Week of October 17-23, 2009

Welcome to the ETT newsletter! Although aired earlier, this week marks the week the most current Women Of the Web show was posted. Before the show was named WOW2.0. It has morphed into WOW3.0 with three multi-talented women: Sharon Peters, Cheri Toledo, and Peggy George! During this airing they shared their visions for the future of this famous show. Also this week was a presentation by Chris Dede on New Strategies for Educational Assessment over at the Discovery Education Network. Dr. Dede is a professor at Harvard University who speaks on the intersection of technologies and learning. And who could forget the 2nd LAN Party of the k12Online2009 Conference on October 20? Featured during the LAN party were Silvia Tolisano and her k12Online presentation Travel Through Space and Time and the SEEDLings crew (Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes, Bob Sprankle) featuring their k12Online presentation Getting Started:How Can I Become Part of this ReadWriteWeb Revolution? This has been a landmark week at ETT. Of note is the discussion about H1N1 on 21st Century Learning. A college near us has rented a motel to house their students afflicted with the virus and a high school in our town has shut down because of the virus. I urge all of you to listen to the discussion.

Voting continues for the ISTE 2010 Keynote Project and all have the opportunity to participate in the selection of topics and keynote speakers for the ISTE 2010 Conference to be held in Denver, CO.            http://iste2010.uservoice.com/pages/30480-iste-2010-conference-keynote-topic-suggestions                            Phase 1: Topic Suggestions (October 15-November 15)                                                                                         Submit your ideas for topics and keynote focus. Share your thoughts, comment on suggestions from other ISTE members and educators, and vote on your favorites. And the individual who suggests the winning keynote presenter will get to have coffee with him or her at the conference! Suggestions for specific speakers can be made in Phase 2, beginning November 16.  Visit http://www.iste.org/iste2010-keynote for full rules and details.

The Week in Review

 Show Hosts welcomed Jacqui Strachan, Gay Stephenson from People for Education, Tanya Weiner, webmaster for Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils and Ross Button from Upper Canada District School Board as they talk about how they communicate with parents. 


In this final episode of our three part series, our guest-host once again is Troy Hicks, author of The Digital Writing Workshop, and Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project at Central Michigan University. He continues an exploration of the principles and practices described in the book.

For this third episode, we welcomed three teachers to the conversation. They discuss how they teach students to craft their writing through conferring and response:

Melissa Pomerantz of Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri, describes how she uses audio feedback to respond to students through virtual conferences.

Heather Lewis of Waverly Middle School in Lansing, Michigan, discusses how she guides students through the revision process with Google Docs.

Joe Belino, a teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages at Montgomery County Public Schools in Gaithersburg, Maryland, talks about the ways in which his students offer response to one another through the use of Google Docs.

As this series concludes, we invite all listeners to continue the conversation by joining the Digital Writing Workshop Ning and follow us on Twitter.

Without John, the boys and Jen do their best with this week’s edtech news and resources.


2009-10-17 19:26

Seedlings presented at the State of Maine Conference their Geek of the Week, You can hear the entire podcast at bobsprankle.com/, here is some of the captured audio and video from ustream.tv http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2363748

Listen to this podcast, recorded on September 16 to learn more about how we are working “Mapping Main Street into our curriculum. You will also to learn more about a wonderful youth development program, Radio Rookies and their Short Wave workshop, where producers train students the basics of reporting, interviewing, and script writing, and in 1.5 months they produce a final story for the Radio Rookies web site.” One of our guests for this podcast was Sanda Htyte.

Sanda Htyte is Radio Rookies Associate Producer. She has been with Radio Rookies since interning at the Elmhurst workshop in summer of 2005. She is also a freelance video producer, director, editor and a CUNY Professor. While interning at Radio Rookies, Sanda was completing her MFA in documentary producing. Having studied both video and radio production at her Alma Mata, Brooklyn College, CUNY, she was asked to teach introduction to radio production as Adjunct Professor in Fall of 2006 as well as Spring 2007.

Another guest on this podcast was a colleague of Woody’s from Alaska, Diane (Ginger) Crockett. Chris Sloan joined us as well from Salt Lake City Utah. (Check out his students’ work on the Mapping Main Street site.)


2009-10-17 16:15

H1N121st Century Learning #110
September 29, 2009 —
H1N1 Preparedness

After a recenty NYSAIS Professional Development seminar, NYCIST held a meeting discussing H1N1 preparedness.

Alex and arvind discuss what schools are doing to be prepared for closures and high absense rates. 

Resources to find information include Flu.gov, ISTE.

We also discussed the importance of connnectedness of the community.  The importance of creating an online space for students and faculty to continue to keep the community intact.  We asked if Facebook could be that space?

Plus some edtech news from our schools… 

21st Century Learning #109: Goals

2009-10-17 11:12

21st Century Learning #109Goals
September 22, 2009 —

Vinnie and Alex get back to it and spend some time reviewing their goals for the year!


photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeoliveri/524238889/

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