Women of Web 2.0.9

Women of Web 2.0.9

January 1, 2007

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Chat Log Below

 dthaggard  Jen can you give me
suggestions on places to check out to learn how to do a podcast with my
 JenniferW  Donna — where are you
 JL  Will standby in case
any backup is needed
 JenniferW  ahhh — my newsletter
just talked about that — did you get it today??
 JenniferW  let me grab the link
 dthaggard  savannah
 JenniferW  AHHHH — that is right
 JenniferW  my new home soon!!!
Hope Hope
 JenniferW  I have an extra
microphone — however, I am not close enough to drop it off
 JenniferW  JL — you might want
to skypechat CO
 JenniferW  something about a
 dthaggard  I have looked at
several, but want to purchas a couple to use at school
 JenniferW  http://www.technospud.com/newsletter/Jan07_newsletter.pdf
 JenniferW  newsletter link —
part 1 of podcasting
 JenniferW  Hello SUE
 sroseman  Hi Jennifer
 JenniferW  Happy New Year
 sroseman  How was the parade
 JenniferW  kinda boring
 JenniferW  they took away my
favorite commentator
 sroseman  Happy New Year to you
 JenniferW  and I think I was
having a pity party
 sroseman  Who ?
 sroseman  is your fav
 JenniferW  Stephanie Edwards
 JenniferW  KTLA channel 5
 JenniferW  they replaced her with
a newbie
 JenniferW  well, a semi newbie —
a news caster I don’t really like
 JenniferW  Happy New Year, Chris
 sroseman  newbies seem to win
out these days
happy new year to you
hi chris
 sroseman  ditto
 charbeck1  I was playing with
flickr and left the stream open and all of a sudden there were voices
 JenniferW  Yes, the older
gentleman broadcaster of 30 years made a comment that I know will come
back and bite him
i hear voices
 dthaggard  jen would you please
resend me the link i got booted and lost the link
 JenniferW  http://www.technospud.com/newsletter/Jan07_newsletter.pdf
 sroseman  great newsletters from
you guys
thanks, glad youliked
 JenniferW  we need to correct Lee
Baber name wrong
 JenniferW  we need proofers to
proof the proofers
no proofing on
Newyears eve
 charbeck1  Jen It was my mic. I
needed a usb mic for the mini
 charbeck1  So I am set up on the
pc to do any skypecasting
 sharonp  hey, wow , chris is
here with the bunch!
 sharonp  am online and ready to
 charbeck1  I will go to the other
machine in a second
okay chris
 sroseman  how do I get into the
Skypecast again. I don’t see it listed
 charbeck1  could someone call me
I’ll bring y ou in
Chris, Susan what is yo ur skype name
 sroseman  tedandsue
 sroseman  not listed here
 sroseman  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/ongoing?offset=21
I’ll look for you
just o pen your skype
and I”ll look for you.
no skypecast
 sroseman  or is it sueandted
stiill don’t see you
 dave  happy 07 all
alice do you want to
come in?
 alicebarr  sure
 sharonp  welcome Vicki
happy 2007 Dave, How
has your weekend been?
 coolcatteacher  Hello everyone.
 dave  very nice thanks.
 CathyE  cevanoff
okay, cathy
 alicebarr  cheryl Skypcast?
no skypecast, just
 alicebarr  Ok I’m on
 sroseman  Can you see me online
 sharonp  dave, as in dave
 dave  yes.
 dave  that’s me
 sharonp  wow
 sharonp  you live
not yet susan
 dave  i’ve come back to the
land of the living
 dthaggard  i have a very unhappy
principal she was at the bowl game cheering for ga tech
 coolcatteacher  Yes, it looked like we
were going to win there for a little while.
 coolcatteacher  Very high scoring game.
i had to add you as a
contact susan, hang in
 dthaggard  yes, but new qb did
 coolcatteacher  Yes, he did very well.
 coolcatteacher  I wish Calvin Johnson
would say but I doubt it.
