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Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter!  As Spring moves in and weather warms in the Northern Hemisphere, EdTechTalk shows are busy evaluating conferences, looking into online learning, and discuss various learning portals.  Women of Web 2.0 were especially busy this week.  You can find three weeks worth of their shows in this newsletter!  Enjoy! 
Another in our series of virtual staff lounges. This week we catch up on plans for Earthcast09, the lastest from Roadkill | 2009 and discuss "netbook" computers in education. Thanks to all, and apologies to DonW–only noticed your response after the fact–look forward to having you on next week if you’re available.




      The idea for this webcast came when a teacher new to our work together contacted Susan Ettenheim and Paul Allison saying that she was thinking of having her students get involved with both Youth Voices and Taking it Global (TIG). This teacher, Melissa Lynn Pomerantz, a 10 grade English teacher from St. Louis joined us on the show. 

      To learn more about TIGed we invited Katherine Walraven, TIG’s Education Program Manager, and a tech integrator who use TIGed: Mali Bickley and Suzie Vesper. We wanted to learn more about Taking It Global – Ed.



      Want to be the master of your own Twitter-like domain? Need to know more about teacher robots? The age of the CD? How to create an online textbook? How Google will soon dominating phones? Rats … you should have been at the live show on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. and you would have learned about all this and more. Bummed that you missed the live show? No problem! Just point your browser to https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechWeekly119. Jeff, Dave, John, and Jen review the week’s roundup of news and resources in education and technology.




    • Special Guest MaryFriend Shepard, Program Director of the Ph.D. Ed. Tech. program at Walden University, joins Cheri Toledo, Peggy George and Sharon Peters for a conversation about the benefits and added value of elearning.

    WOW2 with very special guests Tony Vincent and Brent Coley – Podcasters Extraordinaire!



    21st Century Learning #97

    Designing an open, web 2.0, personal learning network, online community building, project for teachers

    March 12, 2009

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    We asked VoiceThread founders, Steve Muth and Ben Papell to join us on Teachers Teaching Teachers February 25.

     We also invited three teachers whose art as educators includes using VoiceThread. Bill Ferriter, Mattie Ettenheim, Mary Ellen Rudolph, Colette Cassinelli and others!


      This week’s show focused on the amount of time educators spend on schoolwork outside of the school day. We talked about professional development time, student connection time, and planning time, as well as time spent on "assignments" given us by the district. Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, and Sheila Adams were joined by Kathleen Casterline and Deven Black.




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