Weeks of June 6 – June 19, 2010

Weeks of June 6 – June 19, 2010

Welcome to the EdTechTalk (ETT) newsletter!  What a wonderful year it has been for learning, professional development and connections on EdTechTalk. Now it’s time for those of you on summer vacation to start pulling out those easy chairs to begin to "relax, reflect and recharge" in the words of the latest Edutopia publication. Since a number of our regular ETT shows are taking a well–deserved summer hiatus from webcasting, we have decided to publish the newsletter bi-weekly through June and July. We will resume our regular weekly newsletter format in August. This is a perfect time to go back into the archives and catch up on some fantastic recordings you may have missed over the past year. https://edtechtalk.net

Being an active participant/contributor to the EdTechTalk community brings so many incredible opportunities for expanding our personal learning networks. So many new connections are made each week among the participants and the special guests as well as the resources that are shared. Just last week Edutopia featured  Teachers Teaching Teachers and Classroom 2.0 LIVE in their Summer Rejuvenation publication in Tip #3 with a link to our sites. It is a free classroom resource guide called "Summer Rejuvenation: 10 Tips to Help you Relax, Reflect, and Recharge." and is filled with inspiring ideas and classroom-tested resources.  They have already had more than 7,000 people download this guide! To download your own copy you can go to http://www.edutopia.org/summer-rejuvenation-classroom-resource-guide.

Another exciting connection was made recently through ETT when Scott Newcomb was a guest on Teachers Teaching Teachers discussing the K12 Horizon Report with Lucy Gray and Alan Levine. (see recording link below) Scott inspired us so much with the exciting ways he is using mobile devices in his rural district that we invited him to be a special guest on Classroom 2.0 LIVE to spend an entire hour sharing his expertise and experiences. You can view the recording of his session on mobile devices here: http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2010/06/smartphone-computers-in-rural-schools-special-guests-scott-newcomb-and-kyle-menchhofer.html

Have fun exploring all of the resources and recordings in EdTechTalk and watch for the next newsletter in two weeks.

The Week in Review

Teachers Teaching Teachers #201 – Horizon Report 2010 K-12 Edition, with Rachel Smith, Alan Levine, and Scott Newcomb – 05.19.10
Our guests for this podcast were Rachel Smith @nimah and Alan Levine @cogdog vice-presidents of the New Media Consortium. They are the principal writers of the 2010 K-12 Edition of the Horizon Report and they joined us on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. We supplemented their descriptions with examples from our classrooms. For example, check out the work fourth-grade teacher Scott Newcomb is doing with smartphones in Ohio.

ETT21 #135: Jonathan E. Martin on Building the 21st Century School
21st Century Learning #135
June 15, 2010
Jonathan E. Martin on Building the 21st Century School

Jonathan E. Martin, Head of School at St. Gregory College Preparatory School in Tucson, Arizona joined us to reflect on his first year. We discussed how Tony Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap has framed the work he is doing with his faculty. Jonathan led us through a number of assessments that St. Gregory is using to measure how collaborative, creative, and engaged his students are at St. Gregory. Interested in the 21st Century School, this is definitely one version!
What a way to close out another another great year of podcasting.
Thanks to everyone for listening. We’ll see you all in September.

ETBS: 2010.06.17
Doug and Matt discuss public transit and iPhones

Helen Barrett

Instructional-Design-Live#22 2010-06-18 E-Portfolios   Dr. Helen Barrett, former faculty at the University of Alaska, Anchorage has spent nearly a decade investigating the use e-portfolios for enhancing student learning. In this show, she lays it on the line: e-portfolios that are designed as summative ‘showcases’ of achievement are missing an opportunity to have students focus on substantive learning.

Instructional-Design-Live#21 2010-06-11 Revisiting and Cognitive Overload

 Having recently discussed the need to avoid cognitive overload in online courses, we take a step back to consider whether or not cognitive overload is actually an issue. As Arlene Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost and Psychology Professor at the University of Montana, points out: “I do not believe that attention and cognitive capacities are limited. In my view, attention shouldn’t be considered a finite resource, rather it should be characterized as “attending,” which suggests flexible, skilled action. Recent theories about attention suggest that although not all stimuli are analyzed, nonattended stimuli are not all filtered out and their impact on learning and memory will vary depending on relevance and/or personal experience.” Great stuff! Arlene Walker-Andrews, Associate Provost and Psychology Professor at the University of Montana, discusses how cognitive capacities and the ability to attend to information need not be considered as limited. In other words, cognitive overload need not exist. This suggests interesting implications for the design of instruction that is both scaffolded and learner-centered. Some great analogies and resources. Join Arlene and the ID team this week to listen to what this means for individualizing the learning experience and tailoring instructional strategies to the cognitive abilities of learners.


 ETT21 #132: Social Media, Construction and 5th and 6th Grade Tech

21st Century Learning #132,  May 25, 2010


Arvind discusses Hewitt School’s venture into Facebook and Twitter. Vinnie discusses the construction project that his school is diving into. Alex discusses teaching 5th and 6th grade Tech Classes in the fall. We wrapped with some conversation about Google and its recent upgrades.

Join the ID live team this week as we discuss the practical implications of using a centralized Learning Management System to manage the online learning experience. The position of Jon Mott and David Wiley is discussed: http://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/cgi-bin/showfile.exe?CISOROOT=/IR&CISOPTR=7…
  • 21st Century Learning #134 (ETT134)  June 1, 2010
    Chris Fitzgerald Walsh on New Tech Networks New Learning Management System

    Chris Fitzgerald Walsh, Director of Innovation & Design at New Tech Network joined us to discuss New Tech Network’s new Learning Management System and the New Tech Network’s 45 schools.

For our last show of the season, we discussed Universal Design for Learning and how it works in a classroom. Ira Socol joined us for this important conversation. We will be back in September with some great new topics. See you then!

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