 coolcatteacher  He was amazing!
 dthaggard  are you in ga
 coolcatteacher  Yes, Camilla, GA and I
graduated from Georgia Tech.
 coolcatteacher  But I am 3 1/2 hours
from Atlanta.
 sroseman  I am on I think
 dthaggard  I was in Camilla once.
 sroseman  Can anyone bring me in
Susan, I saw you as a
contact, but not in my list yet
now you are, ready?
susan you did not last
 mrichme  we still have ice in
southwest Maine
 dthaggard  We wish we had snow
 CathyE  We are in shorts here
in NC
 dave  you guys are so cute
when you talk about snow…
 dave  groups are gripeable
post the link in the
chat pleas
 dave  http://budtheteacher.typepad.com/
thanks, dave
 dave  skype for mac crashes
on me too often
 sharonp  isn’t it all just
don’t jinx me dude!
 dave  oh no.
 dave  it is much more
important than a simple semantical debate
 sharonp  do tell
 dave  groups also require a
single, unified goal
 sharonp  who is defining these
 dave  where networks allow
for people with separate goals to work together when it happens to be
convenient or useful
 dave  that, at least, is the
distinction that Stephen makes
 dave  and one that I often
find very useful
 dave  how do groups make you
 dave  i would like to hear
more about that
 dave  definetely room for
both groups and networks
 sharonp  still want to know who
is making these distinctions?
Hi Michael from Maine
 mrichme  howdy
 dave  the terms ‘can
 dave  be interchangeable
 dave  but not in the sense
that stephen means
 sharonp  exclusionary? No – we
want to make this inclusive…
this is inclusive
 CathyE  Bud seems to have a
lack of things to blog about
or maybe stirring the
 dave  Bud and I have talked
about this at length… it is very important to him
 dave  it is certainly not
from a lack of time
 sharonp  Dave – you want to
join us in the skype
 dave  http://budtheteacher.typepad.com/bud_the_teacher/2006/12/how_would_you_s.html
no jinxing me dave
 sharonp  we think you need to
have the floor a bit
 dave  call me in if you like
 dave  i don’t know who’s
 sharonp  Cheryl is hosting
 dave  i’m not on my mac
 dave  this is my PC!
Dave am I your friend?
 coolcatteacher  No cliques here!
 dave  you were…
my skype would not
accept you, Dave
 dave  i’ve been having
problems with losing those lately
 coolcatteacher  Yes, when we listed
women of web 2 in the skypecast we kept getting people looking for
dates – for those who weren’t here for the fun.
I’ll try again Dave
sue we lost you?
 sroseman  What is happening?
Susan I am skype
 mrichme  here is the link to
the steven downes picture of groups and networks:
 Terry_Freedman  there is far too much
frivolity here
Happy New Year Terry!!!
 coolcatteacher  Sorry, Terry. We are
on a 30 second delay and this isn’t our regular thing.
 JenniferW  here is the link to
the pictures of Montreal that Sue was praising Sharon on —
 coolcatteacher  But Dave is really
giving some good stuff now!
 Terry_Freedman  Happy New Year
 sharonp  Terry! Nice to see you
 sroseman  very nice, Jen
 Terry_Freedman  thx
 sroseman  a good collection of
photos from everywhere
 charbeck1  nice rock pictures
 Terry_Freedman  thx. LOL
hm, it is a women’s
perspective about the web 2.0 tools
 dave  http://opensource.christophercraft.com/wp-content/downes_network.jpg
 CathyE  You ladies are doing a
WONDERFUL job! Don’t change a thing
thanks cathyeeeeee!
 TerryFreedman  I think the name is
(a) misleading and (b) exclusive in the worst possible sense!
any ideas? Terry? our
missing statement is so inclusive
 coolcatteacher  Have you seen our
mission statement.
