenofweb

 21:45:05  kwalter  EdTechTalk: cathy– yep, twitter is taking over a lot of bloggers’ lives

 21:45:06  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: But Vicki, you blog so often.

 21:45:07  colettec  EdTechTalk: twitter shouldn’t replace reflective thinking

 21:45:08  kwalter  EdTechTalk: ex: steve rubel

 21:45:11  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: LoriA — but nerer profound  🙂

 21:45:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: by blogging, you are forced to writre a lot

 21:45:13  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: too many typos due to vision issues

 21:45:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: just conversational

 21:45:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Word kills a blog — be careful it will knock your feed down.

 21:45:17  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: @LParisi Last one was definitely all feeling : )

 21:45:23  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I probably have 200 posts I never shared.

 21:45:23  arthus  EdTechTalk: I used to be a horrible writer

 21:45:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:45:28  Durff  EdTechTalk: i wrote today in 7 min

 21:45:28  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: ME TOO

 21:45:31  CheriT  EdTechTalk: I’m not that deep

 21:45:37  fceblog  EdTechTalk: A blog is probably not the place to let some steam off. A gym is so much better 😉

 21:45:37  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: One day I’ll go through and share them.

 21:45:41  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i write and try to sit on it first

 21:45:41  lori a  EdTechTalk: Jen – great reflections

 21:45:42  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: @colettec – so true!  Need both…

 21:45:42  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @vicki – i’ve created at least that many in my head!

 21:45:42  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: @colleen  That one percolated for awhile

 21:45:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: i’m that shallow

 21:45:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Arthus has blogging improved your writing?

 21:45:48  kwalter  EdTechTalk: vicki: same, I have 10 or so half-done saved drafts in my blog

 21:45:50  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: My blog is just my chat — but I read much deeper writers

 21:45:52  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: Vicki I dod that too…they sit in scribefired

 21:45:53  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh I write them in my planner.

 21:45:54  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: and Vicki actually kicked it off

 21:45:56  arthus  EdTechTalk: definitely

 21:45:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I have them on napkins, etc.

 21:46:00  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: my english teachers never encouraged me to write, hm, what does that say?

 21:46:06  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I got ddistracted by everyone else’s blog – juist read and comment on others’

 21:46:06  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: like wikinomics?

 21:46:09  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Just checked, I have 22 drafts siting there waiting for the right time or further thought or…

 21:46:11  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: I write quickly and am quite verbose in a very active list serv, but it feels safer than a total global readership

 21:46:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: I used to be a very bad writer, last year I got writing away for my school

 21:46:17  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh wikinomics — don’t get me going!!!

 21:46:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: award*

 21:46:23  Durff  EdTechTalk: my learners took off when i took me out of their equation

 21:46:24  whynot88  EdTechTalk: sorry, lagging

 21:46:24  arthus  EdTechTalk: all thanks to blogging

 21:46:26  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I have too write and cut it in half.

 21:46:26  kwalter  EdTechTalk: wikinomics: good book

 21:46:37  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus what a testimony to the benefits of student blogging!

 21:46:40  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: im too wordy too

 21:46:44  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: good arthus, that is great

 21:46:48  lori a  EdTechTalk: Lisa was there

 21:46:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: definitely… thanks

 21:46:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And arthus you taught yourself blogging, correct?

 21:46:53  colettec  EdTechTalk: i’ve just started recording some blog ideas on my ipod – so i can go back later and write and reflect

 21:46:54  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 58 in CHATR

 21:46:55  Janice S  EdTechTalk: This is great! It’s nice to know others take a long time to write a blog post.

 21:46:57  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I’m teaching my 9th graders to blog right now!

 21:46:57  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i am a quiet wall flower in a room

 21:46:57  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: CHT

 21:47:00  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: CHAT  LOL

 21:47:04  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: <– queen of wordiness.  twitter is helping

 21:47:07  arthus  EdTechTalk: feel free to use it as an examle

 21:47:08  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: but blossom in chat rooms and blogs

 21:47:09  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: 2 more to TIE the record

 21:47:11  Durff  EdTechTalk: we blog in 3rd grade

 21:47:15  arthus  EdTechTalk: and yes I taught myself

 21:47:18  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: We blog in fifth

 21:47:23  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: oh, kristin – please put them out there – you are very insightful

 21:47:23  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: agree about twitter (helps me be more succint, which I need)

 21:47:24  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: thanks to class blogmeister

 21:47:28  Marie C  EdTechTalk: learning how to learn is critical

 21:47:28  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, what got you started as a blogger?

 21:47:29  Durff  EdTechTalk: we blog in 4th

 21:47:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And we brainstormed about names and deciding what they are passionate and an expert at — some kids (often the best students) look at you blankly when you ask what they are passionate about — it is sad.

 21:47:30  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: We blog in fourth

 21:47:32  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i did w 6th graders today

 21:47:36  techjulia  EdTechTalk: i would have to disagree that cathy is a quiet wallflower 🙂

 21:47:37  arthus  EdTechTalk: here’s an idea: throw them at the technology

 21:47:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: its ugly but successful

 21:47:41  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: How about project based PD?

 21:47:42  colettec  EdTechTalk: i love the voice recorder on ipod – better than calling my voicemail and leaving myself a message 🙂

 21:47:43  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: we blog in 3rd too

 21:47:44  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Time is the issue in my district

 21:47:46  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: oh yes

 21:47:49  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: with only a few inservice days it is impossible

 21:47:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: and see what they come up with

 21:47:50  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Ask your kids to write down one thing that they love and know a lot about and see which ones look at you blankly.

 21:47:55  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: at Edublogger con i was star struck

 21:47:56  CheriT  EdTechTalk: LisaParisi – your ustreams have been fun to watch and listen to

 21:47:56  kwalter  EdTechTalk: colettec: I use the Jott service for the same concept

 21:48:00  Durff  EdTechTalk: throw them? my aim is terrible

 21:48:02  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I’m teaching 12th graders how to use a wii in a French class. They honestly had not blogged or "wiki’ed" before

 21:48:04  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: David’s blog today that he’s talking about    http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2007/10/16/another-random-blog-article-that-will-likely-be-misunderstood/

 21:48:05  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Thanks cheri

 21:48:07  djakes  EdTechTalk: How many of the teachers in your building would you classify as life-long learners?

 21:48:09  SarahS  EdTechTalk: part of what we need is to have someone tell the teachers what is even out there

 21:48:09  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: New blog in grade 2 next week

 21:48:12  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: thx peggy

 21:48:13  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: @CathyNelson — Star Struck or blog struck! lol

 21:48:15  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: too fast!!!!!

 21:48:18  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Durff: Eh, that’s what spell check is for.

 21:48:19  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Cathy — do you remember the escalator — and just watching all the bloggers going up??  It was my HAPPY MOMENT

 21:48:19  Marie C  EdTechTalk: when does learning occur? Not always in the formal setting

 21:48:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: both lol

 21:48:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: it vares a lot about demographics

 21:48:28  colettec  EdTechTalk: <10% David 🙁

 21:48:30  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: it is my favorite MEMORY

 21:48:30  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:48:34  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: There needs to be a school wide culture

 21:48:36  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: but how about projects for PD?

