Week of March 6 – 12, 2010

Welcome to this week’s EdTechTalk (ETT) newsletter! This has been a fantastic week of outstanding conversations and professional development shared at ETT. If you missed the K12Online Conference Echo webcast on Tuesday you missed a fun time of learning and growing professionally. Special guest presenter was Jackie Gerstein who shared the phenomenal ways she uses technology with her students. You will definitely want to listen to the recording of the session.

Another ground-breaking event for ETT this week was the Keynote Panel Presentation at the North Carolina Innovate Conference (NCAIS) by ETT show hosts for 21st Century Learning: Arvind Grover, Alex Ragone and Vinnie Vrotny. The presentation was a combination of both face-to-face participants and virtual with Vinnie and Alex joining in via ooVoo and was streamed via Livestream. They all did an incredible job with both the conversation (Rethinking Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age) and the technology, and you can access the link to the recording of the session from the conference website. They shared their history on ETT and the power of the PLN they have built from the very beginning with Webcast Academy. They were joined in the panel by some outstanding educators: Kelly Hines, Meredith Stewart and Bill Ferriter. http://innovate.ncais.org/ncais-innovate-2010/

Every week ETT show hosts share content and bring in top notch guests that are experts in working with students. Be sure to check the daily calendar to be kept abreast of shows offered here at the EdTechTalk studios. One outstanding event for all who participate is the upcoming Earthcast happening around Earth Day. Join in one of the planning sessions to be involved in this movement to discuss global efforts of ‘going green’.

The Week in Review 

21st Century Learning #121: What does Blogging Look Like in 2010?
What does Blogging Look Like in 2010?

Instructional-Design-Live #9 – Student Perspectives on Online Learning

This week, we discussed the experience of online learning with two students at The University of Montana. Amanda Armstrong, an undergraduate student taking a fully online degree in Media Arts and Jamie Lockman, a graduate student taking an online political science course. Topics discussed include:

  • Factors that influenced the decision to take online courses
  • The differences between online and face-to-face learning–and the surprises
  • The challenges of online learning
  • How instructors can make online learning more effective for students
  • Technology that would help support learning
  • Changes that would make online learning for effective for Amanda and Jamie.
2010-03-11 Seedlings with Podcasting Principal Melinda Miller
All three Seedlings are here with Principal Miller. Principal Miller just returned from Google Teachers Academy for Administrators. Listen in and find out what the difference is for administrators! We have some awesome Geeks of the Week to share with you and the chat room rocks as usual.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #191 – Katherine Schulten and the Learning Network AND "…making the case for the NWP – 03.10.10
n the first half of this weeks episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, we had an inspiring conversation with Katherine Schulten editor of The Learning Network at the New York Times.  Our theme for this week’s Teachers Teaching Teachers was about increasing teacher voice in public debates. Katherine suggested how we might use The Learning Network for that. 

    In addition, we were joined by:

    • Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, director of National Programs and Site Development at the National Writing Project, University of California, Berkeley
    • and Andrea Zellner a leader at the Red Cedar Writing Project, Michigan State University’s site of the NWP.

    Andrea and many others in the chat room during the webcast gave witness to why we want to maintain federal funding for the NWP to continue — an example of a time when we need to get our voices to be heard!

This week, Sheila Adams, Lisa Parisi, and Maria Knee were joined by Ginger Lewman for a conversation about free tools.  How much are we willing to pay if the tools don’t stay free?

EdTechWeekly #156
Week 1 without Jeff … In a special EdTechWeekly, guests Bud Hunt and Zac Chase share their perspectives on two events impacting the education community this week, including the recent TEDxNYED conference and the funding crisis facing the National Writing Project. Dave and John kept the conversation moving while Jen just struggled to remember the passwords to post the audio. Join us next week for the "Dave and Jen Show" to discuss Dave’s research ideas.

Teachers Teaching Teachers #189 – Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana: Paul Hankins and student talk about their Ning – 02.24.10
On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, you will learn more about RAW INcK: Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana. Our guests were one site’s student managers, Tyler, along with their teacher, Paul W. Hankins, an English Teacher and Creator of RAW INcK. (Another student-manager of the Ning, Jin joined us in the chat room.)

K12 Online Echo: Kelly Hines
We were very fortunate to have Kelly Hines as a guest on the Echo. Her K12 Online 2009 presentation, Little Kids – Big Possibilities was streamed. She elaborated on the work she does with her students. It was a lively discussion.

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