Week of April 25 – May 1, 2009


Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter!  This past week was a great one with many opportunities to participate in conversations at conferences, classrooms and ETT shows! Valuable information was shared that you won’t want to miss so be sure to listen to the podcasts if you were unable to hear the live shows.
Be sure to check out the WoW2 podcast when it is posted! WoW2 had special guest Karin Muller, published author of three books including an incredible documentary for National Geographic, shared her amazing experiences while filming in the Sudan. As a collaborative effort for her classes, students from different countries share their experiences, writings and videos at the Ning she created: http://take2videos.ning.com/. Be sure to mark your calendars now so you don’t miss next week’s episodes – they will be extraordinary!
A Week in Review
Edtech Brainstorm – What happens to education during a pandemic?
ETBS was joined by James Sigler, Derrall Garrison, Doug Symington, Matt Montagne and a host of others in the chat to discuss issues surrounding pandemic planning in schools.

2009-04-30 Seedlings with Michael Wesch
Seedlings have the best job in the world. We get to collaborate with some of the finest digital thinkers in the world. This week we were able to invite Michael Wesch into our world for an interview. Enjoy the podcast and if you are interested continue the conversation at our Seedlings Ning! Next week we invite Mary Madden from the Pew Internet Trust to give us a glimpse into their world of data collection. Do you have an idea of some kind of data the Pew Internet Trust can collect? Stop by.

It’s Elementary Show #34 Messing Around with Math

  • We talked about Logo programming language and math in the elementary classroom with our guest Colleen King.
  • Maria shared her background with Logo and Roamer robots in her kinder class, and her connections with Colleen who runs an after school Math Group and the Math Playground web site
  • Colleen described about how programming and programming robots can be used to teach mathematics in a way that is fun and gets to standards.
  • There was a discussion about Second Life and how promising this could be for math instruction with children.
  • Colleen talked about the need for not just interactive but open-ended math games that don’t have just one right answer
  • We finished with an interesting discussion about manipulatives, and how Colleen and Maria’s thinking about online manipulatives had changed over time from negative to positive.

Conversations Episode 34 04-26-09
This week Lisa, Maria, and Sheila are joined by Brian Crosby for a discussion on taking simple lessons and using them to break down the walls of the classroom.EdTechWeekly126 – April 26, 2009
Join us for a weekly round up for news and resources in education and technology. Catch the live shows are held at 7:00 ET at https://edtechtalk.net/live or the recording at https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechWeekly125


2009-04-30 Seedlings with Michael Wesch

In this episode of Teachers are Talking, Kristin Hokanson joined Lisa Parisi and Susan van Gelder to discuss fair use practices and copyright issues. It was quite an eye-opening discussion.

April 16, 2009   21st Century Learning #102: Lorrie Jackson on Social Media in Advancement and Admissions    
This week, Lorrie Jackson, Director of Marketing at Lausanne Collegiate School and author of "Are We Really Listening: Social Media and the Marketing of Independent Schools" in the Winter 09 issue of Independent School Magazine joined us.
Topics included how our constituents are using social media to make admissions, fund-raising and retention decisions, why every school needs to think beyond the alumni Facebook page and what lessons can be learned from the schools already in the social media fray.

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