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Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Newsletter! What a nostalgic trip down memory lane we had this week as we celebrated (and shed a few tears) during our farewell to Jennifer Wagner on Women Of Web 2 as she moves on to explore new heights in other yet to be determined endeavors. The celebration continued on Ed Tech Brainstorm on Thursday night with Jen as the special guest, sharing her highlights and memories from WOW2. We reminisced about the beginnings of the show back in October, 2006 through the current shows. We celebrated Jen’s incredible leadership, her infectious giggle, her caring spirit, her creative projects and her ability to bring some of the most interesting, exciting educators from around the world to over 116 weekly shows. During the WOW2 show we followed Jen’s earlier example of creating a Wordle with input from the chat room. The Wordle below represents our tribute to Jen as one of the original founders of WOW2 (along with Sharon Peters, Cheryl Oakes and Vicki Davis). We know you join us in this tribute as we wish Jen the very best in her new adventures. She will be greatly missed! You won’t want to miss hearing the recordings of these two shows!



Be sure to visit the ETT homepage to view the calendar of all of the live events for any of our eleven shows or follow the links here to the shows which have been posted.Be sure to visit the ETT homepage to view the calendar of all of the live events for any of our eleven shows or follow the links here to the shows which have been posted.

A Week in Review

2009-05-28 Seedlings

This show was such a great show. Out of the ordinary, but the very foundation and core of all we do in our schools. The conversations were about how our schools have changed and we are monitoring the sugar intake of our students, kinds of rewards for good behavior, giving more time for exercise, yoga, movement. Join us in this fascinating look at how we can change the culture of our schools.


Edtech Talk Brainstorm – Farewell to Jen Wagner!

We were joined on the brainstorm by Women of the Web webcasting team member Jen Wagner, who shared her reflections on her experience on this wonderful webcasting project. While Jen will no longer be participating on WOW next year, we know that she’ll be actively involved in the educational technology community in a variety of ways. On behalf of everyone in the Edtech Talk Community, thank you for all you’ve contributed to this community Jen!


WOW2 Show #114 (or so) Teachers Without Borders and Tribute to Jen Wagner

Tribute to Jen Wagner – our WOW2 founder!
Tonight (May 26th) was the last night Jen Wagner was with us as a WOW2 host.

21st Century Learning #103 – Pandemic Flu And How Our School Are/Should Be Thinking About The Challenge

Alex, Vinnie and arvind discuss the pandemic flu and how our schools and we are thinking about providing education/support for students if we were not able to meet with them in real, physical space.

Robin Ellis joined us on May 12, 2009 for a lively discussion about the evolution of Open PD.


Our delicious tag for the show: wow2_20090512



21st Century Learning #105: Fred Bartels on N1H1 Flu School Closing

Fred Bartels on the Rye Country Day School N1H1 Flu School Closing


May 21, 2009


Fred Bartels, Technology Director at Rye Country Day School joined us to share what he and his school learned when they had to close for a day because of a possible case of N1H1 Flu. Do you have a story? How would you handle this?

Conversations #37
Prompted by an article he shared from the NY Times, Out of Work in Finance, They Turn to Teaching, we asked Kevin Jarrett to join us. The discussion about the implications of the program mentioned in the article included talking about good teacher preparation programs, mentoring for new teachers, and the teaching profession as a calling.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #151 – 05.13.09 – Resiliency: What are we learning from our students? (Part 1)

Our guests on this podcast are: DeWayne Dickens, Oklahoma State Writing Project; Suzanne Linebarger, Northern California Writing Project; Sandra Hogue, Louisville Writing Project; Irina McGrath, Louisville Writing Project; Lynette Herring-Harris, Thinking Partner for Rural Sites Network; Vanessa Brown, Thinking Partner for the Urban Sites Network, Philadelphia Writing Project


Resiliency theories have been shared for over a decade. These teachers are just a few of the members of the

National Writing Project’s

Urban and Rural Sites Networks, who have been discussing the implications of resiliency research for classroom practice. On this podcast you will hear what each of them see and do when stakes are high, supports are limited, and odds are tough—and kids rise above it all.


This podcast is the first of a special two-part Teachers Teaching Teachers sponsored by the Urban Sites Network and Rural Sites Network of the National Writing Project. The next webcast will be on Wednesday June 3, 2009 right here at EdTechTalk.

EdTechWeekly #129

An episode without John, but with great link support from Sharon and Jose.

Teachers are Talking – Episode 21

Jason Ohler, author of Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, spoke about how new media gives students voices. Teachers can help them create powerful stories.


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