Week of March 21 – 27, 2009


Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter! This past week was a great one with many opportunities to participate in conversations at conferences, classrooms and ETT shows! Spring has officially sprung and conversations are growing like weeds all over the internet about new technology tools and trends. On this week’s  "Seedlings" episode, Lucy Gray was their special guest and led a fantastic discussion about the 2009 Horizon Report : The K12 Edition and the process that went into developing the report. It was an informative and interesting segment so be sure to listen to the podcast of the show. Valuable information was shared that you won’t want to miss – if you assist with developing technology plans for your campus this will definitely be an asset to the planning process. Now, on with show!

A Week in Review

Seedlings 2009-3-26 with Lucy Gray
Our guest was Lucy Gray who was on the advisory board for the K-12 Horizon Report. The Horizon Report is available at http://horizon.nmc.org/k12/Main_Page




WOW2 Show #110 with Jackie Gerstein

The incredible Jackie Gerstein (Ed.D)  describes how technology has transformed her students’ learning in the elementary classroom.

WOW2 SHOW #109 With web 2.0 Guru Suzie Vesper from New Zealand!
Join us with our  special guest, Suzie Vesper,  who is an amazing educator working in New Zealand. This show aired on March 10th.

Conversations #30 2009 03 22

Today’s conversation came from the recent talk of improving education by bringing merit pay into the schools. Maria asked the question, Is Merit Pay the Way? and Sheila identified an essential question, What would be a good ‘no-cost’ reward to push people to do better or retain the good teachers? Lisa Thumann joined us in the skype call. The chat room was hopping, so be sure to check the chat and listen to the audio.


EdTechWeekly#120 – The Power of Loose Ties

Have you seen the new ginormous iPod Touch? Want a search engine like Yauba to have a safer and more private browsing experience? Need a smarter pen? Like to know what the new IE8 has to offer? Rats … you should have been at the live show on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. and you would have learned about all this and more. Bummed that you missed the live show? No problem! Just point your browser to https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechWeekly120 and catch Jeff, Dave, and Jen as they review the week’s roundup of news and resources in education and technology.




Teachers Teaching Teachers #143 Videos to the New President! – 03.11.09

Listen to this podcast to learn about an exciting opportunity for your students to make videos that address the Obama Administration.
David Cole from the Pearson Foundation and Paul Oh from the National Writing Project joined us on this episode on Teachers Teaching Teachers. We invited them to talk about the latest iteration of the Letters to the Next President project that involves video.

A National Writing Project teacher, Chris Sloan, who had already registered for the project, joined as well to talk about his purposes and motivations for involving his students in the project. Ron Link, a video teacher from the Bronx added his perspective as well.


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