 21:48:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i walked to luch with Will

 21:48:44  djakes  EdTechTalk: @colettec.  I agree

 21:48:48  whynot88  EdTechTalk: We all claim to be lllers, but I don’t think they all see it in terms of technology

 21:48:49  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: blogging has been my BEST PD

 21:48:49  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: And support each other with followup?

 21:48:54  Durff  EdTechTalk: i have 8th doing movie book reviews next

 21:48:55  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes: yep, 10% is a good number

 21:48:59  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: I’ve just been asked to be part of a group here in Nevada to present about edtech to politicos, ed admin, business people and IT the end of November- I’m nervous already!

 21:48:59  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: mine to best PD ever

 21:49:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: My favorite memor was a guy on the phone with his wife and he said "Hey, honey I just met cool Cat teacher — she’s like a rock star for geeks."  That was random and hilarious.

 21:49:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: Jennifer, if you have a question for me send it in private chat because this goes by so fast

 21:49:02  colettec  EdTechTalk: me too techsavvy

 21:49:06  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: But if you DON’g blog yet?

 21:49:07  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: what was 10%??

 21:49:19  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: what about non-early adopters?

 21:49:23  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: what did I miss??

 21:49:24  Gary  EdTechTalk: Very fast!

 21:49:27  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Having a drill and kill class won’t do it.

 21:49:27  kwalter  EdTechTalk: jennifer: number of teachers in building that are life-long learners

 21:49:31  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Welcome Gary

 21:49:34  SWagner  EdTechTalk: operator11 as well

 21:49:35  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Dwarlick has been a ustream star this week

 21:49:38  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: less than 10 percent???

 21:49:45  lori a  EdTechTalk: don’t do operator 11

 21:49:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: talkbox, eh?

 21:49:47  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: David had Ustream sprung upon him this week!

 21:49:47  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: can someone write all the videos ones she just mentioned

 21:49:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: not a new one

 21:49:51  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We’re getting ready to hit critical mass.  Just on the up slope.

 21:49:51  Gary  EdTechTalk: Thanks

 21:49:51  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: tokbox

 21:49:55  colettec  EdTechTalk: who has jumped on the ustreamtv bandwagon???

 21:49:56  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: tokbox

 21:49:58  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: ustream

 21:49:58  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: And when it hits it is going to go very very quickly.

 21:50:04  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Operator 11 had some pluses but much more minuses  IMHO

 21:50:05  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes: When do we see the launch of JakesOnline TV?

 21:50:06  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: me colettec

 21:50:06  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: If you’re non-early adopter w/blogging – there’s still time!

 21:50:07  SWagner  EdTechTalk: op11 is not safe in school

 21:50:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I havea ustream channel I used it last week in maine it ws very useful.

 21:50:09  djakes  EdTechTalk: @JW.  The percentage of teachers that are life long learners

 21:50:13  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: take it from me…

 21:50:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i can attend BLC next year from Ustream or some other tool

 21:50:15  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But not in class.

 21:50:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: JOT TV??  LOL

 21:50:17  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Don’t test UStream in your pjs even if it’s late at night.

 21:50:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: op11 is old news

 21:50:23  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: what tother two did she menion

 21:50:24  djakes  EdTechTalk: @kwalter.  You are my first guest

 21:50:27  colettec  EdTechTalk: lol colleen

 21:50:27  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: "other"

 21:50:29  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I dont know that video is necessary

 21:50:30  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Ustream isn’t blocked yet by my district … but I’m waiting.

 21:50:31  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Vicki, was in your Maine bachchannel.  My first.

 21:50:32  whynot88  EdTechTalk: 10% in terms of technology learning? Or learning in general?

 21:50:34  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: video = expression, comfort beyond the anoynomous

 21:50:35  kwalter  EdTechTalk: can’t wait 😀

 21:50:35  SWagner  EdTechTalk: how much of our communication is body language

 21:50:38  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Kristin was in bed last week — right Kristin — she and I did an awesome show with Arthus.

 21:50:42  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: audio and  screencast yes

 21:50:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Kristin do you ahve that link?

 21:50:46  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: ME TOO

 21:50:46  lori a  EdTechTalk: the social aspect

 21:50:49  KimVance  EdTechTalk: Same advantage as going from radio to TV?

 21:50:54  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: thats what i thot Kristin

 21:50:55  Marie C  EdTechTalk: the video stream with chat opportunities offer collaborative opportunities

 21:50:57  colettec  EdTechTalk: right now i’ve only seen a lot of talking heads

 21:51:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes — lot sof us looking a little less than pristine!

 21:51:04  lori a  EdTechTalk: me too like the visual

 21:51:06  Janice S  EdTechTalk: I agree Kristen. I like audio

 21:51:10  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Except Kristin looked fine — 😉

 21:51:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: CLehmann had kids in his

 21:51:13 [Action] JasonR  EdTechTalk: personal agenda: The value of video…access to primary resources. http://www.cilc.org/

 21:51:14  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: where did Talking Heads come from???  I have heard that a lot this week

 21:51:16  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Don’t need the lipgloss 🙂

 21:51:23  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I am more comfortable with audio

 21:51:27  lori a  EdTechTalk: expressions

 21:51:30  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: and can wear glasses

 21:51:33  Linda N  EdTechTalk: I prefer the visual- I’m much more a visual learner.

 21:51:35  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: it is too hard to get ready for video*)

 21:51:36  colettec  EdTechTalk: people talking at a camera – too much like a lecture

 21:51:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: not that i need to anymore

 21:51:38  Marie C  EdTechTalk: it is more real, too!

 21:51:38  djakes  EdTechTalk: Its not what it is now, its what it will become

 21:51:40  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: I am too much of a visual learner to focus on audio for an hour

 21:51:47  colettec  EdTechTalk: i like it when there is conversation

 21:51:49  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes: deep, very deep

 21:51:51  SWagner  EdTechTalk: you did it well in the keynote!

 21:51:55  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: I tend to focus more when I have to listen and not watch

 21:51:56  Marie C  EdTechTalk: But without bandwidth support, not good enough for me

 21:51:58  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: true djakes

 21:52:04  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Talking heads is a term that is used by those in the video industry

 21:52:06  djakes  EdTechTalk: @kwalter.  Thanks

 21:52:07  colettec  EdTechTalk: and chat!!

 21:52:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Here is the post about Arthus and kristin on ustream — http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2007/10/arthus-started-freelancing-when-he-was.html

 21:52:11  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: I’m at an assistive tech conference and plan to ustream some of the new technology that will be announced this week

 21:52:14  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: it can be a bain for lesser bandwidth folks

 21:52:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: If you were in iJohn’s ustream — say ME ME ME

 21:52:24  colettec  EdTechTalk: so true cathy

 21:52:26  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: K12OL did good offering video and audio options

 21:52:27  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: ME Me ME

 21:52:28  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: at CTG?

 21:52:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I think ustreaming out of conference is great — do a live google presentation adn ustream it too.

 21:52:31  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:52:36  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @shelly, yes!

 21:52:36  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Karen, send out a twitter when you do.

 21:52:38  sharonp  EdTechTalk: I can see its use in  a conference – had not problem with that

 21:52:39  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: ME ME ME

 21:52:41  djakes  EdTechTalk: People are playing uStream like a video game, see what it can do..

