Week of June 27 – July 3, 2009


Welcome to this week’s ETT Newletter! This was the week of the National Educational Computing Conference. NECC2009 took place in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Several show hosts gathered at NECC to learn, teach, and share. Last week’s newsletter also pointed those interested to the conference, which is the largest annual gathering of tech-minded educators in the country. Enjoy listening to our shows, many from and/or about NECC, as soon as they are posted on the site or through newsletter links every week.


      Not EdTechWeekly – NECC Call-in & Virtual School Update
      2009-06-29 21:00

      Between John’s field trip to NECC and Dave’s (alleged) poor internet connection, Jen & Jeff never quite got started with a fast paced roundup of news and resources. Fortunately, we were joined by Steve Kossakoski of VLACS (NH’s first Virtual High School) and had a great discussion about how things are going at VLACS in particular and the challenges and possibilities for virtual education in general.  Also, John called in from the Bloggers’ Cafe at NECC and we were able to speak with him, Lisa Parisi, and Vinny Vrotny about Edubloggercon’09.

ETT Conversations Live at NECC 2009
2009-06-28 22:49

Cruise Director Lisa Parisi spoke with EdTechTalkers at the NECC Bloggers’ Cafe. Jeff Lebow broadcasted the event from the ETT Studios while Lisa lined up ETT show hosts and friends to speak at the microphone.    

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