I mean mission
 sroseman  Keep your mandate
…maybe define your mission
 TerryFreedman  no I haven’t, but I
think names are important, not mission statements
 TerryFreedman  I don’t like to feel
that I’m an honorary woman
 TerryFreedman  LOL
 coolcatteacher  To provide a
professional feminine voice in educational Web 2.0 discusssions to
reflect the female dominated classroom. The women of web 2.0 are female
but all discussions will move across gender, race, and country lines
and display the beautiful diversity of the internet kaleidoscope. We
are advocates for professional ethics, emerging technologies,
collaborative projects, quality best practices research, and teaching
students critical thinking skills. We are non-partisan and pro-student.
 TerryFreedman  thx
 dave  the cut across there
was a perfect example
 dave  the speaker, male, cut
off three female speakers in a row
 mrichme  I know that I was
intimidated by the name but I checked it out because of the topic and
lurked around but I was pleasantly surprised by the gender-neutral
tone! Thanks for having the great conversations around technology and
 TerryFreedman  well, fair enuf: I am
behind in my reading
 coolcatteacher  Sorry, Terry. Hope to
get up with you soon about flat classroom.
 coolcatteacher  We’re a little off
topic tonight.
 TerryFreedman  it isn’t even women of
web2, but North American womena of web 2, given the timing of most
 TerryFreedman  no prob Vicky
 sharonp  yes, Terry, we have
talked about that
 TerryFreedman  I did a load of work
on it this morning
 TerryFreedman  sorry Sharon
 TerryFreedman  I will shut up
 lee  Hi Terry
 sharonp  no, your voice is
 TerryFreedman  except to say: I
support everything u r doing
 lee  hello all
 TerryFreedman  Note that the 2nd ed
of Coming of Age has 50% women contributors now
 sharonp  CoA rocks! I know,
Terry, that having more female voice was important to you
 TerryFreedman  yes. I walk the walk.
I have written about getting more girls to move into IT careers
 TerryFreedman  + publicly critcised a
patronising attempt to do so
terry I have an
opening in skype are you in?
 CathyE  This 4 ladies have
empowered people to use the new tools that are available to educate the
students we encounter.
 sharonp  exactly
 TerryFreedman  + appointed women
Heads of department and advisors cos they were the best for the job
 sharonp  we need to keep the
discourse going
 TerryFreedman  Cheryl, how would I
I’ll bring you in to
the conference
 sharonp  Cheryl will drag you in
 sharonp  (kicking and
 TerryFreedman  i love being dragged
 TerryFreedman  lol
sure Terry
 charbeck  I do not think that he
disagrees with what is happening here
 coolcatteacher  Better than “drug”
like they say here.
 TerryFreedman  i can here two lots now
 charbeck  I love world bridges
turn off your stream,
then use yo ur headphones and mic
you are right chris
 charbeck  sometimes the website
can be too rich. You need to spend time instead of just reading the
 coolcatteacher  World Bridges is great!
 coolcatteacher  I think I hear Terry
or someone typing.
 TerryFreedman  me, sorry
 dave  like vance stevens’
 dave  for the 2002 evo
 coolcatteacher  I’d like to hear from
 TerryFreedman  I got nothing useful
to say
sure, Terry is in .
Terry, Just say
brillant, I love when you say that when we were skyping last week!
 TerryFreedman  lol
 coolcatteacher  We must keep the long
tail in perspective, I think that Dave really hit the nail on the head.
 coolcatteacher  That makes a lot of
 dave  we’ve discussed it
 coolcatteacher  Hee Hee
 dave  πŸ™‚
 lee  Is there a skypecast?
sorry, no skypecast
 lee  k
 CathyE  So you should be so
 dave  dave of web2
 CathyE  and don’t change your
 sharonp  no one would join dave
of web2
 sharonp  a community of one
 dave  i would.
 dave  i might join it twice.
 dave  with two different
email addresses
 lee  three..
 lee  as they say “me,
myself and I”
yes lee, or multiple
 dave  that’s a cool point
terry. about who’s fault it is.