 21:52:42  lori a  EdTechTalk: watched that ustreaqm

 21:52:44  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: missing it this year

 21:52:46  djakes  EdTechTalk: ijohn reference

 21:52:46  arthus  EdTechTalk: that sounds cool

 21:52:48  Durff  EdTechTalk: i watched that

 21:52:49  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: okay — only 4 of us??

 21:52:49  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ys vicki that was awesome

 21:52:50  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: 🙁

 21:52:51  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Me

 21:52:52  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @mk, i will

 21:52:52  JasonR  EdTechTalk: http://www.megaconferencejr.org/

 21:52:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Here is my ustream – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cool-cat-teacher-tv

 21:52:57  Durff  EdTechTalk: and so did my principal

 21:52:58  colettec  EdTechTalk: will people not go to conference if they know it’s on ustream, chat, and twitter???

 21:52:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: youch

 21:53:00  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: tho the chat feature is blcoked i still got to watch

 21:53:02  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: Iwe have a Vermont Ed Tech Conference soon and I really want to try to Ustream some of it

 21:53:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: No, there is still something about f2f.

 21:53:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: id much rather GO to the conf

 21:53:13  arthus  EdTechTalk: Vermont Ed Tech?

 21:53:16  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: There always a need for f2f

 21:53:17  sharonp  EdTechTalk: it is just that talking heads doesn’t do much for me

 21:53:19  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: colettec, people still  like face 2 face

 21:53:20  colettec  EdTechTalk: but not all can afford

 21:53:25  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: http://ustream.tv/channel/the-connected-classroom

 21:53:26  arthus  EdTechTalk: nobody told me?!

 21:53:29  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: But think of the people who can’t go

 21:53:31  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: get a feel for true personality

 21:53:32  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Rep from Skype was in my classroom yesterday – wouldn’t elaborate but said that Oct. 30 they are making an announcement about a new Skype tool.

 21:53:32  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: visual – also think about multicultural impact

 21:53:34  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: to the conference

 21:53:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: That is when you need to "kick them out"

 21:53:36  Marie C  EdTechTalk: will take advantage of virtual connections, but need F2F as well

 21:53:37  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: tv ads 10lbs

 21:53:39  arthus  EdTechTalk: I live in Vermont 🙂

 21:53:43  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: grrr I hate that I can’t type or copy

 21:53:48  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Have a backchannel bouncer — so you can remove people who "hijack" the chat.

 21:53:49  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: and it was EMBARRASING

 21:53:50  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: being comfortable chatting and seeing the different faces, ages, races

 21:53:53  Durff  EdTechTalk: we are made for relationship – cultivated by the conversation

 21:53:54  Marie C  EdTechTalk: High Tech, High Touch!

 21:53:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: You have to have a person in charge of it.

 21:54:01  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: that was embarrassing –

 21:54:03  fceblog  EdTechTalk: (note to self: this chat is way fast. Am I getting older or what?) End of rant.

 21:54:06  JasonR  EdTechTalk: But talking heads isn’t a mistake of the medium, it’s of the messanger

 21:54:12  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: that’s Kristin!!!!

 21:54:14  arthus  EdTechTalk: it’s fast for me too

 21:54:15  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: oh good one

 21:54:17  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: lisa P thats you

 21:54:17  djakes  EdTechTalk: chatcast callout!

 21:54:20  arthus  EdTechTalk: and I;m 14

 21:54:24  fceblog  EdTechTalk: @arthus 😉

 21:54:28  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: What’s me?

 21:54:30  Durff  EdTechTalk: feed ajkes

 21:54:33  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: wish there was a way to control the speed of the chat!!!

 21:54:34  djakes  EdTechTalk: I think arthus is really Gary Stager

 21:54:35  Durff  EdTechTalk: jakes

 21:54:35  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We’re just getting a lot in here — I keep scrolling back and forth to see it all.

 21:54:37  fceblog  EdTechTalk: late thirties, but still…

 21:54:39  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i appreciate that Jakes blogged and invited anyone interested during BLC

 21:54:41  SWagner  EdTechTalk: we are just learning to use them really

 21:54:41  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: it is the abiliyt to communicate beone the room, beyond teh boundaries

 21:54:44  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: @djakes — I’ve met ARthus — he’s not.

 21:54:45  arthus  EdTechTalk: lol… who’s Gary?

 21:54:49  SWagner  EdTechTalk: lol!

 21:54:53  djakes  EdTechTalk: just kidding of course

 21:54:58  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: not me

 21:54:58  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: lol jakes

 21:55:00  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: lol

 21:55:00  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: duh

 21:55:05  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Why can’t we ssee video of the dog?

 21:55:05  fceblog  EdTechTalk: I like the way David says "over"

 21:55:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: i’m surprised

 21:55:06  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: The dog rules all – as it should be

 21:55:06  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Would gary stager join us in WOW?

 21:55:10  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: star on videos

 21:55:11  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Float the chat window and make it full page size to make it "slower"

 21:55:11  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: There are right and wrong ways to do backchanneling.

 21:55:18  djakes  EdTechTalk: Sorry Arthus

 21:55:22  sharonp  EdTechTalk: I think GAry would

 21:55:22  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Smaller chat window goes quicker?

 21:55:24  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don’t know Karen — we’ll ahve to see, however, I might have to run for cover.

 21:55:26  mmiller  EdTechTalk: Good night! Thanks for sharing. Very cool having students here my future student needs to  go to bed.

 21:55:28  arthus  EdTechTalk: it’s fine 🙂

 21:55:30  kwalter  EdTechTalk: There goes djakes, harassing us students

 21:55:32  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: great question!

 21:55:35  djakes  EdTechTalk: Absolutely

 21:55:39  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: i’m still wondering JW

 21:55:40  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Night Melinda

 21:55:40  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Yes!

 21:55:52  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I would want to know if I was being recorded

 21:55:53  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I recorded Karl Fisch at NECC and I did ask permission

 21:55:54  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I think the speakers should set up their own backchannel.

 21:55:54  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: what did u think Kitty?

 21:55:54  arthus  EdTechTalk: who was talking about VT ed tech?

 21:56:01  colettec  EdTechTalk: recording without permission might be tricky

 21:56:06  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, Always ask — that is important to always ask.

 21:56:06  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: yes, we NEED a larger chat window so it’s not so quick for us oldtimers

 21:56:07  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: I would pay

 21:56:09  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: did anyone else lose volume or is it just me 🙁

 21:56:09  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:56:10  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: lucie from Vermont here

 21:56:11  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Offer it for a fee

 21:56:13  Durff  EdTechTalk: the quality of conferences should increase

 21:56:14  djakes  EdTechTalk: that was iJohn

 21:56:16  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: California has some sureptitious recording laws.

 21:56:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Oh, John — he knew we were dong it —

 21:56:17  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: A little overwhelmed right now.

 21:56:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: LOL

 21:56:20  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: vtfest conference

 21:56:22  JasonR  EdTechTalk: In FL and other states, it is the law. Have to let people know they are being recorded if they have expectation of privacy.  Left-over wiretapping lawas.

 21:56:22  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I have a small child so I can’t always attend conferences

 21:56:22  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yeah NEngland

 21:56:25  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: that you were recording it

 21:56:25  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Although Teaching is considered performance

 21:56:29  arthus  EdTechTalk: please PM ME

 21:56:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I ustreamed myself.

