What’s with this “Post-Show Description” Field

If you’ve posted audio on Edtechtalk.com in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed a new field called "Post-Show Description". This is an opportunity for you to enter a quick synopsis of the show. It should only be a few sentences that describes what the show was about.

The idea is to take this data and aggregate it into a weekly newsletter that is sent out to all ETT subscribers. Ideally, they’d get an email showing all of the shows posted within the last week, along with a description of each one. 

Since we want to start doing this soon, it would be really helpful if you’d go ahead and fill in that field. You can see how the aggregated page looks at https://edtechtalk.net/newsletterprep . This will be reformatted by our tireless volunteers into the newsletter that goes out to 2,000 or so people each week.

Questions? Ask! Thanks for your help.


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