 sharonp  bonnie *might* join
it, just to be nice
 dave  no. she wouldn’t. πŸ™‚
 TerryFreedman  thanks, Dave
 sharonp  most of the men who
have shown interest have been pleasantly surprised by how welcome they
have been
 TerryFreedman  I have never felt
 coolcatteacher  Thank you, Terry for
 TerryFreedman  yw
 sharonp  sorry Terry, should
have said that you were welcome to join us – thought you knew!
 dave  that is a nice point
 CathyE  I use Women of Web 2
to promote women in technology to my students cause as Thomas Friedman
says- “Girls, finish your homework-people in China and India aree
starving for your jobs.”
yes right
 sharonp  Actually, I think we
need to have this discussion every once in a while
 dave  i admire your honesty
 sharonp  Business and IT is
dominated by men
 TerryFreedman  ty, Dave
this is a great
conversation, makes me think too of the Zoe’s room for girls and
 sharonp  I have felt awkward
going into Tech meetings and being in a very small minority
 dave  keeping gender issues
on the front burner is useful
 dave  the question is… I
guess… is that something that you want to do
 charbeck  Aye vey what did I
start. Sorry again
 sharonp  AND being condescended
to…. on occasion, because I am blonde woman
 dave  πŸ™‚
 dave  and me, as a father,
from almost every woman i meet… these things exist all over our
 sharonp  However, I have often
gone to meetings or workshops where I have been greatly welcomed for
providing a female perspective
 dave  must go folks… sorry
to leave such a cool conversation
 coolcatteacher  Thanks, Dave.
 dave  kutgw
 TerryFreedman  bye, Dave
thanks for coming in
 dave  bye all.
 dave  my pleasure
 dave  great convo
 dave  cheers.
 charbeck  The bottom line is
that this is a group that helps all and is inclusive to all. This is a
terminal(bus or airport!!) where we can pick a destination for further
learning. How is that for a metaphor?
 lee  bye dave
 sharonp  thanks Dave – as usual
– thought-provoking stuff
 coolcatteacher  Great metaphor.
 coolcatteacher  Thanks Terry.
 coolcatteacher  Terry is great!
 sharonp  saw the techlearning
 sharonp  great stuff
 JenniferW  thanks Dave
 JenniferW  I didn’t know it was
you for a while
 lee  i have experienced a
ton of pressure (prejudice..etc. ) about being a woman in my previous
lee, keep plugging
 JenniferW  I think I was over
sensitive at necc — there were many women involved
 JenniferW  but where they put
Kathy Schrock really stood out to me
Jen, I felt the same
thing when I listened to the men’s panel
 lee  banjo players dont
like to acknowledge women as being as good or better as the men πŸ™‚
 lee  so nooottt true
 sharonp  you know, at my
school, they are now promoting learning styles specifically for males,
trying to make up for the stats that show that the boys are way behind
now in academic progress…. brought up some interesting discussion
about females in IT – who are in the minority, to be sure
 sharonp  Discourse
 sharonp  is importatn
 sharonp  about these matters
 coolcatteacher  It is important.
 coolcatteacher  It hit us like a
baseball out of the closet.
 TerryFreedman  I’ve enjoyed talking
to u all
 coolcatteacher  Thank you too, Terry.
I’m going to look at the wiki now.
 sharonp  Terry, your
perspective is always most welcome
 TerryFreedman  I’ve got about halfway
thru Vicky, and will do more tomorrow
 TerryFreedman  it was
 coolcatteacher  OK, we just need to
get to the top 5.
 CathyE  You go Girls!
 coolcatteacher  the last several are
very strong!
 JL  Perhaps a ‘Miss WoW’
contest so we can get you ladies into Wikipedia πŸ™‚
 JL  got the chat, no
 TerryFreedman  I am pleased I graced
this arena with my presence
 TerryFreedman  LOL
 TerryFreedman  really? pass them on
to me
 coolcatteacher  πŸ˜€
 charbeck  Thanks everyone
 TerryFreedman  the web is full of
 charbeck  Was there a topic?
 coolcatteacher  I just like WOW2

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