 21:56:39  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Jason it’s NOT private

 21:56:40  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: maybe online access registration will come

 21:56:42  SWagner  EdTechTalk: I would much rather get together with you all in a room than do it this way if at all possible!

 21:56:43  Marie C  EdTechTalk: always ask – common courtesy

 21:56:45  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: plan to listen to the podast again to focus on the real conversation and not the backchannel chat

 21:56:48  colettec  EdTechTalk: not everyone will ask though …

 21:56:49  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: I think you should also ask the participants

 21:56:58  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: It opens up the conference for more than can get there

 21:56:58  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: BUT since they are being paid, or conf is paid, there is monetary issues

 21:56:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: The studies show that f2f is still more effective suprise suprise lol

 21:57:09  arthus  EdTechTalk: legal problems…

 21:57:11  Marie C  EdTechTalk: but asking is not part of the culture anymore – think you tube videos

 21:57:11  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: It is nice to get together but not always possible

 21:57:13  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hi dean

 21:57:14  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Agreed, always ask… same thing if I want to record a teacher’s lecture (iPod recorderer)

 21:57:15  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: it is just polite to ask, that is being a good 21st century citizen

 21:57:16  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Hi Dean!

 21:57:18  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Expectation of privacy

 21:57:21  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Jason- 9th circuit says that privcay doesn’t apply in teaching

 21:57:23  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Hi Dean

 21:57:24  djakes  EdTechTalk: Dean are you in Nashville

 21:57:25  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: ISTE charges $$ for webinars, will probably happen related to conferences too

 21:57:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ur late

 21:57:27  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: The blogger cafe was very exciting and the sharing of the ideas was great — but sharing and having the mini conference in between sessions was great.  It is about networking.

 21:57:28  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: how transparent should we make ourselves?

 21:57:33  colettec  EdTechTalk: ustream might be good publicity for conferences – like free downloads on itunes

 21:57:33  SWagner  EdTechTalk: The Backchannel of NECC is what made it such success I think.

 21:57:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: i was honored to be in those backchannels

 21:57:47  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: The difficult part would be stopping the people who are doing it themselves

 21:57:48  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, you were, Durff.  A big part of NECC.

 21:57:51  SWagner  EdTechTalk: but the conference still needed to be there

 21:57:52  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: all around $$$$

 21:58:00  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It is great advertising!!!!

 21:58:00  shareski  EdTechTalk: No not in Nashville but will be hooking up with Bud Hunt for an edtechposse podcast…..just popping in for a second

 21:58:01  Durff  EdTechTalk: thanks coolcat

 21:58:02  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: I think they shouldn’t over -react  – most of those Ustreaming or whatever would still rather be there

 21:58:05  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Sandy — buthow many people do you think were part of that backchannel — do you think it was the minority of attendees??

 21:58:05  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: not everyone can go to the big EXPENSIVE conf

 21:58:05  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: People still want the f2f.

 21:58:06  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: this is the only way you could have a paid online conference

 21:58:13  lori a  EdTechTalk: I was skyped into NECC – that wasn’t much different

 21:58:14  djakes  EdTechTalk: thanks

 21:58:20  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: my fam is asking me to choos edcon or necc

 21:58:23  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: do we need to pay conference fee, air fare AND hotel/meals or can we do free PD?

 21:58:26  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i want BOTH

 21:58:30  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: I wish I had spent more time in the "unconference" I enjoyed the sesions, but I REALLY wish I had spent more time with my learning community

 21:58:32  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Cathy–do both

 21:58:33  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I understand Cathy!

 21:58:34  JasonR  EdTechTalk: Off to watch frontline. Great preso tonight. WOW!

 21:58:36  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: both is imprortant

 21:58:36  carolynf  EdTechTalk: your family will be okay

 21:58:37  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I want the NECC cruise  🙂

 21:58:37  Marie C  EdTechTalk: oh Cathy – tough choice

 21:58:40  carolynf  EdTechTalk: they are at different times!!

 21:58:41  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Philly a long way from SC as is san antonio

 21:58:46  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: When my daughter is older I am going to go to everything!

 21:58:47  sharonp  EdTechTalk: conferences are more about networrking f2f than the presentations imho

 21:58:51  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: Karen, there is powere in being there

 21:58:55  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: have headache – this is too fast for me

 21:58:56  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: we should probably pay,

 21:58:59  colettec  EdTechTalk: true sharon

 21:59:01  courosa  EdTechTalk: Here’s an interesting question for David, should students have the right to broadcast the learning they are receiving to parents?

 21:59:07  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: leaving to watch red sox vs. cleveland

 21:59:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: my school starting talking about david because of principal seeing him on ijohn’s ustream

 21:59:10  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: power in hands on sessions too – with peers side by side

 21:59:11  JenMad  EdTechTalk: night all!

 21:59:13  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Night Karen

 21:59:13  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: karen, don’t read the chat, it will be in the website later,

 21:59:16  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: If someone isn’t paying to have or to see Warlick, they just can’t afford it if they are into web 2.0

 21:59:17  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Cathy–sometimes it’s good for our families to function without us

 21:59:18  colettec  EdTechTalk: a great way to meet f2f with folks you’ve talked online

 21:59:19  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Bye Karen

 21:59:21  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: GO INDIANS

 21:59:22  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, your customers do advertise for you.  it is grassroots — word of mouth — people trust people they know.

 21:59:23  carolynf  EdTechTalk: good practice for them!

 21:59:25  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Night

 21:59:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: yes

 21:59:27  whynot88  EdTechTalk: @courosa isn’t that what the dinner table is about?

 21:59:28  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Our friends are our filter.

 21:59:30  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: go redsoc

 21:59:32  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Go Red Sox!

 21:59:33  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @cheryl – it’s too tempting, don’t want to miss anything1

 21:59:34  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: sox

 21:59:34  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: stupid analogy – but ppl still buy books even tho there are libraries – will always be both

 21:59:36  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: remember i am living 170 mi away during the week

 21:59:41  SWagner  EdTechTalk: NECC in Philly got very little response outside the conference itself

 21:59:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, we’re just augmenting what we already have.

 21:59:46  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Red Sox Rule!

 21:59:50  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Take the family.  We talked about San Antonion tonight at home.

 21:59:50  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: @johnsoj2 Yep

 21:59:53  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Sandy — I would agree — and were you there??

 21:59:55  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: i have a teen son washing clothes andf cooking

 21:59:58  carolynf  EdTechTalk: San Antonio is a great family place

 22:00:02  SWagner  EdTechTalk: I was in Philly

 22:00:03  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: sox losing 2 -0

 22:00:04  shareski  EdTechTalk: @TekZeno…not right now…3-0 Indians

 22:00:09  Marie C  EdTechTalk: Hey Johnsoj2 – didn’t realize you were here!

 22:00:11  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: But Washington DC is the one I am SOOO looking forward too

 22:00:14  courosa  EdTechTalk: @whynot88: It’s only the student’s retelling in that case … not a direct message.

 22:00:18  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: I won’t make it to NECC, but I will try for Calif CUE

 22:00:19  whynot88  EdTechTalk: I live in Philly, but NMSA was more fun there

 22:00:19  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Oh I’m still all about wikis — Google docs has a place too.

