Week of February 28, 2009 to March 6, 2009


Week of February 28, 2009 to March 6, 2009

Welcome to the this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter and what an amazing, energizing week it has been! We have had some incredible conversations on all of the shows this week, and some of them aren’t even posted yet for you to listen to (a slight teaser to encourage you to keep checking back to listen to the archived recordings). The opportunity to discuss educational priorities for the 21st century with such highly regarded guests as Michael Horn, Ian Jukes, Angela Maiers, Richard Kassissieh, and Sheri Edwards was so exciting. We also got to hear all about Sheila Adam’s recent trip to Belize with a link to her photos from the experience. But the real highlight of all of these webcasts was the active participation of so many diverse educators from around the world joining in the chat and calling in via Skype to share questions, experiences and resources–the true community envisioned by our Worldbridges/EdTechTalk founders: Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier.

21st Century Learning #96: Social Media in Education with Richard Kassissieh

21st Century Learning #96
Social Networks and Media in Schools with Richard Kassissieh
February 26, 2009

Interested in Social Networks and Social Media?  How are they effecting schools?  How do we start to explore social media and networking in schools?  What are great examples of using social media inside and outside the classroom? This and more in this conversation with Richard Kassissieh.

Seedlings Show #54 with Michael Horn
The show is a great show with a beginning conversation about Disrupting Class, by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn and Curtis W. Johnson, published by McGraw Hill. We say beginning conversation since we will continue the conversation at our SEEDLINGS Ning, so come on over and join in the post show conversation.

Parents as Partners Episode # 21 February 23, 2009

Connecting with Parents using Facebook what it means to be a Digital Parent

The Parents as Partners show took a different twist. A special session was held using Elluminate. Here is the link.

Parents as Partners Episode #22 March 2, 2009 Speakers’ Corner

Inspired by Doug Symington on EdTechBrainstorm, the Parents as Partners hosted a Speakers’ Corner. Angela Maiers, Penny Lindballe and Sarah H, joined us on the conference call. 


Conversations Show 27 03 01 2009

 This week’s show began with the question, "Why do we spend our year preparing our students for the following year?" and continued to be a discussion about how to reorganize schools to better facillitate learning for all students. Ginger Lewman joined Lisa and Maria. Sheila Adams was in her return flight from Belize.


Teachers Teaching Teachers #140 – Looking to the Future with Sheri Edwards and Matt Montagne – 02.18.09

Sheri Edwards and Matt Montagne joined Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim on this podcast. Sheri has been teaching for decades at the Nespelem School, a public school located on the Colville Indian Reservation in Nespelem in the state of Washington, USA. Matt joined us to tell us more about Earthcast 09, which will be a 24-hour, live webcastathon on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009.


Teachers are Talking Episode 16: Ian Jukes

Ian Jukes joined Cheryl Lykowski and Susan van Gelder to talk about the need for fluency, not just literacy. Find the lis at http://teachersaretalking.blogspot.com/.


EdTechWeekly117 – March 1, 2009

Jeff, Dave, John, and Jen review the week’s roundup of news and resources in education and technology.

This week’s Delicious links:




Talk with Dave Cormier about a blog post of his: OERs Shining  Light: new textbook model or harbinger of a new imperialism and the comments it generated. Jeff Lebow joins us (@ the 36:00 minute mark), "because no one else will disagree with Dave" regarding his OER post, and the brainstorm ensues. We also talk about @NancyWhite ‘s onlinevisualjams

NOTE: Would love to revisit the topic with Dave and Jeff, and whomever else would like to weigh in, on a future show.

Big congratulations to our own ETT "Conversations" show host, Lisa Parisi, and Christine Southard for winning the 2009 Chase Multimedia in the Classroom Awards Competition for Denton Avenue Elementary School in New Hyde Park, New York. (Web global awareness project). The annual Chase Multimedia in the Classroom Awards Competition celebrates the achievements of teachers and students who collaboratively transform learning environments through technology. They are receiving the award at The Celebration of Teaching & Learning  on March 6-7th in New York City. This award is one of several they have received for their innovative lessons utilizing digital media and educational technology to engage their students. Visit the South Paris Collaborative classroom site to learn more!

If you would like your celebration included in the ETT newsletter please email us at [email protected].

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