Week of November 1 – 7, 2008

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Welcome to the this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter! What an awesome week for ETT and online professional development! In addition to the regular weekly ETT webcasts and great conversations, the K12 Online Conference came to a close with a final Fireside Chat with lots of stimulating conversation from conference presenters and virtual attendees. Be sure to check to check out the presentations that you might have missed and archives of each of the fireside chats. The conference conveners welcome your feedback so please take a few moments to provide meaningful comments and feedback. Additionally, NotK12 Online, an extension of the K12 Online Conference, continues for another week or so. Please join in and participate by critiquing K12 Online Conference sessions, NotK12 Online sessions or submitting a presentation at visit http://notk12onlineconference.org/.

Also, don’t forget to check out the regular blog posts coming from Robin Ellsworth, teaching colleague of our own Sheila Adams, who is now underway with her Antarctica adventure. She is posting awesome photos and describing her experiences on the expedition. Your students can post questions for the team by clicking on the link for “Ask the Team” and answers are posted on the blog http://www.polartrec.org/lake-ecosystems-in-antarctica/ask-the-team.You can follow her expedition and get your students involved through her blog or Sheila’s regular tweets http://twitter.com/Antarctica_NH.

**A Week in Review of ETT Shows**

Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, November 6, 2008 an interview with Liz Davis https://edtechtalk.net/node/3414
We had a great conversation in the Audio with Liz Davis. There was a tremendous chat going on with all the people in the chat room. Liz talked about her journey from Liz Davis in a classroom to Liz Davis in the blogosphere. It was great fun! Thanks to the SKYPE software, the sound was crystal clear for this show!

21st Century Learning #83: NEIT2008 Preview https://edtechtalk.net/21cl_83

We discussed the NEIT 2008 conference with Aaron Grill http://currentedtech.com/, president of NYCIST http://www.nycist.net/, the New York Consortium of Independent School Technologists.
Topics include the unconference plan, the tools we expect everyone to use during the conference, and the goals we each had for the conference.

We’re psyched that David Shipley http://www.thinkbeforeyousend.com/index_tall.php?c=authors author of SEND, and Sylvia Martinez from Gen Yes http://blog.genyes.com/as our keynoters and conference participants.

Next week, we’ll be speaking with Scott McLeod http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/about Disrupting Class http://disruptingclass.mhprofessional.com/apps/ab/. See you then!

CCK Week#9 Discussion https://edtechtalk.net/node/3413
What becomes of the teacher? New roles for educators.

Parents as Partners Episode #14 November 3, 2008 https://edtechtalk.net/node/3411

If you need some inspiration about how to respond to bullying, please listen to Jon Hisgen and Diana Broth as they describe describe an online anti-bullying program and the ways schools can engage parents in preventing bullying.

21st Century Learning #82: Tom Daccord https://edtechtalk.net/21cl_83

Tom Daccord joined us this week to discuss “The Great Debate of 2008” project. An interesting coversation about using Wikis and NINGs to facilitate online interactions between students at schools around the country. Next Thursday, November 6th. 2008 at 2:30 EST we’ll be doing a NEIT 2008 preview show. See you there.

Conversations Show 15 – 2008 11 02 https://edtechtalk.net/node/3409

What would you do with a magic wand to change education? That was the topic for our conversation this week. It was from a question posed to Lisa by David Warlick. Alec Couros and Paul Bogush joined us. Although we didn’t stick to this topic per se, there was much conversation around change in education and school. The folks in the chat room kept thing going as well.

EdTechWeekly #101 https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechWeekly101

This week we missed Jeff, but know he had a great time with the family! John, Dave, and Jen ran through the usual roundup of news and resources in education and technology.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #126 – Halloween, Screamo/Emo, and the Day of the Dead 10.22.08 https://edtechtalk.net/node/3407

Find out what happens when you bring together two Spanish Language teachers from the USA, an Emo student, and an English Language teacher from Mexico. On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison invited three new teachers and a student to join them to think about how to connect accross and through cultures and language.
Joining us on this show:

Christian, a 10th grader at East West School of International Studies, Flushing, NYC, USA

Señorita Leslie Davison, Tercer grado de una primaria en Colorado, USA

Marcy Webb, 8th grade Spanish teacher at the Watkinson School, Hartford, CT, USA

Angeles B, an English as a Foreigh Language teacher on an island off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

Bill Oneal, an English Teacher from Trenton Central High School, West, Trenton, NJ, USA

Special Celebrations:

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