 22:00:20  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Anyone got money to pay for me to go to NECC this year : )

 22:00:21  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Sandy — I was in PHILLY too??

 22:00:21  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: very cool… arthus and I are neighbors from Vermont… way cool

 22:00:23  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: what’s in dc

 22:00:28  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: hey marie c – just came in a few min ago – moving fast!

 22:00:30  colettec  EdTechTalk: and me???

 22:00:36  kwalter  EdTechTalk: I’ll be at NECC this (next) year

 22:00:40  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: put ads on ur blog brian

 22:00:41  arthus  EdTechTalk: very cool

 22:00:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: NECC in DC

 22:00:46  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: I hope to be there

 22:00:47  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: hi miguel welcome

 22:00:51  fceblog  EdTechTalk: HI Miguel

 22:00:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: Ill be in San Antonio for sure

 22:00:53  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @kevinwalter – will you be prresenting?

 22:00:55  colettec  EdTechTalk: google docs rock!!!

 22:00:55  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: Tek have 3 little kids, but I know that I NEED this for my own PD

 22:00:56  Durff  EdTechTalk: miguel!

 22:00:56  SWagner  EdTechTalk: thought I saw you there Jen  😉

 22:00:57  djakes  EdTechTalk: @kwalter.  Gotta go

 22:00:58  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Going to NECC, going to Edu in PA too and CUE

 22:01:01  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I think that there are some guidelines for how to use some tools — but those of us who live in them learn that and can do it quickly.

 22:01:05  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: Howdy

 22:01:07  whynot88  EdTechTalk: When is NECC in DC? 2009?

 22:01:07  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: Howdy

 22:01:09  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: campaigning hard for philly educon

 22:01:10  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: Durff

 22:01:11  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Karen: that’s what djakes suggested, but nope, not my first year at least

 22:01:13  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: @Durff NECC in PHilly in 2011 —wcould use your help

 22:01:14  djakes  EdTechTalk: See Kevin, they want you to presnt

 22:01:15  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Hi Miguel — nice to see you

 22:01:17  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes whynot

 22:01:19  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: 2009 in DC yes

 22:01:24  carolynf  EdTechTalk: good Cathy–I’m going to try to go to educon

 22:01:27  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes: 2009. Fine!

 22:01:28  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: yes 2009 in DC

 22:01:29  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Formulas and rules are too confining- limit creativity

 22:01:31  colettec  EdTechTalk: its not which tool to use when – it all about the learning!!!!!

 22:01:32  SWagner  EdTechTalk: We are just learning how these tools work.. it will take some time

 22:01:32  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: what was the chat room count?

 22:01:33  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @kwalter – you should present!!!

 22:01:33  Durff  EdTechTalk: me to

 22:01:37  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: we need to have FUN in DC!!

 22:01:37  Marie C  EdTechTalk: funny how online learning came about because of the asychn reasons and now we want synch! 

 22:01:47  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Okay media specialist is Philly a must?

 22:01:48  carolynf  EdTechTalk: it’s interesting–some teachers do want something concrete

 22:01:49  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Good point Marie!

 22:01:51  whynot88  EdTechTalk: Yay! I like being able to take the train.

 22:01:52  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: But as Cheryl said last week those who present the same thing over and over are in trouble in this world.

 22:01:53  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Karen: too late to present at NECC 08 now

 22:01:59  carolynf  EdTechTalk: podcasting–did anyone see the k12online on podcasting from your cell phone

 22:02:01  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: setting up the uStream on David was almost too easy…and it was much more powerful doing it in real life than just beign a participant

 22:02:02  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Rbiche – hi

 22:02:02  kwalter  EdTechTalk: proposals were due few weeks ago

 22:02:09  Durff  EdTechTalk: i’m professionaqlly listening at Educon an PETE-C

 22:02:11  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: it ROCKED Carolyn

 22:02:12  arthus  EdTechTalk: NECC 08 needs students

 22:02:14  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: the experience was just strange

 22:02:16  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: rightnow — 58 in chat

 22:02:20  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Concrete = safety

 22:02:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: you arthus

 22:02:24  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Ads on my blog – that would make me $2.00 : )

 22:02:24  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: is there a librarian in the audience

 22:02:28  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: im a proud groupie

 22:02:30  carolynf  EdTechTalk: yes, Cathy…I think our principal would try it if it was that easy

 22:02:32  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: are we lemmings?

 22:02:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Yes, that is what David does, he talks to a lot of people. 

 22:02:36  djakes  EdTechTalk: @arthus.  Everything like this needs kids

 22:02:36  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Yes, librarian here.

 22:02:37  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Techsavvygirl  I’m librarian

 22:02:39  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Group group to belong to 🙂

 22:02:41  rbiche  EdTechTalk: DianeHammond-Hi-just signed up (yes I can)

 22:02:41  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Brian — it took WOW2 a year to make $100 on google ads

 22:02:44  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Happy lemmings

 22:02:46  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: He does a great job with that!!!

 22:02:48  arthus  EdTechTalk: I’m trying to get to some conferences

 22:02:50  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: we need a t-shirt

 22:02:51  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: presenting to librarian this week

 22:02:58  arthus  EdTechTalk: maybe Chris’s at SLA

 22:03:00  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: David Warlick?

 22:03:01  fceblog  EdTechTalk: Will David get the same questions from different audiences? Presenter+ audience make the event. Not just streaming past events.

 22:03:01  carolynf  EdTechTalk: where, techsavvy?

 22:03:02  colettec  EdTechTalk: we are just looking for others who speak our language – no one else at my school does

 22:03:03  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I met David when he talked to me at GAETC.

 22:03:03  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: could use a partner to do something live

 22:03:05  Durff  EdTechTalk: PETE-C!

 22:03:06  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: when he talkws to u at edublogger con

 22:03:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: yes THE DAvid Warlick.

 22:03:11  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: David is awesome!

 22:03:11  arthus  EdTechTalk: if I ccan… psossibly… hopefully

 22:03:14  djakes  EdTechTalk: How many people have been influenced by David Warlick?

 22:03:15  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: I was astonished that he was so real

 22:03:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: will would probably take u arthus

 22:03:20  colettec  EdTechTalk: ME

 22:03:21  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Me

 22:03:21  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Nothing.

 22:03:22  Durff  EdTechTalk: i hope so

 22:03:25  CheriT  EdTechTalk: thank you david

 22:03:28  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Great point Cheryll

 22:03:29  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @djakes – greatly influenced!

 22:03:31  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Say MEMME ME if you have been influenced by David

 22:03:31  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: cheers!

 22:03:32  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: The most quoted man in the world!!!

 22:03:37  kwalter  EdTechTalk: djakes: me for one… that workshop I went to with you guys got me into this edtech world

 22:03:37  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: I had lunch with David the first time I met him!

 22:03:38  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: MEMEMEME

 22:03:40  KimVance  EdTechTalk: @techsavygirl What grade do you teach

 22:03:40  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: or MEMEME

 22:03:42  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: rbiche – great! just approved your registration

 22:03:43  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: ME ME ME

 22:03:43  Linda N  EdTechTalk: @collette Agreed! Amen!

 22:03:44  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: ive been influenced by will, david W and david J–web 20 and dig storytelling

 22:03:46  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: He’s awesome!

