Week of October 31 – November 6, 2009

Welcome to this week’s EdTechTalk (ETT) newsletter! The ETT chatroom got a makeover that was received with mixed reviews. If you participated in any of the live shows you noticed the conversation in the chat. Be sure to weigh in on your view of the new chatroom and let the EdTechWeekly co-hosts this Sunday at 7pm EST. 

On November 18, the K12Online Conference is hosting a third LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST here at EdTechTalk.com. Kevin Jarrett, Syliva Martinez and Bernajean Porter will discuss their "Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds – Panel" presentation followed by Chris Harbeck who will be on hand to discuss his "Release the Hounds" presentation.

Just a reminder that Phase I Voting continues for the ISTE 2010 Keynote Project. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the selection of topics and keynote speakers for the ISTE 2010 Conference to be held in Denver, CO until November 15 (http://iste2010.uservoice.com/pages/30480-iste-2010-conference-keynote-topic-suggestions). You can submit your ideas for topics and keynote focus. Share your thoughts, comment on suggestions from other ISTE members and educators, and vote on your favorites. The individual who suggests the winning keynote presenter will get to have coffee with him or her at the ISTE 2010 conference! Suggestions for specific speakers can be made in Phase 2, beginning November 16.

The Week in Review

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21st Century Learning #113: Roxbury Latin’s Social Media Plan
21st Century Learning #112   October 20, 2009
Andrew Katz and Ken Hiat on Social Media at Roxbury Latin School
A conversation with Andrew Katz and Ken Hiat about Roxbury Latin‘s Social Media strategy and the way their community is implementing their plan. 

Parents as Partner Episode # 30 November 2, 2009

For most parents the most common interaction with their child’s classroom teacher happens at parent teacher interviews. For years that process has been the norm, but now it is changing. In more and more schools, students are leading conferences, and, overall, the word is that they‚are doing a fine job. ‘Conversations’ Edtechtalk show host Lisa Parisi and Ginger Lewman from Turning Point Learning Centre in Emporia, KS  joined Matt Lorna and Cindy to share their experiences using student led Parent Teacher conferences. 

Without Jeff, the boys and Jen do their best with this week’s edtech news and resources.


Teachers Teaching Teachers #169 – More about diigo, annotations and on-line, ongoing research – 9.23.09
Chief Diigo Ambassador, Maggie Tsai joined us on this Wednesday evening, late in September. About a month before, we had a lively conversation about research and diigo: Teachers Teaching Teachers #165 – 08.26.09 – Meet Lisa Dick and George Haines: Talking about research and diigo. We wanted to talk to Maggie because some of the teachers who use Youth Voices had begun to use Diigo and we wanted to get together on this webcast to talk about how it is going, and what our plans with students are with this bookmarking site. Please enjoy, and add a comment about how you build your students’ research muscles, and how you use diigo. And tune in to future episodes of TeachersTeaching Teachers. This thread of I-Search, on-going research, Diigo, social bookmarking, and use of library databases promises to be a rich vein of inquiry for us this year.

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