Week of January 31-February 6, 2009

Hello EdTechTalkers:

Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter. Every
week when the EdTechTalk newsletter arrives you may quickly scan it to
see what you may have missed. It is so exciting that we can go back and
listen to shows we missed and not feel that it was a lost opportunity.

There is such great diversity in the shows being hosted by some very
talented facilitators/show hosts ranging from practical classroom
suggestions and tools for teachers to deep, theoretical/philosophical
conversations related to educational technology. We hope you have also
discovered that what you receive in the newsletter is just a brief
summary of each show’s content. If you click on the link for the show,
you not only have access to listen to or download the archived podcast,
but often there are additional resources provided. Take a look at this
example of the Teachers Teaching Teachers show posted in this
newsletter. https://edtechtalk.net/taxonomy/term/58

On the site you will see links to other sites, a Google presentation
discussed in the show, and a video about the SAT vocabulary video
contest to help students prepare for the SAT. Of course we don’t get
the "full" experience when we view the archived content because we
don’t have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation and ask
questions or add our own ideas/resources to the community, but
EdTechTalk gives us a second chance to learn from our colleagues.

Another great resource you may want to explore on the EdTechTalk
website is a compilation of upcoming educational technology conferences
for the next 7 months. A real treasure! Educational Technology and Related Educational Conferences for January – August 2009 Prepared by Clayton R. Wright. https://edtechtalk.net/node/3472

Week in Review

21st Century Learning #93: Catching up
21st Century Learning #93
Checking in with Alex, arvind and Vinnie. January 29, 2009

Alex and Arvind were on location at the NYSAIS Assistant Head’s and
Division Director’s conference at Mohonk Mountain House while Vinnie
held down the fort in chilly Chicago. We discussed professional
development for our faculty as well as current projects that we’re
working on including realigning Math, Science and Technology
curriculum, coordinating faculty professional development and
implementing a tablet program for 8th graders.

On February 5th our guest was Carol Broos (Music Techie) who spoke about her conversation with Arne Duncan, our new Secretary of Education. On February 12th we have Wendy Drexler, creator of the
youtube video HOW STUDENTS SHOULD LEARN, to speak about her doctoral
research project on building student PLNs.

Parents as Partners Episode # 19, February 2, 2009
Three experienced parent leaders from across Canada. Heidi Hass Gable,
Vancouver B.C., Connie Howe-Buckler Windsor, Ontario and Jeannine St.
Amand Fredericton, New Brunswick brought their own experiences and
opinions to the conversation. Tips and best practices how increasing
parent involvement were shared.

Teachers are Talking

We are joined by Helen Barrett, discussing portfolios and their designs, uses, and importance in the field of education.

SEEDLINGS SHOW # 50 discussing the Horizon Report 2009

Alice, Bob and Cheryl dissected the Horizon Report 2009. The chat room contains incredible resources and responses.

Super EdTechWeekly #113

A Super EdTechWeekly!

Teachers Teaching Teachers #135: Opening up to Fair Use – 01.14.09
This podcast has three parts. In the beginning, Susan Ettenheim and Sara
Sutter talk about their work together as photography teachers on Youth Voices
this semester, and where it might go in the future. The middle
half-hour of this podcast is devoted to a lively conversation with Peter
Jaszi, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property,
Washington College of Law, American University. Professor Jaszi has
been one of the coordinators of a process that recently led to the
publication of the "Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for media
Literacy Education — http://centerforsocialmedia.org/medialiteracy. Finally, Jack Yu and Nori Yoshida join us to talk about their SAT vocabulary video contest.

Special Celebrations:
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