 22:03:48  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: I liked the chat in SL

 22:03:49  djakes  EdTechTalk: David Warlick has brought more people into effective technology use than anyone

 22:03:50  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: aboot

 22:03:51  ijohnpederson  EdTechTalk: sweet

 22:03:56  lori a  EdTechTalk: meme

 22:03:58  carolynf  EdTechTalk: owt

 22:03:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: David started me and so many have influenced me after I got started.

 22:04:00  carolynf  EdTechTalk: 😉

 22:04:02  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: but tis about the learning and teaching remember

 22:04:04  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: and will richardson , too

 22:04:05  arthus  EdTechTalk: if anyone can help me with conferences, please speak!

 22:04:07  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Its that Canadian thing!!! : )

 22:04:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: So many great people in this world who are doing some wonderful things.

 22:04:09  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: ahbauoot

 22:04:14  Durff  EdTechTalk: vicki influences me

 22:04:15  carolynf  EdTechTalk: arthus, what do you need?

 22:04:16  colettec  EdTechTalk: and all of you!!!!!!

 22:04:17  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: this hour flew by!

 22:04:18  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Many of them are asleep right now.

 22:04:19  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: heck, i missed it again

 22:04:22  Marie C  EdTechTalk: thanks all!

 22:04:25  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Thank you

 22:04:26  djakes  EdTechTalk: @arthus. I can help. david.jakes on Skype

 22:04:31  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: congrats on first year

 22:04:31  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: you can catch the podcast

 22:04:32  rbiche  EdTechTalk: @dianehammond students will be jazzed-especially in the midst of testing week

 22:04:33  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I haven’t had time to do k12 online but I’m going to eventually.

 22:04:34  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: THX so much fun

 22:04:34  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: Enjoy CTG

 22:04:34  arthus  EdTechTalk: I really want to go to one… but being 14 is a little inhibitive

 22:04:36  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: good night all

 22:04:38  Gary  EdTechTalk: Americans "hear"  in a funny way.

 22:04:39  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: Great hour!

 22:04:41  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Thank you!

 22:04:42  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: You and I should start a fund to pay for students going to edtech confs

 22:04:42  CheriT  EdTechTalk: Great show!!!

 22:04:43  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: thanks for being in the chat you make our show

 22:04:44  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @shelly, thanx

 22:04:45  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: thanks

 22:04:50  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Thanks David and everyone!

 22:04:52  colettec  EdTechTalk: great show – great chat

 22:04:54  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: Great show thanks

 22:04:58  lori a  EdTechTalk: happy bdy again

 22:05:01  LoriSheldon  EdTechTalk: congrats wow2!!!!

 22:05:02  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: i can’t get to mine at school 🙁

 22:05:05  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: tools ROCKED best how to so far

 22:05:06  arthus  EdTechTalk: good idea

 22:05:09  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I just love this place — and you!!!

 22:05:09  sharonp  EdTechTalk: what a great chat this week!!

 22:05:09  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We do hear in a funny way — lol

 22:05:11  ShelleyArdis  EdTechTalk: Happy Anniversary!

 22:05:12  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: thanks so much!!!

 22:05:12  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: far

 22:05:14  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Great conversations tonight! David Thanks for sharing once again.

 22:05:15  colettec  EdTechTalk: delicious rocks!!

 22:05:19  arthus  EdTechTalk: let’s wor on it

 22:05:19  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: @arthus, can you come to the Christa Mccauliffe conference in Nashua?

 22:05:20  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: WHAT CATHY?

 22:05:20  Durff  EdTechTalk: arthus – find a parental type figure to travel with

 22:05:24  CheriT  EdTechTalk: congrats WOW on your first birthday

 22:05:26  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: tools video was great. Alan Levine as a guest?

 22:05:28  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: far far

 22:05:30  arthus  EdTechTalk: email me: http://newlyancient.com

 22:05:33  DanaM  EdTechTalk: Thank you all for the inspiring news and pioneer efforts in Ed

 22:05:34  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: That is one thing we don’t teach!!! lol

 22:05:35  Jane  EdTechTalk: I made it into the chat room and the show finishes !\

 22:05:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: please edit that

 22:05:38  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Yes – Congrats WOW!!!

 22:05:39  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: Happy B-Day WOW!

 22:05:42  johnsoj2  EdTechTalk: Cathy, that is one you shan’t live down…

 22:05:42  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I’m sorry I had to mute.

 22:05:44  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: post show is coming at you!

 22:05:47  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Thanks so much David for all the sharing you do!!!

 22:05:47  carolynf  EdTechTalk: Happppppy Anniversary!!!

 22:05:48  Gary  EdTechTalk: 😀

 22:05:55  arthus  EdTechTalk: Karen, still negotiating

 22:05:57  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: anyone know the score of redsox?

 22:05:58  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Thanks much. Late to arrive. But great!

 22:06:02  Durff  EdTechTalk: clap, clap

 22:06:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: thanks

 22:06:04  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: SO awesome -thank you ladies, and David

 22:06:06  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: 6-0

 22:06:06  shareski  EdTechTalk: 3-0 Indians

 22:06:07  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: clap clap

 22:06:11  colettec  EdTechTalk: clap, clap, clap

 22:06:15  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: woot indians

 22:06:17  fceblog  EdTechTalk: clap, clap

 22:06:25  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: Booooo indians!

 22:06:29  colettec  EdTechTalk: visualizing my avatar clapping

 22:06:30  Jane  EdTechTalk: Anyone know why I can get into the chat room on my old ibook but not with my new macbook?

 22:06:30  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: go sox

 22:06:34  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: aw shucks been using the tools since 1984

 22:06:42  lori a  EdTechTalk: I did Fred Mail too

 22:06:43  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Oh Cathy, the wallflower makes herself known.

 22:06:43  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It is like we are accelerating so much.

 22:06:44  SWagner  EdTechTalk: @cole ha ha!!!!

 22:06:46  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: I love AL

 22:06:51  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: shhhh

 22:06:53  MGuhlin.net  EdTechTalk: @Jane: Java?

 22:06:53  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: jane what browser in the macbook?

 22:07:03  Jane  EdTechTalk: Firefox in both

 22:07:03  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Just gotta love Al Rodgers!!

 22:07:04  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: It is really a bit exhausting.

 22:07:07  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: please edit Cheryl or who ever does the chat room post

 22:07:11  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Jane, I use flock and firefox and it works.Safari not that great.

 22:07:14  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: speed of light year this

 22:07:18  colettec  EdTechTalk: this year has been amazing in edtech

 22:07:19  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Love you Cathy!!!

 22:07:22  MeganGolding  EdTechTalk: thanks, wow!

 22:07:28  SWagner  EdTechTalk: telnet days!

 22:07:30  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Yes – change after change – can’t keep up!

 22:07:32  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: I just started up on my new MacBook and all is working.

 22:07:34  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: hearts for everyone

 22:07:34  lori a  EdTechTalk: lots of many changes these past two years

 22:07:40  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: anyone else use FredMail??

 22:07:41  carolynf  EdTechTalk: So interesting that David is talking about the early 90’s

 22:07:45  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Fredmail?

