Weeks of October 2 – 16, 2010

Welcome to the
newsletter for October 2 – October 16, 2010! The K12 Online Conference

began this week with a pre-conference keynote session with the keynote
presenter, Dean Shareski. ETT’s show hosts and community members, Jose
Rodriguez and Maria Knee, are co-conveners for the K12 Online
Conference. Several ETT members and show hosts are part of the
conference organizational team as well as conference presenters. You can
view the entire conference schedule at

The past two weeks was an exciting time for ETT shows. It was great to see Ed Tech Brainstorm airing again. Parents as Partners was in full swing as well as a host of other ETT shows. There was a flurry of activity in the ETT community and if you missed any of the live shows be sure to listen to the podcasts. Definitely a period of ‘don’t miss hits’ to add to your podcast playlists!

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A Week in Review
  • This week, we tackled the
    question of where to go for support in our schools. New teachers
    usually get mentors.  What do others do?  What do you do when you are
    trying something new and have no one to turn to for support?  We all agreed to try to connect with someone new this week.
  • Exciting conversations are budding on Youth Voices and on Voices on the Gulf

    Martha, a senior at the East-West School of International Studies in Queens (Paul Allison’s school) begins this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers
    by putting out a call for other students to join us on TTT. She wants
    to talk about how students express themselves creatively outside of
    school. We hope more students will be able to join us on the next TTT,
    Wednesday, October 13, 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 Pacific.

    Margaret Simon, whose elementary school students have
    been shining on Voices on the Gulf joins us on this podcast as well.
    Margaret has invited a few of her students to join us on TTT this coming
    Wednesday as well.

    Gail Desler, Chris Sloan, David Pulling have updates to share with us as well. We talk about research, I-Search and more!

    Enjoy this podcast. Join us on Wednesday, and invite a student to join us as well.

  • Teachers Teaching Teachers #217 Low floors, high ceilings, wide walls: Using Scratch and learning about the BP Oil Spill 9.08.10

    More about Scratch! More about gaming. More about social networking. Youth Voices. Voices on the Gulf. And we invited a couple of students too!

  • This was our fall semester kick off.

    On this episode, you’ll hear:

    • Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim, and Chris Sloan
    • Stacey Ferguson, 5th grade teacher in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi
    • Rafi Santos, a graduate student at Indiana university
    • Michael, a senior at Chris Sloan’s school, Judge Memorial High School
    • Laura Fay, 8th grade reading and Scratch teacher at Fisher Middle School in Ewing, New Jersey
    • Tim Kong, a teacher who uses Scratch with his 10-year olds in New Zealand

    • Kylie Peppler, an Assistant Professor in the Learning Sciences Program at Indiana University, Bloomington.

  • Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as
    we have a conversation with Adora Svitak all about Listening to your
    Children or Students. We mean really listen to your students. Adora is
    the organizer, presenter at
    she organized a conference by students, for students! You won’t want to
    miss this show. The clips of the videos are being released, make sure
    you find them and follow up with this remarkable conference.

  • What does a twenty plus year
    primary teacher do to jazz up her classroom in her spare time? Join us
    as we delve deep into these questions with Cherrie MacInnes, from
    Brewer, Maine. Last year, Cherrie decided on a whim to have her students
    video chat with third graders in all 50 states. It was so successful,
    she now has a new project. Join us for this exciting podcast.

Congratulations to the “Teachers Teaching Teachers” team! Through their affiliation with the National Writing Project, the TTT team was awarded funding to keep WorldBridges in operation for several years. TTT will host four shows per year as part of the National Writing Project’s outreach program. Way to go TTT team!

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