 22:07:45  Durff  EdTechTalk: are we all saying that we didn’t feel/see this coming ths fall? the acceleration i mean

 22:07:46  carolynf  EdTechTalk: I keep thinking about that lately

 22:07:48  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: and i successfully brought five but didn’t want to embarrass them

 22:07:50  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: iI think it is accellerating as the # of tools do

 22:07:50  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: I’m Skyping and that seems so last year : )

 22:07:50  Janice S  EdTechTalk: I did!

 22:07:51  colettec  EdTechTalk: i can’t believe how much i have learned this year

 22:07:52  carolynf  EdTechTalk: how we were doing video in the 90’s with the macs

 22:07:56  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and using webcams

 22:07:59  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Blogs are something people are accepting more now.

 22:08:00  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and then it sort of stopped

 22:08:01  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: I did collaborative projects with kids with telnet and gopher pre WWW

 22:08:02  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: i’m an OLD BBS person myself…

 22:08:05  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: and yes opportunity and awareness

 22:08:07  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: I was still using punch cards for SPSS in college in 1984

 22:08:08  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: Moos and MUDS 🙂

 22:08:09  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: FredMail was free email between educational arenas

 22:08:15  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: i presented in google presentation for admin today, next time I’ll have chat going

 22:08:15  colettec  EdTechTalk: punch cards – yes!

 22:08:16  arthus  EdTechTalk: I was born after BBS

 22:08:20  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: David was one of the pioneers – with Al and other teachers

 22:08:24  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I don’t see why parents get so upset about blogging in the classroom when they let their kids get on Xbox live.

 22:08:26  lori a  EdTechTalk: predecessors to SL

 22:08:27  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: Wow Cheryl!

 22:08:29  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: With no supervision.

 22:08:30  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: 😉

 22:08:32  Jane  EdTechTalk: I spent today in a school with a teacher just getting her head around ppt. we may be acceleraating but many people are not

 22:08:32  colettec  EdTechTalk: tipping point – ???

 22:08:32  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: and hours at the BIG computer

 22:08:35  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Artus, do you even KNOW what punchcards are?

 22:08:39  kwalter  EdTechTalk: Vicki: good point

 22:08:40  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: lol

 22:08:44  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Yes and yet many around me are excited about sending attachments in email without help!!!

 22:08:45  SWagner  EdTechTalk: many TEACHERS are not

 22:08:46  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: room sized computer

 22:08:49  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: this is the tipping point colettec, I agree

 22:08:49  AliceMercer  EdTechTalk: Yeah, you had to SCHEDULE time on teh computer

 22:08:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: from math class

 22:08:55  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: We’re still not at our school — it is a struggle, guys.  It is a huge struggle.

 22:08:58  arthus  EdTechTalk: method of storing info

 22:09:01  Gary  EdTechTalk: Punch cards and I

 22:09:02  kwalter  EdTechTalk: I have some ancient punchcards from my dad’s time at VaTech engineering school

 22:09:02  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: not scantron sheets

 22:09:04  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: Brian, we still celebrate those folks too

 22:09:08  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: B/c it is SO MUCH more than having a good technology teacher.

 22:09:14  lori a  EdTechTalk: my husband had a room size computer in his office

 22:09:16  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: The Ti[pping Point -Malcolm Gladwell?

 22:09:17  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: @briancrosby  isn’t that frightening though

 22:09:19  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I sometimes get so frustrated!!!

 22:09:21  lori a  EdTechTalk: tapes

 22:09:22  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: I rmeember CUSEE pioneers

 22:09:25  lisaparisi  EdTechTalk: Gotta go to bed. Lovin’ this conversation.  But good night everyone.

 22:09:30  carolynf  EdTechTalk: it’s strange to me that we are also still using the same tools

 22:09:32  Gary  EdTechTalk: IBM 360 and Fortran

 22:09:32  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: @kristin – yes!

 22:09:33  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: like jakes i have decided NOT to use the word integrate but instead teach and engaage

 22:09:33  ColleenK  EdTechTalk: Bye Lisa!

 22:09:34  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: I remember Classroom Connect Conferences!!  anyone else

 22:09:36  carolynf  EdTechTalk: webcams, chat

 22:09:37  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: nite lisap

 22:09:38  carolynf  EdTechTalk: video

 22:09:40  CheriT  EdTechTalk: bye lisa

 22:09:41  techsavvygirl  EdTechTalk: and my students learning that people put their cameras  in "interesting" places!

 22:09:45  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: It’s very sad that the pedadgogy is still in the pioneering stage!

 22:09:47  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Good night Lisa

 22:09:49  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: @Kristin – but things seem to be thawing some

 22:09:51  arthus  EdTechTalk: wow.. DOS

 22:09:54  SWagner  EdTechTalk: if you didnt know where you were going, you couldnt get there

 22:09:54  lori a  EdTechTalk: all text based

 22:09:56  colettec  EdTechTalk: cathy – or how about embedded

 22:09:58  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: scary

 22:09:59  arthus  EdTechTalk: scary 😛

 22:10:03  pollockburke  EdTechTalk: good night, all.  thanks for the great conversations!

 22:10:04  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: thawing slowly

 22:10:05  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: Jen-Classroom Connect in NYC

 22:10:05  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Brian, blogging is scaring my teachers.

 22:10:08  carolynf  EdTechTalk: doing websearches in dialog

 22:10:09  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: will said business goes at 100mph and educ goes 10 mph

 22:10:11  carolynf  EdTechTalk: anyone remember that?

 22:10:13  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: c prompt yikes!

 22:10:15  lori a  EdTechTalk: mosaic then

 22:10:24  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Cathy — remember Rem’s songs??

 22:10:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: bad memories

 22:10:29  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: thanks for being part of our anniversary show, you make our show happen

 22:10:31  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Do you remember the "maps" to the internet that PC mag. put out?

 22:10:34  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: I start teaching a 4 week class to teachers Thursday – will get my next "Pulse Reading"

 22:10:40  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: The told you how to find the different websites

 22:10:42  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I had 5th grade techers and am ready to teach the kids blogging but it is a handoff process — and I told them if they aren’t going to do it, I don’t have the time to set it up.

 22:10:46  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: Google Earth today with Mountain Ranges overlay in gr. 3

 22:10:53  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: I did it last year and the kids did two posts with me and the teacher didn’t moderate.

 22:10:53  colettec  EdTechTalk: muds???

 22:10:56  Janice S  EdTechTalk: They are still there : Gemstone

 22:10:56  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: AT ALL.

 22:11:01  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: oh cathyw, sounds fun

 22:11:01  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: My goal for the year is to get them all to set up a blog.  Teachers that is.

 22:11:04  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Ok, enough venting.

 22:11:05  carolynf  EdTechTalk: we were in a project at my campus in 94 where we were using chats, message boards, etc

 22:11:10  KimVance  EdTechTalk: MUD = multi user ??

 22:11:14  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: define muds

 22:11:15  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and now we are just now getting back to that…after 12 years

 22:11:23  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: please define

 22:11:24  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: Supt. in the room for Google Earth…

 22:11:25  SWagner  EdTechTalk: multi user dungeon… text based gaming

 22:11:27  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: funny full circle

 22:11:27  carolynf  EdTechTalk: and now we’re fighting for permission to use chats

 22:11:33  CheriT  EdTechTalk: mugs – mulit-user groups

 22:11:36  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: thx

 22:11:37  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: @cathyw, sweet!

 22:11:39  CheriT  EdTechTalk: multi

 22:11:49  arthus  EdTechTalk: brilliant

 22:11:52  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: yep

 22:11:58  lori a  EdTechTalk: MUDD multi user dungeons and dragons

 22:12:00  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Did Google Earth while being observed yesterday – people were blown away! Didn’t really do anything much.

 22:12:04  arthus  EdTechTalk: campaign to restore MUDDS

 22:12:15  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: yes Brian you did a lot you shared!

 22:12:17  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Like second life but with only text

 22:12:20  CheriT  EdTechTalk: mudds

 22:12:25  cathywolinsky  EdTechTalk: @Brian, you and I had the same day

 22:12:26  carolynf  EdTechTalk: lolol

 22:12:29  CheriT  EdTechTalk: mush

 22:12:31  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Brian, how did you use it.

 22:12:31  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: : )

 22:12:32  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: David why was it better? don’t the kids learn as much of different skills in VW’s like SL?

 22:12:32  alexragone  EdTechTalk: My first text based internet search was about fish tanks.

 22:12:42  CheriT  EdTechTalk: and that has hung on, Sharon

 22:12:53  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: heart hitchhikr

 22:12:58  lori a  EdTechTalk: text based so they had to write and read and imagine

 22:13:00  sharonp  EdTechTalk: Multi-User Shell

 22:13:04  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: bummer

 22:13:05  Anne V  EdTechTalk: I remember downloading a text list of Jane Austen references

 22:13:06  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: love that!

 22:13:08  arthus  EdTechTalk: so you think….

 22:13:08  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: IJohn showed off with Google Maps today.

 22:13:10  Durff  EdTechTalk:  warlick chat machine

 22:13:11  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: David is just amazing!

 22:13:13  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: WE ARE WAITING FOR THE CHAT

 22:13:14  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: more dave in ustream

 22:13:17  arthus  EdTechTalk: I have a secret project that wil take over world

 22:13:17  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: We are reading Maniac Magee and we travelled to places in Pennsylvania where it takes place

 22:13:19  Durff  EdTechTalk: we’re waiting

 22:13:25  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Cool

 22:13:33  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: great way to use the tools Brian

 22:13:40  sharonp  EdTechTalk: I love arthus’s ambition – just the world!

 22:13:44  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: @briancrosby…we belowng to that zoo

 22:13:50  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: that is where I grew up

 22:13:51  Anne V  EdTechTalk: whoa, I remember the global grocery list

 22:13:51  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Very cool, Brian.

 22:13:56  Durff  EdTechTalk: yes kristin – let’s revolt for the warlick chat!

 22:14:01  arthus  EdTechTalk: actually…. a couple of planets too

 22:14:02  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: I see a National Board Entry in Google Maps…HMMM.

 22:14:07  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: The film crew made me do it over and over so they could film the student reaction

 22:14:08  kristin hokanson  EdTechTalk: and live right down the street from there now

 22:14:13  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: any last questions?

 22:14:24  CheriT  EdTechTalk: where does David go next?

 22:14:30  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: jen were we supposed to be able to add to the googlemap?

 22:14:34  Janice S  EdTechTalk: 🙂

 22:14:35  arthus  EdTechTalk: what does he know?

 22:14:36  Durff  EdTechTalk: when is he realing the warlick chat?

 22:14:38  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: right now — he says nothing new?

 22:14:41  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: this from a man who built his antique typewriter within his first few visitis in SL

 22:14:42  arthus  EdTechTalk: what languages?

 22:14:43  kwalter  EdTechTalk: all the best programmers are self-taught

 22:14:44  colettec  EdTechTalk: like the way our kids figure out how to add widgets and cdd

 22:14:45  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Cathy — I coulnd’t get it to work

 22:14:46  colettec  EdTechTalk: css

 22:14:53  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: too bad

 22:15:04  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: shucks

 22:15:04  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: dwarlick does PHP programming

 22:15:14  arthus  EdTechTalk: good 🙂

 22:15:15  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: it got me throught my masters!

 22:15:18  Durff  EdTechTalk: we use the son of citation machine

 22:15:20  iscottanderson  EdTechTalk: bye all thanks for the great time

 22:15:28  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: swesome show

 22:15:31  arthus  EdTechTalk: I do PHP, CSS, XHTML, and RoR

 22:15:38  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: anyone one to send me to EdCon

 22:15:41  JenniferWagner  EdTechTalk: Night Scott

 22:15:45  kwalter  EdTechTalk: arthus: I’m jealous….wish I knew RoR

 22:16:04  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: I’m with Cathy.  Alms for the poor.

 22:16:09  kwalter  EdTechTalk: I dont ever plan on being a full-time webdev or code money, but I love hacking around websites for my own use

 22:16:11  KarenJanowski  EdTechTalk: good night all – great show tonight!

 22:16:13  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: David you are a joy for all of these reasons

 22:16:17  SWagner  EdTechTalk: scary too

 22:16:20  colettec  EdTechTalk: open source economy – way cool

 22:16:22  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Aha…caffeine=blogging in under ten minutes! no more herbal tea for me

 22:16:27  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: you are the penultimate sharer!

 22:16:29  CathyNelson in SC  EdTechTalk: clap clap clap

 22:16:30  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: I don’t think people realize that it’s important to click on the Google ads to keep the services "free"

 22:16:33  arthus  EdTechTalk: thank you

 22:16:34  Durff  EdTechTalk: i don’t want to know those languages, that’s where i hire people like you

 22:16:35  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Thanks David!

 22:16:37  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Good night David

 22:16:38  TekZeno  EdTechTalk: Thank you!

 22:16:38  ryanbretag  EdTechTalk: Good night all!

 22:16:39  mrslisalinn  EdTechTalk: nigth

 22:16:39  SWagner  EdTechTalk: Have a good night and thans David

 22:16:42  colettec  EdTechTalk: nite

 22:16:43  cheryloakes wow2 Happy!!  EdTechTalk: bye allthanks for joining.

 22:16:45  Janice S  EdTechTalk: Thanks, all!

 22:16:47  CheriT  EdTechTalk: night all

 22:16:50  Brian Crosby  EdTechTalk: Thanks David and Ladies!!!

 22:16:51  DianeHammond  EdTechTalk: Great show ladies!

 22:16:51  Durff  EdTechTalk: nite all

 22:16:53  PeggyG  EdTechTalk: Thaks David!

 22:16:56  lori a  EdTechTalk: night

 22:16:57  Linda N  EdTechTalk: Happy Anniversary and Good Night!

 22:17:01  emapey  EdTechTalk: thanks

 22:17:02  colettec  EdTechTalk: wow – my brain is tired

 22:17:06  kwalter  EdTechTalk: bye all

 22:17:08  lori a  EdTechTalk: lost audio

 22:17:10  lori a  EdTechTalk: night

 22:17:47  mkforbus  EdTechTalk: Carolyn, trying to follow you in Twitter.

 22:17:54  emapey  EdTechTalk: Hola Claudia

 22:21:00  SWagner  EdTechTalk: Great talk.  You ladies know how to put on a show.  Thanks

 22:29:49  Vicki Davis  EdTechTalk: Bye

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